Doja Cat and Cardi B Are Fighting, But Not With Each Other

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Speaker 1: People, I don’t know, doing wacky shit to me that makes me, like, almost more upset than somebody that I know. You know what I mean?

Speaker 2: Hi, I’m Madison Malone.

Speaker 3: And I’m Rachel Hampton. And you’re listening to I See Why Mine.

Speaker 2: In Case You Missed It, Slate’s.

Speaker 3: Podcast got Internet culture.

Speaker 2: To tell me how to live.

Speaker 4: Huh? To sit and putter. Okay. Life’s candy and the sun’s a ball of butter.


Speaker 3: Is this a musical theater?

Speaker 4: Oh, God, yes.

Speaker 3: Oh, my God. Yeah. Hello, gorgeous. I think really, really confirm for me that this is a musical theater reference. What are we quoting now?

Speaker 2: We are quoting Funny Girl. Specifically, I’m doing the impression Lea Michele is about to do, which is a non-Jewish woman doing a Barbra Streisand imitation of a famously Jewish woman on Broadway because Lea Michele is taking over for Beanie Feldstein in Funny Girl on Broadway.

Speaker 3: So many of our listeners asked us about this, knowing we just had to cover it. Because not only did we do a previous deep dive into Leah Michelle’s Internet history, but.


Speaker 4: Questionable.

Speaker 2: Literacy.

Speaker 4: Capabilities.

Speaker 3: Whether or not you’ll be able to read the script for Funny Girl, she probably doesn’t need to. She’s probably had to memorize. Since she was six.


Speaker 2: She has been marching that band out and beating her drum for many, many a year at this point. And it is finally her turn at bat, sir.

Speaker 4: So the Gleeks.

Speaker 3: That I follow seem to think this is a big deal. But as the Broadway expert genius.

Speaker 2: This is a relativity thing. But there are only two of us in this room. So, yes, if your options are me or Rachel, I mean Broadway.


Speaker 3: Expert, it is a big deal.

Speaker 2: Yes. No. Yes. No. So the short version of the story is Beanie Feldstein was cast. Everyone was very excited and then it opens. Yeah. And I want to put in a bucket that being Barbra Streisand is a one woman job. It’s Barbra’s. No one else can have it, but it does make for very large shoes to fill. And I’m speaking only from my own opinion. No hate, no shade to anyone involved. I did pay real American dollars and see the show. It wasn’t great. Yeah.

Speaker 3: So I in my, I would say half Broadway world in that I live in New York and I am around a lot of people who enjoy Broadway. I don’t normally see reviews for shows. It doesn’t normally come across my timeline. These did because they were.


Speaker 2: Brutal with a capital B and that rhymes with P and that stands for Pool. We’ve now moved over to music, man. Yeah, the reviews were very, very brutal. And I think the line I’m going to fall back on here today in this recasting news is that many things can be true at once. Broadway recaps are not all that frequent, but they happen historically. They happen to big people. The reason it happens is because you want to keep making money if you’re a producer on one of these shows. So that can be true. Beanie Feldstein can be a delightful, funny person who simply does not have the voice. That can be true. People can be lightly veiling Fatphobia in their critiques of her, although I think if you cannot uncouple someone saying she can’t sing with the thought that, Oh, that’s code for fatphobia like seek help.


Speaker 3: Perhaps take up a critical comprehension class, would you suggest that perhaps Beanie does not have the range?

Speaker 2: I would suggest that. I would also say that Lea Michele is a reported bully racist terror. And you don’t have to take my word for that. Take Samantha Ware. Samantha was Leah Michele’s classmate. I mean, I guess they were in school co-star on Glee. And where is the actor who has made these allegations against Lea michele? She also tweeted this week sort of vague tweeting, but we all know what it was about after the casting news came out in a tweet that boils down to how Broadway upholds whiteness and how it’s painful to witness this. So that’s true. All of these things are true at once. You know what’s actually not true. Ultimately, what Lea Michele is not actually taking the role.


Speaker 3: I’m sorry. I definitely saw a casting announcement today. What are you talking about?

