Thirsting in Place

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S1: I walk into the hotel sauna. The steam parts for a moment and I see that Rodrigo, Tessa Giardina and Henry are already seated.

S2: We.

S3: GDNF throws boover. And then we all. Hour later, we emerge.

S4: OK, this was my favorite.

S5: It’s the what I wrote with my heart. I can tell.

S6: Hi, Ben.

S7: Hello, Nicole. How are you today? Let’s see. I’m trying to be present and mindful, et cetera, and figure out how I’m feeling. And it turns out my vocabulary is not that big because I’m like, I don’t know.


S8: I don’t know how I am, but I’m here. Yeah. You know, thirst buckets. We got to tell you, it’s become a little difficult. It’s become a bit more challenging to do an episode every week.

S1: Yes, in a very big way. It turns out that’s the physical presence of Nicole and I in a room creates its own little magic. And that’s just between the two of us. Also, our producer is at another location share. So it’s kind of like three people over a cauldron, but we’re all whipping up our own spells in our own little huts. And so together it’s like, yeah, sure, it’s good, obviously, because we’re experts, professionals, but it’s a little bit more difficult to gauge everything. Right. I didn’t realize. Nicole, how much I required looking at your face. See, you kind of execute some kind of thirsty dance move.


S9: I think you’ll like it here.

S10: You know, from my headphones now. But back then, I could look into the whites of your eyes and be like, wow, she is really actively thirsty.

S11: Yes. And it is the same like I can look at you like, oh, boom is really fill in this person.

S12: Like, you know, we can have that kind of silent communication when we’re ready to move on to the next person or whatever the situation may be. And right now, we don’t have that. And it’s you know, it’s it’s you know, we’re still making magic happen. But like you said, it’s a little more challenging.


S1: But all that to say, we have been super grateful for all of our listeners who have been just incredible at lifting our spirits, who have been so great. As we mentioned last week at just telling people about us, making people aware of our back catalogue, we have multiple episodes, just like so many of your faves. Definitely our faves. And I feel like we are now at the place where people say, you know, people will put a request out and say, oh, I’m looking for a podcast. And without fail, several people would jump in and be like, allow me to tell you about the best podcasts of your life. Plus, they get so shoutouts at every single one of the first buckets who’ve just been amazing. Are being a little street team, even though we’re all Endo’s. So shout out to you guys. Thank you very much.


S13: Yes. Thank you all so much. We really appreciate it. And we say all that to let you know that we’re not going to have any droplets. This episode, the show is still going to be good because we’re always going to give you the best that we have. But this particular episode, you know, we’re going to get in and get out and.


S14: And, you know, it’s you know, just it’s everything is OK.

S11: We just need a little a little space, a little time right now to readjust. And, you know, next week’s episode is going to be fantastic, certainly as fantastic as this week, but in a different way.


S1: So, yes, a Pulitzer. Apologies that troubles are not going to be on the menu this week. However, we will be back next week stronger and better than ever. But this week, we do have some really remarkable stuff because we once again reached out to our glorious nurse buckets. And it felt odd for us not to address what is going on in the world in the actual episode. So we are looking at this as a sort of thought first experiment.

S8: Thank you very. Thank you.

S5: Yeah, I see how I preemptively said thank you because I knew you were going to be impressed. Nicole, thanks. Deserve it. Thank you. It’s like won’t be upset, like. So you’ll be OK? Yes. Thank you. Exactly what I see. The magic is still there.


S1: So, yes, this week we asked all of our listeners via our Twitter feed, which is atfirst eight kids, and we basically said, hey, friends, since we are all in this nonconsensual lockdown where we have to be indoors because it makes sense and is logical and smart, but still very annoying. Who would you choose to be in your little quarantine cabin with? You and Nicole? They responded.

S15: They responded. We asked people to send in 30 second voicemails. Our voice notes if they’re not able to. Call our American phone number.

S8: And they showed up and showed out so.

S16: So many good, so many good quarantine bays here that, you know, we can’t play all of them. But the ones that we are going to play. They just they hit the spot just right. And, you know, maybe we’ll save the rest for another episode. Who knows? But we’re going to highlight a few in this episode. And they are so funny and sweet and charming. I love them all. I’m excited to get into it. You ready, Nicole? I’m ready. Let’s go.


S17: So, Nicole. Yes? We asked the first black kids to do us a solid reach into the innermost first nooks and crannies and revealed to us via voice mail who they wanted most to be holed up with during the course of this pandemic quarantine, self isolation, self distancing, etc. And one name more than all the others kept coming up.

S18: Yeah, we almost lost track of how many times the name came up and we unfortunately we can’t. Again, we can’t play all of them. But yeah, it is Chris Evans.

S19: Of course it was I. Come on.

S17: We talk a lot about how there are certain people that are very important to this podcast because they embody something very crucial for both Nicole and I. We talk a lot about Keanu Reeves.


S1: Shout out to you, Mr. Reeves. We talk a lot about John Cho. Shout out to you, Mr. Cho. Beautiful and perfect as you are. And we talk about Chris Evans, because there is something about Chris.

S8: Yeah.

S20: And, you know, like I mentioned in that first episode that we did with him.

S21: He was not someone that I originally felt feelings for.

S22: You know, I kind of thought he was a little too frat boy, a frat bro, kind of a for me.

S12: But I’ve since learned that obviously that was just a persona that he kind of had to play up for the roles that he was given. And he’s actually you know, he’s kind of a soft boy.


S23: He. Wow.

S19: I didn’t know you were going to say that. And now I’m taken aback. It’s kind of a soft boy. I love you guys.


S7: No, I think I feel. I feel I understand where you’re coming from. I don’t think you were the only one who was kind of like, yeah, I don’t really see it. And then saw it and then couldn’t see anything else. Yeah. But that’s something that I like about Chris, which is that’s what we know of him.

S1: That is what he has revealed. Because, you know, everything is mediated. Is that he seems like someone who actually would be very good at just being away from the spotlight. You know, he does that thing where he promos the films he’s in. And then he does a quick piece out and then he’s like, I’ll see you on the next one by.


S18: Right? He does. I mean, he is fairly active on Twitter, but he does not feel the need to post anything.

S21: Every day he does not often post from his home or show us his home. I love it. Yeah. If he does, it’s because it’s in the background of Dodger, you know, like it’s all about the dog and not the home.

S7: So, I mean, I appreciate that. Yeah, so do I. So do I.

