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S1: Mark Paul gently touches my. He looks up and down.

S2: I’m going to he says, don’t move your ways. That’s what he gives for half of me up there.

S3: OK.

S4: Hi, Ben. How are you today? You know, well, I’m full of beans.

S5: That means I’m excited enough for this. Have you never heard that expression? No. Someone being full of beans? No. Like dumping beans?

S6: No. Just beans. Beans. Caffeine. Nuts. Beans. I’ve never heard of that. That’s why I did it. It feels British. It might be. But I can’t believe Americans don’t have the world full of beans. No, no, I have not heard it. You people are weird.

S5: Was they full of beans and don’t know what kind of beans?

S7: OK, fine. Baked beans. OK. There you go. Full stop. All right. You have the AC, but. All right. That’s right. But that’s the whole point, I suppose, if you’re propelled to do so. Oh, gassy floating. That’s not what I said.

S5: But anyway, how are you? I’m OK.

S2: I’m OK. Yeah. I’m excited about this episode.

S8: We’re gonna be talking about someone in yet another of our randomly new categories called Earned It. As someone that we have mentioned before in previous episodes. And then we realize, you know what, he has earned a full episode.

S9: Yes. I’m going to pause here so we can all mentally play the weekends. Earned it. Yes.

S10: There you go, see? OK, Grace. Yes, he has earned it and it’s been a long time coming.

S7: I didn’t even do anything. I just said some words since we were tweens and teens. That’s the thing. Who are we talking about, Nicole?

S11: We are talking about Mark. Paul Ghazaliyah. Listen.

S10: I don’t know. I am of a certain age. That means that I was a prime audience member, a prime viewer of Saved by the Bell. I’m not saying I watched it religiously, but I had a good idea of who everyone was. I could pick up people and give. I could name who they were. I know who they were.

S12: Yeah. Same as I’ve mentioned too many times, probably. I’m not really big on teen stuff. You know, when I was a teen. No.

S2: So it was long been an oddity. I really have.

S13: So, you know, of course, I recognize that I was a part of that target audience. And I watched it enough to get the big episodes that have, you know, state and pop culture, pop culture memory like the the Jazz Cigarettes episode.

S7: Yeah. It’s nothing about 90s sitcoms love more than guys. I think it’s time we talked about marijuana. Every time. Just like. Right.

S12: And when Jesse was on amphetamines, you know, I’m so excited.

S14: I’m so scared that this owed literally everybody’s experience with amphetamines.

S15: I’m so excited. I’m so scared. But how do we pass this for the kids, you know? Shout out to every TV is hard to make. Yeah. And we saw how hard that shit was watching those ever be like, oh, this is bad. But bless everyone for trying.

S12: Yeah. So I recognized that Zack Morris was supposed to be, you know, the epitome of what we were supposed to be attracted to as teenagers. They gave us all the sign posts, rehab, but it didn’t work for me. So I it was not a show that I sat with, you know, for a long time outside of, you know, always happen to be on. Let me look at it and I’ll just keep going. But I didn’t really start paying attention to him until he was an adult and he got these, you know, more. I do want to say more substantial roles, but he was clearly trying to break away from Zack Morris around the mid 90s.

S9: He began to kind of like, you know, try other things. And then finally, I think he hit his stride when he got on to NYPD Blue.

S7: Yes. Right. OK. OK. Your eyes got all big. No, I didn’t watch again.

S12: I didn’t watch NYPD Blue faithfully. But when I did watch it and he was on Sound Like an Advertiser.

S15: Now I use just any ice cream. But when I do, it’s in my script. I make sure. Is that Zach Morris shoots? Yeah.

S12: Was broad-shouldered, you know, he was he still was blonde in whatever way.

S5: And also, I think, you know, they showed his butt in one scene. I look the things that you remember.

S12: And, you know, I’m not a bad person, but I remember how like scandalous it was that Zack Morris was showing his butt on network TV.

S16: My favorite thing about all of this is that not once if you said, as you say, but like he is still in, say, by the vote, pleasing me on a very fundamental level. But yes, you’re completely right. Hezbollah has one of the things I liked about about this festival, his name. He had the plane as its whitest name. He was Detective John Clark Junior, you know, and they’re actually stuff.

S2: It sounds like a very black name to me. Yeah.

S9: I don’t like fucking white rice to me. John Clarke. But yes. So he was like for me, like this kind of like you said, he filled out. He had like these shoulders. They put him in some truly atrocious suits. It was a very special time. But I think in terms of like his what’s the word I’m looking for? He had heft. Yes, he was. He had clearly kind of was like, all right. nomos at Morris. I’m looking to the future. Yes. And his face was kind of steely. And I imagined him landing on set. He was like, oh, these are real actors doing real things.

