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Speaker 1: Garlic, garlic, celery, bush vinegar. So now we’re down, huh?

Speaker 2: Hi, I’m Rachel Hampton, and you’re listening to ask Why Am I? In case you Missed It, Slate’s podcast about retirement culture. And today, we’re bringing back an annual. I see. Why am I a tradition? And can I just say it’s kind of wild to me that this show has been going on long enough to have annual traditions that have been done more than once. I want to thank you all.


Speaker 2: I’m going to be a little sappy for a moment. I want to thank you all for sticking around for the past year and a half. I know that without Madison, the show has been a little all over the place, and I, too, miss having a regular co-host. But we are still working on finding the best person for the job.

Speaker 2: And I appreciate your patience. Now that my sappy moment is over. Back to tradition. So much of covering internet culture is talking about like the bad and dumb stuff online in a given week that you are on. And the depth you heard and the lesbian emu influencers of the world. So today we’re going to do the complete opposite and talk about some of the things on the Internet that we are thankful for this year. Last year we had a Friendsgiving special that featured Christina, Grace Tucker and Lamine Abdel Mahmud, and you also definitely check it out if you haven’t already. But this year we’re doing again with new friends.


Speaker 2: After a short break, I’ll be back with Kelsey McKinney, who you all have heard on the show before and Alex Sujong Laughlin. I love both of them dearly, and not least because they make one of my favorite podcast, Normal Gossip. If you are listening to normal gossip, then what are you even doing? Go download it right now.

Speaker 2: While you’re doing that, I’m going to set my table, light some candles, put out some Big Mac and cheese and cornbread dressing, and when I’m done, I’ll be back with Kelsey and Alex.

Speaker 2: And I’m back with Kelsey McKinney and Alex Sujong Laughlin, the two brilliant minds behind one of my and also the whole world’s favorite podcast. Normal gossip Kelsey. Hello.


Speaker 3: Hello, Rachel.

Speaker 2: Alex.

Speaker 1: Hi. Hi. Hi.

Speaker 2: I’m so excited you all are here.

Speaker 4: We are super excited. I’m super excited. I’ve never been on the show, but I’ve heard Kelsey on it and I listen every week, twice a week.

Speaker 2: Oh, my God.

Speaker 3: We’re huge fans.

Speaker 2: All right, well, now we all have made me blush. I’m so happy. All are here to tell me all the things on the Internet that happened this year that you’re actually thankful for. I can’t believe we’re being so positive. First question is one that we ask on the show. But I don’t think I asked you last time you were here, Kelsey, but what is your first Internet memory?


Speaker 3: So the third calculus I was trying to do in my head is whether Zynga existed before I was on Neopets, like I think it might have been, but I’m not sure about the, like, timing. I’ve always been a blogger, so I had like I had a Zynga, I had a LiveJournal, I had a blogger, I had a WordPress, I had like every iteration of that terrible land. But my I think my earliest memory is most mostly are being on AM and like the sound of the Internet connection.


Speaker 2: All right, Alex, when did you first log on and never, never log on.

Speaker 4: Well, my first Internet experiences, I think, were a little less sophisticated than Zynga in that. I believe it was like, you know, walking over to my family’s computer in our second, like in our little guestroom and going on to the MSN search and searching things like Barbie and kissing just to see what would come up.


Speaker 3: What could be there, what.

Speaker 1: Could possibly you know.

Speaker 2: I think that’s really sophisticated.

Speaker 3: Yeah, that’s certainly more sophisticated than what I was doing, which was like drinking Britney Spears albums on.

Speaker 1: My finger means.

Speaker 4: She knew what she was looking for.

Speaker 2: That is absolutely beautiful, actually, both with a beautiful I mean, it’s very like, I think, representative of most people’s an experience, which is either I want to look up something romance related or I wish to blog I was to post.

Speaker 3: Please let me post.

Speaker 2: And we’ll never let you stop.

Speaker 3: And now I’m trapped in this prison of my own making.


Speaker 2: It’s beautiful. You are. I don’t think I’ve ever divulged this on the show, but, Alex, you reminded me of one of my first Internet experiences was me and my older brother. My mother was in grad school. We were younger, so we would wait in her office while she was teaching class and we would just go to a website called Stupid dot com Oh my God, all the time. And they just thought terrible little gag gifts like think a plastic Santa figurine that poop chocolate like, Oh, my God.


Speaker 1: No. Come on, stupid darling.

