Conscious Coupling

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S1: If I were quarantined with.

S2: I would let him. And then we would.

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S1: Hi, Ben. Hello, Nicole. I feel like we’re both very self-conscious about not purring at each other today. You know what? I don’t my purring at you. Thank you. It’s good to shut up. Paul told me everything I need to know. Well, I’d rather you did a pair at me, you weirdo. That’s fair. I get that. Oh, boy. Yeah. So what’s shakin? How’s everything going over there in your part of the world? You, me, my apartment’s you.

S4: My I need imperturbably small apartment that I usually am quite happy with.

S5: And the last few weeks, I feel like that video of that little girl that went round on Twitter a few weeks back and she’s yanking things off the wall.

S1: She’s just saying over and over, I hate this house. I feel like that baby like. But other than that, I’m doing a okay.

S6: How are you doing other than hating my very place of existence? And now I’m I’m still doing OK, I guess. But I have reinstalled some dating apps that I deleted. So I’m just like, I need a man to pay attention to me some kind of way. And even though everybody is locked inside, still men do not know how to have a conversation.

S1: So congratulations, you played yourself. Seriously, I think I’m thinking about uninstalling everything again because it’s just I shouldn’t have to pull teeth. Like we’re all tired and horny and bored. Just talk. You know, like what you’re saying is not interesting.

S7: Nicole, listen, I deleted all those apps a while ago because I knew that there be monsters. And I just didn’t want to have to deal with that at this time. Like, I’m already under a lot of needless stress. I’m far from home. I am tired all the time. I feel like I’ve been battling a series of demons, like just one after the other, sometimes multiple demons at once. So I really wasn’t trying to add to that. People being just unable to engage in human interaction.

S8: Well, you know, I think that’s what I’m going to do. I go through those phases where I delete the apps and I think I’m going to do them again. Plus, we here at Thursday, Kate, we have a hiatus coming up and that will help free my mind.

S6: And I can relax and just, you know, relearned myself, which may be a euphemism. I don’t know.

S1: I also also I wasn’t even thinking about like, oh, my gosh, you might take up knitting. Are you saying no, bitch? No. Amazing.

S7: But I’m glad you brought up the hiatus, because I know that people have been sending us messages, whether on Twitter or email or on Tumblr, to say how we are an essential part of their quarantine situation, whether that’s going back into the catalog or it is listening to stuff that we’ve been doing these last few weeks. And, you know, people are just being really supportive and kind as they always have been. To be fair. Right.

S8: We are not disappearing. We’re just taking a break. Probably still a little active on Twitter with any particular announcements or if anything. You know, incredible happens. Like, I don’t know, Mark Ruffalo leaves his wife and marries me hyper specific.

S1: And I love it.

S6: But if anything like that happens, you know, you should look out for news and other announcements on our Twitter page just in general. You never know what you’re going to see. And we’ll let you know when we’re coming back. But we are coming back. We are coming back.

S7: I love how we had to reassure guys. We are coming back. But before we go, we have this one episode to give to you a little parting gift so that you can remember us over the next few weeks. Nicole, this is tied into a lot of quarantine activity. You know, I think a lot of us, as we’ve mentioned in previous episodes, a lot of us during this time, those of us who are able to stay at home and work from home and just generally be at home are reaching for familiar and comforting things. So for me, that meant watching Bones with hopefully a more critical eye, but still very much loving the central relationship between Brennan and Booth. Nicole, I know you’ve also been watching some stuff like Superstore and other sitcoms as well.

S8: Yes.

S6: I’ve been watching stuff that’s still currently on the air, like super, as you mentioned, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Good girls, of course. As we mentioned in our episode about many Montana A. Just like every, you know, all that kind of stuff. But I’ve also. Yeah, been living on Netflix and Amazon Prime came back through stuff that I’m you know, that I’m already familiar with, that I know how it’s gonna end. There’s no question. There’s no there’s no mystery. And it’s also just fun to like, you know, when you’re with rewatching the stuff to see all the hints and other clues that were dropped beforehand. And when it comes to certain things like, oh, you know, that will they won’t they couple that ends up getting together and then you go back and you see all these little things that have been planted, you know, all the crumbs that we’ve been following. Right.

S7: Right. All this to say for the shows that we have been rewatching. There are certain couples that sort of embody the idea of, you know, real love, true love, lasting love, blah, blah, blah, love. And there’s something about watching those couples get together. That is it feeds the beast in me that needs certainty.

S6: Yes. And it feeds feeds the beast in me that needs to know that love exists somewhere, whether it’s you know, if it’s not on this plane, it’s in the other dimension of entertainment that is both depressing and incredibly cheering.

S1: Thanks, Nicole. Automakers. Well, that’s why we keep going back to shows like Parks and Recreation. New Girl and Good Girl. Yes. Good girls are still very new. It’s still good quality rewatched fart. Yes.

S7: And now that they have two seasons on Netflix, it is very bingy. I cannot stress enough. And we know a lot of you people have started watching good girls after our episode about Money Montana, which. You’re welcome. So we are going to talk about those three shows. I’m going to talk about the couples there in the couples that make us want to just watch them forever, because watching them falling love is a pleasure. Every single time. And it also does a really remarkable thing. Like Nicole said, I’ve just reaffirming the idea that should you want love, it is possible to have it, whoever you are.

S6: Yes, exactly. I started rewatching Parks and Recreation for maybe the fourth time. Maybe cash. I went back through my Twitter account because I was looking for something recently and I saw that I was like watching it as far back as November, I believe. Wow. And so just, you know, like doing little chunks of episodes just to make myself feel better. You know, they were just so sweet and funny and ridiculous. And it’s always good to, like, watch and see the stuff that’s going on. And, you know, in the background a little bit. But my favorite thing, of course, is the courtship of Ben and Leslie, Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope. Okay.

S7: So first of all, the fact that you said courtship, I think is the beginning of understanding this relationship. So for those of you who somehow haven’t watched Parks and Recreation or even heard of it, it is a show about one government department and local government in Indiana and in a city called Pawnee. But more importantly is the fact that it is a creation of one. Mr. Mike Schur, who is sort of a savant at creating TV shows or co-creating TV shows that have a central love story that feels both human and entertaining and dramatic and joyful and all the good and all the bad. He basically writes really wonderful human relationships and he co-created Parks and Recreation. And of course, again, shout out to his brain. But also an amazing team effort because Amy Poehler and Adam Scott are just remarkable. They have this crackling chemistry. And of course, performance goes into the stuff that is written on the team of writers and all that stuff. But there is something about Ben and Leslie, like Nicole said, that just helps you feel, I don’t know, infinite. There’s something about them that is just a chef’s kiss. It’s just beautiful.

S8: Ben and Leslie, you know, they are goals to use Internet speak. They’re just so.

S6: Themselves, they’re just completely who they are with each other. They stand up against other people for each other. They’re so defensive of each other, which all Ben, why at one time punched somebody for Carl and Leslie, a bitch. And it is one of the hardest moments I have ever seen.

S1: This car you want, Leslie both felt the feelings because she looked where she was really ready to drop trial.

S7: Like right there in the bowling alley. Like what? And I remember you tweeting about it and you were like, oh, my God, Leslie’s me. And I am Leslie. Like, I also want to clamber across, like, the bowling alley and jump into his arms. The thing about the show, as you mentioned, is that they also each other, each other’s person. But what I really, really, really love about Ben and Leslie is that they are both very good people separately. And yet somehow together they are better, like each person pushes the other one to be the best version of themselves. And that means tamping down their worst urges and raising up their best urges. And that’s not necessarily that they are changing each other. It’s really just a case of just allowing the best facets of their personality to kind of come to the fore. Both of my finest, happiest examples of this is actually in the episode where they get together. So this is Season 4 and we’ve seen them kind of dance around their attraction. Anyway, on this final project that they’re supposed to be doing, which is the smallest park in Pawnee, the littlest park, she invites him to that little park after they’ve had this massive falling out. And she does something that I don’t think a lot of TV shows do or even do nearly as well. She is emotionally naked. She opens up. She puts herself on the line, knowing full well that it could end really badly for her.