Speaker 2: Okay, that is true. Lea michele is actually taking the role, but this dancer and tik-tok star I’ve followed since the pandemic, Meghan Bone, has been doing this great.

Speaker 4: Bit on TikTok.

Speaker 2: For the past few weeks. She’s at Meghan Bow and Underscore Underscore and the bit is this She claims that she is the.

Speaker 4: Beanie Feldstein replacement.

Speaker 2: And she will not relent.

Speaker 3: So she’s gaslighting.

Speaker 2: Us. Yes, but it’s like a funny gaslighting. And honestly, if I’m going to be gaslit, which that’s every day I wake up and open an app in this economy, this is.


Speaker 3: My this will be fun.

Speaker 2: Yes. So last week, Meghan posted a video to her TikTok announcing that she had landed the role.


Speaker 1: Story time on how I booked Fanny Brice on Broadway over Lea Michele. Obviously Genius Brown was going to be limited and I told my agents from the get go of this like revival that I wanted to be in this show. And I told them I was like, When Beanie leaves, I want to be considered to understudy.

Speaker 4: Or take over.

Speaker 2: Okay, obviously this is a joke, but the thing is very real. Theater message boards started running with it. So like Reddit, for example, and I don’t know if you spent any time on theater message boards, they’re they’re the bad place.


Speaker 3: Did you just ask me if I spent any time on theater message boards?

Speaker 2: The theater message boards are when people are talking about how poorly Beanie has been treated throughout this run, we’re largely talking about cyberbullying, keyboard warrior types. And those same people believed this.

Speaker 4: This is I shouldn’t put.

Speaker 2: Any stock in the things they say, because they.

Speaker 4: Also believed.

Speaker 2: That Meg Mon was going to be the new Fanny Brice. And Megan posted a video with a few of those screenshots from the Reddit posts. To be very clear, not everyone who has seen these tiktoks fell for it or believed it. But there were a fair number, like more than you’d expect of people in the comments being like, Wait, but is this real?


Speaker 3: This is why I say the thin line between manifestation. And delusion is just PR.

Speaker 2: You really do say that a lot. You’ve tweeted it at least twice, at.

Speaker 3: Least, and then retweeted it another.

Speaker 4: Time.


Speaker 2: So then on Sunday, the Funny Girl Productions Twitter account posts the tweet. Stay tuned, gorgeous, with an image featuring the text. Stay tuned for exciting casting announcements coming tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern. And this has been a known thing, Beanie Feldstein. It had been announced that she was going to leave the show in September, as is Jane Lynch. And that’s how Sue sees it. And there were going to be replacement, but it turns out Beanie is departing even sooner.


Speaker 3: I hope she’s moving on to something. Booksmart s.

Speaker 2: MeToo. And as soon as the news broke though, Megan was on her tok packing, I believe, for a trip to New York City. And in between that announcement in the news from Monday, she started making jokes about how she was filling in for Beanie, not Leah. She was this video, the screenshots of her insta story documenting all her fans who are jokingly predicting this casting announcement. And then she updated her Instagram bio to be like, I’ll see you at 1 p.m.. And she posted a Photoshopped tweet from Playbill that read Broadway newcomer Megan Bowen to star as Fanny Brice after Beanie Feldstein departure.

Speaker 3: My God, some people should not have access to Photoshop.

Speaker 2: I just I love a commitment to a bit. It very much reminds me of when we had the Brigham Young Virginity Club guy on the show.

Speaker 4: He would just not listen.

Speaker 2: I’m not admit.

Speaker 3: When you talk about commitment to a bit BYU Virgin has it covered. Like we all are with the ways of the Lord.

Speaker 2: Amen. So since the real Lea Michele news has broken, Megaphone has since posted a video with the Glee recap. Music you know to.


Speaker 4: Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do da.

Speaker 3: Da. Is this a well-known bit of music.

Speaker 2: That does it is in my head. So Scott, this Glee recap music playing there’s a screenshot explaining how this whole that started and played out. It’s been a lot of fun if Megan’s not careful. Look, we just know how Lea Michele treats.

Speaker 4: People she doesn’t like.

Speaker 3: Yeah, Megan, I would. I would watch my back. And also, if you have any wigs, I would be careful of them.

