Randall Park: He Has the Range

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S1: Randall pushed himself.

S2: With a grunt, with a wit next to me, his directly onto my. You’re making a mess, I said.

S3: You don’t mind, he replied. I love this one so much.

S4: Hi, how are you today? I can tell I’m using my sexy voice. It’s a little feeb. You take your shoes off.

S5: That’s me. Okay. If it’s me, I want to go do a gig at Central Pook in a second. Yeah. I’ll be there. Thank you so much. You are nobody else. Go. Just prepare for visitors. Focus all of this on you. How are you?

S6: I’m good. I’m good. Yeah, I am. Wow. The year is almost over. Listen, it’s got to end sometime. I tell you that. Yeah, we are smack dab in the middle of holiday season and the relentless march of time.

S7: Yeah. Has no care for your own feelings is just marching on. None at all. No.

S5: Doesn’t stop until you’re dead. There you go. And that’s on that. Jofi note that will bring you a first aid kit.

S6: Oh, my gosh. Yeah. So today, alongside as breaking down desire, we are going to break down Randle part. Listen, he’s such a Q.T.

S8: He is the cutest. He makes me smile.

S3: A really kind of teenage girl, kind of like, oh, my God, he’s a girl.

S6: Yes, he’s precious. And we talked about him a little bit in our first episode here at Slate to remember back in time. I know so many moons ago, because always be my maybe was such like the film of 2090.

S8: Yeah, it was like this quietly but also successfully charming rom call. Yes. The like of which we have been missing. Yeah. So many a year.

S3: So its return was greeted with huge fanfare. And of course everyone was excited when the trailer dropped and there appeared among us a god, Keanu Reeves.

S8: But here’s the thing. Low key on the lowest of keys. And I don’t say this lightly because you know, I love Kiyono until death do us part.

S9: But watching that, I was like, you know what, Sasha? I would have chosen random puck to aim. So there you go. Let me take that. Yeah, exactly.

S6: You know, keep a close eye. Yes. I am not surprised that she chose you again. Again, Randall Park held his own.

S3: Listen. He more than held his own. Yes, he placed his own on his head. Yeah, he held it up because Randall Park is, in fact, a classic hottie. And he’s got just like the kindest eyes, the sweetest smile.

S9: And also, can we talk about how we use. Jacked like underneath his clothes. I was like, wait a goddamn minute. Yes. OK. Oh, OK. I just want to put that out there. All of that to come.

S10: Yes. Yes. Because, you know, I love a sneaky, sneaky bay.

S6: You know, they’re very, you know, normcore kind. I guess that’s what we could call just a very average facade. And then you get him home and you’re like, oh, shit.

S3: It’s just interesting to see when you know what clothes conceal and bundle boxes. Yeah. He’s he’s a he’s carrying a concealed weapon a.

S9: I’m so sorry, Mr. Park, I’m so sorry. It’s thrilling. I love seeing that when regular D’Aguilar do that is going to hold you. Hold on. Yeah. I’m not so D’Aguilar. Thank you very much. Sir. D’Aguilar.

S11: I like them.

S6: A lot of people don’t realize that Rantel Park has been out here for a good minute. Like he’s been out here over 15 years. Right. He’s been doing his thing.

S3: You know what?

S12: You know that thing about overnight success means that, Melyssa, people have become a little bit attracted to the idea of. You wake up and someone discovers you. Or you wake up and you stumble into stardom or whatever.

S3: And he is the direct opposite of that. He has been working for pretty much as long as I have, like in terms of like his years of work relative to our to our ages. He has been working consistently since 2003.

S8: Right. 2003. Right. Consider that. But like he has been working so hard and in small, tiny roles like blinking, you miss it rolls. Right. And so it’s a build. And it’s interesting basically to see somebody who has built a career like you. You remember looking at them and kind of going, wait, didn’t I see you in that little ray?

S6: I’m like, yeah, you did fine. Yes. I’m thinking like, new girl. When we were talking about Jake Johnson recently and I went back and I’m looking at these episodes and I realize that in one of the earlier seasons, Randall Park was a character on the show, very briefly, very brief. When Nick Miller was trying to go and get a phone and his credit score was so low that the customer service guy called everybody out to laugh at him. Yeah, that customer service guy was Randall Park.

S3: Listen, it’s like it’s like six degrees of separation and it’s like, yeah, there is once again, this rando park. He’s he’s done everything like big, big sitcoms that you’ve mentioned, New Girl. I think for me, his most memorable part, of course, came in the office. Yes. When he played Asian, Jim. Yes. Which sounds racist. I swear it’s. No, but he basically pretends to be Jim, who’s regularly played by John Krasinski as a as a Halloween prank or something like that. Something against Dwight. I don’t know if it’s necessarily Halloween, but it was one of those writing something to fuck with Dwight specifically. And he comes in and he goes, oh, hey, Dwight. And he’s like, you know, Jim, who are you?