S17: So, like, I feel like he’s already given us a good number of hints that, you know what, I am great at solitude and I have snacks and I have a dog. And I like reading books about space. I’m good. And I think that’s part of the reason why. Oh, and in addition, of course, we’ve seen him chopping wood shout out to the Marvel movies.

S7: So if push comes to shove, he really could set a fire. What’s making you laugh? Nickell just would. I don’t know. I’m an 8 year old boy. Really? Truly. This is ridiculous of all that to say.


S17: We have a marvelous first voice mail from Melissa, who first of all, I love your voice, Melissa. And she had some thoughts on why Chris would make an excellent companion during a quarantine.

S24: Hi, my name is Melissa. And if I could be quarantine of any subject, I think Chris Evans, because he says he’s a dork and that’s no fun. Any family making less for the next two or three months. And this is pretty cool. And he’s a great hugger, I’m assuming. Thank you. Nicely, ladies.

S25: Melissa?

S1: Well, as I laid out her points.

S26: Yes, Melissa says he’s a dork. They need someone to make them laugh.

S11: And he looks like he’s a great hugger, which, you know, I would agree on that point. I haven’t been able to. I’ve never met him. You know, when we talk to him, it was over the phone. But I would say he looks like he’s a good hugger. And, you know, I’m I’m weird about hugs. You know, sometimes I like a good hug and sometimes I’m like, please don’t touch me. But I you know, I would I would take a hug from Chris Evans. So, Melissa.

S10: I feel, you know, what I also love about the phrasing in Melissa’s voice note was he says he’s a dork, which just sounds like an amazing accusation. Like apparently, Chris, you say you’re a dork, but are you?

S1: So I like that skepticism is healthy. And I appreciate that, Melissa. And then also the line ups. And he’s a great hugger, I’m assuming. Which again, just points out, Melissa saying, hey, I haven’t been to his house or anything. Don’t call the cops. I’m just assuming. So, again, I really respected Melissa for just, you know, telling us so much with so little. Yeah, I’m here for it. I’m really here for it. So thank you, Melissa, for throwing that in there. Of course, as we said, you were not the only one, but we appreciate you sending the message. Chris really is a popular dude for this stuff.


S27: Yeah, we had a lot of people call in to tell us about their Chris Evans quarantine fantasies. And our next caller is lovely, Julia.

S28: Hi, this is Julia. Coming in to say that if I had to be quarantined with a celebrity, it would obviously be because. Did you see the picture? He just tweeted of him and his dog. All of the pictures of the dog. Yes. Presentence, although he seemed like he’d be a good cook. I don’t know why something basic. Seems like he roasted chicken.

S29: Yeah, I love that. I love it so much. Thank you, Julia. Thank you. Really?

S10: The thing that I love about that was just the final polls before.

S30: Yeah. Yeah.

S1: You can tell that Julia wasn’t thinking just about roasting a chicken. I just want to be very clear. It was apparent, Julia. This is a you a roasted chicken. Long pause. Yeah.

S18: Okay. That was just like, you know, just thinking about the chicken, but also how he eats the chicken and maybe what happens after eating the chicken.

S5: I feel like that.

S10: Come with me. And we’ll be. Yes. I could feel that, Julia. And again, a solid lists of reasons. Peaches, you know the dog, Sharratt and the dog. Everyone knows I’m a huge dog fan, so I think I’d be a fan of Chris’s dog lol.

S31: Can I put that down? Got a call.

S32: Please go. I’m so sorry, Mr Evans. I respect him as a performer. Julia painted a world with her words, and I want to live inside that world. So shut up, do you, Julia? Thank you so much. Listing yet another series of reasons for why Chris Evans would be the top choice in a quarantine cabin.


S7: Our final Chris Evans that we’re gonna play. It’s from a longtime listener. Good old cookie. Cookie. Cookie. And she actually started off with Chris Evans as her only person to be quarantined with. And then things took a sharp left.

S33: Hi, Nicole. And then this is Turkey, one of your favorite listeners. When you asked if you had asked me in day three of quarantine who I’d want to be stuck with. I would say Chris Evans. Then I saw him shaving his brother’s head and I thought knew because that guy would be the kind of guy and convinced me to cut my own bangs during quarantine. So I would love to be stuck with Hozier because I think he and I would just wash and braid each other’s hair and go for long walks and write poetry together and then have some wine and whiskey and do some freaky stuff. Anyway, hope you two are doing okay during this quarantine time. Thank you for keeping up with flicking our first. Love you.

S9: Bye, Cookie.

S12: Oh, man. Well, Cookie. First of all, thank you for asking. After asking and checking in with us, we really appreciate that. That’s really sweet.

S11: You know, we thought you were gonna give us a lot of Chris Evans love. And then, you know, you took us to the road less traveled.

S32: Wow. What is it matter for the road? Less traveled? Hozier Ladies and gentlemen.

S12: But you know, of course I’m not mad at it because I love Hozier Cookie and I share that in common.

S21: But I also kind of agree with her that I think, you know, Chris would be good. And then he would get a little restless and he would be the kind the kind of guy that will tell you, hey, let’s try this trick that I just saw on YouTube. Let’s do this. You know, prank or stunt? I don’t know something because, you know, he grew up with siblings. He’s like the middle child. I think if he’s not the oldest, I’m not sure. But he’s got siblings and he’s from Boston. I feel like they used to do a lot of roughhousing or some kind of law. A lot of playful, goofy shit.


S18: So I feel like, you know, I agree with that. I think that he would want.

S11: He would make some kind of little silly suggestion just for the hell of it out of boredom and that maybe it would end up being a regretful decision.

S10: Wow. This is a lot. Cookie, I have to say, I am taken aback by your absolutely baseless suggestion that your bangs would go. But fine, I’ll go with it. I like you.

S17: I mean, listen, I also grew up with three siblings and they have been and several cousins. So, of course, there were some decisions that were, in hindsight, regretful. But I do. I do see what you’re saying. Yes, perhaps. I mean, personally, I don’t think so. But I hear exactly what you’re saying when it comes to writing poetry and having some whiskey and wine and going for a walk.

S7: And then as you said so delicately, because you’re a lady doing some freaky stuff and Hozier seems to be a solid choice for that person. Nicole. I personally would not know, but Nicole does.

S27: Yes, I agree. I think Hozier would be a lovely companion during this time.

S10: A lovely companion. Look at some places, some 80 year old lady with no hips anyway. Thank you, Cookie. That concludes our Chris Evans portion.

S30: But there’s more, more and more.