Speaker 2: All to say happy trails to Beanie Feldstein. Congratulations on your engagement. I will continue to spend my hard earned dollars on truly whatever you’re in next.

Speaker 3: And that’s it for me.

Speaker 2: And that’s how.

Speaker 4: Suzi.

Speaker 3: And that’s how Suz sees it.

Speaker 2: Do you know what that is?

Speaker 3: No.

Speaker 4: Wait.

Speaker 2: Didn’t you watch.

Speaker 3: Glee? No.

Speaker 4: Oh, no, no. Never, never.

Speaker 2: Sorry, we. I don’t think I’d ever have an intrusive thought if I hadn’t watched Glee. What’s it like in your brain?

Speaker 3: My intrusive thought it all just related to Tumblr.

Speaker 2: I can’t believe you haven’t seen Glee.

Speaker 3: I just. It passed me by. I’ve heard a lot of the covers.

Speaker 2: Hmm. Rachel, there’s, like, 10,000. That’s impossible. We’re fighting now.

Speaker 3: Well, I guess this is how we announce the breakup.

Speaker 2: Better yet, we’ll use it as a transition. Because today on the show, we actually are talking about just that Internet fights.


Speaker 3: We’re going to get all into the various beefs that are happening online right now. The word beef will be said a lot over the next half hour. What’s for dinner? You know, apologies.

Speaker 2: So what beef stew we have on deck.

Speaker 3: First up in the beef stew that we’ve got cookin for dinner.

Speaker 4: Stew.

Speaker 3: Is the drama that’s still playing out between Doja Cat and Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp, which apologies for that unintentional rhyme. And they’ll be getting into Cardi B’s latest fight with none other than the Shade Room and look at the long, sordid history of the Shade ROOM’s legacy. Because, my God, is that a monster?

Speaker 2: All of that after a short break.

Speaker 4: Doo doo doo, doo doo. To be.

Speaker 3: And we’re back.

Speaker 2: Okay. So like you said before the break, Doja Cat and Lord Farquhar, I mean, sorry, Noah Schnapp from stranger things are beefing.

Speaker 3: Don’t call my sweet some Lord Maguire.

Speaker 4: Okay, we will tweet the picture and no one will.

Speaker 2: Deny me the right to.

Speaker 4: Refer to this kid.

Speaker 2: As Lord Fargo. But he just had a really, like, bowl cut wig. And one of those seasons there it was.

Speaker 3: I think he still has that haircut, to be completely honest in the show. But every time I see him, I just tear up a little bit because my God has will been through a lot on stranger things, but that’s not what we’re talking about. Doja Cat is pressed, angry that Noah, who is kind of a shit poster online if you follow him, he decided to post a TikTok featuring screenshots of a DM that she sent him, where she basically asked him to be a little cupid and connect her with his co-star, Joseph Quinn, who is currently playing Eddie Munson in the new season of Stranger Things. There’s a lot of names in that sentence, so we’re going to rewind a tiny bit.


Speaker 2: Rachel, you are right. There is a lot going on. So we’re going to has a pretty good rewind noise.

Speaker 3: I listened perhaps.

Speaker 2: You listened to Missy Elliott many a time.

Speaker 3: All right. So last week, Doja Cat singer songwriter, rapper, DM’d Noah Schnapp on Instagram. We’re going to we’re going to act on the exchange because why not? Let’s have fun. You’re going to play Noah Madison. Okay. Okay. All right. Noah. Can you tell Joseph to Ajamu hit me up for the old people in the audience. Wait, no, there’s the old joke lmao.

Speaker 4: Why did you steal him?

Speaker 3: I took his idea to Twitter. He doesn’t have a dime to slide in.

Speaker 2: Copy and paste links to Joseph’s IG. Right here, ma’am.

Speaker 4: INSKEEP. The Mayor.

Speaker 3: The mayor is so funny because it’s really like Elder. Here is the link to his Instagram that is publicly accessible.

Speaker 2: Well, and Elder is a good way to get us to the question I had, which is how old is Noah?

Speaker 3: Oh, 17, I believe.