S13: Oh, my. I’m Jim. We’ve been working together for 12 years. We’re Jack White. You’re not Jim. Jim’s not Asian. He seriously never noticed. Hey, hats off to you for not saying race.

S14: And then he’s like, what? That’s part. And then he goes, if it’s a pipe, he kisses her on the desk as a photo of him and Pam. And like everything that Dwight would use to catch him out, it’s just like it’s been so meticulously planned and the whole time. Randall Park has the most pleasant smile on his face.

S15: He’s just gone like I’m Jim. What’s what’s that? I love it. So it’s such a small, perfectly executed joke, like if I was going to do a prank. Sadly, it’s been done now. Well, that’s exactly what I would want to do. Yeah. Just like really fucked with someone. I’m no one better than Dwight who is truly the worst person, the worst, absolute worst. But I love it. And I also love like the very playful suggestion. There are people who say stuff like I didn’t see color. Yes. I love it so much. And he’s like, no, what do you mean? I’ve always been. Jim. What are you talking about? You remember that time we did love. Love. So how do you know that? Yes, Jim. And I love it so much. And that’s the power of Randall Park. He’s low key, but he is memorable even in the small thing, like you see him and you think, who’s that guy?

S3: He’s funny. What is that? Comedy is really his wheelhouse. Yeah. He’s a funny guy who does funny thing.

S16: Yeah. He was on Reno nine one one you imagine years ago. He was in that. And that is such a cult classic now. I mean go back and look for him. And in that also mad TV again cult.

S6: Yes. But he plays these roles and stuff that when it’s first on air you’re like okay what is this I’m watching? And then the next thing you know is your favorite thing. And he has he has his thumbprint on all of them.

S8: This is that he has such exquisite tastes. Yeah.

S14: Like you go through his filmography, you go to his Wikipedia, his I IMDB and you’re like, wait, how was this guy been in most of the good things on TV? Yes, that’s a skill. It really is. Because I promise you, you go look at some of your favorites and see some of the absolute fucking stinkers that you’ve been in. Meanwhile, Mr Randall, Poggio is gonna like I’m not at the puck every time, babes. And it’s like white. And it’s true. So you’ve mentioned Reno 911. You’ve mentioned Mad TV. He was on community right at a tiny little log on community as well. He was in The Mindy Project.

S16: Yep. Isn’t that something? It’s amazing. And I think, you know, when people are like, he’s out here hustling so many people, you have to hustling. You want to take on all this work.

S6: But the fact that he’s taking on good work to build his resonates have built his filmography, I think is so important. And again, like you said, he has such good taste. A discerning eye.

S3: Yes, a discerning that is spot on. While he was in the thick of that of just kind of getting these big pods and small bits here and there. And, you know, now we can praise is discerning. But back then, I’m sure he was just hungry. Yeah. And he kind of talked a little bit about that in an interview that he did with Alex Jones, who, of course, is a friend of the podcast. You may remember him from the questioning. And then they drove around L.A., where Randall is from. And they kind of did like a kind of like an ever express. Look at his career. And Alex was asking him, you know, about his early career and he said this really interesting thing. He called it struggle mode. And I think it’s interesting because you rarely see actors. Sandra Oh did something similar when all the success for Killing Eve came about. And she was talking again with Alex, who is quite the expert. INTERVIEWER Yeah, he’s so good. Profile’s armies, they’re so perfect. And the struggle mode that he’s talking about. He’s, you know, he says, you know, when I first started acting, I was genuinely okay with the idea of struggling for the rest of my life. You kind of have to in order to do what you love. And that is a very bold and I’m so angry and sad that it’s true. It’s a thing that you sometimes have to just consider like, well, if I’m going to keep doing this thing that I love so much. Bearing in mind all the isms that exist in this world and how I’m situated at various intersections of those identities, I’m probably going to struggle forever.

S6: Right. It’s so sobering. Yeah. And it’s not I appreciate it because, you know, sometimes people are like, well, you just got to, you know, build your own door and and go through it. And it’s not that easy. You know, it’s a lot of hard work, a lot of time to do all of that. And, you know, it can be discouraging and dispiriting. So the fact that he was just like, no, this is what I love. And if that means I’m going to keep struggling, I’m that’s what I’m going to do. And hopefully he’s now at a point where he is no longer struggling. Right. Right. I’m sure it depends, you know, because sometimes when you get you get to this level of success, people only want to see you in a certain type of role. And those are the only like scripts that you’re getting. Right. So I’m interested to see where he goes for exactly.