S11: And that more includes, you know, someone who maybe isn’t as well known as Chris Evans for a lot of our listeners. But I think once they Google him, they’ll remember who he is. Yeah. You know, Paul.

S25: There you go. Santoro. All right, Nicole. Yes. Yes.

S34: I’ve been in a call of one town this year here. So instead of me watching Westworld, despite the fact that I haven’t seen his name, too, I’ve just realized that I have such a deep love for Rodrigo Santoro, who plays Hector first time.


S35: And but actually, when I was like 13, he just imprinted himself on this shift at a very young age. Why would I want to be secondterm during quarantine when I was a serious look at the man’s face so he could take it for you? Why not? You know, I’m perfectly English, only the workings of a very language skills. All right. Thanks. All right.

S25: I love that voicemail.

S10: I love it, too, because, again, it just has a clarity of thoughts like they have given this old thought in the world.

S17: All right. Let’s think about this. Him.

S27: Yeah, I just liked that. They were like, you know, he can teach me another language and just look at his face. He is beautiful. And he is he’s he’s very good. He’s very good looking like it’s hard not to look at him.

S1: Yeah, there’s something perfectly symmetrical about Rodrigo. He is just we’ve mentioned him before on the show, but way, way back in the sands of time. Our former producer, Julia, who is Brazilian. She really had a strong, strong reaction to her, Draeger, because he’s also Brazilian. So she kind of grew up with him and watching the world kind of through themselves, you know, in his path, post love, actually, where he played, of course, the iconic call, who was unlucky and didn’t get any of Laura Linney’s goodies, which to this day the greatest, the greatest miscarriage of sexual justice in the movies was that was that movie, because they both deserved something. But then, of course, Hector in Westworld on HBO. So he’s had like a flourishing career that we have watched over the years with great interest because as our caller said, look at his face. He’s also a great actor. I guess, again, thinking about what she can occupy her mind with, our listener said he can teach me a second language, which I just appreciate. That’s full thoughts.


S27: I love that she said that he imprinted on her at a very young age.

S5: She’s a little duckling. Yes.

S19: OK. Thanks for taking us down that road.

S1: Paula, another excellent voicemail this time about someone who I have slowly come around on because he’s not my usual type, but I can see it. And I like it. I’m talking, of course, about the musician. Giardina And this person gives us a couple of reasons for for why.

S36: Hide them. Nicole. This is Ellen in D.C. and I just want to say thank you so much for providing the much needed content and letting our imaginations run free.

S37: My kind of obsession over the last six months has been to Denna, she has become extremely fine. And I when he first came out, I did not really. I did not find him attractive. But over the last six months and maybe longer than that, he is just really blossomed in my eyes. And he is a beautiful, beautiful, delicious man. And I and I have taken a bath every time I see him now. Anyway, hope you guys are saying they love you all. I.

S27: In line, I love that. I’m just taking a bath every time I see him now. That is beautiful.

S7: That is so evocative provided that the stuffing in her tracks like a deer in the headlights, like, wait a minute.

S8: Dinner. I don’t know how I feel about him. You know, I do love a ginger. Yes. I. I do. I don’t know if he’s naturally a ginger. That doesn’t matter.

S22: But, you know, I like it. I like his freckles. I have noticed that he is definitely, you know, picked up some muscle. He has chiseled himself over the last year or two or whatever.


S13: I’m not super familiar with his work. I’ve heard some of his music and it was fine. I just never. I haven’t taken the time to, like, sit and listen to anything that he’s done more fully. You know, just like focused on him.

S8: But I respect this. I respect his choice. And yeah, I can dig it.

S1: You can dig it. All right. What I like about the message is exactly what you like about it. It’s someone who has stumbled into a thirst. And all thirst is valid, obviously. But there’s something about the unexpected or the surprising that I think takes it into a new and exciting arena. Queer like, oh, I didn’t know you existed. And now every time I see you, I have to go through like a quick kind of whole body meltdown. And that’s always exciting. I’m always, always on board for that sort of thing. I do know some of Jenny’s music. I feel compelled to because as a Nigerian, I believe all Nigerians at a famous are at least seven cousins.

S7: I have to keep tabs on all my Nigerian cousins. So I am aware of Jenny’s work.

S1: And yes, I too was not a fan of the whole classic man era with the suits and the brocade and the walking stick and all that stuff was I was like, I get it. However, something did happen to so long and I have had very, very similar journeys. First was where it was like, I guess. And then I dunno what it was. But I did see a video of him, I think, and I was, I guess. Okay, put it in the bag. I’m here for it for your DNA. So it turns out everything is a construct because you could never said to me, this is someone I was gonna fancy. And yet here I am. I thought I was a Morris chestnut complexioned kind of person.


S7: But the DNA came with his, you know, light skin squint. And as I heard, I guess so. Yeah, he’s got that squint down really hard. It’s kind of like, sir, do you know you’re a cliché? And yet here I am. So one nil to GDNF.

S38: All right. So we’ve had a line that talked to us about DNA. And we’ve got another caller who is all about Henry Golding. Solid choice. Mm hmm.

S39: Hide them in the coal. I am conquering my phone anxiety to tell you that I would love to be quarantined with my dear boy Henry Golding because I feel like he would just keep things like I am very anxious and melancholy person. And I think he would keep things entertaining and find ways to cheer me up and keep me in the gene. And I just know that he loves cats, so I think we could be very cosy together and get through this whole thing together. Thanks, guys.

S13: OK. First of all, thank you so much for conquering your phone anxiety. I know that that is a major hurdle for many people. Sometimes you just just cannot get on the phone for whatever reason is really challenging. And so we appreciate that you were able to get over that hurdle and give us a call, especially for a subject like this. Thank you so much.

S32: I was so moved by that. Thank you so much. And also just to kind of name is as well and to say this is anxiety. I’m anxious and I melancholy and I still picks up the phone because this was important. I really love the I love. Well, that’s what is at the core of that.


S1: You know that act for you to pick up the phone like that and to call us and leave a message knowing that we were going to play it on the radio is lovely. And we are very proud of you. And we thank you very much for doing that, especially because he would bring into our attention, as you put it.

S10: My dear boy, Henry Gould, there’s so much affection in her voice when she says, My dear boy, Henry, go, yes.

S27: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And you know, I love the part about him possibly loving cats. And that means they they would be very cozy together. I could see that. I could see that.

S17: And I also really like, again, the thing that I’m struck by every time when we have listeners call in is the million and one euphemisms or what can be listened to as euphemisms for wanting to spend time with someone that you fancy.