S2: So he just got it. I’m thinking about him on that show.

S12: And it reminds me a little bit of when Anthony Michael Hall appeared on the appeared in the movie Edward Scissorhands. And before that, we only knew him from, you know, Sixteen Candles, the drug Houston. Yeah. When he was the nerdy boy that no one paid attention to is a very slight. Then he shows up in Edward Scissorhands and he is this big bully. You know, he is broad shouldered, meaty, and no one knew how to respond to him because we had it was such a disparate picture from what we knew of him before.

S9: I think what really got me for that, for example, which I think applies also to multiple go-slow, is I think what surprised me was not so much the difference, but just how well he and how. It’s the difference. Yeah, because the thing about the character of the bully character in Edward Scissorhands is that you’re kind of like, huh? That’s convincing. No, I believe that.

S10: Yeah. And I think that’s that was the thing with my though. So suddenly you’re gonna look. Oh, no, he’s. He’s not. Zack Morris. Oh, he’s always an actor. Like you just doing like things. He’s an actual artist. He’s doing work. Okay. And I think that for me was like I guess I didn’t watch. I didn’t watch a lot of NYPD Blue. It was kind of like a point when I wasn’t really into kind of like police procedurals. But but, you know, I remember seeing him and thinking, oh, no, I recognize his face. And then kind of getting involved in his episodes and thinking, oh, yeah, he’s acting. He’s doing so. And he was good like that. Again, like you said earlier about them putting him in like ensembles on him, kind of being comfortable in ensemble. Yeah. This was very much like he was very much one of many.

S17: Yes. And I think that really suited him. I think it allowed him. I think if you watch those episodes, you can see his skill as an actor growing. Yes, that’s hard, man.

S7: Can I just say that I just want to put that out there. Once somebody gets better at something and you’re watching them get better. Whoof, get me a cigarette.

S13: Because you know Isaac more as he had to be a little broad. Right. He was young. He you know, the show. Laugh tracks and all that kind of stuff. So you have to play it up really big. But when he started shows like in my PD Blue and you kind of have to be a little bit more subtle even when you’re in these outlandish situations. Yeah. That police procedurals put you in. I think that really helps. As you said, helped him learn how to act, you know?

S8: All I do want to say that cause he was obviously a grown man and whatever. And he had been doing this for a while here.

S13: But still, when you are put in certain situations, you do have to expand.

S9: That’s the thing. It’s it’s leveling up. And I I think I think about that. I think about it in terms of, hey, I can apply it to my own career. I think, you know, that’s fine. I was writing whatever. But, you know, I had a very specific editor who I know for certain changed the course of my writing in my career. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t writing before, writing good stuff before. It just means you kind of tap into a new level of your own ability because you’re being nurtured in a very different way. Right. And I think that was a clear case for him like his. I felt to me like his real self kind of sort of match the journey of his fictional character, because this guy comes in, he’s like this young person. He has his legacy of his father. You know, he’s ekis clearly striving to be, quote unquote, better than his father and trying to get where he wants to go. And he gets taken under the wing of Seperates. And I think that’s really something that I was like. Now, looking back on it, I’m kind of like, huh? I wonder if that feeling of being paired with this older, gruff detective, you know, this guy he’s been doing he’s been on the streets, so on. That feels like a fantastic kind of funhouse mirror to multiple law, leaving something like Saved by the Bell, which has huge cultural cachet. It’s good. It’s gone everywhere in the world. And now he’s kind of like no one can settle down and actually do some acting.

S12: Right. And when he started on NYPD Blue, it was in season nine. Yeah. So he was coming into something very well established. Right. You know, and that’s a lot of pressure because what if he comes in and everybody hates his character? Listen. And then the show was canceled. No, that’s all right. It is very much a risk. Yeah, but he came in and stayed until the show went off the air.

S7: So the end. Yeah, till the bitter end. And I’m proud of him for that.

S12: And then. Okay. So he did some things between that NYPD Blue went off the air in 2005. He showed up in a lot of different things around that. But it wasn’t until around 2011 when he starred in Franklin and Bash.

S17: Right. With Breckin Meyer with breckon. My I’m clueless, some clueless. He has curly the face of a stoner. Can I just say sometimes you see cafe owner elf.

S5: I mean, yes, a stoner elf.