S3: And he talks a lot about that. So he came up, he went to UCLA, and while he was there, he set up an Asian-American theater group and did a master’s degree in Asian-American studies, the festival. He’s smart. And I love that. Yeah. Personally, that’s my catnip. I’m like, wait, you read books? That’s amazing. I love it. The bar is so low. But Randall’s case, he was actually someone who was a bit of a, you know, a kind of a community leader, which is an alley one kind of described him, unlike the way she looks at him in awe.

S15: So like you might be doing like little, little bit possible to somebody or somebody starving. That’s all I will say. And Ali was like he was like a God, like he was. Why did she say something like, you know, he founded this group that Ali Wong joined the el-Sisi group because of Randal’s, which is, you know, the theater group that he set up. She thought he was just like this incredible performer, this great comedian. And then it turns out, of course, that later, all those years later, they get to work together on always be. May be. Yeah. And I loved I love those stories. It’s like, oh, yeah, we met. We were students. And now we’re like, you know, Hollywood giant killing you. I love that shit. But yeah. So, like, he he really wasn’t a struggle, a struggle mode. And then he spoke a lot about the roles that were being offered to him.

S3: So you mentioned this already where he was, you know, the kinds of roles that you get offered at that beginning stage where it’s stereotype after stereotype. And he was kind of feeling, you know, a way he said that he went to a couple of acting classes like a workshop type thing. And he is one of the exercises was to like free associate words.

S12: And he remembers one occasion where for one of the students who was like a white guy, you know, he said he was like a handsome guy with long hair.

S3: And people were saying stuff like renegade cop cowboy. And he remembers when it got to his turn, they said things like nerd, tech guy, child molester. Oh, my God. Yeah. And he he doesn’t joke about this. He says it was traumatic for me. It was really traumatic. He was like I knew there were stereotypes, but like, I just wasn’t used to it because it wasn’t something that he had been playing in his own theater group at UCLA. He built a world, you know, people said, oh, I will build your own blah, blah, blah. Randall Park built his own. Then he went out into the world and the world’s a day. That’s cute. Yeah. Fuck you.

S9: Full stop.

S16: Man. Yes. Ah, exactly. I mean, you know, you know, these things happen. And, you know, it’s just again, just kind of disheartening when you see someone that I know you really like.

S3: It’s as awful as you got you something you imagine yourself so much more intimate, like, oh, my God. I yeah, I can imagine what that would be like for me. Yeah.

S14: You know, and that’s a really tough things. All this to say that Randall Park has been steadily grinding, but it hasn’t been without its setbacks. And, you know, he talks about his regrets in this amazing profile that Alex did of him, where he’s gonna like, yeah, I did take a couple of roles that I am absolutely regretful of. There was a sitcom pilot that he did. It was called Lucky US. This was, again, way back in 2004. And he played like the evil neighbor, which feels like it might have been breaking out of specific stereotype, except it really wasn’t. It’s described as sort of like a gay Mr. yunior’s she caricature who was called Jimmy. And so he remembers. You don’t know Mr. Junia. She is the guy from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, played by Mickey Rooney. That really? Racist. Exactly.

S3: So it was a similar ish character to that, and he was saying at the time he kind of justified, but in his mind were like, well, maybe I can humanize him this on the other. But he’s like, no, now I look back and I fully regret it. So a lot of your faves are, in fact, dealing with some of the, you know, some of the stuff that they have done. Like nobody is ideologically pure to the point where you’re kind of like, hey, I’m gonna only play heads of states or whatever the fuck else like. Right. We’ve all done some dodgy work. I’m just gonna say straight out.

S1: But I like that he kind of mentioned all these things and just put it forward as a sort of, hey, listen, we’re all struggling. We’re trying to get somewhere. And in his case, thankfully, all that work paid off.

S6: In his first film in 2009 called The People I’ve Slept With. It’s an indie film. Great name. Yes. And it pushes back against stereotypes against Asian people, Asian American people. And it is about this young woman who is a young Asian woman who she is very free with her attentions and shout out to her. And she realizes one day that she is pregnant and she has to figure out who the father is. And Randall Park plays a guy that she calls Mister Nice but boring. So what she does, she takes pictures of all the people that she’s been with and she gives them a little nickname, which is something that I do. I don’t take the pictures, but, you know, they have code names.

S15: When you’re talking, you’re not a film character, whether that’s like mud or a wall. Yes.