S19: Yes. What I loved to you, it was like you would find ways to cheer me up and keep me in today. I was like, okay, I love that. What are you going to do? Like a monologue? No, no. I love that. And I. What does it play?

S10: A little clip from an interview a few years ago that Henry did on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

S40: What were you like in high school you voted for like most most likely to be a movie star? Yeah, I think I think what I got in the in the the end of your book was sexual healer.

S41: It was sort of a. I used to go. Why? We understand why.

S40: In another interview that it was due to the fact that I used to go around singing Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye. That was that was that was my song, just walking around the sort of the lockers and saying that that feeling I get sexual healing, sexual healing.


S1: So what’s what’s remarkable to me is that Henry cannot carry a tune.

S5: Now, I thought he was really going to, like, blow away.

S7: No, no, my my man cannot sing. Bless his cotton socks. But he you know, he really is living that life of being the beautiful person who’s just kind of I guess I love seeing it. And then you hear them singing you like, oh, do you love me? Do other people love? I love that so much. And so, yes, you he would entertain you with his terrible singing voice. So, yes, you have your instinct was correct. He would keep you entertained.

S25: Our next caller, like Tessa Thompson to be there, their quarantine. Buddy, buddy.

S42: Hi, ladies. I hope you’re doing well. I think that my celebrity coordination partner would be tougher times. Besides the fact that I am deeply in love with her. I think that we would just have a good. We hear the cookie time together. So, yes. Tessa Thompson all the way by.

S25: A weird cookie time together. OK. That’s a nice way of putting that, isn’t I?

S5: Just a little. I also love, again, the pure clarity.

S1: Besides the fact that I am deeply in love with her. I’m glad you asked. We would also have a weird cookie time. There’s just so much confidence. This person knows that Tessa would be the perfect partner. It’s not even. There was no kind of a busy around the bush. It was a very polite. I hope you’re doing well. Fantastic. Get out of the way. Here is my choice and I can’t fault it. Tesser remains perhaps our most popular female celebrity in terms of what’s in our inbox.


S43: Yeah, yeah, I would. Yeah, I agree with that. I think she gets the most requests, which we you know, we do not take requests.

S21: But if we do. Oh, yeah.

S20: People frequently write in and ask us about Tessa Thompson when we’re gonna talk about her. I may say something on our Tumblr page about her Synder stuff. And we’ve tried you know, we’ve tried to get her into the studio or with us some kind of way.

S43: And, you know, you never give up, never give up, never give up.

S10: The last time we tried and came very close with Sundance.

S1: Yeah. Yes. She knows. Schedules be what they are. It’s always difficult. But Tesser friend, you’ve got to come on the show at some point, please, for the sake of people who just know they’re going to have a weird cookie time with you. So please come on the show. I love that message again. Just clean and precise. A caller who knows what the hell they want. Yes, my favorite. So this next message is from a caller from the UK. It was actually a surprising pleasure to hear their voice because I felt instantly homesick, like instantly. But a theirfirst objects for quarantine was someone that I have watched too many hours of on Netflix. I am, of course, talking about one of the stars of Netflix is a lovesick Johnny Flynn High first aid kit to their hair.

S44: Love the show. The Slap Crash.

S45: I’d most like to be quarantined with is Johnny Flynn because he would entertain me with his music, and then I could just spend hours staring at his weird face. And then if things got really bad, I reckon he knows how to forage for food out in the Wild by Julia Man.


S17: She gets it.

S27: She said that he could forage for food if things got really bad. I love that.

S10: A practical lesson. I love it. Listen, when it falls will suck up the covers. But if shit really went to hell, then Johnny over there would be foraging with the best of them. And I like that again.

S1: So much forward planning. Like Julia said. Listen, I’m not about to be hungry in these Cauvin 19 streets. Somebody will have to go out and get some food and provide for us in our little shack. So, Johnny, you’re it. Shall we move on to the next person who has left us a message?

S43: Yes. And this message is for Ben Barnes.

S20: We’ve had someone from our Tumblr page frequently ask about Ben Barnes.

S21: And, you know, I’m sure there is more than one person who is a Big Ben Barnes fan out there. But if this is you Tumblr thirst bucket. Hello.

S7: This is us saying we see you.

S34: Hi, ladies. I just wanted to put in my vote. I’d like to be according to list. I was actually acquainted with Mr. Vannevar. Not only is he smoking hot, he is also a half-French traveling man, beautifully burgard and can sing and play the piano as well. So I would love to do something to mess with him at the piano and in other places. But you ladies. I hope you’re staying healthy.

S18: I really appreciate, you know, making sure that we’re being healthy. But also, I would love to do some duets with him at the piano and in other places.

S7: Let’s say with your chessman say here’s what I would like. You know what you don’t ask. You don’t get closed mouthed. Do not get fed.


S1: Yes, I love that. Again, someone who has just thought out what their needs might be. Over the course of a four week minimum lockdown. And the answer is a man who plays the piano and is lovely to look up. And I can’t I literally cannot see any fault with that.

S38: I can’t either. I respect that. You know, I could.

S43: I don’t know if I would see that for Ben Barnes with myself, but I understand the logic behind it.

S1: Yeah. This is the thing. And that’s you. FACT’s Nicole, you’ve just encapsulated exactly what this is. We do not need to fancy the same people we said. Often there is a lid for every pot. We are not here to yuck. Anyone’s yum. We are here to do is to give you the tools so you two can imagine what your perfect scenario is with your perfect person to go forth and enjoy that feeling, especially now of all times. Now this feels like a mildly necessary act. So dig deep and find the piano in your soul.

S5: You like that? Thanks. Yeah.

S10: Who is our next person who left us a voicemail of quarantine?

S8: First we have Jennifer, who is like a game show host.

S19: Come on down. Yeah.

S7: Jennifer has some feelings for Walton Goggins. I love it. I gotta respect the variety. Kovel. Yeah.

S46: Hi, my name is Jennifer. You guys are awesome. I love your podcast. I thought about which celebrity I’d want to be quarantined with. And I decided kind of quicker than I expected too, that it would be Walton Goggins from Justified, who’s my favorite character on the show. He’s hot, but he’s also interesting. But he seems like somebody who would be helpful. But also Blake wants him alone. Time for reading. So, you know, you have your space and still enjoy your own life. And I Googled him to make sure he hadn’t been my castle and I missed it. And he actually seems like a really good person. So, yeah, he’s he’s a celebrity and want to be quarantined with things by.


S26: Jennifer, we love a well researched first listen, Jennifer was thorough.