Speaker 4: Oh, my God. I mean, that was the time when you could search by just pudding dot com after any word and seeing what comes up. Yeah. My friend told me to search girls dot com once and I was like, that sounds great. Yeah. I want to go to girls dot com. Yeah it was scary. Yeah it’s scary. It was not for like little girls like me.


Speaker 2: And you know what that’s also not surprising for an early internet memory.

Speaker 1: Yeah, yeah, true.

Speaker 3: I forgot about that though that like there was no centralized search engine, really. And so, like, very early on, people would just tell you to go to websites. It’s just like, I guess that’s kind of my job now. What I’m like, please navigate to defector dot com subscription so I can have a job. But it is like nobody types in URLs anymore.

Speaker 2: No, we don’t. I remember writing down MapQuest URLs.

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Speaker 2: That’s terrible.

Speaker 2: Time Before we go too far down memory lane, we’re still going to go down memory lane, but pull it back a bit, which is what is the first meme of 2020 to be your member.


Speaker 3: So I luckily had prep on this. Like you told me that you were going to ask this question, otherwise I would have been like, I don’t know, some meme from 700 years ago like that the girl and the guy looking back over their.

Speaker 1: Shoulder, right? I like I.

Speaker 3: Got 20 distracted.

Speaker 2: Boyfriend.

Speaker 3: So I had time to think about it and I think I don’t know if like tick tock sounds count as means I’m not sure like what the definition of meme is here, but there was this one sound in very early 2022, which was like the center of the song all star, but it would say some body like and it would hit the body really hard.


Speaker 1: It is like some body once told me the.

Speaker 3: Word and all this sound was was like slapstick humor. So it was just like people seeing themselves, like running into door frames to they sound like just like eating it. And I am like a sucker for that shit. So I was like, This is perfect to me. So I saved like 500 of those.

Speaker 2: Things that definitely count as a good one. And knowing you like slapstick humor, I’m going to send you a TikTok after this. Great. Tried laughing and I.

Speaker 3: Can’t wait to see it.

Speaker 4: Alex I’m going to say just all of Chad Diaz of Sex and the City reboot. And just like.


Speaker 1: That.

Speaker 4: There were his first tweets about Che, but there was also a lot of just like, what the fuck is Che Diaz? Like, why did they do this to this person? Why did they make such a cringeworthy character? Just Che Diaz all around.

Speaker 2: The first one that I remember from this year, I don’t know if you remember this one, but you remember Elmo paper towel roll.

Speaker 1: A plastic water bottle, and I put the Castro.

Speaker 2: Balsamic vinegar.

Speaker 1: Sonic vinegar. Yeah. Wow. Yeah.

Speaker 2: Was that? That was January of this year. I think you.

Speaker 3: Asked.

Speaker 2: About some lettuce, tomato bit vinegar.

Speaker 3: Everybody is so creative.

Speaker 1: You took a.

Speaker 2: Moment. We. And by we, I mean, y’all found out that Elmo is a member of the African American community.

Speaker 1: Yes.

Speaker 3: That was an enlightening time.

Speaker 2: Of the diaspora.


Speaker 1: Stuff.

Speaker 2: So what is a trend from 2020 to the year you’re happy exist and you hope continues? Because I feel like there are a lot of trends that exist for a moment. And then you’re like, I could do without that one. But there are some where you’re like, Keep doing this forever.

Speaker 3: I feel like a little dumb for referencing TikTok again, but the one I to show that I, I just feel like there is this thing that happened explicitly this year where one audio clip would be like, taken completely out of context, right? I’m thinking about the like I was Josh Safdie using Uncut Gems, right? Like this, like one sentence that like some one person was like, this is funny. And so they clipped that audio and then it’s like three days later, it’s now like backed by a trance song being danced to by gritty, like, I’m like, I love that. And I think it’s so funny. And every time it happens where someone just pulls this like one sentence out of an interview and it’s like, No, this is culture. Now. I’m like, This is beautiful to me and I love it. Like, who cares about our talking points when we can say Uncut Gems.

Speaker 2: Uncut diamonds or my money don’t jiggle jiggle.

Speaker 1: Exactly. Yes.

Speaker 2: So one trend that I hope continues is not it hasn’t actually started is the thing, but it’s been referenced so many times this year and it’s the fucking Beyoncé visuals for Renaissance.

Speaker 3: Oh yeah.

Speaker 1: Drop dead. Yeah. And see visuals win. Truly, that’s.

Speaker 2: What I wake up at 3 a.m. and a dead panic about. It’s like, how am I going to be remembered and when is Beyonce? We’re going to the.