Speaker 2: Okay. So what you’re saying is you’re not surprised that this teen screenshotted and posted a private chat with a famous person given that he is an excellent shit poster?

Speaker 3: Yeah. No, he in the way that anybody under the age of 18 is, it’s not even like you are a shit poster. You’re just born that way.

Speaker 2: Okay, so what happens next?

Speaker 3: Doja did not take this well after this TikTok, which is, by the way, now deleted. Doja also took the tick tock, but specifically tick tock live and posted this reply. Keep in mind, Noah is a 17 year old child.


Speaker 1: Then Noah did that, like went in, posted a private conversation between me and him is so unbelievably like socially unaware and wack and like, you know what I mean? Like, that’s like, borderline snake shit. Like, that’s like.

Speaker 2: Yeah, that seems like a reasonable response for sure. And definitely not like something you put in a text message to a friend.

Speaker 3: The friend not being. No, no.

Speaker 2: Like an adult friend. So then you don’t put it on the Internet. Look, I will say this missed my feed and so I got it all headlines second hand. And so my brain immediately went to that. She was trying to pick up him.

Speaker 3: No.

Speaker 2: So this is better. This is better. But it is weird that she wanted this teenage kid to help hook her up with another adult.

Speaker 3: It is quite strange. It’s the weirdest version of Tinder I’ve ever heard of.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 3: I would like for Doja not to be involved in this. Also, I would like for Doja, who is a meme queen, a connoisseur of the internet, to have the ability to search the web for this man’s Instagram, which is once again publicly accessible.

Speaker 2: This also just seems like kind of par for the course with the Stranger Things kids. You know, we talk a lot, you and I specifically, we have talked a lot about the sexualization of Millie Bobby Brown. We had an episode at the end of February of this year about her turning 18. And this just.

Speaker 4: Feels kind of like a.

Speaker 2: Continuation of how these children have been treated like they are adults since, you know, Barb died at the bottom of the pool. Sorry.


Speaker 3: Got them. Doja, please.

Speaker 2: Leave the children alone. Consider auditioning to replace Lea.

Speaker 4: Michele funny girl.

Speaker 3: Can you imagine?

Speaker 4: I can. Can you.

Speaker 3: Imagine?

Speaker 2: Immediate special Tony Award?

Speaker 3: Well, while I’m imagining Doja Cat doing a Barbra Streisand impression, we’re going to move on to the next Internet.

Speaker 2: Beef so we’re not actually done with places that won’t leave children alone today. Because as Rachel also mentioned before the break, we are going to talk about Cardi B and the Shade Room, which if you spent any time on the Internet, you know.

Speaker 3: I am honestly shocked that we’ve managed to go 16 months without mentioning the shade room on this podcast.

Speaker 2: Has come up many times in meetings.

Speaker 3: And each time I think we’re like, Oh.

Speaker 2: Who’s Russell in that chair with both hands?

Speaker 4: It’s me. Buckle up.

Speaker 3: Bitches. Because on Sunday, the Shade Room posted a video of Cardi’s daughter culture’s fourth birthday party.

Speaker 2: That’s culture of the K not we see with the Tescos, etc..

Speaker 3: Mm hmm. Mm. Cardi been reasonably dim the shade room and also posted a comment saying, Yo, take my child off your fucking page. She’s an infant. When no response came, Cardi was like, You know what? I have been shadow band.

Speaker 2: Which Cardi not real but okay I respect look the the the impetus, the catalyzing event here is totally good. Like at this point in the story, Cardi B is so in the right. I’m like, yep, sky right.

Speaker 3: It what’s kind of wild is Cardi B remains in the right throughout this. So Cardi takes to Twitter, which I don’t know if you have followed Cardi on Twitter, but cardi’s Twitter presence is just chef’s kiss. Absolutely crazy. She took to Twitter and told the Shade Room, Delete my child off y’all page. And that reasonable request that was and that’s the end of the story. Goodbye. Wrapped up goodbye. No, her tweets which have since been deleted, continue from daily my child off your page to cause my thing is okay you only post negative content about me. Cool. No biggie. Got me blocked from commenting on their page. Okay cool. But please don’t post my child on y’all. Funny is I don’t want to be old self but just leave me alone.