S9: Hey, I wasn’t sure you’re going to come. Well, I’m very curious when you only left me one voicemail message instead of your usual 20.

S10: I’m trying to be a little less intense and a little more considerate here. Hevesi, but only if you want to. OK. Want to? I never listen to what you wanted or how you wanted us to be when things ended between us. I just decided what I wanted and I got upset when you didn’t want the same thing. I know that’s not fair. I’m very sorry. Well, thank you, I appreciate it. If you don’t want to have any more contact with me, I finally understand.

S11: I don’t want that. Really. But I just think it’s for the best.

S10: There is another option. We could just say, screw it and do this thing for real. Well, I miss you like crazy. Think about you all the time. I want to be with you. So let’s just say screw it.

S9: We would have to tell Chris. Yeah. Could turn into a scandal that hurt your campaign. Yeah, I would. How would you imagine we do it? I don’t know.

S10: But I I know how I feel and I want to be with you. But I’m done steamrolling people. This is how I feel. How do you feel?

S8: Deep in my feelings, she took these very cliche lines. I miss you like crazy.

S6: I think about you all the time and you hear this waver in her voice that is that quaver quiver that, you know, you read about, but you’ve never really seen it implement properly here now. But she did. But that scene she does opens Leslie up like that. So it is really touching.

S7: But to be fair, it was also kind of just really spellbinding TV to watch somebody and a woman. That’s to be for the woman, to be the person who is putting us up on the line. But we usually see men through it all, you know, at the at the kitchen sink, like, come on, we’re gonna do it. And instead to have Leslie do that. And so, you know, her voice, like you said, that quaver in her voice, that her eyes are so big in the scene, like she is desperate. She knows that she loves this man. She knows that she wants him. And she is and like, you know, heart stopping fear that he will not reciprocate. And when he does, it makes the win so much sweeter. And I can watch that shit on loop for hours. Easy.

S6: And one of the things that I love about their courtship is how quickly we get to it, how quickly, you know, Ben comes on the scene. And at first we’re not really sure like his personality because he’s very you know, he’s a little buttoned up. He’s a stickler, but he realizes that Paani is unlike any other place that he has ever been and he has to adapt.

S1: And so he does.

S8: And then, you know, we start seeing that, oh, is there going to be something between Ben and Leslie? And it just moves. It doesn’t move like too quickly, which again, there’s such of a delicate art to making sure that couples get together. You know, it can’t be too soon. It can’t be too far away from the start of everything. But I think the way that they begin to notice each other and see each other and, you know, just kind of recognize that something is happening here.

S6: It’s just I love it when Leslie has the flu and Ben brings her so she doesn’t like, you know, she’s out of it. She’s a little loopy, but he made her homemade soup.

S4: The family recipe, Nicole is an old family recipe. He made her the soup.

S7: And he also brought her waffles because he knows that she loves breakfast foods. And of course, she jumps on the waffles and he’s like, oh, you know, it’s just a family recipe.

S1: No big deal. And you’re like, bless him. This is such a big deal. She’s just eating the waffles like La Waffle, but it’s like Jesus Christ. Leslie, just let him colavito the bed next to you, for fuck’s sake.

S7: I love that episode. I feel like that is the beginning of a very concrete sort of. That’s the first time I think that he is completely and utterly in awe of her ability. And maybe it’s the feminist in me, but that bit for me, I’m just kind of like, yeah, you better be in awe, you better because Ben does that all the way through the series. He is just constantly kind of marveling at the capacity of her brain in a way that is not creepy or cringy. He’s not out there kind of throwing compliments at her pointlessly. He’s not kind of going, you can do it. You’re a tiger. He’s just kind of like quietly assured. He knows what his girlfriend slash wife can do. He knows he is. He’s been at the receiving end of so much of her genius. He gets it and he just quietly supports he’s often taken a literal step back so that Leslie can step forward and shine. And I’m sorry, but there is literally nothing hotter. I mean, I whenever I watch that, I’m just kind of like that’s that’s who I want. I don’t even want like someone like Ben. Why? I want Ben Wyatt like I want him. He’s so every time she compliments his nonexistent. But I’m like, yes, that’s the she doesn’t fit what she calls him like something like an elf king. And I’m just like, yes, bitch.

S1: I see it. Yeah.

S7: I really love the brand of flirting, which is always like before they got together, when they were together and after they got married. There is like this thread that runs through again to nerds getting together in a way that is unique to only them and the rest of the world kind of looking, you know, a little bit bemused like the fog. But they get one another and one of my favorites comes in the middle of season three when they’re aware of the, you know, their chemistry, they are trying to stay away from one another because they know about the rule about dating at work. And it’s a cold open for Episode 14 in Season 3. And it’s it’s Leslie. And it’s and and they’re in the courtyard and they’re having breakfast or something. And then Ben walks by like, hey, thank you for that.

S9: You’re over your man. It’s costing. That’s really helpful. So welcome. I was thinking about you when I wrote it. It was because I told you I wanted to read it. Yeah, a good reason. Anyway, Chris wants to see us in his office. I guess we should head over there. All right. All right. I’ll see you there. I’ll see you there. Benjamin. Ben. All right, Leslie. Leslie. Hi, Ben.

S12: Oh, hey. You forgot her name. She literally was like, who? What’s so amazing?

S1: It is be just a laugh so hard every time. And he does this thing where the camera, he looks right at the camera like the hell does she come from? Like he he did not see and he just didn’t know he was talking about fucking spreadsheets with Leslie. And he was just like all the way, like he just couldn’t see. I love that season.

S7: But an and face it, just kind of like, what the fuck? But as the scene continues, there is just like this again, just like I said, this bemusement act like this is what you people talk about. I love it. But anyway, let’s let’s hear the rest of the rest of the scene. Wow.

S9: That was the most sexual tension I have ever seen in a conversation about documents. It can’t happen. We can both get fired. It’s a dumb rule. I know you have to follow it. I want to suggest avoiding one on one tensioning situations with your own good plan.

S13: I am sending you two on a trip.

S1: It is superb.

S7: But yeah, Ben and Leslie for me are sort of a prototype for just this idea. That’s no matter how weird or intense or odd you might be. Somebody out there who might be exactly like you or not nothing like you. Is there if you want that, it’s possible for you to have it. And I think there is nothing that sums it up better for me than in season five when they finally get married. And it’s beautiful. The two of them say their beautiful vows. And it culminates in Leslie saying this line that. Huh? Listen.

S1: It ruined everybody and everybody.

S8: And they said it before to each other. In my first rewatch, I realized that they had said it to each other. I think they were looking for a house or something like that.

S6: But it was a very quick little, you know, in the same way that you greet someone, you greet your partner when they come into the house. It was a quick little thing and she says it, but and that was it. I think they only said to each other that one time again, the little crumb, the little clue they put out there. But then we get to the wedding. I cry like a mother.

S4: I was all the way. It was kind of like, wow, I can’t believe it’s my wedding day. And I’m actually at my wedding right now.

