Thirstmail, Vol. 4

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S1: I showed andI.

S2: And asked, can we try this today? He looked at it, then back at me, a slow smile spreading across his face. You want me to. Yes, I replied with the beard.

S3: It seems silly, huh? That’s that’s what he could do with the Vettori.

S4: Oh, hello.

S5: I’m fine. How are you? I am here. I am very busy. Yeah, me too. But I’m also bright, so you get it. And I’m also very, very tight. Yeah, I’m very stressed.

S6: Um, I’m tired. It’s it’s interesting how busy we are right now and then there’s like still no way we can leave the house. Right. Right. Yeah. Yeah. But, you know, that’s life, right.

S7: It really is. And I think a big sign of maturity is that here we are like soldiers still thirsting actively. We are out here saluting, flying the flag, etc. just trying to claim some space that belongs to us and are very important thing.

S6: You know, we’ve had a good couple of episodes so far. You know, Jason Mizuki’s opened it up and like, ruined our lives in a good way, the best way. And then we talked about John Boyega, which really I shouldn’t say surprised me to see how many people have listen to that episode. But, wow, everybody really did surprise me, tuned in for that one.

S8: I mean, everybody said, oh, John, yes. I jumped in head first. And I’m I’m yeah, I’m a little bit surprised.

S7: I was like, yeah, I know there’s like an undercurrent of fancying John, but like, everyone came out in force, like, that’s my spaceplane.

S6: Yeah. It ended up being more popular than the Jason Mizuki’s episode, which normally when we have the subject in the studio and we’re talking to them, those episodes are really, really popular. But this is this John Boyega one. I mean, everybody does. And I think they were waiting for us.

S3: They were waiting for us to talk about him. I think that’s it.

S9: I think and like we said in the episode, like he has been on our maybe list for so long that in a way I felt extra proud that we presented him with a flourish at this.

S3: Yes. Yes. Because I’m like, oh, yeah. It’s like it’s basically like we’ve been kind of beating you like, oh, we know who you like. We know who you like. We know who you like. All right, here he is. And then we all fell on him like a pack of dogs and I love it.

S6: But today we are going to dip into our mailbag, so to speak, and get to some of these travels. There’s a familiar request that you’ve sent us some the questions from our Tumblr. We’re going to say hello to our thirst buckets out there today.

S7: Yeah, that sounds so magnanimous. I love the way you say that. Just like we’re going to we’re going to talk to you this week. And, yeah, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. I’m very excited because the mailbag episode for me are also a really wonderful chance to kind of showcase that while Nicole and I are the ones with the microphones sitting in our closets respectively, trying to make something, the real engine of the circuit is and always has been. You are lovely listeners are wonderful first buckets. There is such a rich vein of creativity and mindless bursts out there in the world, and every so often you send us an email or leave us a voicemail or whatever, and it’s like, oh yeah, there it is. I knew someone was listening. And then there’s the evidence. I see it now. Wow. You people are real thirsty and it makes me it warms my heart every time I’m like, oh, look, look, look, this is my job.

S3: It’s great. We’re going to read some travels first and we can’t get to everybody. And some of you are sending stuff that’s still too long. We love you, but it’s too long. That’s she said people really take when we say short, they take it as sort of like misguidance and not like a hard rule. And I’m like, guys, we’re not just saying that we can’t read a two thousand word epic. It’s just impossible.

S6: So some of these are going to be cut short and we’ll have to put the rest on our Tumblr. But, you know, like we always say, we’re so impressed with what you send us that we do want to make sure that we honor that and give you show you some love.

S7: OK, so we’re going to start off today with a dribble about. One of our recent best objects, I am, of course, talking about Mr. John Baker, which, again, just for the record, can I state the reaction to the John episode I’m going to be thinking about for months to come, because people out there love job really do.

S3: And lots of people responded to Nicole’s struggle about jumping, which again, I was like sounds about right. Like I said, I said it in the episode and I meant it. Give me my activist drama like my romantic activist drama. Put it, inject it, put it inside my eyes.

S7: But this this is from Ray R.E. and they sent us a short thing, which I’m going to read now, and I’m going to do my best to do a real London accent for when it gets to the bits that feature John Senecal, are you going to be so difficult for you?

S10: You know what I mean? Mockery. Yes, I’m ready.

S8: I asked a simple question and now I’m being like, raked over the coals like, oh, you’re going to do an English accent yet from England? Yes, I have to go. I am OK. All right. OK, here we go, baby.

S11: Look at this. John exclaims as he glances at his laptop. It’s almost 2:00 a.m. in London, way past my bedtime, but I pulled the Netflix show I’m watching and scurry over to the living area to take a peek as jovial grin lights up the room. And I can tell it’s the news he’s been waiting for. Did your company close the deal? I ask as I massage his shoulders. Hell, yeah. And it’s better than I imagined, he exclaims. We’ve been quarantined for several months now, but that hasn’t stopped John from working day and night. He stands up and I wrap my arms around him, squeezing him for what seems like an eternity, but he doesn’t mind. I’m so proud of you. This is amazing news, I say as I pull him close. There’s long nights paid off. God looked out. He laughs and stares deeply into my eyes, his piercing gaze completely melting my soul. It wouldn’t have happened without you, he says. Thanks for staying up with me, keeping me on track, holding me down. You’re a real one. He kisses me on the forehead and I stare at the window, admiring the eerie but beautiful view from John’s flat. The world may be falling apart at this very moment, but I wouldn’t notice because my world is right here.

S10: OK, Ray, I said, let me build you an urban fantasy in which me and John are being supportive and loving towards one another. And I fuck with it, Ray.

S3: I do. I like this so much. I also like the little emphasis on spirituality, because John is very much, you know, very much into expressing himself when it comes to his religion and his face.

S6: So I like that, you know, the detail there.