S6: And so she makes these little postcards and she puts their nicknames on on the cards. And then on the back, she puts all their information like their real name, if she knows it, and and their length and girth and all this kind of stuff. So Mr. Nice, but boring again, Randall Park’s character is one of the people that could be the father of her child. And so, OK, I’m going to play a clip that will explain. And then we’ll come back. But in this clip, this is a flashback to their first date and he doesn’t think it’s going well. So he’s like, OK, well, I guess I’ll see you later. They’re in the car together. And he’s like, I guess I’ll see you later. He’s dropping her off. And she tries to tell him, oh, no, we don’t have to go anywhere right now.

S17: So let’s hear that clip. So long. It was nice meeting you. I thought we were just friends, having heard of FWB now. Friends of Benefits.

S18: Oh, my God. You’re like a dinosaur. Yeah. Wow. Wow.

S9: I love it. I love it.

S6: So some of the information that she puts on the cards, she puts length and girth and has length was 10 inches and his height was either 5 inches or 6 inches. That’s like around. Right. And it’s interesting, because of the of the men that could be the father. There is also a white guy in the mix and he happens to have the smallest equipment of all of the potential’s who are other men of color. So I thought that was very interesting for the writer Koji sacchi to throw in. This is directed by Quenton Lee 2009. It’s on Amazon Prime. I think you should watch it. It’s it’s a really interesting film, particularly as it deals with the expectations of Asian-American people and their sexuality and things like that.

S3: But yeah. So like we said, his his filmography is just huge. So after his people I’ve slept with. Debut in 2009. He carried on working on both big and small screen. Right.

S12: But like after his wonderful, unforgettable turn as Agent Jim in the office in 2012, he carried on kind of doing a lot of stuff that was building and building and building. And then finally, I think that was a very handy reward in the form of his own sitcom. He’s a lead on Fresh Off the Boat, which is on ABC, and is going to shutter, I think, next year. That’s right. All season. Yeah. And it’s important because it’s about an Asian family. It’s him and his wife who stood by Constance Wu. And they have three little boys and there’s a grandma and there’s like a whole world. You know, they work in a restaurant.

S14: And all of this stuff is just delivered, of course, with a little bit of, hey, they’re Asian, but also the human beings.

S6: I am fresh off. The boat is a critical darling. They’ve had numerous nominations for acting, of course, with Classics Will and Randall Park. And I’ve seen you just in general, just best comedy show and that kind of thing. And I think that recognition, you know, recognition is not the end all be all, but is still very important, particularly when you know your pay rate. Get that pay write up.

S9: That’s you know, that’s how I feel about all of them.

S3: Got to go is not everything. I’m like it’s a good deal of finesse, especially in that industry. Yeah. The only way for use up your rates is to kind of show the receipts. And the nomination is in fact the heftiest receipts, kind of like, hey, look, put it on the table. You will saying. That’s right. Add another zero at two more zeros, et cetera. So, you know, I’m delighted at the success of it. You know, it’s the kind of thing that hasn’t been seen in so long. It’s not the first Asian American family sitcom. Right.

S7: But, you know, it also came out a very specific time in terms of diversity and representation, which at this point kind of like your any kind of terrible words. And just, you know, they’ve been around. Right. Like they mean absolutely nothing at this point. But it was an interesting time in Hollywood. And I think there was a mood at that point anyway to kind of at least put the story out there. I think a lot of the time the language you hear is, oh, America is not ready or the audience isn’t ready, wherever that audience might be. And it’s kind of like actually the audience is pretty open to this shit.

S6: Right. And when people say stuff like America isn’t ready, what they mean is old white people, they aren’t ready. And there are a lot of us who are not old white people who are ready and have been waiting, actively chomping at the bit. Yes. I mean, just because you seventy five year old Meemaw doesn’t want to watch it doesn’t mean you should not have it on the air.

S9: I mean, if there’s a racist grandma. But good for her. She made it this far.

S3: She’s got many years in him. More than likely. But in the meantime, let the rest of us what we want to watch. Right. And we want to watch Randall Park on everything. Everything. Spread him like butter. All over the bread. Over the biscuit.

S6: Yes. I particularly liked him as governor. Danny Chung on Veep. Yes. So hilarious. Just really like dry. Yes. And I don’t want to say just really dry and sharp. Yes. Always had a good stinger on him.

S9: Always. Oh, I loved it. I want to be that ready with like a comeback. I know it’s a never quick enough.

S7: I what I really liked about it also is that we’re so used to seeing Randall play kind of charming every day, kind of like, hey, you know, your friend next door, you know, co-worker or whatever.

S8: I’m Danny Chung is me. Yes. Like he is like you said, he’s so sharp, but like, he is kind of evil but evil with a smile.