S7: Like, I felt so emotionally invested and like you, I was sobbing because again, it’s amazing acting from Adam Scott and Amy Poehler, who just throw everything at it. And then you have the magic of this land, which again, should be cheesier than a baked camembert. And yet I’m put my bread in the cheese, like put it in my mouth. I’m I’m here to eat all of it. Like I. Again, another scene that I could watch for ever, because it just betrays the intense bond that they have. And, you know, also, I’m gonna be completely honest, the bond that I would like to have with someone, you know, it’s just it’s incredibly aspirational. But anyway, here is the line. Here is the scene. It wrecks me every time.

S14: I love you. And I like you. I like you.

S13: And now, with the power vested in me by the state of Indiana, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may know that. Well, my heart.

S8: So for oh, my gosh, I love you and I like you. That is so important in any relationship. But you know how I call.

S1: Can I just say, though, I do love you and I do like you. I love you. And I like you, too. But it hits different because you’re not, Bay. But I love you and I like you. But it’s not the same. Right.

S7: But anyway, Leslie and Ben, yes, I will watch them fall in love every single time it is offered to me. And I urge you, dear listener, if you are feeling that you perhaps can’t believe that there is love in the world. Please do yourself a favor and watch Parks and Rec specifically for Ben and Leslie, because it is truly a love story for our age and other ages to.

S6: Now, Ben and Leslie aren’t the only characters on Parks and Recreation. One of our other favorite characters, Donna Meikle, as played by Rhetta. She keeps us in stitches. And, you know, she didn’t get the screentime that she deserves on Parks and Rec. But, you know, we’re not going to go into that right now. Luckily, Rhetta has moved on to a new show where she is the star. OK. She is one of the stars. She leaves the show. Of course, we’re talking about good girls.

S4: And, you know, if you’re a listener of the show regularly, you may know that a couple of weeks back, we did a full episode on Marnie, Montana, who is, I guess, the fourth lead in the show alongside all the three women who are the titler good girls. And of course, we were kind of wax lyrical about money and how he plays REO and how it’s just like this perfectly coiled bag of energy.

S5: And oftentimes he’s playing against Beth, who is played by Christina Hendricks. But there is Retter who plays a friend of Beth’s. Who is she is in many ways, I feel like the audiences Avatar because a lot of the time who were watching that show and we’re just kind of like, what are these two crazy white women going to do now?

S4: And Retter as a ruby is just kind of like she is a person. If she could in the manner of Parks and Rec side, either camera, she would absolutely be looking down the barrel of the camera to be like, you see this shit?

S1: You see the shit because that’s often what I’m doing, what I’m watching. Like, What the hell is this shit? I Ruby?

S5: I think it’s just she’s very much like a steady source of normal person who I think is the person for whom this amount of chaos is the most disorienting. Like it’s so jarring to her way of life and her way of being. And so much of that is because of who she is and who she has made a life with. And in this case, it is the cutest man in the world.

S8: Stan, he’s so cute and he’s so supportive. And we’re gonna get to that in a second. And one thing that I really like about Ruby’s character in general is the fact that she yes, she’s the only black woman and, you know, as the lead in the show. But we get to see a lot of her black family, her black church, her other black friends, things like that.

S6: So there is no denial of who she is or there’s no like. She’s not invisible. The rest of her life is not invisible. She has a full field of black support. I guess you could say. And so it’s just so well done, you know, because it’s not heavy handed. It’s not over your head. It’s not them beating it over your head. It’s just. Yes. She goes to a church here, although other black people in this city. Yes. She has this black family hears that. You know, all of that anyway.

S1: Yes. Yes, I I. Yes, I agree with you.

S5: And I feel like the thing that, you know, will become clear by especially by the time you get to the end of the show is that in casting for this show, we, Nicole and I and our producer, we sat down and we were just kind of like, okay. So if we want to do this show that is about kind of goals, couples, people that, you know, really kind of give you a sort of mostly trauma free, happy, textured, nuanced, layered portrayal of people. TV it’s not great serving up couples where both the partners are black, you know.

S8: Right. We had to do a little bit of dig in. You know, and we’ve tried to keep it to network TV so that, you know, more people would have access to it and they would be able to go and watch it. Should they? If they haven’t seen anything before. But. It’s really hard finding a two black people in a loving relationship, in a marriage.

S6: On current television, I mean, you have some shows on B.E.T. And Owen Beatty plays and things like that. But again, those are like you kind of have to have a subscription or you have to figure out a way to get to them. And they’re not really normalizing it for people have easy access to them. So even on this is us, there is a black couple. We’ve talked about Sterling K. Brown before in a previous episode. But that show is so devastating every episode. It’s just like you can’t not watch the episode without crying.

S5: Right. And I want to save my tears for other things. And like, we’re looking for portrayals of couples that is more than just kind of like sunshine and flowers. Of course, we’re not trying to, like, needlessly idealize whatever.

S15: But I think what I love about Stan and Ruby in particular is just how casually in love they are. So there is a lot of casual touch between the two of them.

S6: Yes. They’re so familiar and intimate with each other in those small ways that count. You know, those ways that if they stopped, you would be like, something’s wrong. What’s happened, you know? Yes.

S15: Yes. So there are all these moments. So like everyone in the show in terms of the good girls of the title. They have kids. So they have a little boy of a have a little girl who has been chronically ill for a while. And in fact, some of the things that push the way that they act into motion is needing to provide health care for their very sick daughter so that she can, you know, keep living. And there is something about the way that Ruby and Stan talk to and with their children. Yeah. Really warms every single part of my chest because I’m just kind of like so often. I think when we think about couples, we’re thinking about how they relate to one another. But again, there is another shorthand that is present. If you have children, that the children themselves become a sort of conduit for the language that you speak.

S5: And watching Stan feed his kids or prepare their dinner or just be with them, you know, because, you know, at the beginning of the series, he is working as security. He’s working as a mail a mall security guy. I buy Season 2 and 3. He’s a police officer. That changes by his hours are kind of like, you know, he’s doing long hours, probably for not a lot of money, but he’s one of those, you know, old school providers, you know what I mean? And he comes home lay and he manages so often to spend time with the kids. And you can see Ruby just melt because the kids love their dad. He loves them. And he’s he’s just looking at him like that thing that you have, you know, every so often. I didn’t if this happens a lot. A lot of people. But, you know, you’re with someone and you feel like, yeah, we get one another. We know what we’re about. But then they show you something, a side of them that perhaps you hadn’t realized was there. And then something about that, seeing that just a little thing at the back of your mind kind of goes, huh?

S1: I chose well, I guess, like it’s a clap on your back. But it’s like, no, I I actually I did that. I really did do that.

S6: And one of my favorite moments is after Stan has started to become a police officer. I think at this point he is a police officer and he’s been overhearing the details of an investigation that centers around Ruby and the girls. And he doesn’t know it at this point. He’s still ignorant to what’s going on to the ways that Ruby has been earning some extra money. And so Ruby wants to get information out of him. And she knows that the best way to do that is to get him high.

S14: When she got to.

S13: What is that, leftovers from when Nelly Concert 2003. I’m an officer of the law. Off duty, I shouldn’t even be seeing that. It’s getting so hot. So take off right away. I’m getting so hot. A tag like. You got to stop playing. You remember that show? I was like, good. Great. Is whole day. Is it better to make what’s going on with you? You know, finally seeing some light in this damn tunnel. Haven’t we earned at least one night? Kids are down for the count. You wouldn’t want a baby, so you got a secret. Can leave, can couche.

S1: OK. I love that because I love the playfulness of it.

S6: I love this. You know, so silly, but still affectionate because he is touching all over her. And, you know, Redican saying she has a beautiful voice in real life. So they’re always bringing in the song so she can sing. And again, to go back. So, you know, we’ve talked about a little bit earlier. They sing these songs that are very much a part of black culture, even though, you know, Nelly, that was very popular song. It crossed over whatever. But still, they anger their blackness in a lot of the, you know, throw away pop culture references that they make to each other. And I was just so well done.