S7: Rice said, I’m going to give you some research, OK? I said, I don’t write these troubles just any old how I do my research. I know my subjects and we appreciate we see it, right. We see you doing the work. OK, congrats. I really love that job. Well, that’s so gentle. And I also really love I love the whole thing about support. And Joan recognizing that, you know, it’s black women that got me a fair amount of the way and I love it that Ray also put that in there. I would love it also even a little bit more if John, I don’t know, came.

S3: But that’s a story for another day. John, show some black women some love by coming on their show. How about that? There’s two of us here, John. There’s two come through.

S6: We’re waiting for our next Drabble is from a listener, Brook, and they write in and they say that this is their first time emailing. And so I’m so I just love it when people kind of like, get over their anxiety or like their embarrassment or even just, I want to say fear. But, you know, their hesitancy.

S3: It’s sometimes. Yeah, yeah.

S2: So Brook says, like many of your listeners, I too have almost gotten into a car accident listening to the podcast.

S3: It was, yay, congrats. But that’s that’s the initiation process. You’ve completed it. It was the literary based episode.

S6: And Daniel Avery made me do a literal spit take all over my laptop when they read. There are things I’ve learned about heterosexual female desire from decades of reading.

S3: That is a deep cut. And I appreciate that, Brooke. Thank you, Brooke.

S6: That is an adorable about Aidan Turner, a.k.a. Poldark.

S3: OK, talking about cuts and they go on to say, a.k.a. the dwarf that had no business being that hot in The Hobbit. You know, it’s funny, I did not watch any of those, but I did see the eight Internet that was any of those.

S10: Wow.

S3: But I did see that Aidan Turner was in The Hobbit, and he seems to be one of very few whose faith was. Completely unobscured, like like just so clearly still him and I wonder if he put that in his contract, like you’re not going to ugly me up. No, I’m a dwarf, but I’m a dwarf or I motherfuckers not every day put me under six pounds of prosthetics. I appreciated that. So Brooks sent in the Strabo, but it was a little too long. So works it was I guess it really was for me. You got very carried away, Brooke. And I stand, but also because know that. So I’m only going to read a little bit of it. What it’s actually probably like only a third of it. I would love Brooke. Oh, that’s the best kind of love I love.

S6: And then the rest will put on Tumblr for everyone else to read. So, Bembe, are you ready, Nicole?

S3: I’ve never been ready for anything in my whole life. All right.

S6: I pretended not to watch Aiden as he definitely swept Stefano’s into a bin while I attempted to roll the stained and chrome speckled tablecloths into vaguely organized lumps. Every encounter had made me like him a little bit more.

S12: And this was the 12th shift we’d worked together since Lisa hired him to help during wedding season. Lately, being near him felt like a study in how much of an ass I could make of myself while desperately trying not to reveal that something as innocuous as seeing him button up his standard issue black catering vest, sparkly, florid blush that modeled my chest and Tim’s The Tips of my ears pink.

S13: The anxiety of this devastatingly hopeless crush was becoming unbearable. Aidan jiggled his arm full of Stefano’s at me and nodded at the pile of polyester fabric, blasting me with the force of his canine grin. Need any help with those? The kind of heavy. Not to mention super gross. I’m pretty sure I saw a kid blow his nose in that one. I tried to maintain casual eye contact and that stare at his gleaming teeth are the light stubble, shading his mouth and jaw. The word wolf post somewhere in the back of my brain like an alarm bell Wolf will.

S10: Oh, I. All right, we’re going to cut that there. Listen, Brooks said, I’m bringing you some Gothic.

S8: I love it. I’m bringing you I know you love a Gothic romance. I know you do. I see it. I love it so much. Let’s listen. Let me tell you something. When we put the struggle into our document, Nicole said, I’m reading. She said it with authority because she saw the world. And much like Brooke, the alarm bell was pulsing somewhere in the back of her brain Wolf.

S3: Wolf. Yes, you know what, Nicole? You did that. Thank you. Thank you. I love I love the werewolves. I love any kind of gothic animalistic grin. Give it all to me.

S10: Wow. Wow. Look at you. You are watching right now in front of that. Like I love you. See all your teeth to PR.. Yes. One. Yes. Wow.

S3: OK, OK, I’m very in character for an animal film, right? Thank you, Brooke, for that. Really appreciate it. You know, hit me in my sweet spot. OK. All right.

S8: I know what you meant, but that’s not what I heard. OK, we have another trouble, this time from a reader called Shahida.

S7: And Nicole and I a few weeks ago did an event with the romance author Jasmine Guillory, which I think is now available on the books of Magic YouTube page. So go check that out, if you would like. I seem to remember that Qader had a question in the Q&A box and we didn’t find the time to get into it. So if you are the same Chahta Hai, sorry we didn’t get to your question, but today we are going to feature your trouble in this mailbag episode. So you know what? Sometimes God shuts the window and opens a door and vice versa. So this is consider this the smaller window. So this one is about someone called Pedro Pascal.

S3: You may have heard of him. You know, that name sounds familiar. Sounds familiar.

S7: I’ve seen him in a couple of things like, you know, the Mandalorian and maybe Game of Thrones. I don’t know stuff. Maybe narcos. I don’t know. He’s kind of big. Also, Pedro has featured heavily in our Tumblr horsebox because you people are swapping Pedro a lot. And I can see why. I will also say what we always say on Tumblr. We don’t take requests, but I like that we feel very strongly about Pedro. And Shahida has stepped into the breach to write a novel about him. So let’s get into that. So Shahida says she is writing to us in a time of strife. Now, I love a historical drama, so straight away I’m like Stryfe. OK, tell me more. And the way Shahidi describes it is I’ve developed a terrible crush on Pedro Pascha within the last few weeks and I have no one to discuss my newfound love for this man. And so here we are to kind of do this has things I want to say about this trouble. Shahida. Heard what we said about keeping it short and she did that. So ten points to you, Gryffindor, you killed it. All right. Let me let me read the Drabble.