Speaker 1: Motherfucker.

Speaker 2: Just asking questions. Speaking of Alex.

Speaker 4: So I think that the thing that I am that immediately came to mind was just like, how? Skeptical. A certain corner of like gen-z on Tik Tok is of working and of productivity and of like buying into corporate culture broadly. Definitely not all of Gen Z because there’s also like a hyper corporate, like a day in my life working at Google as a 24 year old. But there’s, there’s this other corner that’s like, fuck your job, like time theft.

Speaker 2: Try quitting. Yeah.

Speaker 4: Like, brings us to quiet quitting, which is a little like, I feel a little eyeroll about it, but whatever. I was in support of it in theory, but yeah, love to see it. Love to see the younger people calling out their millennial bosses for the brainwashing that they’re still subject to, myself included.

Speaker 2: I love that it’s true. I think choice. I’m not going to say I believe the children are the future because some of them are stupid, but a lot of them got the right for good idea. Okay, so it’s somehow November. I forgot what month it was there for a moment, but.

Speaker 3: This isn’t proof.

Speaker 2: What that means is that we’re approaching the end of the year, which means we’re approaching the end of the year. Trends. I feel like there’s every single year something happens and everyone’s like, Here’s my end of the year, but most of them suck. But do you all have any that you look forward to?

Speaker 4: I really enjoy the like annual version of the monthly photo dump where people post the weird random shit that defined their year in one long Instagram post. I really enjoy that. I really enjoy. I mean, more broadly, the photo dump trend I think has been fun because it’s brought Instagram to a less polished place, I think, which is something we’ve been craving. So I am really excited about that because I just want to see your like weird screenshots and stuff.


Speaker 2: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The random blurry photos. You took the bar.

Speaker 1: Mm hmm.

Speaker 2: Post them.

Speaker 3: I’m mad because I was also going to pick the Instagram and of your photo dump just because I. I find it like I’m just going to expand on what you said, I guess, which is that I find it really interesting now that the monthly photo dumps are so prevalent, what people choose for their end of year photo dumps because like, I’m not strategic, so I’m like, who knows if I’ve posted this photo before, But some of the people posting are like, I’ve saved these photos and I’m like, I can’t wait to see what weird screenshot you saved from March for me to see in your end of your photo dump. The other thing I was thinking about, and I don’t know what their plan is for this and the app is janky enough that they might not have one, but I’m really interested to see what the real does. I’m like, I would like to see some kind of be real end of year wrapped. I don’t know how they would do that, but it.

Speaker 2: Would be fun. I don’t have be real. That’s okay. You don’t.

Speaker 1: Have to.

Speaker 2: I mean, it’s kind of an abdication of my job.

Speaker 3: But you can participate in everything and that one doesn’t have memes, so.

Speaker 2: And that’s why I’m not on it.

Speaker 4: Thank you.

Speaker 2: Yeah, there’s no discord found.

Speaker 1: Be real. No.

Speaker 3: No discord. Not one joke.


Speaker 2: And that’s fine. But I’m like, I can’t have this on my phone. Thank you for absolving me of that. I really felt a little bit guilty about not having that on my phone.

Speaker 3: You don’t need.

Speaker 1: To.

Speaker 2: Thank you so much. I agree with you all. The photo dump is one of my favorite things on the internet right now. It really has acquainted me with how much I love taking random photos of things. And also.

Speaker 1: You know.

Speaker 2: I just posted a beautiful collection of every single time, not every single time, but every single time I’ve cried. And remember to take a photo of it on Instagram. And I called it Year in Tears and.

Speaker 4: Oh my God.

Speaker 2: It was just I’m really proud of that post because.

Speaker 1: It was.

Speaker 3: A good post.

Speaker 4: It’s amazing. I just saw a TikTok that was like a girl presenting the data of how many times she cried over the course of a month and why, and she kept her data in a Google doc, and every time she cried, she like graded it according to how intense it was. Why she cried for can’t remember there was anything else, but it was like a data, a whole data presentation at the end of the month. And I was like, Wow, the commitment to the bet. I love it.

Speaker 2: That’s the that’s the Earth sign version of what I did as a as a pace.

Speaker 3: Yes. Your comments were dragging you to hell for being a Pisces, which I posted my comment before I read the other ones. I was like, Damn, it.


Speaker 2: Was just like my little Pisces baby. Or This is the most Pisces trash I’ve ever seen.