S15: One of the things that I really think about is the point at which in season two, this is a bit of a spoiler. Apologies if you’ve haven’t seen it yet. You can turn it off. Ten seconds is when Stan chooses to essentially jeopardize his career and he confiscates well, he steals some evidence that would have absolutely kind of got his wife and her friends in trouble. And listen, there are other ways to prove love, obviously. But I feel like doing that shit right. That is that is an intentional act. That is somebody saying, listen, I know what I’m doing is so, so wrong as to be literally illegal. But like, if it’s the law or the woman I love. Well, it’s no contest, right.

S6: Because, you know, Ruby has risked her life and, you know, her reputation to do the things she needed to do in order to make sure that their daughter got the kidney transplant that she needed.

S8: And so she’s she’s not going to have it. She only stay and tries to sleep on the couch. And she’s like, no, sleeping on the couch is for cheaters. You’re not a cheater. I didn’t cheat. So I want to play this clip from that argument to see so you can see how they communicate with each other and to, you know, should I want you to come back to bed and act like this didn’t happen?

S13: So maybe we can just get it back then. He’s talking about the kidney. Maybe we can return it. That’s just crazy talk. What’s crazy is that you can’t even look at me. You know what you like. To my face, I state her life. It wasn’t God or the church or any of those thoughts and prayers. It was me. You say you don’t know who I am. Let me introduce myself. I’m the craziest bitch that robbed a grocery store to save her child and protect her family. Your child and your family. I’m that bitch.

S14: Nice to meet you. And you’re welcome.

S1: rubinsohn Urbi said, I am that bitch.

S15: I love that scene like istan is. Yes, he’s shocked, but he’s also kind of like jumping a little bit too easily into like self-righteous mode. And everybody was like, all right, that’s cute. But let me on kupe that for you and lay out the facts as they are, not as you imagine them and as you see them, but as they are. I saved our daughter’s life when she says that line about my daughter, my family, she says, your daughter, your family, like I didn’t do this shit. Yeah, I may have done it unilaterally, but I’m not I’m not ashamed of what I did because guess what? You’re benefiting from it, too. We’re all benefiting from it. This is not. I didn’t do it lightly. I did it to literally save our daughter’s life and protect our family.

S1: And that bit also that I thought was kind of like quietly sacrilegious when she said it wasn’t God. It wasn’t thoughts and prayers. It wasn’t the judge. It was me. And I was like Aunt Ruby. Like the religion of me rose up like, well. Oh, yeah.

S15: But it’s so she’s just laying out the law so cleanly like you get to you can be angry because he says, I didn’t share all of this with you, but would I do it again? Yes, I would. And I have to stand.

S6: Yes. I mean, the fact that she laid out those facts in the argument and he listened. Not only because he didn’t really have a choice because she was going off, but, you know, he was. He stayed in the room. You know, sometimes people will just walk away. He was trying to distance himself by sleeping on the couch. And she was like, no, that’s not going to happen. We need to talk about this. And we’re going to. And this is what happened, because you’re being ridiculous right now. So I want to play one more little, quick little clip to illustrate those pep talks. One of those pep talks that they give each other stand. I think at this point, he’s either lost his job or he’s just he’s sad about something.

S13: And Ruby is trying to get him out of going to hose off that self-pity and depression. I’m tired of looking at it. So it is. I got to boo. Please wash your ass.

S1: So we got a little bit of tough love.

S6: We still got the support I got to boo. And then you got the little the little playful jab between partners. Go wash your ass.

S4: Yes. That’s the that’s the trick. Take of dreams. I just love seeing them. It also helps. And this is the other thing that we have mentioned. It helps. And I’ve haven’t said this a lot. But I want to be very clear that the guy who plays Stein is an actor called RINO Wilson. He has the cutest smile in the world like he is old teeth. His eyes go crinkly. His nose is cute as a button.

S1: I just he he didn’t he looks like you will be such a good boyfriend. Like he’s so cute. You can see, like the mischievous little boy that he was all this Fazli.

S12: He’s like, oh, my God, he is so cute.

S1: He looks like a boy I grew up with. You know what I mean? Yes.

S4: I can imagine Ruby me in him like a you know, in her late teens, early twenties to be like this cute boy.

S15: Fine. And I just it melts my heart that he looks at Ruby and saw her worth and she looks at him as saw his work. And they made a life together that should as romantic as hell. I love Stan and Ruby. I I love them. Nicole, I love them.

S6: I love them, too. I’m so glad we get to see this example. That, again, is not heavyhanded is very, you know, well-balanced but still powerful. Like you say, powerful. I know that word has like lost all meaning. You know, it’s just so engaging. But once you pay attention, you’re like, oh, shit, this is great.

S1: This is this is great.

S8: And again, hats off to Radha, who was, you know, the main reason that both of us started watching the show. The first play. Right. She is she’s funny when she has those dramatic moments where she’s very upset and she’s crying and she’s, you know, trying to tell somebody off or whatever. She she handles it. She handles it. And I’m so glad we get to see her, I guess, blossom.

S1: I don’t know. I would say blossom, but. Yeah. Showcase her range like she can do so much more than she’s been allowed to do, you know? Right. Right.

S6: Stan and Ruby, we love you, even though you’re fictional. Right.

S15: Listen, everything’s fictional, Nicole. It’s fine. Now, of course, we couldn’t talk about quarantine, TV bingeing, featuring couples that we want to watch full and be in love over and over again without mentioning my favorite and possibly a good number of yours. New girl.

S8: New girl. Oh. I started watching it again I think back in November or something. So good. It’s so good. And I actually had never watched the final season.

S6: Oh, I can’t remember why. Yeah, but obviously I watched it with this band and I was like, oh, that was really good. Why aren’t more people talking about the season? You know, this the final season because it was actually much better than I thought it was going to be.

S15: Of course, the central relationship at the center of New Girl is, of course, Nick and Jess. Now, we’re not going to linger too long on this couple because we have spoken about Jake Johnson. We were speaking about Nick Miller on the show. And also I discuss him in my heart every single day because I’m in love. I’m in love with Nick Miller. I think he is just one of the best characters to come out. And we’re gonna be 100 percent about this. He’s a direct descendant of a smart mouth. David Addison from Moonlighting. But that’s what my lecture series about. You know, the godson’s of David Addison once we’re free about to move around in the world. I will sell tickets for the launch event anyway. Nick and Jess are, of course, a classic kind of chalk and cheese. She is super cute. See, she is you know, she’s the kind of person who crafts and has like a a basket full of yarn. And Nick, I don’t believe, would shower unless somebody forced him to shower.

S8: You know, he’s just one of those guys who was sharing a towel. Like he was just like, I don’t want. And then, like, I don’t need to clean the towel because I’m clean. How are you? Yes.

S1: Gusti, this there’s no reason for that to make sense at all to be attractive. But here we are.