S11: I see the back of Pedro’s head, Benlolo, his face illuminated by the screen of his iPad. I walk around the couch noting how his favorite T-shirt drapes on his body. I smile when I see his green boxes, my heart skipping a beat as my eyes continue to trace a path down his legs to a pair of colorful socks on his feet. Pedro looks up and flashes a careless grin on my way before returning his attention to the screen. I know then what my mission is tonight.

S10: Yes, yes. Listen, Shahina said it was a mission. Excuse me. Ground control to Major who shot HITA.

S3: I love a little distraction mission and. All right. Okay. All right.

S10: Look, a distraction mission. She has a name for this thing.

S6: This is really good. Thank you, Suhayda.

S8: I mean, that, that made me feel a bit sweaty. I got goosebumps. I was like, you have a mission. And that is saying a lot because you literally wrote the words green boxes, which is awful. And yet I was like green boxes that could work.

S3: Yeah, green means go.

S10: OK, that’s enough, young lady.

S8: Oh my God. That’s going to be stuck in my head all day. And I hope you realize green you go, oh my God, thank you Shehada. That was that clearly has tickled Nicole because she loves the distraction mission. It is also tickled me. So thank you so much for taking the time.

S6: Our next travel is from Melissa, and it is about Seth Rogen and what we’ve been trying to get Seth on the show, Seth calls the numbers the same.

S10: Seth, please call.

S6: So Melissa says that this Drabble is a combination of something that happens in real life and fantasy. And I’m so intrigued. I want to know which is which. But, you know, that’s your business.

S10: So I’m not going to ask if that was so smooth. That’s your business. I love it.

S3: I’m excited, too. I love I love being I love trying to decipher which is which also. And it’s I just really like this one. This is a cute one. OK, ok.

S10: Wow. A cute one. I love it. Can’t travel too. Oh my gosh.

S6: I’m excited. Here we go. How can this be sexy. I was asking myself while Seth Rogen was parading around the apartment in a cheap fleece Batman onesie with a mask. Then on and on and on and on and on and on and on. He was thinking, getting closer to me with that raspy voice of his at any second he could be cracking up.

S12: I wanted to laugh so hard, but in a very weird way. My legs kept on getting weaker and weaker and weaker, and God knows he knew it there he was making a mockery of one of my very first fantasies. Totally ridiculous. Yet it worked. He pushed me slightly against the wall and whispered in my ear, I am Batman extending the AI just so I would know with it 100 percent serious. Only if I were not the biggest shiver went down my spine and his eyes darkened. Whereas the Joker, he whispered wildly serious. My eyes narrowed as if asking if we were really doing this. Apparently, yes, we were OK.

S10: Melissa. Apparently, yes.

S3: Oh, I love this. I love some cats play the role play. There’s levels to it. Melissa, yet again hitting some sweet spots. Yes, this is it. I mean, I’m not even like a DC girl, but I’m like, yeah. All right. Marvel folk marvel. Let’s do some Batman, right. And now we’re going to do a little bit of a twofer. We’ve got such a funny way. I know we had this ask in our Tumblr box from someone who is anonymous and they say, help me.

S6: I am suddenly very attracted to Andy Samberg puppy dog eyes.

S3: What is happening to me? What, of course, you know, I love it for the play to help me at the beginning, which tells me all I need to know about the distress this crush is causing. And I understand because, you know, sometimes Andy Samberg, um, you know, sometimes he’s just not who you think you’re going to go for.

S10: Oh, what a diplomatic Niccolò. You should be in the Peace Corps. That was amazing. Wow. I was like, how is she going to land this? I was watching it like I was like she had us in the first half not going to live, but then you nailed it. Wow.

S3: But Andy Samberg is a cutie pie is like, you know what I know that I’ve noticed now because of you and your peccadilloes, Nicole, he has a very wide mouth. Yes. Come on. Yes.

S8: And every time I see him, all I can think on a loop is wide mouth wide, like Nicole. I can’t believe you have made me somehow come to wide mouths. But here I am noticing the mouths of men. Disgusting I get so I hate myself. But now all I can think is, oh, Nicole would like that.

S3: That’s a big mouth. And I’m just like, oh god yeah. I’m cataloguing first for you think on your behalf unsolicited. I’m just noticing men’s wide mouths. I got mine. Yeah, I sent them a post on Instagram and all I said was wide mouth, you know, because it was somebody that I am very attracted to right now. I don’t want to talk about it, but it’s so dramatic.

S8: I want to talk about it. His mouth is wide. That’s all you need to know. Yes, I what I saw that that message. I just thought, oh my God, I hate it so but I hate that I’m reading this now. But I went to look and I kind of I think I replied, mocking you. Yeah. And at the end of it, I just said, his mouth is wide, though. Yes.

S3: Well, we’ve got another dribble from the same. Melissa is. That’s correct. Melissa was going through some stuff is all I’m going to say.

S8: Melissa was like, I am fancying everybody in every which way. And you know what, Melissa? Sometimes it is like that. Hey, sometimes you wake up or you just kind of like, I will not be happy today because I know there’s going to be a bunch of feelings. And I think on this day you were like, all right, get some fucking troubles out. I appreciate that. But listen, you have to work through it to get over it.

S7: And that’s what you did here because. Yes, shout out to you on this second level. And I’m going to have a tiny little PSA that is about Andy Samberg and one of the roles that he’s best known for. But first, let’s get through this scrabbled. Okay.