S10: She said, listen, maybe I missed something. So I’m gonna Google this festival. The world should be more like you. Okay, guys, Google is free. Just pop on there and do some research. And Jennifer is doing that research to you, Jennifer.

S18: Okay.

S14: Now, another reason that Walton took me by surprise is that, you know, based on justified., he kind of has racist teeth. Yes.

S7: And this is one of my favorite long term things that you’ve ever said to me. He hasn’t had a racist teeth because I knew immediately and I was like, yes, correct.

S14: And a. Yeah. You can’t explain it. Right. It’s just like if you know, you know. Yeah.

S19: I’m sure Walton is lovely, absolutely. Boyd Crowder.

S7: Absolutely. The man with the most racist teeth I have ever seen in my life. That’s what I thought whenever I look at his teeth, which is very confusing to me because I really love Walton Goggins as a performer.

S14: Yes, same. And I do think that he’s. Yeah.

S27: I do think that there’s like not to say he’s unattractive, but there is something about him I think because he’s kind of he’s kind of sly. Don’t think he’s very tall. He strikes me as what I like to call a firecracker, you know, little dynamite in a very, you know, small package. So I understand. I understand the attraction, even though it’s surprising to me. I understand.

S7: Oh, my God. You know, some days I really look across and I look at your face and I’m like, wow. Me and her man, we are so similar. And Walton Goggins, I think, is a prime example of just like, how do you know that? I feel the same way.


S20: Oh, my God, Nicole, we’re gonna take one more voice message from our listeners about someone that I was not familiar with.

S43: So I really appreciated learning about this person. And you know what? I am here for this caller called in about James a Kastor.

S47: Obviously, I’d like to be current in Virginia, a gangster because is okay is faces gorgeous, obviously, but also is the five years smartest. Thing on Earth, I don’t know.

S48: Like, if I went to the coins in the jeans, I would just I would I would kind of infiltrate the CIA, the NSA, whatever the Internets and pretend like the quarantine was forever so rude. I would just act and listen to for ever.

S5: Why the Internet? She would rig the Internet so that he would think the quarantine went on forever. By her side. I’m not mad at it. I’m not really.

S7: What I also love about the message beyond the content is the tone in her voice. It’s just kind of like I know what I sound like, but I’m not gonna feel bad about it. As someone who has owed her thirst boiling that, listen, I know what I’m proposing.

S1: I know it sounds ridiculous, but guess what?

S7: I stand in my truth and say what I feel and I respect that. I actually I really, really respect that. That is that was a startling message to receive.

S19: No preamble.

S10: Just got into it. Just got into it. And Ayaka. I love that because what a journey what she was like.

S5: Obviously, we were already know who she was talking about, you know.

S10: Because because I said that from abroad, it’s via email as by a voice note.


S1: And the subject of the email is so clear and so concise and so polite and well punctuated. And the subject just says, quarantine me with James, a Casta comma. Thank you. Full stop.

S10: Again, 10 out of 10. For clarity of intent. How could I be surprised that the content of that message would be so listen unprepared to rig the internet because he was already laid out in the precise language of the subject line.

S17: Do you want to tell our listeners who James Kastor is? Yes. So he is a comedian. He’s a stand up comedian. He does the occasional panel show or whatever, but he’s a very, very funny comedian. He’s kind of his persona is sort of awkward and dry. And, you know, Seybold, British, but very he’s funny. I like him a lot. I’ve seen a bunch of his comedy on Netflix and on YouTube. And I’m going to play a small bit of a routine that he did on British television live at the Apollo.

S49: Right now, totally off massage parlors in the past. Not easy, is it?

S50: Not sexy massage trucking minds up. Just normal massage is normal. It’s normal massage you do in a relationship, you know, not normal. Normal stuff normally. Well, you know me embeded normally for massage your partner normally in bed into the day feticide and to the day bastardo massage in the morning.

S49: It’s far too definate. Simon to the end, like so aren’t they lying down completely dark and slimy? And only one of you knows that a massage is about to take place.

S17: So what I love about that whole stand up bit is his expressions are very, very funny.


S10: He has a very malleable face. He’s got quite a quite a large jaw line. So I see what she is. I see what she was talking about. It’s got a it’s got a big old jaw. And he does this thing where he kind of eyes the audience as he is delivering the joke. And it’s really nice because you have a cue beyond what he’s saying. Anyway, I really like that joke.

S17: He goes on and on a little bit about how the you know, only one person knows about the massage and no one in that bed is qualified to give a massage.

S10: And yet we give massages to our partners all the time. Well, we might be damaging nerves. We don’t know. Anyway, what I love about that scenario for the quarantine bay situation is that should you require a massage?

S1: Ayaka guesswork. James can clearly deliver at least a mediocre massage.

S17: Again, another massive thank you to everyone who picks up a phone and left us a message telling us deep, dark secrets about themselves, giving us a little insight into what makes up their first brain and giving us a whole bunch of joy and delight on this great day here in New York. So thank you so much to everyone.

S13: Yeah. Thank you.

S43: Everybody, we know that it’s not always the easiest to send in a part of yourself for, you know, thousands of people to hear. Oh, we really appreciate that. You have been amazing. And you’ve also just really helped us in this process as we try to figure out how to thirst in the time of coronavirus.

S17: What a what a beautiful, beautiful way to put it. But before we go, Nicole, I do have to ask you very, very quickly, if you had to put together a little task force for quarantine duty in your isolation cabin. Can I ask who might be on your shortlist? Oh, wow.


S31: I’m so glad you asked.

S13: OK, so for our Slate Plus members who listened last week, they know that Hozier is my first choice. You know, for many of the same reasons that some of our listeners have told us today, he is a creative person. I think he knows how to entertain himself, be alone. I think he knows how to read a book for pleasure and for inspiration.

S21: He would entertain me. He would say drama. Tune for me. You know, all of that. I.

S7: Sounds so filthy. Because it’s the absolute joy in your voice. It was struggling, Junior.

S21: Yes, I. Yes. All of. And I also think that, you know, he would be solid entertainment. With his eyes closed. Can I can I just say that.

S7: You know what I. You didn’t know. You didn’t have to do that, but you did. And I’m grateful. Okay. Okay. So decideto is you who else?

S22: Nick Offerman. I need somebody who can build a table.

S18: Build a door who is handy, you know, in case she gets real. Like, really real. He knows. You know? He knows how to go out and find the things that we would need to survive. I think. So you can never know any any of.

S7: He brought his saxophone. Silver, who knows how the evening could take a turn?

S14: Yeah.