S15: Sexuality is complex. Okay. But what I love about this again is that they did that thing where they established the attraction that these two people had. They had that barnstormer of a kiss in Coolah. They made them a couple and then they broke them up after a fairly lackluster season where they were together. Right. And there was the usual cries about the curse of moonlighting. What happens when you put the characters together, blah, blah, blah. But they wrote that fuckin wave. And what emerged for my money was one of the more nuanced and excellent ways of portraying what happens when you attempt to go down a certain road and that road turns out to be rocky. And then you just write yourselves and get back in the vehicle. Nick and just I thought nailed that. But the thing that I want to pull out of the whole togetherness was the feeling that Nick was such a mess that it was a miracle that anyone, let alone Jess, would want him. And it was something that he internalized in a way that I think they did a very good job of showing was actually quite damaging to him. And he hadn’t really thought about it because, you know, the way I remember the DL when he goes home to Chicago after his father dies and the friends can’t believe that in Chicago, Nick is the responsible one because it’s so out of keeping with the person that they know and live with. But he had, I think, kind of swallowed the story about himself. But he was a fuck up that any woman who was with him was doing so out of a weird sense of pity that he couldn’t believe. He just he didn’t seem like someone who could believe that he was worth anything. I I loved the way they had just just kind of show him how ridiculous a thought that was. And they did that over and over again where he would say something deprecating. And she kind of looked at him like, ha, like, do you think I would be with a complete loser? Like, of course, you’re more than that. And I don’t know. I really loved that as a thing, because, again, so often culture as far as you know, I’ve been watching since I was a kid is woman that’s so clumsy, but they’re so adorable. Or she doesn’t even know that she’s a fucka. You know what I mean? Yeah. And this reverse that. And I was always very thrilled to kind of see a man be a little bit. Well, unsure of himself and his worth in a way that wasn’t kind of self-pitying. We’re just kind of just like. Yeah, just the fact of his life. And there is a scene in particular in the fifth season where he’s doing his usual thing, ragging on himself and kind of talking himself down and just being generally just.

S13: Yeah, having incredibly low self-esteem and just is just sort of say, I don’t know what you said to Reagan, but I want to say thank you because she wants to go forward with me. She wants to do this.

S3: Well, that’s awesome. Congratulations.

S16: You’re freaking out. I can’t believe it. Who are you? Are you with me? It doesn’t make any sense. You of all people know that I’m just the weird detour you take before you find the guy you want to be with. I basically just help women realize that they could do. A lot better.

S17: Not bad.

S16: Neck.

S1: Tired of you being the only person who doesn’t see how incredible you are.

S16: OK. Incredible. Yes, you’re incredible. All right, thanks. All right. I’m booking a ticket, a ticket? Yeah. Reagan is going to New Orleans for work for three months and she asked me to go with her and I’m going to do it.

S18: Don’t make this about you. Get in line and ha! Let’s go.

S15: And the thing about that scene is, of course, this is after they’ve broken up and he’s about to go off with this woman who he’s very attracted to. And Jess, of course, has realized that she’s actually in love with him. And so the layers of it where she says so passionately. I’m tired of you being the only person doesn’t see how incredible you are. She’s talking about herself a little bit. They’re just kind of like, I’m ready to, like, be with you again. And he is just, you know, doing this dual thing where he’s putting himself down, but also he’s actively wanting to pursue this other person. And again, you don’t often have a lot of praise thrown the way of Zmuda Chanel in this role, because it’s kind of a you know, it’s all wide eyed, you know, cutesy girl, which they address on the show and whatever. I personally think it’s a really subtle and wonderful performance in a very difficult role. But in that moment, her heart just, you know, her eyes are fucking the size of, you know, planets. And she just looks crushed when he says, Kaminey, book my ticket.

S1: And she’s like, ha, like you were supposed to realize and then be with me. I love that scene. Yeah.

S8: Like she realizes that during their first attempt at a relationship, she was so busy trying to fix him and make him into this project, another craft project of hers. When he’s actually, as she said, incredible the way that he is. You know, he is a really good friend to everybody. Which means that he’s going to you know, he’s a good boyfriend as well.

S6: So she does all of that hit her all at once. And obviously, you know, as we know, they end up back together and they’re very supportive of each other. She helps him launch his writing career.

S15: So, you know, before when you mentioned the crumbs that writers kind of leave in a show. Yeah, new girl is full of those crumbs. And Nick becoming the writer is just peppered all the way through.

S1: Pepper. Thank you for noticing. I. OK.

S6: So Nick Ejaz, obviously the main couple new girl, but there was a secondary couple that had a lot of, you know, on again off again kind of stuff happening with that. And that is Ceecee and Schmidt. A man is Jess’s best friend. She’s a model. She’s gorgeous. She’s clearly way above everybody’s league.

S1: And as you pointed out this years ago, like in any other universe, the lead of that show is clearly Ceecee like her. But that’s a story for another day. Carry on. And Schmidt, is this lovable? I don’t know the douchbag, Nicole. He’s a douche.

S6: He’s a douchebag because he was so he considered himself unattractive when he was younger. You know, during his adolescence, he was, you know, a fat guy. It felt like nobody was paying attention to him. He lost weight. He’s, you know, got OK supercut. He works in marketing at some vague company or whatever, where he’s the only the only man in the entire building, it looks like.

S1: But, you know, he is such a douche to the point that they have a douche jar where every time he says something ridiculous, he has to put money in the jar. Right. Right.

S6: That was one of the best bits, you know, in the series. And they did. And they were so good about like tapering it off so that we didn’t have it every episode they established it firmly and then it kind of went away. But you could always see the jar in the background and every now and then it would pop up, you know, where he had to put money in the jar. But so a lot of times when Schmidt had to put money in the jar, it was because he said something ridiculous to and or about Ceecee and his attraction as his Ceecee.

S15: He’s so disgusting in those early seasons, like you’ve never seen someone so nakedly, just like lust for someone like, listen, I say that as a co-host of first aid kit. But like Schmidt would be out there with his tongue all the way out saying be stupid is borderline offensive. Sometimes straight-up offensive things about Ceecee about what you wanted to do with or to or on Ceecee. It’s so ridiculous. God bless every writer in that room. They really they did some terrible, outstanding work.

S6: And, you know, I think he got away with it not only because, you know, the writers were incredible with. But you could see everybody could see that this was coming from an insecure place and that even as soon as he would get these beautiful women, he wouldn’t know what to do. You know, he wouldn’t know how to handle them emotionally. But we did later learn that he is some kind of a genius when it comes to the movies that he was doing.

S4: That’s seen as ridiculous. By the way, if you died at the scene we’re talking about, it is when Schmidt speaks to a friend of justices’.

S5: She’s a lesbian gynecologist. And she he has her he has a basically judge, his technique and he performed. Similar to the friends scene where Monica and Rachel teach Chandler about a woman’s body. Right. And they do the whole seven, seven, seven. He basically does a sort of seven. By the end of it, there’s this lesbian gynecologist, kind of like you need to leave right now because these pregnancy hormones have made it so that I’m oddly attracted to you. Get the fuck out.

S1: It’s so funny. It is so funny. It’s so good because he’s say ridiculous shit you say. And then I go outside and I shake hands with the people and I wave my hand. You don’t. This is so stupid.

S6: But it clearly works because C.C., once they do finally hook up, C.C. was all over Schmidt. She was like, I can’t believe that I am into this right now. And she like, you know, she’ll be on her way out the door. He will say something like, you want some cheese later? And she’s like, oh, yes. And come right back in. And I have taken off her bra, so silly and sweet. But it also was very real because there are people like that. You know, this is the corniest, stupidest thing that I’ve ever heard. But it’s you. And so it’s hot. Yes.