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Speaker 2: All right. I’m having an incredible time with you all, but it is time to take a short break. When we come back, I’ll be asking you all the most important. Question that I have, which is what is the horniest thing you’ve seen on the Internet? And also the best thing, they might be the same thing. And I’m back with Kelsey McKinney Alex Sujong Laughlin, the brilliant geniuses behind normal gossip. They’re here to talk to me about Friendsgiving. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I guess, what’s your favorite thing that happened on the Internet this year? What are you thankful for? I made a comeback.

Speaker 1: Yeah. It took me a minute.

Speaker 3: I am most thankful for the discourse around Liam Michel’s illiteracy and the extent to which people are willing to take it. Currently, if you look at Liam Michel’s comments on TikTok. People are writing their comments and then in parentheses putting emoji translation.

Speaker 1: So I know.

Speaker 3: Which I dislike. What a beautiful world we live in that all of these people were like, Not only do I completely buy this conspiracy theory and accept it as truth, but I will also be posting the translation for my comments so that just in case she is illiterate, she can still read that. I want to say you are my queen.

Speaker 1: Oh my God. That is the.

Speaker 2: Perfect moment on the internet like you couldn’t post anywhere else. I feel like I have a few and they’re all pleasing, incredibly stupid. Um, so I think Philly Chicken Man revives something deep and.


Speaker 1: Lets Alex.

Speaker 3: Go. Birds, baby.

Speaker 2: I was like, I cannot believe I get to be alive in this moment and see this. I love it so much. SAMILTON Also.

Speaker 4: Oh, my God.

Speaker 3: Can I tell you two things about Philly Chicken Man? That I think you need to know? Yes, please. The first is that this man, after completing his challenge, which if people don’t know what it was, it was eating 40 rotisserie chickens in 40 days after he completed this challenge. He then partnered with the community fridge in Philadelphia to get people to donate $10 for rotisserie chickens, which I think is really nice.

Speaker 1: Oh, my God. It’s adorable. So sweet.

Speaker 3: Yes. We love the South Philly community fridges here in South Philly. The second thing I want you to know is that he’s married, which, like, just really changed my understanding of this challenge. But the way that I learned this is that when he finished, when he finished eating the chicken on the pier behind the Walmart. Yes. The crowd, he was like, Well, where’s my wife? Right. And as she, like, came up to him, they all chanted, Chicken wife. Wow. Chicken wife. And I think about this every day because I’m like, imagine being a normal woman and then suddenly you’re chicken.

Speaker 2: Why should you have been made into chicken? Why? I love that. But I will say that finding out about the fact that this man is not single did not really warm my heart. And instead.

Speaker 1: I was strict.

Speaker 2: I was distraught. I was like, I was ready to be chicken wife.

Speaker 3: But yeah, that’s beautiful. I think it just really changes the idea to me of someone eating a whole chicken every day if you’re not single and living alone, which is what I had assumed.


Speaker 2: No, it does change. Like the optics, the environment it gives. It does make it more endearing, if a bit sadder for me personally.

Speaker 3: Yeah. I’m sorry about your loss.

Speaker 2: Thank you so much.

Speaker 3: I’m sorry for distracting you, Rachel. You were going to also talk about SAMILTON.

Speaker 2: Honestly, that was one of the most important Philly chicken and is more important. That was a good one, Philly Chicken man. And then spit gate. I will say what brought me the most joy this year. I don’t know what that says about me, but I still think it was phenomenal.

Speaker 4: I would miss that gate. It was part of a long stretch of news events over like three days. And I was like, Wait. But Florence isn’t there. Oh, but she looks so hot. Oh, but they’re all standing weird. And Chris Pyne with the camera and spits. Yeah, and that’s my experience of spit gate.

Speaker 2: I think that’s a pretty accurate interaction with spit gate as a thing that happened at the time because we in in the. Don’t worry darling saga, we really didn’t know what was happening at that point. It was really all just like, okay, Florence has beef because of Shire. Olivia Wilde is riding a horse. Yeah. And also maybe Harry Styles. And for some reason, Chris Pine is being spat upon. And I analyzed that clip. So many times. I stared deep into the grainy pixelated footage.

Speaker 3: And what’s your take?

Speaker 2: I honestly don’t know. I went back and forth. I’m even less certain now than I was at the beginning. And that’s my favorite kind of mystery where I truly am. Like, I don’t know what the fuck is happening.


Speaker 3: I truly I think Spygate was the first time that I felt that like we were coming back into like a society because I went to a party and someone was like, Kelsey, you’re online, Internet poisoned, What’s happening here? And I was like, Alright, kids, sit down.