S8: And he also has he’s you know, he’s a rich conversationalist. So we would have some good conversations. He’s funny. Yes. All of that. Yeah. All right. You. OK? Yeah. My Herschel’s. Ali. All righty.

S7: Now. Okay. Now go to places. Tell me.

S11: Just on a superficial level. I just want to look at his skin.


S22: I just want to hold his hand. But I also think that he would be a very soothing, calming presence.

S27: And, you know, once it gets to a point where I think I would be, you know, at an emotional point where everything was overwhelming, I think he would be really good at bringing me back down to earth and just who knows. So keeping me keeping my feet planted.

S1: I love it. That’s so practical and smart. Good job, Walter.

S18: Thank you. But I do have one more output before stabilizing me.

S51: And my ideal is like that. Be on a ranch and then just have everybody has their own little their they look at. And I just press a button and wider their phone in their cabin lights up and they just know. Okay. I got thirty minutes to take a shower and get over there. Your Holiness.

S23: You really have to take your seat.

S5: I am fully holding my belly laughing.

S18: But just like just on a physical sex level, it will be Sebastian Stan solid choice like this purely because he was recently on.

S5: No, I got that.

S21: He was recently on a fitness podcast and he admitted that he doesn’t know how to cook and that he is not doing well like by himself, like he needs to be entertained. So that’s not super great for me. I know. I would like for whoever I’m quarantine with to be able to provide for us at least a meal like give me a break from cooking. I don’t mind cooking, but, you know, it can’t be every day. I get that. I get there, you know. But just on. He’s not there like. So I guess. Yeah.


S7: Guess why he’s. He’s in the roster.

S52: I see. Yes. Just for just a raw entertainment. Oh my God. Oh, stop.

S23: Stop right there.

S5: Oh my. Oh my ex exit coming out.

S10: But yeah, it sounds like you were deep in the woods of Tennessee. You sit up right now.

S5: So those are my four.

S10: That’s a solid foursome. I’m I’m pleased. Again, amazing discernment on display. You’re just a thinker, aren’t you?

S7: But what about your list, too? Okay. Yes. Okay. Well, this is I. I don’t have four.

S1: I’ve stopped at three. But I think that they cover the same ground that you’ll fall do. I think I would go with Blair Underwood. Listen, listeners may recall that we interviewed him recently on the show and he was just a smooth tumbler of dark liquor. He was just just the best a wonderful person to talk to. So attentive, so thoughtful.

S17: You know what? You can see someone really weighing their words and thinking about what they want to say. Blair has that in spades. Like I I saw that in Blair and I was like, yes, I see, I see. I see the skills that you have onstage and on screen and I see who you are in person and together. I think I like that very much. So Blair Underwood for me is like the full package, like someone to talk about life with. You know what I mean? Like we’re in that cabinet. We’re just like, you know, the kind of person who asks you tell me about how you grew up and you’re there. Forty five minutes later and you’re only still six years old in your recollection, because there’s just like so much his interest that he wants to know who you are. And I’m really ready to burden my soul in a quarantine situation, because where else are we going to go? We got nothing but time. So Blair, I think, would very much occupy and also not to be too crass, because I’ve met Brad, I’ve met Blair now. So I can’t just be saying things any old how. But he just, you know, as a grown man and I’m appreciative of what that entails. Yes. SHARRATT See you. Blair My second choice for if we’re going for your sub situation of just pure commonality. I’m so sorry to be this basic, but it’s got to be Colin Farrell solid choice side you.


S7: I just feel like he knows how to have a good time and at no point is a television required. I just I just feel like we would lose the remote for several weeks and not miss it.

S17: So shout out to you, Colin. God bless you and your children, your partner. This is all in good fun. But I also know what you’re about, son.

S10: And I’m here. And then, of course, because how could I end this without saying explicitly, hi, Chris Evans, come through. I feel I’ve already said all of this at the beginning. Good job. That word can, you know, has a dog solid. I don’t bring a dog like he already brings that shirt. Like, that’s purely practical. Like, yeah, I’m all the way in.

S1: So should you wish to come on the show again, Chris? By all means, let us know. Also, if you do want to take up in a cabin somewhere for the duration of this global pandemic yet again, please pop me a message on Twitter. We can get this shit going. So those are my options. Nicole Blair Underwood. Colin Farrell, Chris Evans, I.

S27: Yeah, OK. I can see all of that for you. I thought maybe you would have thrown Andrew Lincoln in there.

S7: But Andrew Lincoln is always with me. He is without a shadow of a doubt. The person on my phone besides family. He is the person I have the most photos of on my phone. It is offensive. And it is it bothers me on a level that I have yet to like, really like reckoned with.

S17: But Andrew Lincoln is, even, as I mentioned, his name. He’s in my pocket at any given time. Like, I just I love him. So I’m looking at a photo of him right now on my desk as I record this.


S7: He’s right.

S17: I can send you a photo is by an amazing, talented, fine arts creator called Miss Doom and Gloom. Shout out to you, Miss Doom and Gloom, because she makes beautiful out of Andrew Lincoln as Rick from The Walking Dead.

S7: And My House is plastered with Andrew Lincoln imagery because I love him so much that I didn’t mention him because Nicole, I don’t need to fire him.

S27: Right. Right. He’s just there.

S7: He used to say, well, he he’s he’s the one who owns the cabin that we all moved to.

S4: That’s a way you understand? I do.

S53: Thursday is a slate production produced by Cher Vincent and as Nicole Perkins and him out on me. Our music is by Tanya Morgan.

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S54: We’ll be back next week. In the meantime, we think you know what to do. Wash your hands. Stay home and maybe go back and listen to our back catalogue.

S55: Just a thought. Bye bye.

S27: I think I was really get ready, get in my bag and give my my, my what a good friend of the show.

S43: Tracy Clayton always calls my Misc. coochie Clio personality where I predict people’s sexual skills.

S27: But, you know, I’m gonna hold off on that. But I think Hozier would be a lovely companion during this time.

S7: All right. Welcome back. Slate Plus listeners. Hello. Nicole, I am excited to get into the Thursday Kate Plus this week because it is something that I’ve been interested in for a very long time.

S1: It’s one of those simple pleasures in life that actually gives you incredible rewards.

S26: So, yeah, I mean, and you don’t even really know why you like it, but you know that you do. And that’s enough.

S17: Sometimes a man, a man, Deacon, is spot on. I think it’s a very perfect illustration of the unique pleasure of the thing that we are going to be exploring this week. And it is best, best done via Jennifer Garner and Mark gruffalo in the classic 13 going on 30.