S5: Oh, even if it’s not hot, it’s just kind of like, what is this weird hold you have over me? Because you can see S.S. Rolling. Especially when he says some ill advised Indian thing. I she’s just kind of like Jesus H. Christ like, what is that? Even what he you know, even the silly way he pronounces chutney because the chutney and all of that stuff, that is just ridiculous that she she rolls her eyes. And yet there is beyond his sexual surveillance, her ways. There’s something quite sweet About Schmidt. And it’s what I love is that a moves after they break up, because, you know, he does something fairly unforgivable. He’s seen two different women, Ceecee, and another pause. And it’s just kind of like such a betrayal. They break up, but they kind of stay friends because they have just in common. And what I really love is how they play the evolution of their friendship. So it starts off as this hot and heavy. Like, first of all, he’s like this terrible douchebag they finally saw hooking up. They break up. He kind of breaks a heart in a very fundamental way. And then they become friends. And it’s grudging at first. And, you know, like Nicole said, they are so good at playing it subtly. So, you know that there is tension, but it is a tension that you think, well, with time, they might be able to circumvent this. Like this might be something that they it’s it’s a it’s a bump in the road of their friendship, you know. And who’s to say maybe they can fall in love again? And the show was so good at just like pulling back. Like, you don’t have to have the full glare or, you know, the a plot or even the B plots like B A thing. It’s just kind of like this constant awareness that Schmidt, however ridiculous and douchebag he was. The thing that Nicole said about him being insecure is front and center only with Sissy like you see so clearly is a man who is so eager to please. He’s so eager to to have Ceecee in his life that he says the stupidest things that occur to him. But it’s not because he’s actually, you know, that much of a dick. He just doesn’t know what to do. And he feels so deeply for her. And I just I love the way they play that.

S8: You know, one of those those moments of insecurities, the way that he overanalysis things, is, you know, him overcompensating for all of the stuff that he thinks is wrong with him. And this moment where Schmidt CCC and he realizes that she is the one for him. It’s so again, douchbag. But also sweet. You kind of like you don’t even want to dismiss it. You don’t want to walk away for her because you can see the sincerity, the sincerity in his gesture when he does. So just don’t play this little clip.

S13: It’s like it’s finally just the two of us, huh? Oh, God, you’re about to say something stupid. Girl, Mario Char.

S8: So we see that memory play out when he’s about to propose to Ceecee, and it’s so sweet and funny again.

S5: Is it just so SCHMIDT Really, it’s like the thing I love about that scene, you know, which is from the first season where she kind of like exhort him to put money into the douchebag jar because of what he just said to her. It’s like he said the gesture in the moment. I think he bites his lip and like this weird, sort of self-conscious, kind of like and the way he says it, I’m a married girl. Like, it is weird. Kind of like a sort of black cosplay nonsense that he does. What’s gonna stop that? One of his idols is, of course, Kanye West, which makes sense. But I love the way that that memory comes up because he proposes with the $5 bill that he puts into the jar.

S8: When he said, I’m a marry, you go the thoughtfulness and Schmidt going back to the jar, pulling out that exact $5, holding onto it for five years. I don’t like to give to her.

S12: What? What?

S6: You know, I know very much this kind of boy band thing to me. That’s that’s how I read it. You know, like, girl, I’m a mayor. You like it. Right. Right.

S1: I think one direction, like even a new addition in there. Lobby. Ricki Lake. It’s so clearly the spoken word. Big of a boyband song. I’m a married girl. Like what?

S6: It is down to Max Greenfield and Hannah Salmon and obviously the writers who were able to pull out such incredible performances from both of them. I like Max Greenfield. I think he’s very cute. I love all of his moles.

S1: Of course you do. She does. Your cat. And if you love them all. I do. I love new girl almost as much as I love moles.

S5: Wow. That is big love.

S15: All right. Listen, this has been a really wonderful opportunity for me to go back and look at some of the TV couples that I have perhaps inadvertently set up as my goals. But listen. But if these four couples are, you know, anywhere in the possibility of what I can achieve in real life, I feel okay about that. So we had Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. We had Stan and Ruby Hill from Good Girls. I love them. We had, of course, my favorite in yours, New Girl. And we focused on both Nick and Jess and also Schmidt and C.C. and I feel like all four of those couples, whatever streaming platform you choose, if you go back and watch them. I challenge you to tell me that you watch those couples are you don’t feel like a twinge in your heart area because they really deliver the goods on what love can look like.

S1: Perfect. I don’t. I can’t top that. I can’t top that. I can’t add anything else to that. Whatever booms it goes is so good for my ego. Thanks.

S6: To remind you, we are going on hiatus. This is our last episode. Not forever, but just for right now. We will be back. You know, keep in mind we will be back. But we do want to give a special shout out to everyone that’s helped make this last run of episodes so special. We’re so grateful for you. Thank you to Slate for being our home base. Shout out to everyone who makes the engine run. We also want to thank our producer, Cher, who is the silent partner in this endeavor. But equally important, she helps make sure that we are on time and she races in as needed, which, you know, is kind of a lot. Thank you to everyone who subscribes to Slate. Plus, we hope you we hope you’ve enjoyed all the extra sips that we’ve prepared for you. It really means a lot that you have supported us.

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S8: We want to say extra special thank you to all the guests that we’ve had so far. That’s Daniel de Cam and Kendrick Samson and Sundance.

S6: Matt Fallaci, who helped break down why Harry Styles should be, you know, one of the first objects that we pinned to our wall. I guess I don’t know if it worked, but thank you, Matt. I definitely want to thank Blair Underwood, who would be best, if not the best interviews I’ve had so far. So good. Thank you, Blair.

S4: Thank you so much. Blair, I think yeah, he was. He was in the middle of doing his Broadway run and he came to the studio and was just a perfect man. And yes, I am completely in love. Thanks for asking. I also want to thank Hunter Harris, who came in and did have done Dudeness to make us feel feelings for large man Adam Driver. Shout out to Ashley Seafood, also who was in the studio with us and flooded the basement multiple times, telling us about her very diverse lusts. We appreciate you. No one else has brought up Meghan, these Dallin and also some Elliott in the same breath. And that is just the kind of stuff that you get when you tune into an episode with Ashley C. Ford. I want to say thank you to a Ruxin Gay who again extols the many virtues and grossness of Channing Tatum. You know, I’m always there for that shit. And last but not least, we have the triumphant return of Gina Mahabharat, who is filthy and hilarious. Has a lot of thoughts about cartoon oxen. So shout out to every single one of us. As you honestly helped make us great and make a scene great. So thank you again.

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S4: That’s the number one dream whenever we have a guest, as always. I know, because you’ve told me that you’re number one, a, to get a man to blush.

S1: Yes. Abi moves me that he admitted that. I also think he’s sending me secret messages. But, you know, that’s another story for another day.

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S1: Welcome back, Slate Plus member. Hello, hello, hello, hello.

S6: We have got something that is so delightful, we are already smiling.

S1: My cheeks hurt already.

S6: We are bringing back in former guest who lit up our lives, one of our favorite guests on one of our favorite episodes of our time. Gina More Parents.

S15: Gina is a writer. She’s from London. And her work, full disclosure. I used to edit her years back when we used to work at BuzzFeed. She’s a phenomenal writer and her work has appeared in many places, very notably in the anthology by working class writers called Know Your Place. She also helps make magic now at Netflix. But to be honest, Gina makes magic wherever she goes. She’s about to make some serious magic right here on Thursday, Kate Plus. And you are so, so lucky to have her. Gina. Hello?

S12: Oh, my goodness. The intro was absolutely smashing everything you feel like. Oh, my God, says A. Obviously, it really does. I did. Take it back. I miss you. I miss you, too.

S8: I’ll be thrilled to have you back. We have been trying to figure out a way to get you back for, you know, ever since the day that we had you in the studio the first time. It was a start.

S20: It was such a good time. That was.

S12: I still remember Nicole when dealing with Winnie the Pooh. Thank. Yes. Honey, honey, what do you. Why? Why?

S4: I will have the corner of the studio appalled and also mildly titillated. So you know what? Kudos to the two.

S12: Shirley was actually the first. I think it may be the first time we’ve actually spoken properly, Nicole.

S1: Yes, it was. And it was so funny because Gina was sitting next to me. So I was saying this outlandish shit.

S12: She was just like so startled where she went with this. It was OK. OK.