Speaker 2: That is Rachel doing a verbatim reading.

Speaker 3: Which cardi’s like don’t make me go back to my ways. Take my child off your page. The Shade Room. Does not because the Shade Room is the Shade Room. And they replied on Twitter from their verified Twitter account. You’re not blocked from commenting. Please stop the lies. Lies is in all caps. We are only addressing your comment on negative content. We didn’t bring up your daughter and you called me asking why we don’t post your family life again and I’ll put out the receipts.

Speaker 4: Oh.

Speaker 2: God. Screenshots have never helped anyone, ever. We should all just stop DMing.

Speaker 3: I mean, I’ll keep that in mind. Importantly, we’re not just talking about screenshots at this point. We’re also talking about a recording of a phone call that Cardi had recorded with somebody from the Shade Room that the Shade ROOM’s Twitter account keeps trying to get her to post. And she’s like, No. And finally she tweets, You know what? Let’s handle this. Like adults. Angela’s get on the phone that is referring to the Shade Room founder Angelica Nandu. We’re going to talk a lot about her because Andrea is a complicated and fascinating figure.

Speaker 2: So things are calmed and the tweets are gone.

Speaker 3: As calm as it gets, because after this, most of the posts surrounding the spat have been deleted and it seems pretty resolved, which makes me think that Angie and Cardi did have did. In fact, we will never hear. But this isn’t even her first fight with the Shade Room. This isn’t. This definitely isn’t. The Shade room’s first fight with the celebrity. Cardi’s beef with the Shady goes back to 2018 when she took to Instagram to criticize the blog Instagram Twitter account Monster Enterprise, Evil Enterprise for posting about Cardi and her sister. But Cardi is specifically pointing to something that we’re going to talk about a lot, which is the toxicity of the comments section on the Shade Room. In 2019, Cardi goes off to the Shade again for highlighting the negative news about her husband. Offset and Cardi’s kind of issue with the Shade Room is that they don’t ever post positive news.


Speaker 2: They don’t ever offset the negative with the. It was right there. I haven’t said Cardi B yet.

Speaker 3: Except you just did.

Speaker 4: Funny how that happens, isn’t it?

Speaker 3: So this is not Cardi’s first tangle with the Shade Room. This is not the last rodeo. This is probably going to happen again. Because the thing about the Shade Room is they’re messy as fuck. They are the messiest enterprise on the internet. Besides maybe bossip.

Speaker 2: Iya know detected.

Speaker 3: If you know anything about the shade room, the next dust up will probably come.

Speaker 2: It’s already happening.

Speaker 3: It’s honestly probably brewing in a comment section somewhere. But maybe you’re one of those people out there who don’t know what the Shade Room is. And if that’s.

Speaker 2: You.

Speaker 3: Where do you live? And also, I’m so sorry because we’re about to pop that little bubble that you live in.

Speaker 2: We’re going to take a quick break so that Rachel can frantically scribble down some more of our listeners addresses. Yes. Where do you live? And we’ll be back to talk more about the Shade Room in just a few.

Speaker 3: And we’re back in the Shade Room with the riff raff.

Speaker 2: Madison puts on audience surrogate hat. Rachel, what.

Speaker 4: Is the Shade Room?

Speaker 3: Thank you. News announcer Malone go to the shade room is, I guess the best word is gossip blog, though that doesn’t really do know how big of a deal it is. It was started in 2014 by the aforementioned Angelica and Wanda, and it first appeared on Instagram, and that is where its biggest audience is. It later expanded to their own website, but the website is kind of like, you know, when you Google, like, what time do the fireworks start? And you get like a random website that has like 75 ads on it. And the answer is like down near the ad, that’s like, what day.


Speaker 2: Is the 4th of July?

Speaker 4: Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 3: Yeah. It’s very much like you’re going to get an ad that’s like, doctors don’t want you to know about this weight loss tip. That’s what the website looks like. Okay, so so it’s mostly the Instagram, but over the years, the Instagram and the website, I guess, has grown to become this, like, hub, to find, like news and gossip about like mostly black celebrities and culture. They, they, they’ll go into other things they’ve definitely covered Jeffree Star Which how can you avoid it?