S16: Yeah. He has like he has a Christmas energy that I enjoy. Yeah. He’s like he’s like a weed father Christmas. Yeah. I like I like him a lot. Yeah.

S9: So, you know, it’s kind of broad comedy, but in reality, you know, they’re professionals, the actual lawyers who have a job. Right. But they kind of like jokey. It feels like a bastard child of Ally McBeal. Yeah. You know, kind of like it’s wacky, but it’s the law.

S12: They’re very much brose. And Mark Paul definitely leans into I’m a grown man now with a grown man body in this in this show, he was constantly shirtless. Like when they weren’t in the courtroom, he they they had it. They lived together. Britos So he was out on the beach, you know. Course he was surfing. I know his the one piece suit, the wet suit would be rolled down. So he you know, I just see the VFP. Yeah. His chest was out. And then you could see the little what do they call it, the Adam Adonis belt. Yeah. Yeah. All of that.

S7: Right. I said emphatically. Yes. It’s called the Adonis belt. I mean drink some. G. Yes. Hold on. But it was very it was interesting.

S12: I liked the show because I like shows like that. I like the law procedurals. I like the little goofy. I think they call them like sunshine shows or something like that. And like I say, A.A., where everything is always very bright and sunny, like, you know, and the adventures are humorous and all those kind of stuff. But it’s interesting to see these two men from these teen classics. Right. And, you know, you’ve got Clueless and Saved by the Bell come together to show we’re actually adult men now. And even though we still enjoy having a good time, maybe you should think about us in a different way. But it was an interesting show.

S16: It has some of it really grew on me because, you know, and to be honest, it was less about M.p.g. and Burkin and it was really more about Garcelle Bouvier. She was in the. Yeah. And I was like, oh, there’s a black woman in this. Fine. I guess I’ll walk.

S6: And I did. She was funny.

S17: She couldn’t I was like the straight woman to the right. You know, Trevor and Stern. Yeah. Not quite angry black woman Bono, but stuff. Yeah. She was angry at Jason. Yeah. You know. Always ready? Yes. She never quite got ready to read somebody’s profile. That’s what she did. That was her job. She was like almost sassy, but. No. And it was like, I guess this is what we’re getting. So I think monopoles thing is that he is. Yeah, he’s very charming. And then you add in all the other bits that make him so hot. So the fact is he has a miraculous head of hair. And I know it’s miraculous because there is still hair, even though he was dying. That shits. Yeah. Let’s say by the book, if you could survive years of dyeing your hair right. I you emerge and my other side not just dying, but blonde.

S12: Right. When you’re going from being a dark haired person to being a blonde, that’s what. That’s a lot of work. It and, you know, it looks still it looks still thick.

S9: That’s what I’m saying. So let’s add it up. He has like this effortless, beautiful, almost physical charm. He has a score ahead of him. Let’s talk about his face.

S11: His face.

S12: You know, now that he is fully a grown man, you. He is a husband and father, and we respect that.

S9: This is a kid. Shout out to you. Yeah. Let’s allow family.

S12: And he has settled in like the weight has settled on his faith. And again, I don’t know. It’s just it’s nice.

S7: It’s just never has the words nice have been so pregnant with meaning. It’s nice. He looks so gullible. Yes.

S12: He looks comfortable in his skin. You know, with where he is. And obviously, we’ve seen his body change over the years. Yes. But he looks satisfied with who he is right now.

S7: Is it is it is it him satisfied or is it you and I?

S12: I like that a lot. And that he like this is my body. And I’m gonna find roles that will suit my body instead of maybe trying to do a lot of drastic changes that a lot of actors have to do, which is fine. Yeah. Whatever decisions you make with your body is your choice.

S13: But I I like his face now that he is older, which is not to say that it was drastically different from when he was younger. No, but I think him letting the blonde go. Yeah.

S7: And then he’s going dark hair now and then he has that big old thick beard that said listen that beard is the first. OK. So what we’ve done here is effortlessly move into the the meat of perhaps the the big part of our attraction to go, guys. That’s what he looks like, a pickled turkey leg. Yeah. You know, you know, this medieval like movie where a king has like a crown on his head, that he’s he’s got like a tankard of meat and then a turkey leg in the other. Mark pogo’s loves both the king and the turkey leg. Like they just. Exactly. Thank you so much for seeing my vision. I don’t know. Jump on in. That’s what I was going. He looks like he looks like a cartoon steak, like he’s so he’s so, so thick. And that beard, I think, really did something. And no way. Have the things met more than in the sadly much missed home. I got so missed. So mourned. TV show on Fox called Pitch. Let’s just pour one out. I’m pouring out several and I’m not talking about booze. All I’m saying is all I’m saying is pitch meant so much more than its short lifespan would have you believe it could mean so much more.