S11: Oh, my God, what I told Andy, it was probably not even 7:00 in the morning, my face was still deep down into my pillow. He, however, was wide awake, this gigantic, dumb and so fucking sexy grin right to my face. He apparently had gotten up a while ago, smelled a freshly washed man with Christmas themed pajama pants and an open hoodie. Guess he said so excited. It felt like he already had too much coffee. I don’t know, I said, desperately trying to fall back asleep. I still had a solid half an hour before I had to go to work. He jumped out of the bed, opened the curtains. All of winter, had fallen on the ground. Overnight, he opened the window and a cold wind entered snow days. He screamed before jumping back into bed and softly embracing me. His hands went straight to my bum. Everything’s jammed. You don’t have to go to work, he whispered softly while his face was disappearing into my neck. What are we going to do? I teach him the widest smile on my face. He did this half moon half sigh. I loved the tip of his tongue, starting to make soft, tiny circles behind my ear. A bit of this, I think, he added, holding me tight to the first pancakes.

S3: Come on, Melissa. I will never forget.

S10: Go on. I’m already into the story. What you forget. Nicole, tell me.

S3: There was this picture that went around on Twitter of Andy Samberg. Yes, he was bearded. He had his glasses and this shirt, right? Yes. And friend of the show, Bolu. Yes. Tweeted that he looked like, you know, he’s going to take you to the farmer’s market or something. I can’t remember. In fact, it was something like that. Yes. But it was so perfect because everyone was surprised by how much they were feeling this picture of him. Yes. And we you know, we started this discussion about how much he has glowed up since he’s been married, less, you know, the love of a good woman. What elevates you?

S8: He took Joanna Newsom and she made him better. First of all, marriage is grossly unfair towards women. Every single man who gets married goes up on the woman to just kind of like I was amazing before this or whatever.

S3: But I. Andy Samberg, really glad. Oh, yes, he really did. And, you know, we we still have him on our mood board, our vision board. We put our first vote yes for possible future episode. So we can’t guarantee that he’ll pop up. But, you know, just know that we are thinking about him very strongly. Very strongly.

S8: I love it. Yes, Andy is definitely he’s definitely on my list and he’s funny.

S3: I’m sorry, but people don’t even now still don’t get a sense of humor as highly as they should. He is. And he’s funny. Funny pop star. No stopping is so good. I mean, I don’t hold the title down. It’s just a pop star. Never stop, never stop and listen to that. That is just a classic title.

S6: I don’t know why it didn’t get the love that it deserved. I guess it became one of those cult classic kind of things. Maybe, I don’t know, but yeah. So freaking good.

S7: It’s so good. It’s so good. And I know it was kind of cliche at the end, but there was a time when the shultz’s shorthand you could use to say you had a sense of humor was to say you were a lonely island. Fun. Yeah. And for a while, lots of men just use that as a shorthand to, hey, I’m a person. And it was like, that’s somebody else’s comedy, calm down. But for so many men I knew anyway, like admitting you like Lonely Island, you could tell a girl will kind of turn a little bit more interested to you like, oh, really?

S8: Because that’s how important that comedy was at the time. And some of it has aged quite poorly.

S7: But I’m sorry if you put on Dick in a box, I will dance to it. To this day, it’s still jams.

S10: It’s like, come on, Nicole, it’s still jam. It’s like, come on, take a look inside. Come on. That’s classic RMV.

S3: OK, and when Andy Samberg went to Brooklyn, my nine. Yes. Such a good show. And it’s something that we have to maybe re-examine right now.

S7: Like how do we approach the show a little bit. Right. Right, right. Because of course, Brooklyn nine nine is set in the police precinct, the ninety nine somewhere in Brooklyn, hence its name, Brooklyn nine nine. And it is of course a workplace comedy. But the place of work is the police force in New York, not just any police force, but the NYPD, one of those police departments that is internationally known. Right. And also the police department that has had. Any number of racially suspicious deaths in a way that you just kind of think the police violence is real coming from the NYPD, because we have seen it is documented, it is written and has been, in fact, the tinder for so many of the uprisings that we have had in America in the last five to 10 years. So there’s no way around it. And it’s difficult because, like Nicole said, it’s a very funny show with great characters. But of course, it is part of the larger ecosystem that valorise is the police departments across America and make them out to be 100 percent heroes or at least heroes where sometimes they fail. But the ends justify the means, right.

S6: They’re just a bunch of lovable goof. Oops, you know, they messed up this arrest. Oh, well, at the end of the day, they’re still family, you know, and for a long time, that’s fine. That’s been fine. We can look at the overall message of the show is that, you know, sometimes found family is the best family and we have to work through our issues with the people that we see 40, 50, 60 hours a week and go from there. And the Brooklyn. I might have done some work and talking about police brutality, you know, Terry, crews who have become extremely let’s just give him that that basic work problematic lately. But, you know, he was stopped and then the show talked about what it means when white police officers stop black men and and how that could turn out. They know touched on a lot of different things. But it’s still as as people call it now, it can be considered propaganda. And so I do understand that Brooklyn nine nine, the writers show runners and the actors themselves are all trying to figure out their place in our current environment. When they come back on air, what how will they address it? Will they still be in, you know, the precinct? What’s going to happen from there? So I do appreciate that they are recognizing that something needs to change in the way that they approach the show. But we did want to talk about that because, I mean, we could not talk about it. It’s right there.

S7: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And for sure, if we ever do end up doing an Andy Samberg episode, we’ll probably go into it a little bit deeper because that right now is the role that he has won the Emmy for. It’s the role that he is perhaps best known for. I think a lot of people who enjoy and watch Brooklyn and I barely remember him as an SNL cast member. You know, like it’s definitely his biggest role. It’s his most award winning role. And like Nicole said, like it’s a family in the precinct. But it’s still a difficult thing to reconcile these lovable goofs with the uniforms that they wear or the badge that they carry or the guns that they carry. And it’s definitely something to consider. And this is the thing like you can love a lot of things that are flawed. It doesn’t make them less flawed, but it also doesn’t mean you love them any less. It’s just an acknowledgement that this is an uncomfortable thing for you to kind of put in your pocket and think about and deal with as you go forward.