Speaker 2: Kendall That’s better or worse. Okay. The one thing I do know, it’s not the only thing, but a factoid I do have about the Shade Room to offer is that the fandom is known as roommates, which I love.

Speaker 3: And they were roommates.

Speaker 2: History will say they were roommates.

Speaker 3: They currently have almost 27 million roommates on Instagram.

Speaker 2: It’s really kind of a repost factory, right?

Speaker 3: It’s a consent aggregation website, sorry, a content aggregation Instagram because the Webster.

Speaker 2: Group slash website.

Speaker 4: Says, well.

Speaker 3: I really would like to just say the website is shit as the best I’ve ever seen, but it is mostly a content aggregation factory where they will take a statement or a video or a post made by someone else posted on their feed and then ask thoughts. The just the phrase thoughts question marks sends a chill down my spine because I know what I’m in for and it is just fuckery of the highest notion. Okay, so in an interview in 2020, the founder Nandu said this is how she describes it. The Shade Room is like going to your aunt’s house and the holidays and the whole family’s there. Some people are going to talk about who’s pregnant, who’s getting married, who got a divorce, everything’s exposed, everything’s on the table and everyone’s got an opinion. That is not what my family reunion is like. I would just like to say that right now, I.


Speaker 2: Just the Internet was a mistake.

Speaker 3: So the idea of this site is basically like anything is up for grabs. We have no filter. We are just asking questions. It is like the just asking questions of a gossip blog.

Speaker 2: You obviously illuminated a little bit of the issues here, the potential criticisms one could make of the Shade Room. What are yours?

Speaker 3: Oh, God, every single one. I just don’t really fuck with the philosophy that you can be a platform that just amplifies things and that you have no responsibility as the amplifier. I’m like, I just hate the idea that you can be a neutral microphone for somebody. That’s not how microphones work, especially.

Speaker 2: Not in the gossip space also. So you mentioned that they have 27 million followers on Instagram, which is we talk about, you know, punching up, punching down when it comes to celebrities. And like many of these posts are about extremely famous people. Cardi B.

Speaker 3: Nicki Minaj.

Speaker 2: Dream more famous than the Shade Room. Yes, but that’s not always the case about their subjects. The Shade Rooms posting about and also, frankly, the millions of followers who follow Cardi B are not there because they are like teeth gnashing, ready to like feast on the beef.

Speaker 3: Yes. Importantly, the Shade Room, as we previously alluded to, loves to post celebrity children.

Speaker 4: Who.

Speaker 3: More than anybody else they go after, should have no place on this Instagram. And if you look at the Shade Room comments on quite literally anything you will find, just just pick an ism and you’ll find it racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, general fuckery. It’s all there. Back in 2020, when Dwayne Wade’s daughter Zaya came out, she became a target content piece for The Shade Room. So they posted rapper Boosie bad as making this hate filled screed about Zaya. Yes, this is already public. Yes, this is already out there. However they. Okay, great.


Speaker 2: So it’s not the violence that would be outing a trans person. It’s just, you know, your regular run of the mill transphobia.

Speaker 3: And importantly their captions simply read hashtag Boosie has a few things to say. This is a very common tactic of. The Shade Room where they will share some kind of bigoted comment with the caption X, Y, and Z has something to say. And the idea is we’re just sharing.

Speaker 2: It, right? It’s the the YouTube.

Speaker 4: WordPress, the platform.

Speaker 2: Argument.

Speaker 3: And like clockwork, the comments fill up with hate speech and terrible things, which, in the case of Zaya, was targeted against a child who I believe is under the age of like 15. No one should be a target of this kind of hate speech. But Zaya is a child.

Speaker 2: I hate this.

Speaker 3: And the shade room continue to pose i at an almost daily basis back in 2020 because it was guaranteed engagement because as we often say, a hate click is the same as a regular click. They will frame these posts as like just boosting other people’s arguments or sparking a debate. And a recent example of this is The Shade Room shared a tweet that read, I’m not going to lie when you bitches talk about Colourism remember to mention how it a dark skinned girls have a weird hatred for light skinned women for no reason. And as you can imagine, the debate was a nuanced discussion about the difference between structural impression and interpersonal dynamics about someone hating you versus being denied a job. No, it was a bunch of people being like, Yeah, fuck you dark skinned bitches. And it’s like, Well.