S12: So on the show pitch, we have Ginny Baker, who is the first woman to play for the San Diego Padres. Yes, she’s a black. Well, she’s a black woman. Played by Kylie Bunbury. Yes. Who we love and adore and love. Mark Paul played Mike Lawson, a 15 year veteran who was a catcher. And let me just say, I don’t know. Watch baseball. My father, my uncles play baseball. He tried to get me into it when I was younger, but I am not athletic. And when it comes to sports anyway.

S18: But because even though I don’t like men’s but I like man to have big old thighs.

S5: All right.

S2: So Mix-A-Lot, even though I don’t like butts and Mike Lawson was a catcher, which means that he was constantly squatting and building up those big old guys.

S7: Well, what time does what now? The Tennessee jumped out.

S13: So to see Mark Paul in baseball, baseball uniforms are even when they will be in, you know, room. Yeah. You know, and he’d have on his boxer briefs, which are incredible. Thank you to every minute, though, that out to you. Boy.

S6: Listen, listen. So.

S9: And he had that beard said, I watch pitch like I have no interest or knowledge about baseball. And then pitch happened. And I was like, bruh, I’ve never been more interested in learning what the fuck this game is. How can I get involved? Tell me more about your size. I’m interested in your uniforms. What’s going on? Yes. Yes. I’m listen. Mike Lawson. So when pitcher’s on the air, I actually had dreams about Michael Olson. Oh, yeah, they were.

S7: They were mostly we were at breakfast. But my point is my point is he’s such an overwhelmingly attractive prospect in this.

S9: Yes. He’s kind of gruff. Yes. He’s very stern. Yes. You know, he’s someone who clearly is on the edge of being shook because his career, the end of his career is insight’s. But also GenY is like a new variable in a path that I think you’d already kind of perfectly mapped out. He’s post-divorce and he’s still in love with his ex wife. So there’s like layers in there that make you kind of think, gosh, this guy has a lot of things kind of going on. And they come in the package of m.p.g.. And so you’re looking and you’re kind of thinking, God, this guy is everything I didn’t know I wanted.

S18: Right. And he really epitomized Mark Paul. Mike Mike Lawson epitomized what?

S12: Mark Paul his charm is because you see that Mike and Mark Paul. They have all these things on the list that you’re supposed to like and you kind of don’t wanna see you resent it, but you’re just lying. I’ve seen that before. But then, you know, he’s he does something. He gives you like a little inside joke. I said, you become charmed.

S2: You’re like, oh, no, I don’t want to fall for the high school quarterback or whatever. You know what I mean?

S10: That’s what. Yeah. So you’ve really distilled that. Yes. Like he feels like. Yes, it should be. What’s the what I’m looking for? It should feel a little bit kind of like predictable. Yes. And then he upends that predictability by being more than the thing that you had thought. Exactly. That is so spot on. Oh, my God, you’re a fucking analyst.

S14: That’s perfect. I want to play this clip.

S12: I need to set it up a little bit for you. So this is an episode eight, because unfortunately, again, there’s only one season. Listen. But one of the teammates realizes that he has a crush on Jenny.

S5: Oh, yeah. I love this. Oh, I’m getting quite high. Oh, my God. I love this scene. OK. So there you go, sir. I’m going.

S12: I feel uncomfortable getting this, but I love this scene so much. Oh, good. Go on. So this scene has the young man who thinks that he has a crush on Jenny. It also has a character named Blip, who is one of Jenny’s really good friends. He’s kind of like a big brother to her. And it also has Mike Lawson, OK? And so Mike is trying to tell this person who you don’t like her. Yeah. OK. So that’s that’s what we’re gonna be with this clip. I think that’s what the senator said.

S19: Omar, you have a crush? No, man. This is for you. All right. I’ve had a thing for her since I played with the cardinals. Come on, man. How much do you even know about Jeannie? I know that when she’s around, I can’t think straight. Did you know that she hums Katy Perry songs when she stretches and not in key, that she loves grape soda and hates cilantro and can spend almost a half hour explaining why? No, I do, because I’ve spent about 100 more hours talking to her than you. And I’m not falling in love with her. Blipped goes back five years with her back in the minors. He’s not leaving his wife anytime soon for Jenny. You’re not in love because you don’t know her. And she sure as hell doesn’t know you.