S6: We all have our problematic baby. We all have things that we just kind of, you know, overlook. But I think it’s still important, like you said, that we acknowledge it and that we do kind of say this. You know, we can forgive this, but maybe we can’t forgive if and if we can’t forgive that this whatever this idea may be, then that’s OK. And we can let this go and move on, because there’s just there’s so many other creative works out there that you can find and love and promote and, you know, all that kind of stuff. So just because you lose one thing doesn’t mean nothing else is going to come back, try and get your.

S7: That’s incredibly mature, Nicole. And I applaud you for saying it, because I do think that there’s this idea of, well, well, if you counsel this, then well, and it’s like, bro, there are so many still unwritten TV shows to come. You will find love again, I promise you. So anyway, that’s our little statement, as it were, on the state of TV and its portrayals of cops. But yes. Thank you so much, Melissa, for that. Andy Samberg Drabble, because I had a lot of fun reading that, because, you know what? As I was reading it, I was imagining it and it made me feel good. Ah, yes.

S3: It also just made me feel like that’s exactly how Andy Samberg would be, you know, this incredible mix of sexy if I had an edge, do I laugh or do I do by I do both, Nicole.

S10: And also I hate you for saying that.

S8: You haven’t said that since we had real curly on the show and that was a worthy callback. But I also. Hated so much, thank you very much.

S7: So this is just a final message that’s not adorable, but I just wanted to kind of bring it up because it comes up a lot like more than you would imagine. Whatever number you’re thinking of, ramp it up to the power of five like it happens. A lot of long term listeners will know that. Nicole once wrote maybe what is my favorite trouble that she’s ever written from the Jake Gyllenhaal episode, which is we learned to spell Jake Gyllenhaal. And it’s the one where Nicole writes this incredibly sexy, vulnerable, fun, tender. I mean, I have so many adjectives for this fucking job, but like, we still get mail on Tumblr, we still get tweets, we still get emails where people kind of go, oh, my God, Nicole, destroy me, destroy me. It is a very famous, even in the tech world, a very famous Nicole Drabble. But we got this message from a Tumblr user called Targaryen Melodrama. First of all, amazing name. And they said, hi, I’m Nicole. Just so the ask from someone who praised Nicole’s Don Cheadle trouble. And I need to tell you both that I revisit Nicole’s Jake Gyllenhaal Drabble Quarterly. And then in brackets, they said, I wish I was kidding. And I still gasp at tell me where my mouth can go, which is a lie that Nicole wrote in the struggle. And then they carried on every time and every time I end up gently outraged, completely agreeing and utterly undone by Nicole’s words. And then a further parentheses and echoing bems laughter then her shock. Thank you for all your work, especially in these times together in melodrama. Thank you for sending that message. That tickled me. Tickled Nicole.

S14: All right, now it’s time for a couple of Thirith familiar requests.

S3: We haven’t done this in so long. I have to remember what we were supposed to be dry like.

S8: Oh, yeah, there’s a segment that people really love and we should do more of it. So here we are doing it.

S6: And our first familiar request comes from a listener named Guadalupe Guadalupe. We’re going to play that and then help them out.

S15: Hey. I’m right here in Brooklyn feeling this quarantine with ya. I feel like my cool my thirst chicks have changed from the first day of quarantine till today. Right now, I think it might be because of this recent drop of Hamilton. But my three subject is memoranda, and I have a feeling it might be because of his GQ cover, like way back when where he got his fresh haircut. And he just looks like, you know, he’s just biting his lip and he just fell on his feels. And you can see it in his eyes. Also, whenever it’s that scene with Jasmine, SIFIs, Jones and he’s just like, got to say no to this. It’s like, boy, you want to say yes to this. And I see it in your eyes. I see it in your mouth. And I don’t know what to do with myself. So if you have any tips on who else to crush this moment other than my mainlined, then please, please send your suggestions my way.

S3: OK, first of all, why do you say why are you trying to seduce us with this soft voice? Like like I feel like I was laying in bed like the phone was on and was like, hey lover, come on over. I was like, wait a goddamn minute, Guadalupe, is this some kind of third strap?

S10: Like what I am?

S3: Well, literally caught by the article was like maybe she already has somebody there fanning her. And I don’t know what she but she was in a good mood when she called. You can tell she’s all like relaxed and loose. All right. Says making my quarantine go further. All right. OK, so she’s looking for some, you know, a theater kid.

S7: I mean, it feels like Banwell to me is the embodiment of see, it’s a boy. It’s a man.

S9: You know what I mean? Like, he is genuinely excited by a good tune and is like into like iambic pentameter and all that shit, which again, I am also into. So this is not a this is literally no shade, but it felt to me like. Guadaloupe sounded kind of tortured by this idea of one well, with a new haircut and like, you know, suddenly her eyes opened to like, oh my God, maybe there’s something beneath that. And I like the idea of where this thirst has led her. So we’re going to try and help you out, Guadaloupe, and find out.

S7: You know, based on your message, we’re going to suggest a couple of people that we think are hitting a similar note. See what I did there? A note, a similar note. Thank you. And we’re hoping that they will be able to kind of fill that kind of Lin Manuel shaped chasm that has opened up in you. Nicole, who do you have? What’ll it be?

S6: I’m going to suggest, Santino. All right. Now, I am not a musical theater person, but I know him from being the original Greg on Crazy Ex-girlfriend, OK, which is a really good show. I enjoyed it, despite the fact, again, that I am not really a musical person.

S3: How do you feel about mesons? You know, I don’t know. But he was funny and I liked his enthusiasm with with the songs that he performed on the show. You know, he was he seemed kind of cute. I liked him. Yeah.

S6: So but beyond crazy ex-girlfriend, like, he has like a full fledged Broadway career. He’s been in sun in the park with George. He’s been in the importance of being one of my favorite.

S3: He has. Yeah, he’s most recently in Tootsie on Broadway.

S6: But yeah, I really like him. You’ve got kind of curly hair. He seems a little hyper Philly, but then he’s also takes his craft very seriously, which I think is also a part of Linman wealth appeal.