S9: Yes. You kind of I quite what? And I’m watching and I’m like, oh, I want to see you play like a full on villain.

S7: I think he has like this edge that comes out when he’s playing. Danny, shout out to the writers of V. They really nailed this kind of like Midwest. Nice. And they gave it to random round of knowing where I’ve got this. Yeah. And he delivers, like he said, these dinners where I’m kind of like that person is dead in a ditch. And Governor Dan is just like walking on, smiling to himself. He’s kind of like a mini nemesis to Selina. And he’s just like every time he comes up against a even though, you know, she’s the heroine of the piece. Yeah. You want Danny to win? Yeah. Like, just just knock her off a little bit.

S6: Every time that he would deliver one of those little you know, those little one liners and people just kind of looking like, did that just happen? Right. Yes. You were killed right.

S5: Right there while you were standing. I’m afraid you’ve been the victim of a murder. Yeah. Just so good.

S6: And he was also very silly as Danny Chong. And we’ve got a little clip of him at one of the campaign rallies.

S19: All right. Thank you. You know, this administration has faced many challenges, but until now, nobody’s thrown down a beatbox challenge. It’s.

S5: Ladies and gentlemen, Minnesota’s in. And that was like a teaser, what we eventually got. And always be my May, luckily, where he was this rap star. Exactly.

S7: And we’ll get to that in a minute. But I just also want to talk about this. You know, we’ve been building this idea of Randol kind of, you know, stepping into his own and building a name slowly but surely.

S3: And I think there is no better manifestation of this than the fact that Randall Park has been in both Marvel and DC comic universes. Yes. He said, I’m going to take all your superhero coins. I want to take every last one. And I appreciate that, because he is a cause in d.c.’s Aquaman, but he’s also in Ant-Man. And that was the sequel. And I’m sure he wasn’t paying anything less than $5 per minute of it. So like he is doing A-okay. And I really love his character on Ant-Man. He plays an FBI agent, Jimmy Wu. I just want to point out both those names. He’s not cold. You know Stephen Jones. Right. They have made his characters specifically Asian. OK. They have given him names that you’re going to like, huh? Yeah, that’s an Asian man. And I’m grateful for that, because there was a time when the only way you could have an Asian person in your movie was to give them the whitest name of all, kind of neutralize the Asian. Right. I guess. But no, he’s Steven Chen and he’s Jimmy Wu.

S7: And I really love him in at Man on the Walls because he plays opposite Scott Lang, who’s played by Paul Rudd. I’m Paul, of course, is hilarious. And Randall is, of course, hilarious. Yes. And they have this amazing kind of chemistry that they play. And I really love this because it’s kind of like filled to the brim with homoeroticism. But I’m always hateful.

S13: You got away with it this time, Scott. But I’ll be seeing you again. Where, huh? Where will you be seeing me again? Like in general? I’ll see like the next time you do something bad. I’ll be there to catch you. And you’ll be watching an Emmy, too. Yeah. How you inviting me somewhere? Why would I do that? Well, I was wondering, why would you do that? Like a party or like dinner or something?

S20: I don’t know. I thought you were in Atlanta that evening. No, I meant to look around the restaurant later again.

S13: Take it easy. OK. Did you want to grab dinner or something? I mean, I’m free. Yeah. Come on.

S9: I’m just like, you watch the scene. He’s kind of like sort of like Shylock.

S3: Do you wanna have dinner? And the whole time, kind of Scott’s look at him like, do you want to. I just I read it. It’s very it pre-dates Paul Rudd’s bit on hot ones where he goes, look at us. Yes. But it feels very look at us. Yes. I love that chemistry. And I’m so eager to see him. And speaking of superheroine, he’s also going to be in the Disney Plus series, one division. Yes. Playing Jimmy Wu again. So he’s going to keep making that money.

S10: Nicole, let’s talk about always be my Mavy, always be my maybe. Now he plays Marcus. Who is this? You know, very lovable guy who is not necessarily motivated to do more in his life beyond take care of his father and be in this hip hop band. I guess you could call it that. Yeah. And he is a good rapper. Yes. Surprised me. Yeah. And what I really liked about the scene, when we discover that he’s a good rapper, Sasha is in the audience and she’s watching him. And there’s like just this little bit. We don’t know how she’s going to respond. You don’t know if she’s gonna hate it or she’s going to, you know, just love it. And she ends up loving it. And I will. I love that. Because so often what happens in these movies is, you know, this character is, you know, displaying their passion, their creative passion. And it’s not great. And people have to suffer through it. The person that loves them has to suffer through it. But the fact that he is good. And so Sasha is able to, like, fully cheer him on. I love this.