Speaker 1: Buckle up.

Speaker 3: Okay, so do you know who Chris Pine is? Right? Like, we need to get through these things. We have some basics to cover, but I also just fully believe that all the publicists on that movie are geniuses. And so I think that it’s all a ruse and, oh, I am going to go to my grave believing that Spit lob was engineered by a PR firm in Los Angeles and that they are geniuses and should be paid millions of dollars.

Speaker 2: Honestly, having just finally watched. Don’t worry, darling, I think you’re right. Because seeing that movie, it’s really just like. I can’t believe we did all of that over this. What is going on here?

Speaker 3: They just released the like Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles are like taking a break. And I’m like, these people have probably been broken up for eight months. Like, I do not buy this. They kept them together in public for the PR. This is Kelsey’s conspiracy, Our wedding.

Speaker 2: We’re renaming the show. It’s no longer called Kelsey’s Conspiracy.

Speaker 3: Our first conspiracy is there was no split.

Speaker 2: Or if the split did exist, it was planted by a PR firm.

Speaker 3: Yes.

Speaker 4: If you zoom in on the split, there’s actually a tiny camera.

Speaker 1: And there’s this he.


Speaker 2: Trademark on it.

Speaker 3: There’s a little sticker that says, Don’t worry, darling.

Speaker 2: If you zoom on this, there’s a QR code.

Speaker 2: I can talk about this forever, but we’ve got to keep going. I’m kind of keeping in line with the general positive vibes of the moment. What’s the best interaction that you’ve had online this year? It can be like in the Dems. It can be for y’all the best piece of gossip you’ve been given this year. It can just be somebody who tweeted something really nice to you.

Speaker 3: Man. Was I prepared to talk about good things? No. Do I have a tweet pulled up that said, Wow, the Bronte sisters really were the ham sisters of their time? Yes. Is that helpful here?

Speaker 1: No.

Speaker 4: I mean, to be very cheesy. Normal course of lunch this year. And so, like we started the year being like, I don’t know, maybe some people listen to this thing and it’s been just so exciting to see how people have connected with it. I think a really nice experience that I had was somebody messaged the account and they were a public school teacher in Texas, and this was after the shootings in Uvalde, and they were just feeling really, really rundown. And they said that this show, like week to week was the thing that was giving them happiness and joy, which is exactly what we were hoping to do. So it feels really good just to see how people connect with it.

Speaker 3: So that’s really nice.

Speaker 1: Yeah, I love that so much.

Speaker 3: I don’t have like a good one of these off the top of my head. But I also think this year was a prime year for like my friend group taking really tiny memes, like things that weren’t widespread and being like this is now important to our friendship. And like, I think that’s a really nice thing that online can give you where it’s like, Oh, we’re now all saying Chill, Mama, because some random man said that it was the phrase of fall.


Speaker 1: Well.

Speaker 2: It’s actually kind of a perfect segue way. My next question was what is like a tweet or tik-tok or like a meme from this year that is seared into your brain and it sounds like.

Speaker 1: Chamomile is.

Speaker 3: A real one.

Speaker 2: How is that supposed to be used in like its phraseology? What did this man mean when he said it?

Speaker 3: So, Oh man. So this man’s name is Ricky Gourmet. He lives in Los Angeles. He’s always wearing, like a flat, flat billed hat. I cannot remember. I think he calls himself a vibe connoisseur, which is just like saying, perfect. So, like, one of the vibes he has recommended is drinking iced coffee out of a like, five cup pyrex container. Like, that’s a vibe he recommends. But in one of them he was like, Here are the future phrases. And the last one was Chao Mobile.

Speaker 2: Of course.

Speaker 5: And the final one is pretty simple. It’s a replacement for Goodbye. I just feel like everyone needs to go jump Mama. Instead of saying goodbye, it just be a much more spicy life we’d all be living. So anyway, those are my three. Let me know what happens when you use them and have a great rest of your day.

Speaker 2: Mama. That’s beautiful. All right, so that’s a good one to get stuck in your head.

Speaker 4: I think that the thing that’s going to be seared into my mind from this year are all of the very, very, very funny things that happened on Twitter over the last like three weeks as people paid $8 for Twitter blue to get verified under the wrong name. Yes. And I think my favorite there were there were many good ones. My favorite is the fake American Girl doll account, where it was like Felicity own slave. I just I will I will never be able to think of the downfall of Twitter without thinking of that tweet.


Speaker 2: I did not see that.

Speaker 1: Oh, you owe me so good.