S3: You know, that he is very you know, he tries to be as light as possible, but also don’t test him because he knows what he’s talking. Right. So, yeah, I picked that up from Santino Fontana, and I hope that that works for a while, OK?

S7: I like where your head’s and I going to keep plowing the same furrow because I didn’t know that this character, this next actor that I’m going to suggest was a character on Crazy Ex-girlfriend. But I am suggesting Skylar Astin Bartholet.

S2: I respect it.

S9: OK, thank you. I have only seen one season of Crazy Ex-girlfriend and I keep meaning to watch all of it because everyone I trust says it’s fantastic and kind of really hits its stride and goes further and further and gets better and better. But I haven’t found the time to sit down with it. But I know that this guy was on it. But I actually saw him in another musical project, pitch perfect and pitch perfect too. And he has like the same kind of intense little kid energy that I as a form of as a kid really and truly respond to. Even if I really get kicked in the face, I will respond to a passionate, a passionate allegiance to the arts. And I feel like Skyler has it in buckets. He has like a really wide smile shout out to Nicole like a queen of wide mouths. I think he’s kind of funny. I think he is. He looks like he’s so genuine, like his eyes kind of like rainbows, which I think is a key quality with Lin Manuel, he always was kind of like wide-Eyed and kind of like, isn’t the world amazing?

S7: And it feels to me like that’s the energy you’re looking for, because I also feel like at the core of it is someone deeply serious about their craft and care so much about putting out something that resonates and is emotional and is true. And I get very strong vibes of that from Skyler. So that’s my pick for Guadalupe.

S14: I like it. I like it. Yeah, he definitely has.

S7: That’s a good way of putting it. Yes, very soft and like kind of wide open, twinkly a bit. Yes, Disney Princess is nice. Well done. Yes, good job, Guadaloupe.

S6: We hope that these two options work for you.

S8: If not, that’s OK. I love this guarantee. That’s also kind of OK. Now we may fuck up, but hopefully we’ve got it right.

S7: OK, so our next smellier is actually not on audio. It’s actually one that was sent to our Tumblr ask box and the person didn’t leave their name. It’s an anonymous other similar request. But they this one resonated with me because I was like, we’ve all been there. It’s basically about a crush that has kind of gone sour and they’re looking to replace A.S.A.P. And I’m going to read that to you now. So they say, dear ladies, long time listener. I was wondering if I could ask a third smellier here. I used to love Terry Crews. I thought he was the right combo of hot, funny, devoted AmBev. And now he’s a booboos, shitty, problematic Mair’s who can’t stand up for sistas, namely Gab’s union. Can you help me find an adequate substitute? Thanks. Love you to the moon and back. Thank you. We love you to the moon and back anon. Listen, so this message hit me right in the center of my forehead because I was like, sometimes you fancy someone and they give you nothing back. And Terry Crews has been raked over the coals on Twitter and beyond because he has revealed himself to be something of a less than a less than hoped figure and loser.

S3: He has really turned out to be a surprise. Yes, disappointing.

S7: That’s a really diplomatic and correct way of putting a surprising, because you know what? I live in the world. I know that so many people are going to let you down. I get that I’ve made my peace with that. But every so often someone comes out of left field, we are kind of like, huh, wouldn’t have expected it from you.

S14: And that’s Terry to me. Right? Right. Yeah. So we have a few people that might be able to replace Terry Crews as, you know, an object of desire, a thirst object. My first suggestion is Michael Miccio. Interesting. Yeah. You know, because this person likes muscles, right? They’re really into your body. And Michael Beach is very fit. If you check out his Instagram, you will see that he is frequently posting.

S10: Michael Beach is posting best.

S3: Yep, yep. Wow. Wonders will never be a why. Yes. Yes. Now, you may know Michael Beach from Soul Food. He was in waiting to exhale. He was recently within Aquaman. And you know how we feel about Aquaman, a movie full of hope people. Yeah. Yeah. He played Kailey Bunbury’s father on the show pitched that, you know, we love to pieces. He’s been around. He’s been in a lot of things. And he’s always I mean, yeah, she’s always I want to pay attention to he’s one of those character actors that kind of gets put in everything and yet still doesn’t get his props.

S9: Yes, I think that’s that’s a big because I remember him. I remember him on E.R. So that’s why I was like Michael bitch, because this was back in the 90s.

S8: So I’m like, well, he’s still around and he’s gone.

S3: What do you mean? Fifty six years old and he is out here doing it. I am on his Instagram page right now. Most of mine is working out in a number of these videos. And I’m like, oh, I see. Michael Beach, you said just because I’m older doesn’t mean I’m not out there on the streets. And I have to. I have to applaud. I have to applaud. I told you.

S8: OK, Michael Beach, a surprising recommendation, Nicole, but I trust your skills so much. And yes, you’re absolutely right. Michael Beach is a solid.

S3: Oh, that’s really solid. Oh, that’s really good. Good job. You all right?

S7: Well, my recommendation is for something a little bit more closely aligned to the original first objects. Mr. Teleworkers, I am going for an actor who goes by the name of Billy Brown. Now, who is that? So Billy Brown is an actor from Inglewood, California. He’s like forty nine years old. I know him like he. When I pictured who to replace Terri for this anon, first I he was the first person that came to mind. He I remember him from how to get away with murder, where he plays Detective Nate Lahey. And again, I didn’t watch all of how to get away with murder, but I remember him and I remember him kind of like, you know, essentially being Analisa is kind of like solid booty call. Yeah, yeah. And first of all, I’m proud of Iola for taking an important job and doing what she needed to do. But like, they had a real chemistry and that was like a real hotness to him. And he has like a very earnest face, but also like, you know, a serious face that’s kind of like, I don’t know, there’s depth to it. And I think he plays roles really well. And again, he’s been consistently working since the 90s, like he has been constantly employed, which I don’t know personally. I always find very, very hard on. A couple of years ago, he was a and proud Mary opposite Taraji P. Henson. Yeah, yeah, yeah. OK, right, right. He does a lot of voice work because he has a really wonderful voice. It’s kind of like warm treacle and it just kind of washes over you. I love his voice. He was in Star Trek. He has done like suicide squad, like the animated series. He’s very, very good. And on TV he has done everything. So you will find him in some rerun at some point because, yes, he has done law and order you. He is on Criminal Minds. He is on CSI NY. He is on NCIS. He is on a cold case like he has done all the jobs. So chances are on any given night he will be on your TV and then for longer for storytelling. He was in Sons of Anarchy as well as how to get away with murder and a couple other things. So he feels like someone who you will find constantly on your TV in some capacity you can really get into.