S20: Is that what she’s been humming when she’s working out Katy Perry?

S19: That’s how OFF-KEY she is. But if you listen carefully, it’s the worst rendition of Firework you’ve ever heard.

S21: The point is you don’t have feelings. We’re done here. OK.

S2: OK, Mike, just hold on himself. All the stuff that he knows about Jenny lie. You don’t know that shit unless you are Jenny. Yes, sir. He has been paying careful attention to her. I’m telling you, man, there’s nothing hotter. Oh, so, number one, he’s revealing how much he knows Jenny. And you could. And number two, he’s trying to check this guy, Omar, the teammate, like, no, stay away. Stay the. And you don’t realize he’s saying, stay the fuck away. He just knows it. He’s like, no, you can’t have any.

S9: And I think what’s interesting also is that he hasn’t yet in doing this. He hasn’t envisioned himself as Ginnie’s person. Yes. He’s just like kind of going, that’s a ridiculous thing. This is team unity still. It’s Omar blahblahblah. And I think there’s something about that moment, because if you look at that clip, Blip is looking at Mike, like, are you hearing yourself right?

S6: Like, these aren’t just the observations of a good captain. I think you’re trying to be something a little bit more. And you can see that for him. He’s like, wait, wait. Yes. Like, he snaps out of it, like, oh, shit, I’ve said too much. Right. Which again, is so wildly, wildly attractive.

S9: I just love it so much. And like Omar looks at it kind of like chastized, like, oh, I guess. I don’t know. And I guess, yeah, it is a crush. But like they’re all having the same conversation, but they’re all in very different places. And I’m for Mike. It’s like this moment of just like, oh, shit. Yes. That I love that scene so much. Thank you for bringing that up.

S12: Of course. And it’s interesting because, you know, as we mentioned, Fox took a long time to decide whether or not they were gonna cancel it. And, you know, we were trying to figure out. And I tweeted, Mark Paul, this was way back in December 2016. And I was just like, hi. How long will it take you to grow back the Mike Lawson Daddy Beard?

S2: God, I hate that word. I know, but he did not because he responded and said about three months.

S16: You know, what’s amazing to me is that somehow we have inadvertently become the podcast where we ask men about the business. And then the men answer, and I’m not mad as it is. It’s quite the legacy to have. But shut out to you for your investigative skills of the time to go.

S8: You know, I need to get into the hair discussion. So, yeah. So pitch on Fox. Then Mark Parr was on another Fox show called The Passage where he was helping this young black girl who she couldn’t be the reason for the world. I don’t know. She could save the world with her blood. It was a complicated story. It was he was like an FBI agent or something.

S9: He had lots of like standard issue suits. Very kind of like. But I tell you, he made those cheap fucking government suits look just nice because again, that was heft to him like that Grossmont way he was working. And also and I’m sorry to be basic, but if you are a well-built dude, are you out there protecting a little little girl and that little girl is black?

S7: I’ve just some feelings get activated. OK.

S16: Like, I just kept thinking, oh, I guess I guess he really look out for adults, a white walls, but like I know I am as God made me a.k.a. a simple and thirsty. But I remember watching that show because again, on the back of my mind, bearing in mind the fact that, you know, he did Franklin and Bash. He did. Pidge did the passage. And at the back of my mind straight away, my consolation meter was going crazy. Right. They’re gonna cancel this shit now because this man is the inadvertent king of canceled shows and shows that actually had legs and could go somewhere. Yes. So I was like, okay, fine pitch. You were in there. There was a potential you pitch ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. This is a spoiler. There was like some leaning and it could have been in love with it. So steamy. My mouth is, again, just like wet. Just just get out.

S12: Say that, you know, obviously there was some age difference between Mike Lawson and Ginny Baker. And the show acknowledged that, you know, and everything.

S17: And so it’s again, it’s kind of like you don’t really want to go for it. But at the same time, Ginny was well over 20 wise. Well, you know, but it’s still just like there was potential for ickiness.

S16: Yes. And I think they acknowledged it ahead. You know, that you felt that way. And, you know, he’s also her captain and he’s like her. Right. There’s some authority stuff. Exactly. But here’s the thing. They had such chemistry and they actually talk like they were they were becoming friends in a very different way. That kind of helped you kind of think, huh? Maybe after he retires, they could pick up players, you know, as he would call her.

