S1: Karen, thank you for your very kind words for all the players, very well. And you know that he represents the best of America passed in the best of America today as the best of America’s future.

S2: Well, I’m the Republican brand as well. Thank you all for being here. We were here today because I think we have some unfinished business to do in America. That’s what draws us together for sure. And it’s a I think it’s a beautiful day. Get together and just think about the power of human dignity in America. That’s really what we’re talking about here. That’s what Martin Luther King Junior talked about, as well as human dignity. That’s at the heart of the battle we’re facing, whether that is a civil rights battle or a battle about justice in general or about all about over the unborn life. It’s a human dignity issue. You have human dignity problem in America. Your great founding document, the Declaration of Independence, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and justice. We hear it all the time. We hear it certainly every year during this time, because Martin Luther King Junior lifted that up as well as in a statement that he knew was about an ideal of Americans holding on to this ideal of America, that he still knew that he could reach out and achieve in some way. We weren’t there yet, but we still needed to fight, certainly fight for this ideal and that many people don’t know you unless you study of the declaration. Independence is actually the foundational document for our constitution and the laws that we look up to and have to abide by here in America. I want to mention that because Justice Newby is here. Well, justice is a dear friend, Sunday school teacher. We go to church together with a long time mentor. When you have a man of God that is sitting on the highest court in your state. You really want. You desire that people pay attention to those laws and. Right. Represent them. He understands the influence of this document, the Declaration of Independence and the truth that these words in the Declaration of Independence and the rights we have are inalienable. And they come from God. They don’t come from government that can’t be taken away by government. We have a man who sits on our highest court that understands he understands the foundations of the constitution that we abide by are calling for.

S3: Mary? Yes. Mary, thank you for your song. No, beautiful.

S2: I was sitting here praying, as you’re saying, please don’t make me call Mary.

S4: Well, you know, I was I was thinking about this event not long ago, my daughter Olivia, my youngest daughter, she’s 14 and she’s in ninth grade and she was doing this biology, science kind of experiments will study.

S5: And she was asking all family members to go to family members and say, OK, you know, when you were born with your hair, what was your eye color or your ear lobes attached or detached? Can you roll your tongue? Can you cross your eyes? Doing this some genetic study, trying to figure out dominant genes versus recessive genes and how they how they played out in the family. And I got you this. You know that when we think about things like skin color or what we’re talking about is dominant and recessive genes.

S4: That’s what kind of this battle over civil rights is. Despite the Martin Luther King was fighting what ultimately was about this sort of silliness of this, that if we weren’t fighting over skin color today and having arguments and differences over the color of our skin could be a rifle or could be your hair color or whether we had to that your lips.

S6: You might as you go into a church for attached to your attach, go to the attack.

S7: And that’s how this thing about human dignity goes astray. You know, we’ve put things into the wrong content at times.

S5: It’s important to remember that God does not create a black man and a white man, me. He created an entity and he created a genetic code within Adam and Eve that gave the possibility for all the colors that we have now within humanity. And that’s what he created. I believe that within Adam and his family, you saw white children and black children and brown children and everything in between. And you probably saw blond hair and black hair and red hair and green eyes and brown eyes and blue eyes and hazel eyes. You saw that because God is infinite creativity in which we serve awesome creative people.

S7: These truths to be self-evident that all men are produced. They’re created implying that we have a creator, a very creative creator, that in this genetic code he gave us all of these genes, recessive genes and dominant genes. We come together and bakes up this beautiful tapestry that we call it humanity. And yet at the same time, there are people who want to destroy that tapestry and they partition people into political identity groups and say, you’re over here because your skin color is brown and you’re over here. Could your skin color is what are we doing to color skin?

S6: We’re not white. None of us are truly white, really black. Everything is between us. It’s always great, right.

S5: And this is what I love about days like today is we can all come together and we can all sit around these tables. We can look at each other and die. We can say, I will. And I love I love you. I love you and I love you. I don’t know you.

S7: The color of your skin doesn’t mean anything to me. What matters to me is your arm. Do you know we are brothers and sisters? Rice here in this room. I’m thankful for that because God’s creativity is something that celebrate. I have no doubt that we created the genetic code and he created Adam and Eve. I have sat back and in all this wonder of what he just created, knowing the full possibility of everything that was going to be created. And so these words in the Declaration of Independence, when you hear them and you hear them come out of Dr. Martin Luther King, jr.’s mouth, understand that that’s the background. He understood as well when he was fighting for civil rights and fighting for equal rights between people of different skin colors, which obviously brings us to why we are here today to celebrate Dr. King and to celebrate a man who is willing to let his own life on the line for the very human dignity that we still fight for today. And just like the great cloud of witnesses that went before us and he grew so loud that we’re fighting for something and desiring something more promise something in the future. Future hope of a promise that they didn’t get to see as they didn’t get the crossover promise.

S5: Like Moses did not get to cross over into the promised Moses saw wrong that was going on amongst God’s people. And he tried to right that wrong. He went up to the doctor for 40 years and God called him back when his heart, his mind were ready.

S3: And he went out there to fight for the people of God. And even then, he didn’t get to see the promising. And so we may not get to see the promise of the anti-deal of America mirror for those words that were written in the Declaration of Independence. But it doesn’t mean that we’re not fooled by this, right? I’m reminded of Isaiah, the prophet, when he stood before. He stood before God and God was sitting there. As I was just listening to remember, God was saying, whom shall I send you? Who shall go forth? Who shall I send? As it has is there. And as I said, right here, send me here. I am 70. Here’s a man of a pure heart standing before God, knowing the implications of being sent. Martin Luther King Junior knew the implications of being said. Here’s a man who was willing to put his own life on the line. Thirty nine years of life. Not to see, not to see the future for his wife and his kids and his grandkids and great grandkids, or this ideal that he was fighting for come to fruition. He knew the price that he could pay for the battle that he was by. And I was seeing the price that we have to pay today is far, far less than Iran’s. We have unfinished business, Dr. King. He was here today. He would say we have unfinished business. I’m glad we combined the day, not just with civil rights and issues of justice, but also with life. There is no doubt that Planned Parenthood was created. It was created to destroy the entire black race. That was the purpose of the plan. That’s right. Through and through. And that’s not some history I heard. That’s right. Mean, that organization was created how the black community can’t come together and see that and understand that fight against that, that the like can’t come together to fight against it. And so we have a job to do.

S5: And the challenge twelve’s is do we have the courage we have in order to stand up and fight for what we know is right for the ideal that God set forth ahead of us? We have the courage to do that. We have the courage of black, white, brown to come together and march together and fight together, to stand together, to do things that we know God would have us.

S3: So when God says each one of us in our hearts, that he’s saying that all of us that call was not specific to Isaiah, who shall I send and who will go for us? What’s our answer to here is to me.