S56: Never quick reaction before.

S17: So, Jenna, basically the last time she saw Matty, it was when they were prepubescent. You know, the beginning of life. And when she sees him in her new grown up self, she notices that he has hairy forearms.

S7: And that is the moment where Jenna became most relatable to me, where I’m like this. Welcome. Welcome to the unique pleasure of this. Noticing this particular thing. Yes, of course, we are talking about forearms, grown men’s forearms, Nicole. This is something that you enjoy.


S57: Yes. It’s actually one of my favorite things. And I have been caught plenty of times on dates, staring at my dates for arms. I have also suddenly reached out a hand and started stroking the four arms like a kitten.

S5: Let me just put myself next to this thing.

S27: Yes. And I just you know, I could see myself like my hand in slow motion as I’m reaching across the table in the restaurant. And I just look up at a mouth like, is it OK if I touch your arm? And of course, he’s like, sure.

S5: OK.

S21: And then I just start stroking the hair on his arm and just like calming it down. So they’re all going in the same direction and all this kind of stuff. He was like, are you into four arms? They’re usually you know, they’re usually asking why I’m doing this. And I like, yeah, it just you’ve got really nice forearms. And I I can’t help myself.

S10: I don’t know how to explain to you, Nicole, that you and I are right now not on a date, but you’re using your date voice on me.

S7: Your voice was all soft. You are like. Yeah. Just three, like for her. Like, who the hell are you trying to seduce on this? This conversation. Madam, put it away. But I hear you.

S1: I, too, am a fan of a of a strong looking forum. You know what I really enjoy in a forum besides her visible veins?

S14: Yes, bitch. Yes.

S29: I’m so sick. Oh, I hate myself. And yet. And yet.

S14: And yet. I mean, you know, things are basic for a reason. We’re you know, we’re making fun of ourself. I call it basic, but really it goes back to that primal need. And as to like check out virility.


S17: Yes. Yes. It’s such an old. Yeah. It’s very old fashioned. I feel like I am somebody’s grandmother. It’s got very nice arms. But there is something just reassuring about somebody who has arms that look as though they can lift stuff and you know, they can, I don’t know, defend you or some shit. I don’t know. I just think there’s something very lizard brain that kind of pops. It just pops off like, oh, hello. And it’s like, why am I reacting this way? And as I go to lay, just lean in. And so I’ve leaned into it. And that’s where I am right now. I’m just enjoying the prospects of what a nice all means. And I feel particularly robbed this year because we’re all indoors. And so my favorite pastime around this time of year when the days begin to get, you know, a little bit longer. The sun is shining a bit more. It’s a little bit warmer. Men begin to roll up their sleeves. Yes. And in that, when whenever I whenever I encounter that out in the wild, all I become is like a Victorian gentleman spotting some angle because it’s very titillating.

S7: I’ve just like, right over your orbs. Why?

S23: Yeah, just close your eyes. You like it?

S7: Let’s put it away. But that’s basically what I’m doing on the streets, like, oh, my God, so many lovely owls. And some of them are like Sunkist. And like, when is deep summer?

S58: And they’re all burnished like.

S17: Every single arm out there, it’s appreciated. You’re doing stellar work. And we just want to just want to applaud that. Good job. You know, here we go.


S18: Yeah.

S21: Like you’re saying, it’s like, you know, you don’t realize how you don’t see something that often until you see it. And you’re like, oh, I’ve been missing for arms. And, you know, it’s been a very long winter.

S7: It wasn’t a very cold winter, but it was long.

S14: Yes. And it’s like, you know, you still see men out in t shirts. So you see their four arms. But it’s something about the long sleeve rolled up. Yes.

S57: That emphasizes, I guess, you know, because the tightness across the elbow and all of that emphasizes everything. You know, it’s basically like, you know, a little sexy turn ticket, I guess.

S19: Wow. You really went there. Oh, thanks, sweetheart.

S7: OK. You know what? She really is a poet. Ladies and gentlemen. Amazing. Just fantastic. I hear you. I think there’s something about the suggestion.

S17: That’s the thing that makes it hot. Right. Like it’s not just out there. It’s something that was revealed to you. It’s something that was kind of it’s been shown, but only in parts. There’s something about the half and half of it. I think that’s very hot.

S21: Yeah. And like when men have their sleeves rolled up, it signals, oh, they’re about to do work.

S26: They’re about to do something that will potentially dirty them or we’ll just get messy and some kind of way. And so they have to prepare themselves for. And it’s like, oh, what are you about to do that’s gonna get you dirty?

S17: You know, you read in romance novels sometimes where someone is doing within reason a sort of running commentary of what they are doing. And it’s, you know, it’s exciting to read that. But there’s something that is intimated in sleeves being rolled up, which feels like a running commentary like this is somebody explaining to you that something is about to go down. Like you said, they are about to do some yard work or they’re about to pick up a baby.


S7: Hope they’re provocative. Stroker kids and I don’t know. Or a puppy.

S17: There’s something fundamentally just kind of like, I’m a serious person. I am a serious man. I do serious things when, you know, sleeves rolled up. And I think the half and half of it is lovely. And that’s one of the things that I love best. That’s one of my favorite ways to showcase a forum is when it’s been revealed to me in, you know, half measure. But, of course, I have to be honest, the very first kind of like naked forum that I was like, oh, yeah, that’s the stuff from a classic poster from the 80s classic Athena poster of a man as a model called Adam Perry. And he’s cradling a baby, if you don’t know it. I bet, you know, it’s a very famous poster. It’s shot by a photographer called Spencer Roe. And the model in it is Adam Perry. He’s topless. He’s wearing a pair of jeans. And there is a baby that is kind of like along the length of one thigh. And then the baby’s kind of like bracketed in his arms. And of course, he’s like a model from the 80s. So he looks like a very 80s model. But the forearms adjusts right next to the baby. So providing scale and the biceps are just like, you know, a little bit waist back. And it’s it’s very stirring photo because honestly, it’s not doing anything.

S7: Especially if he’s the father of said babies, I guess. You made the baby fucking take care of it. I’m rags, lizard brain. It’s kind of like, oh, my God, so capable. Oh, my God. Take care. The tiny baby. And I hate that I respond. And yet I do respond. But I love that photo.


S17: I saw that when I was a child, maybe a tween. And I was like, yes, why do I like that? I don’t know, but I like it. And years later, I read or rather watch the thing on TV where the guy, Adam Perry was like, oh, yeah, he got I got laid a bunch. Oh, my God.