S4: So for new listeners, we are, of course, referring to an episode back in the midst of time that we did. And it was called Looney Tunes. And Gina was our expert guest. And she came in to tell us the sexual allure of characters such as Kobu from the Lion King to Winnie the Pooh, who prefers to go trowels these days at any number of other cartoon characters. And yes, it still is one of our most popular episodes. People discover it all the time and they are in awe of Gina’s filthy, filthy mouth. And honestly, it’s one of my favorite episodes because we sound completely unhinged every minute.

S12: I’m this is your legacy. Your brand is so strong. Oh, yes. Yes, it is. Yes, it is.

S4: We have we have brought you back in because of your peculiar gift for highlighting the sexual nature of cartoon characters. And that feels relevant because it is quarantine, even where you are in London. It is. It is, indeed. And people have been discovering stuff that we already knew, which is cartoons are basically just full of sex. Yes. Hello.

S12: I would look at all that. Well, well, well. If it is a little judgy fucker’s. Well, I hope you’re not afraid of this. Yes. Sorry, I’m straight. But all that. Well, well, well, if it is a little judgy fantasy. Well, I don’t say that cartoon.

S20: Now that Robin Hood is getting remade. Guess who thinks Robin Hood is hot? Well, I always thought that.

S15: But everyone we talk about the TV is exactly m.a, because by the time we had you on the show, you had formed a thesis. So you’ve been thinking about this ship for years?

S20: Yes. Right. Yes. Yes. Because there are numerous non-humans.

S12: God’s sake. I already saw terrible breaking of you out. Yeah. There were numerous Don Huber, but other. So I’m not at all. But Don here with out-of-date characters who I thought were very good looking.

S20: You know, that big tiger hunk from Zootopia families could still to this day to get to.

S1: Oh, that’s all right. He has a chance. It’s great. Sorry.

S20: Them all the chimp builds just scripts if you want to pulverize me to dust. Go ahead. Absolutely. Oh, my God.

S12: You know, you signed up for what you put me on. Oh, my God. I’m just sorry. Wipe out half the planet. And what, Mike? Okay. A sustainable game. What do you mean? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I don’t mean that read sustainable. I hate you so much. It’s a terrible feeling and I recognize it again. I really do.

S1: That’s okay. Well, I’m glad you recognize it. Yup. Are there any new cartoons that have been catching your eye in this period of lock down?

S20: Who? This period of lockdown? Well, here’s the thing. There aren’t many. I don’t feel like in the last two years, even though we’ve done such fantastic work in terms of really putting them out there. You know, I was adamant that there’s a real, I would say, market for people who love not like fairies, but people who love animated cartoons and things like that. But so far, I feel like I’m not really good at anything. Great. I’m trying to see what this Robin Hood is going to look like. I thought the last thing that we’ve had that was supposed to be somewhat I don’t know if the last thing I saw was Sonic, I guess. But you know how so I’m not I’m not too impressed at the moment. Not too impressed. I haven’t seen anyone that really catches my eye. The last person was tunnels, which is why I stopped him. However, one person did just come to mind. I’m still in the same arena of being animated and also part animal.

S12: It never gets better. It doesn’t get any better.

S20: You’d think I would have loved my style, but just do it if you watch BoJack Horseman.

S15: Yes, I have seen episodes.

S20: OK, so in the last season, was it the last season? I’m not sure. But anyone who watches it, you’ll know when I took it. Diane has this boyfriend called guy who is a dark skinned ox.

S12: So fucking racist. Carry on. He’s a dark skinned lizard. He’s got dark brown fur. But he’s good. Anyway, listen, just hear me out. I think he’s so I don’t know what it is he’s got.

S20: He’s got a gold pierced in like he dresses like. I don’t know. He wins. He’s got a fur coat, like fireline coat. He’s got like a texture. He’s hot. I’m telling you. And honestly, when I was on Twitter, I wasn’t saying anything about DA. I did not tweet about the dark skin because I said, you know what, I fancy him, but I don’t want anyone. Everyone else is fat because I feel like this is a safe space. I can. Other than the judgments I do receive is the safest space for me to trivia. But I was like to keep to myself. But I just see tweets to people not wise. Do I actually find guy? I don’t know if you have seen what he looks like or have seen him in the show, but he’s seen.

S1: I’ve seen what he looks like. Yeah. And to be honest with you, Gina, shockingly to much, even to my shock. I agree with you. Oh, my kids are very hot. Okay.

S6: Okay, Gina, hold on. Let me look up this guy and see what he looks like as I haven’t watched the last season of BoJack Horseman. I do know that he is voiced by LA Keith Stanfield and recently did an episode about him. So. Oh, my gosh.

S12: There’s already a point of a point in the OCHSS favor.

S1: Listen to the sentences that we are making right now. Okay. Okay. So I see him. I’m looking at him. Okay. The silence is deafening. No, no, no. Nicole is silent, I am not. Listen, guy, the ox is in fact very hot like he is. He’s having a bit of an afro like, come on.

S20: Thank you. And now he’s saying that he’s he’s a handsome, dark skinned ox.

S12: Doesn’t actually. It’s not that weird. If you watch the show, identify the guy. No, no, it’s very odd. I don’t want you to ever get that twisted. Would you like. You don’t even even as I agree.

S15: I’m just like, Jesus. What are we doing here? But but look, Keith Stanfield as guy the dark skinned from Chicago is very hot.

S1: Yeah, I understand it. Yeah. His voice is so smooth that yeah, of course he will be playing a dog’s gonna box on the play.

S13: I’m a one woman man. If that woman happens to be a turtle and a two-piece, that’s just this time. You are the most beautiful person in the world to me. You know that, right?

S20: You knows his voice. Ki-Moon’s bison oh, a bison apology. Oh, my bad. Yes. OK. I’m not going to. I don’t know the difference. I’ll be on his spot.

S1: No. Neither do I. But still I still enjoy it. Nicole. OK. But before we get into that, you specify that he’s a dark skinned ox.

S12: They’re light skinned ox on the show. Like there’s something about him being dark skinned that I think plays a role in this season. Darren, That was just my personal preference to categorize him. I would like our duck skin. OK. I see. Allegedly. I was like, oh, yeah. He’s a wonderful, beautiful basketball. Of course, my boyfriend. Yes, that’s exactly.

S1: I was just projecting my own desires onto them by so which is what I think it is for me. It’s because, you know, I don’t really like big bulky men cartoon things.

S12: I don’t know what what is said to be bulky men cartoons that I’m actually offended. So I’m not offended. OK. Yeah. But I am not.

S6: I am not, you know.

S1: What is this cartoon shaming you? I am not doing that. OK. I feel it’s. What’s it like, you know? Yeah, it’s a healthy shape, Gina. The thing is, you’ve never needed our permission to go down certain roads. That’s.

S15: I’m glad to say that because I was like, what what’s happened and build it up is what I would say is that if you want to fancy a dog skinned bison, as we now know him to be. Yes. Gina, you lean in and do what you need to do to get where you need to go. OK.

S20: Can I just. I would honestly I genuinely believe that upon this being released, people will be rallying around my dogs.

S12: Goodbye. Said Boyfriend. Oh, sorry. I’ve got to be somebody. Honestly. Look, look, Keith, the dog’s getting bison. Absolutely. It doesn’t. It’s obviously not even that much about Keith. I think that’s sick. Oh, my God. My goodness, that’s me. Wow.

S4: Listen, we started this conversation with the hot tiger from Zootopia. So really, I don’t know where we expected it was going to go. So if not with you confessing to fun, seeing a bison. Yes. That’s amazing. I’m so pleased for you, Gina.

S1: But, Gina, you have not seen Milana, who. I have not heard that I think you would enjoy. OK.