S12: Yeah. My quote card at night. And that’s how they would end their night together talking on the phone, just like he would help her decompress from the day. Cause he understood that she was going through. It was a lot of pressure on her as this first black woman playing in the major leagues. It was a lot. And so he would just talk to her, soothe her. It was beautiful.

S9: It was absolutely stunning. And that same soothing voice is how he spoke to this little girl on the passage. Like, you know, she was a lot of pressure on her. She was being hunted. He had been assigned to and then he kind of like switched allegiances. And there was there was just so many little things happening. And again, by the way, Mark Paul was delivering on the acting like he was.

S5: Eve, I loved him. When I say he really loves that little girl is going to say the word gay like, oh, boy, oh, my God, look, we cannot look.

S2: This doesn’t mean anything, but it means something that you go at. That’s not science. It doesn’t mean anything, but it does mean something. Correct.

S18: Mark Paul GOSAL R has made a lot of his big moments in Hollywood.

S13: There have been television shows where he has starred with a black woman or a black girl. Yes. Saved by the Bell with Lark Voorhies, a.k.a. Lisa Tercel. Yes. Then we just talked about Franklin and Bash Garcelle. Aha. Then we have Pitch Carla Bunbury. And then there is Cynthia Sidney, who was the young girl on the passage. So obviously he doesn’t have very much control over casting and that it mean anything. You know, whatever. But the fact that he has made these television shows where for, you know, at least two of them, he has been in a kind of mentor slash protecting role over these black women and black girls.

S18: That’s right.

S5: It doesn’t mean anything, but it’s something. Here’s the thing.

S9: Like, I’m looking at this purely as a viewer and as an enjoy of television. It doesn’t mean anything. People get costs in all sorts of things, whatever. But me watching this as a black woman, as someone who was previously a black girl, again, it doesn’t mean anything. And of course, this is colored by the fact that I fancy my pogo. Celesio, of course, might might hurt my feelings. I know exactly what’s the what I’m looking for. You know, they’re not dispassionate. There was quite a bit of passion in bold, actually. But I do think that there is something to be said for the simple fact that he exists in this world. And his job at every turn seems to be to be uplifting. That’s black woman or that black girl. And yes, I know they’re writing girls for him to do stuff as well, whatever. But like, I’m just like it makes me feel a little bit warmer to him. Like, I just think to myself, this means nothing but me as a fan.

S16: I’m going to carry this in a tiny little pouch next to my heart. Yeah. And just revisit it from time to time. It doesn’t mean anything.

S22: Yes.

S12: And now he’s on mixed dish. Wright’s playing a white has been married to a black woman, father of three biracial children.

S7: Yes. Again, it means nothing. It means nothing. But it means something that his wife is played by Teco Sumpter, who is my complexion. Just a beautiful, beautiful brown. Is just slammed deniable brown, smooth like. Oh, hi. Ticker’s. She’s she’s gorgeous. She’s oppressively beautiful. I look around. I’m kind of like this bitch again. You look at her and it’s like the sign that, like, you really just like. Too much, it’s too much. She’s stunning. She has these beautiful eyes, the eyebrows, the hair. It’s beautiful for him. Let me just stop. My point is. Yeah, that’s that. That beautiful woman has a husband who is MUP August LA, who, by the way, he’s grown his hair back, which I guess.

S17: But I like a choice in the 80s. Yeah, right. The 70s and the 80s, 70s and 80s. And it’s like, yeah I guess everyone was a hippie back then in some capacity but like oh I hi Mr. Show here and I missed the beard. He has like like some kind of like bum fluffy. It’s a week. Yeah. With sideburns. Not his best work. Right. Well it’s not as it’s not very flattering for him but that’s the point. Exactly. He’s like a affectless jobless. Yeah.

S9: But here’s the thing. Like Nikola’s mentioned, he again he’s he’s partnered with this beautiful black woman. He’s father to three bi-racial children. I just want to bring something up that we lost mentioned that in the Jake Gyllenhaal episode about, you know, or even the Chris Pyne. But when we do that, Chris is shown a strong black father, even when he is not a black man.

S5: I know this is Lord. Oh, my boy. He’s the father.

S7: He’s the father to three black children. And that does something for me, personally speaking. Like, I’m just kind of like, huh? Me getting an inadvertent glimpse into an alternate reality. Well, me and my poor hit it off of the meeting in a cafe. And it turns out, you know, we wanted to build a life together and have some children. I’m like. I guess he’d be a good dad. That’s that’s my one glimpse into this. Who needs a time machine? I got a brain and I got some eyes.

S9: So Mark is playing the son of this wealthy conservative, you know, old man who, you know, as they say in the show, loves his brown grandchildren.