S3: I mean, Leslie gives us permission to be like, oh, no, he’s good. Thank God. Yes. And that was like a real relief. You’re right.

S7: But, yes, Marcus is, like you said, not living up to his full potential, which let’s be real. That’s a bunch of us. So you ain’t special, Marcus. But like, it’s interesting to kind of see again, because the great thing about Always Be My Maybe is that these are not 22 year olds, right?

S21: Yes.

S3: It sometimes takes a little bit longer to self-actualize or whatever the fuck language you’re using now. And I appreciated that both me and Ali Wong are like, no Grown-Ups. I’m still figuring it out. And I was so grateful for that. Even before I watch it, I was like, wait. They’ve cost Randall Park as like the lead in a romcom. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Enough of this fucking 27 year old. No shade. Twenty seven year olds. We love you all. Well, I haven’t been 27 in a while. Right. You know, 30 plus people fall in love, too. They do it.

S7: So it was nice to have these 30 plus people be 30 plus onscreen. Yeah. And be falling in love. That really warmed me. Will always be my baby is actually a stupendous rom com, which again, so much fanfare around the Netflix rom com songs. And I was like, oh, and then they were kind of like let downs. But always you my maybe from the day the trailer dropped and everybody went absolutely bananas. Yeah. On the ins and outs I ah I’m all in. Don’t disappoint me. And then we went to see it. And then we saw it again multiple times on Netflix at home. And it’s actually a really lovely story of these childhood sweethearts who kind of fall apart after a terrible event. You know, and then they drift apart and then they come back together because one of them, Sasha, moves back and discovers Moggs is kind of living the exact same life that he was living before she left. Meanwhile, she’s gone off to become like this worldwide culinary star. She’s like a super chef. She’s doing all the bit she has, like the superstar boyfriend who is played by Daniel Day came. So Gilligan Eye Candy, this is the movie, I tell you that much. And it’s just kind of like this reconnection. That’s what the whole movie’s about, is about them finding each other and trying to make room in each other’s lives for one another again. And one of my favorite scenes, because fairly early on when Sasha comes back and she goes to like a daytime meal, it’s not quite lunch, whatever, but they go out and they go to an old restaurant they used to go to when they were kids. And it’s just as really Lovely’s soft touching, but also very funny. Yes.

S22: So, yeah, I’m gonna die all alone in a big house all by myself. Complete, utter and deafening silence. I can feel it. Marcus. There, there, there, there. That’s all you got? Well, I had more at the beginning of your speech and then I forgot it by the end. Just so long. Oh, hey, thank you. I can’t believe this place is still in business. What are we even doing here? The food was always so terrible. Are you insane? Oh, I eat here twice a week here. Just try this. Oh, well, I remember this place is so bad because that’s how you remember your entire childhood, you painted the whole thing with a shit brush. But it’s not true. Right. This is good. Place hasn’t changed one bit either because women are still so rude and disappointed that neither of us speak Cantonese. Hello lahoma suits. I learned better service. Also, sometimes free humor.

S6: So love that the way they are, said Highmark.

S9: He is a regular regular. It also gave us a little hint of, you know, to the fact that, you know, Marcus, he might have a way with the money. He might could have had it like. But, you know, the camera kind of pounds, though, all the ladies in the leg. Hi. I don’t like what Marcus. What else are you offering? Again? I like love. I love it so much.

S3: It’s so intimate and it’s so cute. I love that scene. I love the whole movie. But I really love the guy.

S6: I love the movie so much. I think I’ve seen it three times now, maybe four times since it came out. And another thing and I mentioned this when we first talked about it in that first episode, but what I especially loved about it, because, you know, I am hot blooded. But, you know, a lot of times these romcoms come out and they are very chaste. People just barely kiss. And if they do kiss it, maybe at the end when they finally get together or whatever. I’m so sick of it. Yes. But this is a perfect example of how something sweet can also be hot, because when Marcus and Sasha get together and we again, we’ve talked about this, so a part of this for repeating ourselves. But this scene where they finally get together and he picks her up and has, I guess, the wall and like, oh, yes, yes. And of course, there’s like a little fade to black at some point and then, you know, the morning after. But I thought that that is just a perfect way that you can show that these are adults who are sexual and want to express that with each other and still be caring and tender and sweet. Again, what we keep saying, hot and sweet. It’s possible.

S3: It exists as seamless a show. So what I also love like you talk about how we face to black. Sure. But then there are scenes of them in bed this. So like he’s got a top of her top his off that kind of wearing, you know, artfully placed sheets shot out and we awfully place sheets. People like you can see, like, you know, his biceps, you can see like a clavicle. And I’m a girl that does sex, things like.