S3: OK, OK, I’m feeling Billy Brown. I mean, that’s a thank strong name to Billy Brown. I mean, you know, when you’re out with the Billy Bragg, you know. Absolutely. I have one more suggestion, and that is Michael Jai White. Oh, OK. Interesting. Again, big, you know, just a big, big chunk of man. Yes. Come on stake, man. Now, I remember him from Sporn. You know, he was wild. Deep. Yeah. Yeah. Nineteen ninety seven.

S14: He was also in the movies. Why did I get married and why did I get married to. You know he does a lot of work with Tyler Perry. It seems he was also he also played Mike Tyson in the movie Tyson that was on HBO. And of course there’s Black Dynamite, the animated show. He’s got a solid career.

S3: He also is like he does all kinds of like jujitsu stuff in a kind of stuff. Like he he works out. He was in The Dark Knight is one of the bad guys that the Joker. Yeah, yeah. He gets the pencil and I can’t remember. But he was like a part of that scene, you know, with the Joker puts the pencil. Yes. He doesn’t get the pencil but he’s around. Yes. He witnesses the pencil, right. Yeah. Yeah.

S6: So he’s been around for a minute and he you know, again, a very handsome, very devoted to the gym.

S3: Yes. I love that. Yes. That’s not me, but I love people who got a good job.

S6: So hopefully, you know, he is what this anonymous person is looking for, that this fits the bill. I feel like that there something that happened recently where his name was kind of trending for a minute, but maybe it wasn’t anything bad. But if it is bad, I apologize.

S3: I tried to I said look for it, but I didn’t see it.

S7: So, you know, that is just the bargain we’ve all struck in twenty twenty. Chances are all men are bad and they’re nobodies because they haven’t said enough yet. But it’ll come out like that’s real. I do want to point out a single another thing about Michael J. Which is that the the first sorry, the first I was looking for funny as well as, you know, buff and all that stuff. And Michael Giwa is funny because to me, he will forever now be associated with that gift from insecure. The show within the show of insecure call. Do you know what he plays? An enslaved person and he utters the immortal line.

S3: I hate slavery. Yeah, that to me is Michael Jai White forever.

S7: So if that doesn’t make you laugh and I don’t know what will, so enjoy those three options, I hope that they land somewhere thirsty for you.

S6: Thank you to everyone who sent in travels and thirst requests and.

S16: Questions again, we can’t get to everybody, but we’re so grateful for all of the good stuff that you said to us, so thank you to Ray and that John Boyega travel to Brooke and the Drabble about Aidan Turner, Wolf.

S7: She said, Wolf, my favorite. Thank you also to shahida. Who sent us the drivel about Pedro Pascal and also Melissa Tufa, who sent Adorable about Seth Rogen and adorable about Andy Samberg. Shout out to humorlessly.

S16: Thanks to everybody from Tumblr who sent us stuff we’ve got together and melodrama. That’s the question. And thanks to the Anon listener who sent in the third familiar request, I’m looking for a replacement for Terry Crews. We fully understand why.

S7: And we did have one named person who was also looking for a similar recommendation that was Guadaloupe. Thank you all so much for taking the time. And we hope that some of what we offered offers you something in return.

S3: Oh, I like that.

S17: They say it is a slick production produced by Chevron and Nicole Perkins and them out on me. And Music is by Tanya Morgan.

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S17: And remember, take care of yourself. We’ll be back next week. Thirsty by.

S5: Welcome to Slate plus darling listeners.

S19: How are you today, a sleep as it always feels like we’re kind of like, you know, like that’s when we reclined the chair a little bit. I know this is a quiet storm, but it’s kind of like, why don’t you grab a glass or something fizzy and settle in for a quiet storm? Anyway, how is everyone doing? I am personally doing OK. I am not in the same location as my usual location, so I’m not in a sweatbox right now. I’m not doing accidental Bikram yoga.

S2: You’re not contorted in your closet.

S3: These are not by my ears. I’m not in a fun way.

S19: This is a proper table in a proper room and it’s well ventilated and there’s like natural light and I am almost high with the joy of not being in my tiny closet.

S2: How are you, Nicole? I am OK. I am in my usual location. It is very hot, you know, because we can’t have any fans or AC going, but I’m good. My cat is tucked into the corner over here. She is. You know, she can’t stand to not be able to look at me, but OK.

S19: She just wants to be close to you. She just like she’s like a very needy boyfriend, actually. She has four legs and a tail.

S2: Yes, she really is. And I feel bad for her because last night I had to keep getting up in the middle of the night to go pee because I’ve been drinking so much water because, you know, it’s so hot. And she has to get up to follow me every time that I go, oh, baby, that’s not sustainable. Come on now. So I feel really bad because I’m you know, I’m stumbling around in the dark trying to get to the bathroom. I mean, she’s yeah. I have a very tough time. Yeah. And, you know, she’s she’s very chirpy. She’s very chirpy. So she talks a lot to me and she fusses at me, you know, when it’s like three o’clock in the morning.

S10: So she’s like, what are you doing? What do you do?