S5: But he’s essentially a wildly racist. Just putting that out there.

S9: And yes, he’s playing white. But the thing is, of course, Mark pogo’s lower himself has mixed heritage.

S12: Right. His mother is Asian and she is Dutch, Indonesian. And his father is Dutch and also German. Jewish ancestry. Ancestry. Yes. In America.

S9: So like, he has like very distinct identities. And I think for many people who didn’t know, it was a bit of a surprise.

S12: Right. But, you know, he talks about the fact that his mother is Asian. And I think we have a clip for that, right?

S23: Yes. Did you know that my mother. And I’m saying this as if, like, I’m excited about this. But my mother is Asian. My mother is from Indonesia. She’s from Indonesia, is from Indonesia. My mother is this tiny little Indonesian woman. Yeah. You know, it’s. Yeah, a little bit. You know that Zack Morris has had it.

S12: Even though I’m mixed ish, you know, his look is not very flattering.

S2: I want to go back to pitch.

S13: I don’t feel like there was an episode in which Ginny Baker was concerned that some photos were of her were about to be leaked when she was in a previous relationship. She had sent her boyfriend at the time, some pictures, his phone was hacked. And whoever hacked the phone was, you know, threatening to do what people do when they hack your phone. And so her team decided to help her get in front of it. They are going to pose nude. So all of these beautiful, fit, gorgeous men.

S17: That was a good efficent pose nude. But I don’t know if it was the. Exactly.

S13: I don’t know if they use a Sports Illustrated news nude issue as as the cover, but it was something like that.

S9: I believe it was. What I love about that episode, again, is like this idea of an ensemble as a team all coming together. And I think, Paul, the reason is, again, he’s the captain. He’s taking a very kind of like definitive stance to support his, you know, their rookie player. Yeah. And it just so happens, of course, that deep down he’s falling in love with them and that’s how they handle that. But the result of that is basically, like Nicole said, a parade of really remarkably built people. You know, people who are athletes and have, you know, specific attributes at this point. And Jean, size, all sizes, all shapes, different colors. Everyone’s just glistening like everyone is good, like that baby oil that they show them up.

S5: They all get up and then they put them in like fucking awful shadows. And you’re like, what’s going on there? I’ve never felt PVA. I don’t even know what baseball is, but I’m into this is this is sports and this is what we do. Yes.

S12: And Mark Parr has a one pose where, you know, he’s got one leg up.

S5: So you don’t see all the personal business, but you see the what are the personal business? Three days before the. I mean.

S7: Wow. I know. And if you look actually his pose mirrors Jenise pose. Yes. And in my head, all I can think is because it meant to be.

S5: See. Oh my God. Storytelling.

S7: I love it. So that’s where I’m at currently. Well, all right. It sounds like you have a shower, I suppose. Take me to the pitch locker room.

S9: So once again, Nicole, we have reached the point of the first in proceedings where we are, where we arguably compete.

S7: But are we competing? It’s not a competition. I mean, technically, yes.

S5: She said with the confidence of a winner. Technically, I wouldn’t be a competition man because I kill you every week.

S17: I know, I know, I know. I know it because, you know, we’re calling them wars and we have people vote yes.

S5: It has all the whole vibe. Right. But there is no actual prize. No, there really is.

S24: The prize is just the joy of first right that we share with the listeners who also, by the way, send us Drabble. So, yeah, this is a quick reminder to send us your travels. We will read them. We will blush. We will cringe. And we might even read one on the air. So, yes, send them, by the way, to Thursday.

S17: Get. Yeah. To Thursday. Aid kit at Slate dot com. Beautiful.

S9: In the meantime, we have a couple of troubles for today starring this week’s third subject, Mr. Monk. Paul Ghazala, who you may have heard in the previous bits, has the beard of a mountain man and the thighs of his strong cousin.

S7: So we’re all into this. This is a this is solid. Okay. So this week we’re going on to new adventures with MUCHFOR Ghazala.

S9: You may recall listeners. oji listeners might know that I once wrote a very short drabble about my pogo’s Cosla back in our very first go Thursday kid right on an episode called Back to Basics, surveying that BHP as I see s we are nothing if not poets shout out to our beautiful naming and spelling convention. But yeah, we’ll put that on our tumblr so you can go and find that original episode and maybe relive some of the joy of us making that. But this this week we’ve both written two separate stories. Do you want to go first, Nikola? Shall I? Sure, I can go first.