S9: It’s nice to see, like you said, these are grown ups.

S3: Let them do grown up things. I sarnez such a horndog.

S9: I’m so sorry I missed that in rom com.

S7: Does it look as though you guys actually want to tear each other’s clothes?

S6: Exactly. And it’s very important to see that to see people of color being tender and sweet with each other in these kinds of sensual moments where it’s not just, you know, overlooks or like, you know, over pounding or anything like that. You know, it’s just done with care. Best care. I love. That’s so sweet.

S12: And another thing that I also really love about this movie, which is not necessarily about Randall, but is actually part of it, is like this is the role. This is the kind of role that he has been looking to do for so long. Yes. And it’s a role in which he is not the one Asian person, but he is one person in an ensemble of Asian actors. And in this movie, finally, he really got that dream, the kind of world he was building back at UCLA. It’s like a real full circle moment where in this movie, this him, that’s Annie Wong.

S3: Daniel Day came Keanu Reeves, Vivian Bang. Everybody is like the majority of the cost is Asian. Yeah. And so it’s like, oh, it’s possible, guys.

S6: Yeah. And you know, there’s no intergenerational beef where people are like, you know, my parents are so traditional and I’m trying to fight against that or whatever. In fact, Sasha’s character is resentful of her parents for having she feels abandoned by them because she had to go in and connect with Marcus’s family in order to have more of a better home life. Our parents were busy at work. She raised herself. Right. They were doing. They were doing what they could to make sure that she had everything she needed. She’s now generation. She wanted more attention. So I love this. Again, very soft pushback against, you know, if it’s an Asian story, we’ve got to talk about the immigrant, you know, the immigrant journey and all this kind of stuff is such a good. Randall Park. Yes. Always be my maybe. If you haven’t seen it, I hope you’re still alive. I can’t understand why you would not. So, you know, just, you know, fire up Netflix, watch it.

S7: And when you’re done with that, go back and find his earlier. So I promise you, like Nicole said, he puts his thumbprint on everything that he is in. And every time you see him, I promise you, your soul will do a little flip because you’re like, oh, he’s here. Yeah, it’s gonna be good. And that’s the Rundle pop promise. Oh, he’s here. It’s gonna be good. I like. Thank you.

S11: Hello.

S20: Best believe I punch Keanu Reeves. And it was better than any scene you could CSB. I get John Wink now feeling so appealing, basically. I’m a guy. You could call me Hercules.

S23: Keanu Reeves was better than seeing. You could see a screen real punch, but he couldn’t.

S16: Okay. Bam. Yes. It’s time. Yeah.

S3: Fanfic or a. My song.

S21: I’m so intrigued to hear what you’re going to write about Rantel Park.

S3: I’m intrigued, too. Like I love him so much. Like him. He’s he’s kind of like that at the sounds wrong, but I promise you it’s not. He gives me that warm heat. So it’s not like hot, hot heat. What does he feel like? It starts in my belly. And then it travels like it’s like a simmer. You know, like it heats you up gradually. You know what? Anybody you like, why am I slept in only on. It’s random. That’s how I feel. So I wanted to write something that felt a little bit like that kind of slow burn. Shout out to our sister podcast cost labor. Like I wanted to have like that feeling of new excitement. So that’s kind of what I was. That’s the position I was cause I was thinking about random, trying to think. You know, we talk a lot about how we’re projecting. Yes. And I wanted to kind of project the feeling that Randall gives me back into a story about Randall. Yes, sir. I’m ready. Thank you. Thank you very much.

S24: After the third try, I could feel my face heating the cassia behind the counter had a sympathetic glint in her eye as she turned the screen back to her side. I promise I’ve use this card today, I said as I held up my bag of groceries as evidence. The magnetic strip was just fine 10 minutes ago. The cashier smiled kindly. We’ve been having trouble with the card reader this weekend, she said. Not entirely, convincingly. Do you happen to have any cash? I was busy shaking my head no when someone lightly slapped their hand on the counter next to me. Hey! I’ll get hers and mine too. I could hear the smile in his voice, even before I caught it on his face. Even from the side I could see it was a wide smile. He turned his head to bestow it on me directly, and I caught the flash of his teeth. The corners of his eyes crinkling attractively as the grin rounded out his cheeks. I felt my face get hot for an altogether different reason. How often do cute strangers turn out to be good Samaritans? Oh, I can’t let you pay for my drink! I protested. It was happening anyway, but I had to offer a token protest. He turned his body more fully toward me. His hair peeked out from underneath his beanie, waving as it met the nape of his neck. Oh, of course you can! He replied. Well, strange, as I said, more firmly. He grinned that big grin again, and came out of his lean on the counter to extend a hand. I’m Randol, he said. And I shook his hand and told him my name. See, he said, we’re not strangers anymore. He tucks his chin in. As he said, it’s a move that was a 50/50 mix of confidence and diffidence. I reached over to grab my chai, but stopped when I felt his hand cover mine. Hang on, he said. He gestured at the cashier for something to write with, and then scribbled something on the side of my cup. Satisfied? He slid the cup over my number, he said. In case you want to buy me coffee one day. My Grinstead on my face as I nodded and left the cafe when I looked back through the window.