S10: I’m not kidding. Literally thousands of women he slept with at at the height of this. And I’m like, yeah, because we’re all so obvious. We’re kind of like going out and I have got a baby. That’s again, inspiring. Adam, he slept with literally thousands of women off the back of that poster. And I have to say, slugger’s it was consensual. Good on you, Adam. You made a lot of dreams come true.

S57: Wow, okay, so that documentary, I guess I’m looking at the can’t laugh off the model, the poster and three thousand women. There you go. And he claimed to have slept with three thousand women off of that and crap.

S23: I mean, isn’t that incredible?

S10: What more do you need? Like a baby’s forearms. You’re always on your way. And Adam really was away, so.

S17: Yeah, but that was for me, like be kind of like imprinted image of forearms and baby, which I think is a template for many of us when it comes to like, what do you like it? I don’t know. It looks capable. This, I think, was one of those foundational kind of images that is in, you know, popular culture in a way that you don’t even know. You’ve absorbed it until you realize everyone else has.

S20: I don’t even remember when the first time I noticed the forearm was I like you. So I feel like it’s just always kind of been there.


S27: You know, as part of my post adolescent sexual identity or something like, I don’t know.

S43: It’s always been, I guess because it’s such a subtle thing, you can look at it and it’s not.

S20: You know, it’s not as obvious as looking at someone’s prints. Right. Their crotch or whatever. Right. Just creepy.

S59: Yeah.

S57: You can just kind of glance and look at an arm and then just kind of look back at the arm and it’s okay. You know, it’s it’s not anything that’s inappropriate or crass.

S26: But I love I love a Harry for arm. I love to see the contrast between the dark hair and the skin. When you talked about the tan, can you see the man get tanned in there, kind of burnished and is just smooth, even for men who don’t have a lot of hair, who aren’t, you know, who have very fine hair on their forearms.

S21: I’m still fascinated.

S26: Just because it is such a smooth expanse of skin for the most part. Like it’s not a place that has a lot of that tends to have a lot of blemishes to it. If and if you’re acting prone or whatever it can. It’s so easy just to reach out a hand when you’re sitting next to somebody and touch his forearm. And it’s you know, it’s just like you’re here and I’m here. There’s your forearm.

S7: You know, it’s just like a quick question, Nicole. Do you like touching forearms by any chance? I have. There’s no evidence to suggest either way. But I just I have to know.


S29: I do. I do. Okay.

S7: That’s come up of its own volition. No fewer than three times already. Yeah. Just reach out. Touch a know. You know, I’m here just looking at an arm, just touching it. It’s okay to go. I get it. I love it. You odio truth. You love it. Yes, I do.

S18: And I think, you know, to kind of go there without going there. Four arms are heavy. Wow. Okay.

S7: I’ve just I’ve been all over right now, but I hear what you’re saying.

S27: And just you know, I just like picking them up and like let alone plop on the couch. It’s just I love a forearm.

S17: Yes, you do. Yes, you do. And you’re not alone. This is the thing that we’d like you said. We joke and call ourselves basic-, et cetera. But it’s because it’s something that is not unique to us. There are so many pieces across the Internet where people have asked this question seriously with a lot of, you know, chin stroking, why do women like forearms or what is it about forearms and make ladies go, blah, blah, blah? And it’s like, well, some of the stuff we’ve laid out, but there are also these really lovely things that come up like, you know, we’ve mentioned already that the very specific thing of rolled up sleeves over just a short sleeve t shirt. There’s something in the actual the rolling back that is very hot. And again, most people on earth have forearms. It’s one of those democratic kind of like just hot. Whoever you are, whatever else you look like. Arms are arms and arms. And it’s just really it’s lovely. And yeah, it does feel democratic to say, hey, here’s a part of a body that I always love looking at regardless of who owns it, because it’s just something universal and universally appealing about arms.


S60: Right. And it doesn’t matter how tall you are. You know what? If you’re a slim or big or whatever the forearm is, the forearm is the forearm and it is going to get attention. So, you know, we were looking up for arms and doing our research. And there is this old Reddit post from 2014. And someone asks, why are girls attracted to four arms?

S7: And one of the users are so many responses. Right. It wasn’t my favorite ready questions, but someone kind of goes. I’ve got an innocuous question. And then there’s like an avalanche of replies, like, sit down, hold onto your hat. Yes.

S20: So one of the users going by the name, you’re not a genea.

S57: Replied In such a sweet, such a sweet response that I’m gonna read it.

S26: And they said, I like my husband’s four arms because inside of them is really soft and smooth. But the other side is tanned and tough from working outside. He has great muscle definition there, which is hot to look at. You can just see his strength. Plus, when he hugs me in bed, it is usually just a forearm draped over me. So I get to nasal and kiss it and that is nice to do. Also, when he grabs me and pulls me close as I’m walking past, it is usually with the forearm across my belly and the hard strength of it is very comforting and exciting.

S7: Now, yes, that is a tree that is just porridge. I was reading that and nodding like she was talking about my husband. I was like, yes, yes, he does do that. Yes, you’re right. It’s such a lovely, lovely little paragraph that just perfectly encapsulates everything.


S1: It is comforting. It is exciting. It is heavy. It is strong. It is tough. It is smooth. It everything, man. Listen, I’m telling you, we talk a lot about innocuous details that a lot of people don’t realize.

S17: You know, oftentimes women are kind of like, oh, my God, do that again or whatever.

S1: And I feel like very underrated is a consensual arm grab where you just kind of pulled into the bulk of another person’s space and body. Mm hmm. The shit is just nice. I don’t know. I don’t know what else to say beyond just like nodding wordlessly, like. Yes, yes, yes. Yes. Do that again. It’s so nice. And it’s because of exactly everything but this this person wrote. It’s exciting. But it’s also kind of reassuring, you know, right.

S11: When you’re the little spoon and the big spoon puts that fore arm across you and you just kind of nuzzle it either like between your boobs after you just hold it by the wrist and you notice like let his hands kind of stretch across you and you just feel just so enveloped by his heat, his love, like whatever, you know, is just such a sweet, soft moment that so personal that we hopefully have all experienced at some point.

S22: Right.

S17: It’s just one of those things, again, to go back to the democracy of it. It is such a simple it doesn’t require you to do very much. It’s like cooking a big meal. It’s not like being able to dance. It’s not like having musical ability. It’s not any of those things. It’s just a thing that is on your body and its presence is enough. Like, it’s just there. It’s just there. And it turns.