Speaker 2: I’d like to take this moment to say, Rachel, thoughts?

Speaker 3: My thought is, Shut it all down, nuke it.

Speaker 2: So does Angie want to have anything to say about sort of this very classic framing?

Speaker 3: Oh, Madison, you’re going to love this.

Speaker 2: And I don’t think I’m guys. I don’t think I don’t think I’m going to love it.

Speaker 3: You’re going to love this. It’s just so she she told BuzzFeed, why should we stop talking about the LGBT communities simply because our audience is homophobic? Don’t they deserve to be represented in media, which is.

Speaker 4: Like saying homophobia is over if you want it, why should.

Speaker 3: We stop subjecting queer people to violent hate? Don’t they deserve to be represented? This is not the representation anyone ask for.

Speaker 4: Angie The thing.

Speaker 2: That we cannot overstate, and I think they’ve done a really good job laying out here is the shade rooms reach like the.

Speaker 4: Long.

Speaker 2: Arms of the shade room. Undeniable. They are a huge player in the gossip space. Like you can’t talk about modern day doom wall without drawing a line right back to the Shade Room.

Speaker 3: I mean, they’ve broken news. They’ve gotten exclusive access to celebrities. The one that always causes my mind is for some reason, Wendy Williams gave them exclusive interview. At some point she did. It’s just the.

Speaker 2: Kardashians, the Internet better than any celebrity.

Speaker 3: Her YouTube channel getting deleted is like a burning of the library of Alexandria and I will hear nothing different.

Speaker 3: Barack Obama collab with the Shade Room in a Get Out the Vote post in September 2020. That is how big the Shade Room is. I just want to let you know. But their popularity and reach is almost entirely due to the community they’ve created on Instagram of 27 million people who are just armed and ready to view other people’s kids. Sexualities and lives is fodder for debate. And I don’t know, man. I think once again, we should nuke the Shade Room. I think that’s what Martin Luther King would have wanted. To be completely honest, I think they’re setting us back once again.


Speaker 2: That was Rachel Hanson.

Speaker 4: I mean, I guess.

Speaker 2: The real world option, the non nuclear option, there.

Speaker 3: Is no non nuclear option. This is a pact of aggression.

Speaker 2: And metaphoric about nuclear option. It sounds like they could maybe turn off the comment section on if they’re not going to stop posting about children.

Speaker 3: They could, but then they won’t get as much engagement. They understand activating an audience against a specific cultural target is the best thing you can do to get your followers up.

Speaker 2: You know, this does kind of bring us back to Funny Girl.

Speaker 3: I would like to see you make that connection right now.

Speaker 2: I mean, look, I’m just saying, the Shade Room could make.

Speaker 4: Some really.

Speaker 3: Excellent.

Speaker 2: Lea Michele Beanie Feldstein drama content.

Speaker 3: I’m just imagining the Shade Room audience responding to the rumor. The who? Yeah. Michelle. Shit it in somebody’s wig.

Speaker 4: Thoughts?

Speaker 3: But all right. That is the show. We’ll be back in your feed on Saturday. So please describe is the best way to never miss an episode and never miss us discussing an Instagram account that deserves to be nuked off this planet, please leave a rating and review an opera. Spotify, tell your friends about us. Tell your roommates about us. You can follow us on Twitter. I see why my underscore pod, which is also going to limit your questions and you can always drop us a note. I see. Why am I at

Speaker 2: I see why my is produced by Daniel Schrader, Rachael Hampton and me. Madison, Malone Kircher Daisy Rosario is our senior supervising producer and Alicia montgomery is Slate’s VP of Audio. See you online.

Speaker 3: Or on Broadway.

Speaker 2: Have you seen that commercial?

Speaker 3: What do you this the beef.

Speaker 2: It’s what’s for dinner? Commercial?

Speaker 4: No.

Speaker 2: And you really do just look at me and nod when I say things. And I appreciate that I.