S6: Good. Such a measured church like Deaconess Voice. Sure. I can bring the offering plate to the front of the church. Go right ahead, Nicole. Ready? Embrace.

S11: I’m ready with my face hot from too many emotions for public. I found what I thought was a quiet part of the rooftop away from the rest of the party and lit up. I heard a step and rolled my eyes thinking I knew who it was. Hi, I’m Mark Paul. You know you shouldn’t be smoking that, right? His beard was lush and well-groomed and made me think of knights in front of a fireplace. But he was still a stranger. Highmark Paul, you know you shouldn’t talk to women alone in the dark, right? To Shay, he returned. He pulled out his own hand-rolled cigarette, twisted at the end and lit up. He leaned against the building’s brick wall. The smell of something definitely not tobacco mingled with that of mine. His smelled even better. I gave him incredulous eyes. Peer pressure, he answered my silent. What the fuck? And then winked at me. Oh, no. It was a good wink he faced away from me. EXHALING before he spoke again. So there was an angry guy on his way to follow you, but someone accidentally spilled a drink on him. He let the words punch through the cloud of smoke. I turned to him more fully surprised. He stepped out his joint against the wall, looked over my face as if making sure I was OK, tipped an imaginary hat to me, and walks away. What a perfect gentleman.

S5: I can see what’s gentlemen.

S12: I see that’s what, you know, when we talked about he has all of the markers of everything that are supposed to lag, but you’re like, no, I don’t. I won’t. Don’t want to like this. And then he does something that’s like, yeah.

S17: Reasonable time. I want to hear what yours is. Listen, all is it is what it is. Oh, boy.

S9: I will say this, Nicole. I am. I also mentioned his beard. Oh, well, of course. Yes.

S5: You act that way just like. Yeah. Well, naturally, no one would blame you then.

S9: No jury would convict. You’re completely correct. I’ve situated us at this point at a sort of a fun convention. OK. You know, I hope you like it. This is all for you.

S25: There was a Janet Jackson cue. Mark Paul pushed his head into the soft leather headrest and exhaled lustily. His eyes were closed when he entered his hand across the heated seats and his fingers found mine before squeezing. Long day, I reached across his chest to pull on his comic con lanyard. He’d been attending these for literally decades, but he still faithfully wore his I.D. badges like they were precious. He smiled. I still closed lips peeking out more fully from his beard grown to allow him to move through life more incognito, but also at my insistence, the best kind of long day, he murmured. His voice was rough from over use a day of constant talking of bigging up his new show, of being on for press and fans alike. And though I never liked to see him, this drained an involuntary curl of pleasure unfurled in my belly. His voice was a good sound. After a beat Mark Paul let go of my hand only to draw me closer. His whole arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me till I was flush at his side. I smoothed my hand over his hair, pushing it back from his face and was rewarded with him, finally opening his eyes. The exhaustion had given them a dull tent, but they were warming up again, starting to glitter now. He smiled down at me, head lolling almost drunkenly, his grip tightened and his eyes sharpened. What do you want to do tonight? I asked him, dropping my gaze to his beard, following the action with my fingers a moment later. I don’t know, he replied with a wink. What do you want to do?

S14: I have some suggestions for what could happen.

S7: Don’t we all friends, we all. I mean, we had a beard and a wing and a wig. Look at that. Look our minds once again moving as one. Yes. I’m so proud of us. Oh, my gosh. Thanks very much. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I felt some feeling when I was writing and I was like, yeah. You know, he’d be tired.

S5: What a novel. I’m so sorry.

S7: I’m sorry, mother. Turn off the radio. Mother, stop. I just really fancy having to call. I’m sorry. Yeah. No. I feel you. I’m feeling away this week and my call is getting it. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. He’s a family man and I respect you and your pride. Right.

S13: But sometimes, man, I mean, that’s that’s what we’re here to do. Yes. You know, fantasy life is okay. Thank you.

S15: Thank you so much for the reissue. I really need that list anyway. Yes, you can pick your favorite drabble.

S9: We’re going to allow it to kind of sit on your chest for like a day. And then we’re gonna put up a poll on our Twitter, which is a first aid kit. And yeah, well, we’ll leave it up for 24 hours. And you can you can vote and see see where if you know, see how you feel. Let it let it let it sit with you and then pick pick your favorite m.p.g.. And like we said, nobody loses.

S11: Right. We’re all winners. Right now we’re in this together.

S2: We really are. You know.

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S28: Mark Paul pushed his head into acid against her. Oh, there you go.

S5: Normally you do that. You love mad.