S25: Rondeau was still there, smiling back.

S9: Oh, I love it. Oh, I know what you want. Oh, yes.

S6: And I could see his smile. We didn’t talk much about his smile. He has a really beautiful, very wide smile.

S26: Yes. And it comes up slow. Yes. And then it fully unfolds. And you, like, wrapped me in that. Oh, my God. I love you, Randall. Fuck. Shut up to your wife, Mrs. Park.

S3: OK. So, Nicole, I want to see what you have come up with this week. Was Mr. Randall Park our first object of the week? Of the big smile and the great hair and the wonderful eyes.

S10: Yes, you mentioned all of this slow burning stuff. Subscribe to Slow Burn on Slate and the nice. Real nice.

S16: Yeah, I think. Yeah, I’m just gonna I’m just going to read it. All right. OK, I’m ready.

S9: Hold on. Let me let me clear my throat.

S16: All right. Go ahead. It’s fine, yea, I yelled out of the bedroom door.

S6: Randall will take the couch in here. See you in the morning for some skiing. I absolutely will not be doing. I closed the door and leaned against it.

S21: My eyes meeting randle’s. Do you think they know? He Stage whispered. Did you tell anyone? What? No. You know, they’ve been trying to set us up forever. I bet this whole one room, one bed thing is Ben’s idea. She loves that shit. Randall turned to the fireplace and began stacking logs in an orderly fashion. I squatted down to join him and twisted old newspaper for kindling. Do you think we gave anything away? I asked him quietly, and leaned my head against his shoulder. The fire caught quickly, and the sound of the flames moving along. The logs already began to soothe me. Or maybe it was the four headcase Randall gave me before he gathered me more fully in his arms. Maybe it’s hard for me not to look at you with every memory from the last few weeks showing on my face. I turned to kiss him for his charm, and the kiss lasted two beats too long. He pulled back and asked, Is it so wrong that I want to keep you to myself? Just a little while longer before our friends try to plan our wedding and name our blazin kids? No, baby, I said. I want just us for as long as we can manage to. He kissed me again, lowering my back to the floor, moving us a little bit away from the fire, dancing and it’s home. Do you think you can keep quiet? He breathed into the soft corner of my neck. I pulled his hair until his face glowing from the flames, was above mine. I don’t know. Can you? He worked a hand into my unbuttoned jeans, and I guessed into his mouth. He smirked at me. Now, you bitch!

S27: You like my shout out? Bam! You absolute bitch. If I see you on road is on sight.

S9: One can’t live directly. I was injected into my motherfucking veins. What’s that is? Every single one of my fanfic. Yes. Oh my god. As hell habits a lug. Why a bitch? I have just logged into a O3. This is like a TV show of my own devising. This is amazing. They call. Thank you so much for that gift. I appreciate the shout out. I feel wow.

S26: I really made like fuck my nominations for my writing. Fuck boy. I wrote a play.

S5: Who cares? I’ve made it in to high. Have made it into one of your figs as a named character. I’m not just a friend. I’m Bim. Yeah. My god, I do love that shit. You nailed it. Can I just say, you know, my character is so sweet. I mean, you got it. I love it.

S9: Why do you know why? I almost. I don’t care about the poll. You win. Like you put me in your story. That’s like a sneaky ass move. But I have never. Because it means that I want you to win now. Share. Our producer is actually flushed. Wow.

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S9: So those are your options, right? Very difficult for me to actually vote for myself this week, to be very fucking honest.

S14: But anyway, you have the choice. Go to our Twitter at first aid kits and register your votes. All votes count. And if nothing else, it’s good proxies for the elections in the UK and also soon to be in the US.

S3: Listen, the politics of the world, man. This is your escape. I’ve just got to mentionedthe registered to vote and vote yay anyway. Huh? That’s the end of fanfic wars. And Nicole. You have killed me dead. So. Good job. Wiig’s alive. Still labor. I’m already halfway to the ground.

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S21: Do you think they know he staged whisper?

S9: Sorry. They say you dancing. I was doing that with my friends, friends becoming something how boring. Ignore me.