Speaker 2: Okay, moving on. What is the horniest content you’ve seen on the Internet this year? And by horniest, I mean it’s not really meant to be horny because, like, obviously, you know, consuming porn doesn’t count. That’s just that’s just normal business. But like, what was the what was the best accidentally horny content you’ve seen?

Speaker 4: Oh, accidentally.

Speaker 2: It could also be intentionally but like it’s, it’s horny in a way that you’re kind of just like was this for public consumption?

Speaker 4: I got one.

Speaker 1: Please.

Speaker 4: It’s seared into my brain. It is regarding the bear. Do you know.

Speaker 2: That? Yes, We have a bear. This show that takes place in Chicago. Yes. Refresh Russia.

Speaker 4: Specifically. It is a tweet from Nicole Perkins of First Aid kit where she posted a photo of Kami from the bear with his greasy hair and whatever. Oh, my God. I’m like I’m like, sweaty.

Speaker 1: Sweaty bastard.

Speaker 4: TV, but I’m going to say it. She said, This is the type of man who would go down on you in a dirty bar bathroom and go back to his friends and ask for a cigarette with his chin still wet and.

Speaker 1: Oh, I’m so sorry. I saw it.

Speaker 4: She tweeted this out into the public, which makes sense because it’s who she is. It’s her thing. But I was like, I’m too young to see this.

Speaker 1: Like, I’m a minor. Yeah. Oh, wow. That is.

Speaker 2: Nicole is an icon of highly specific verse in a way that is just people give the Nobel Peace Prize for things. But I really feel like maybe they don’t deserve it as much as Nicole does.


Speaker 4: She has really done a very specific thing that is very good for the culture, I would say.

Speaker 2: Yes. Yeah. That’s a good one. Kelsey.

Speaker 3: Oh, mine is just this man who chops wood and. Oh, my God.

Speaker 2: Oh, he. Doug. Yes.

Speaker 1: Mm hmm. I’m like.

Speaker 3: I’m like, not even. I don’t even know his name. I don’t follow him. It doesn’t matter. Not even that he.

Speaker 1: Doesn’t have a name.

Speaker 3: But he just exists to me. Like, I’m like I open my tik tok, and it’s like he’s splitting some wood with his bare hands, and I’m like, I’m not even attracted to you. But I do want to see if you’re going to chop this all the way through. And then, Oh, my God.

Speaker 4: When he calls a stump, do you see what?

Speaker 3: It’s not that that man knows his audience. I won’t.

Speaker 4: He knows exactly what he’s doing.

Speaker 2: He does. He does. I’ve had a phenomenal time. But we do have to, unfortunately, send you off into the night.

Speaker 2: So warm and fuzzy because you’ve thought about all the great things about the Internet. But the last thing I want to ask is where can I listeners find y’all on the Internet?

Speaker 3: You can find the podcast is everywhere that you can get a podcast. It’s normal gossip and we’re on Instagram and at normal gossip. And then I’m on literally every social media at at McKinney Kelsey.

Speaker 4: I am on every social media as Alex laughs, including Mastodon. Question Mark I don’t that.


Speaker 2: I just had a tech reporter explain Mastodon to me and I still don’t understand what it is.

Speaker 3: It seems too serious. I’m like, Are there jokes? There doesn’t seem like it. So no, there’s.

Speaker 4: No jokes there. And one I want I want Felicity owned slaves. Yeah.

Speaker 2: That is so true. So true.

Speaker 1: Queen. Well.

Speaker 2: I’ve had a phenomenal time. Thank you for joining us.

Speaker 4: Thank you for having us.

Speaker 3: Thank you so much. It’s a blessing.

Speaker 2: Yeah, but. All right, That is this show. Will you back on your feet on Saturdays. So please subscribe. It is the best way to never miss an episode, never miss a special guests, to never miss something that we’re actually thankful for. Please leave a rating and review in Apple or Spotify. I’d be so thankful for that and tell your friends about us. You can follow us on Twitter. I see why my underscore pod as longest Twitter is still alive, but when it dies you can vm us your question.

Speaker 2: I see. Why am I at Eye to eye minds produced by Daniel Schroeder and me, Rachel Hampton Daisy Rosario as Isamu supervising producer and Lisa montgomery. A slip of audio for you online. Or that Thanksgiving table. What is the first meme of 2021? They all remember. I know this is a hard question, not least because it’s not 2021 and 2022. Let me ask that again.

Speaker 4: My first meme of 2021 January six Insurrection. Yeah.

Speaker 1: Yeah, yeah. Well.