S6: And that is Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne The Rock Johnson as Maui, OK. He’s like this demigod that leads Molano on her journey. I-List joins her on her journey. But you need to watch Marana.

S1: I can’t believe you haven’t seen Agena. To be honest. Yeah.

S20: You’re right. There was actually Dyleski’s. I’m actually just not emotionally stable enough to watch that film. I think that numerous people had said that it made them cry and it was just so beautiful inside. And sometimes I just I’m like, you know what? You guys can keep it. That’s fine. You keep you keep the sadness. And I’ll stick with the. I can’t do it. But I I’ve I’ve looked I brought up the picture of this person and I’ve got some questions. Go on. I was judged. From my earlier comments whilst Willes while the stapler. I’m not to blame about funnels, okay. Uh-Huh. Now taking the the buckin or however people describe the side and also might be a killing half of the hotplate that’s taken out the statue statue wise. I don’t really see how how different it is. Matt. Is it Maui? Yes. 4 from families that are saying how can you not fundamentals. But you can’t see him. Please. I would love to discuss this.

S1: Okay. First of all. I his bald. This is me. This is just me. That view is. But I like I like a bald dude. But you dont. Nicole, I get that right. There’s no overlooking the scrotum chin. We are putting out some really exemplary sentences today. There’s no overlooking the score to cheer you up for all reasonable people.

S6: Also, he’s purple, which normally I’m i-, I enjoy purple. I’m a big prince fan. I respect it. It’s royalty. But his purple in line with the scrotum chin looks like a very angry penis. Purple.

S20: OK. That is accurate, I’d say. You know what? The angry penis. Purple. Wow. You put it that way. You’re right. You’re actually good.

S1: Yeah. Yeah. See? Yeah. She’s an analyst. Gina. OK.

S15: Here’s the other thing for me that I really don’t like about Thanos is purple. And that somehow I knew that if he were a human, he would be ashy shit.

S1: Yes. That motherfucker doesn’t moisturize. I think he believes he has a skin condition. But actually, he just loosened up.

S12: He would realize that it’s just ash doesn’t drink for petals and nothing. Oh.

S15: I mean, I’ve had a chance to study the scrolls. I have my insults ready because I understand that, yes, they have similar build. But I think there’s something about the core of their souls, as it were, that just so fundamentally different. Why Maui is like this warm-blooded demigod is a you know, a genocidal maniac who is Ashi.

S20: Yeah, but you just gotta use your imagination a bit. Not me. No. All right. Hear me out. Family has a bit. Let him hear me out. He’s got a beard now. Puts a premium. What are you really saying? I know he’s pople still, but what he’s saying, it’s a good word.

S12: It’s hard. No, that was exactly Nicole.

S1: I feel like he you know, he’s not proportionate where he you know. No, I disagree highly. I think he’s got like a fucking Ken doll situation. I’m not. Oh, no, he is packin.

S12: Big go big. I have I am in my home studio and I am so cringing as the parent. Sorry, guys. Later you’re still managing to put me in a shave corner of my need meeting right now. Are you joking? Oh, you know what?

S1: That’s I think that’s why he wants to get rid of the world like he knows he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing in the bedroom. So you have to figure out where can he get his masculinity from? Where can he prove his masculinity? I know I’m gonna be this big evil tyrant and destroy the whole universe. That’s my power because I don’t have any power in my crotch.

S12: Why? Dr. Perkins wasn’t Dr. Barrett. I write it. I write it. I do. Oh, sweet. That’s your fair argument. Yeah, actually, yeah, that was fine. That’s fine. I accept that, too. What is it about this guy?

S20: It is the big, big Woody Cattell.

S1: But he can shapeshift. Hello? Really? That’s done. I’m in. You want to watch this movie, Gene? Come on.

S12: Can shapeshift into words. It’s like your brain. I’m interested. Don’t be ridiculous. Chemicals could shapeshift thought. Oh, my God. Stop right now I. I have a poll. That young lady, you said that I just had this vision, if you like. Adding that to your notations definitely starts high up there now. Mm hmm. I think devolve so quickly some more pictures. Oh, my God.

S6: Okay. So. OK, now people have expressed and we talked about this when you were first on the show. Yeah. Lion King symbol when he grew up, he was fine, as I guess, you know, as much as the animated lion could be. Yeah. Very. Right. Did you see the the remake?

S20: Oh, with the actual real. They look like real animals. They won’t hide anymore. Yes.

S1: Yes. That’s what I was trying to get at.

S6: Like, do you feel like any of that transferred to this remake or, you know, does it only apply for like strictly animated Pixar kind of shit?

S20: I believe we just stand up on my pose, you know, sisters. I believe that it only applies to the animated his here’s. I think that the live action remake that they did of STONKING, they made it more animal. Right? I would say that coming for me.

S12: This is going to sound hypocritical, but that just made it know people read my case into them.

S20: Big animals, they didn’t have that kind of human like quality, which is what was in the original. I’m a human like quality is what makes me want to fuck them because they make them. That’s why I want to fight the dark skinned bison. That’s why I want a balance. And I fought for kids. You type your guy because of like tendencies, you know?

S1: Oh, my God, Gina, you are a philosopher.

S15: And you have nailed you’ve nailed the most important part, because I, too, agree that once you make them more animal like, then, of course, they are animals. The whole point of the animation is to essentially remove the barrier of the animal ness and make them more in keeping with what us viewers are watching. Yes. So, of course, Mufasa looks like a hot dad because he is a hot dad, right? Yes. I feel like it’s difficult once you kind of like like you said, they have to. They have to put in that layer to make it so that they halt. The thing that makes you want to actually fuck them. Is the fact that they are quite human.

S6: Yes, I would. Why? Because we don’t know. The whole beastiality thing is right. It’s definitely a cockblock.

S12: I mean, I lied when I do, Isabel beastiality. I got this conversation goes everywhere except to the path of godliness. Good. I don’t draw lines often do what I do. It’s not beastiality. And that’s that. All right.

S1: Oh, my girls. Gina, every single second with you is a pure pleasure.

S15: I am both shocked and appalled. I when this is over, I am going to go take a dip in a shower real quick because it’s a cleanse myself of some of the disgusting things that we have done here today. But I am so grateful to you always for being the person I expect you to be and more every time.

S20: It’s an absolute pleasure. I, too. We’ll take a cold shower because you see now we’re the same as you did.

S12: Oh, because thank you for that. Of a wash that tonight.

S6: You’re welcome. And while there are some sad moments, maybe you’ll be a little purging, you know, for you in this difficult time.

S13: Thank you. I appreciate that. I think she.

S12: Oh, my God. This really is a sisterhood of filth. Gina, get you.

S4: Tell our listeners where they can find you on the Internet, please.

S20: Yes. OK. If you would like to hear more of my innermost squid musings on the Internet, then you can follow me on Twitter at small Jeanna. That’s g e n A. I’m the same on Instagram. But also if you would like to get some excellent lipstick recommendations, I have a lipstick Instagram where I do funny reviews of different lipstick products at pouched Gina. Again, that’s G and A.

S5: Amazing. And if you’ve never been to pout, Gina, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I am very lucky because Gina is my actual friend and I will sometimes just call her in the middle of a shop and be like, hey, what do you think about this color? And I have a live consultation. But if you don’t have the pleasure of Gina’s personal friendship, then Gina is the next best thing. And it is amazing. And I say that both as a friend and as a lipstick consumer.

S12: Thank you so much.

S6: Thank you. I love power. Gina giving me some recommendations that I still use that I probably should throw out by now.

S12: But I say it’s really, really good. Oh, don’t send me back. I love you to Gina. I will speak to you soon, hopefully to see. Stay safe.

S21: You too.