S3: That’s exactly how she found. Oh, I know. I’ve heard her. So that’s why I love it, because I’m like, oh, that’s actually an uncanny impression of Nicolle’s got all that Joya’s stuff aside, we are going into a very specific thing.

S19: I’m glad we actually started off by talking about the activities we’ve been up to changing location and or drinking more and therefore being more. But like there’s also something else that’s happening in this quarantine time. Like, I know lots of people have kind of taken the decision to kind of, you know, jump their homes since they’re spending so much time indoors. I’m definitely one of those people.

S2: Right. And when we talk to the host of Call Your Girlfriend, I’m an actor. So and and Freeman, they talked about going braless during quarantine. It’s just like letting everything be free.

S19: I mean, you just got to lean into it. But we’re going to talk about a very specific thing that a lot of, you know, rich celebrities have also been doing. You know, I really feel like we’re a page of US Weekly. They’re just like us. But it’s, of course, allowing their hair and their beards to kind of just go free, go wild.

S2: Right. Because they don’t have access to their usual beauty teams. Right. They’re not on set with access to the onset. Barbers are the hair stylist or whatever. So they’re just out here being free. It’s interesting to me because technically they are wealthy enough to forego certain restrictions and have a stylist come to their home. But they wanted to show. I think this is also a way of them showing us that they are doing the right thing and they are, you know, not endangering anybody. So they are looking at they’re out here looking a little scruffy. Most of them are. Most of them are.

S19: Yeah, looking very natural. I hadn’t I hadn’t considered that angle of kind of like, see, solidarity. I’m tucked away in the hills, but also I care about public health. I hadn’t thought of that. I like that. That that puts a very positive spin on what I suspect is just like a lot of just like, oh, finally, fuck it. I yes. Because what we were talking about this, we kind of liken it to the kind of hairstyles you might see when a show goes on hiatus, for example.

S2: Right. Right. One of my favorites, Grant Gustin on the fly. Yes. French fry. Yes. My little French fry. He always tries to grow out his little scruffy beard. It’s all scrappy, you know, it doesn’t always connect, but it looks right.

S10: It looks right on him. Right.

S19: I feel like it’s one of those things where I think a lot of people are just kind of like, let me experiment in these three months. I have. Let me see what I can try to do with my face that is different or interesting, and so you often see, like you said, a little scraggly beard or someone might change hair color or, you know, it’s nice. I think I think of hiatuses like a really nice chance for people to kind of be like, oh, this is me, my natural state. I’m only ever clean shaven because of my work. And it’s like, oh, yes, sure. But anyhow, this period of time has meant that every so often when celebrities pop out to get, you know, the usual bits, you know, a newspaper, the salad, whatever the fuck rich people buy, we have a little glimpse into each person’s quarantine’s style, as it were. And most recently, one of my favorites was a photo of Chris Pyne out in the world running errands. And it’s not the first world that’s come up like he’s he’s had a couple of, like, pop quarantine shots, right? Yeah, yeah. But this one.

S2: Yes, yes. He looks he looks good faith cover it up with the mask, but he looks good. And I think that, you know, that is the power of, you know, just a good looking person that they are able to remain good looking when you can’t even see half of their face. And he’s still distinctive those eyes. Yes. Hair even like, OK, beard is coming out. Yes. Yes.

S19: Let’s talk about the hair, because in this, he’s without a shadow of a doubt blond. And I am not here for blood. Right. Generally. Right. And such is the power of Chris Pine that I have jobs over my obstacle like oops, excuse me, on my way into blond hair, but it’s all kind of his hair looks thick, it just looks really healthy and it’s kind of like combed back in a very kind of 90s way. Like I can remember this haircut on Brad Pitt, like in 1996. Yeah. Yeah. But like it just looks like a strong head of hair and the s the beard is like peeking out from underneath the mask and the combination together.

S2: I’m like, OK, look, he has on CHOUX, which I don’t particularly care for, like I don’t really do anything for me because I’m like, oh, you’re going to be flat footed and they’re ruining your arches. And, you know, like I’m like, look at this doctor fuckers back in the house.

S3: Your arches are ruined, my good man. Yeah, I remember.

S2: I’m traumatized because I remember my grandmother talking about her arches fell and how painful it was. It’s always just been like ever since I was six years old, I’ve been like, oh yeah. Oh, yeah.

S10: Wow. So you’ve been a grandmother satirises.

S2: Yeah. But he’s yes. He’s isn’t black and white sucks. But he has on this I don’t know this kind of faded yellow deep beige. I don’t know what is what color. I think it’s yellow. I think we can go back. Yellow. It’s a short sleeved top linen top it looks like very summer, you know. And then his shorts. It’s something about the color of those shorts. They’re like, yes. Like somewhere between rust and khaki, I guess.

S19: Well, that’s. Yes, yes. You’re nailing all the colors like a cinnamon bun. Really?

S3: Yes. It’s a very 70s camper. Amber have a bit of. So it’s making that blonde pop and then he’s got, you know, that tan. You could tell that he used to have a tan.

S2: The tennis faded again. Maybe speak to the fact that he’s staying inside.

S19: Right. Solidarity and Spain. Those save a life where a mosque is doing all of it.

S2: Yes, but the color scheme here is working for him. It is so well and his mask is black, perhaps to match the black and white checks like I have you.

S19: But there was there was a thought that was a thought behind the look. And I appreciate it. Yes.

S2: And the shorts are by not too short. Not too long, right.

S19: Not quite the seventies. Hot pants. But they’re not like that horrible 90s knee-length bullshit.

S2: Yes. And you can see the definition of his legs.

S19: OK, so that was going to be my next thing. I’m so glad you brought that up. Tell me more about the definition.

S2: This man plays tennis in his spare time like that.

S3: Yeah, yeah. That has to be his his sport hobby because it feels like even the topic this man plays, tennis is the name of a book that I want to read. This man plays tennis in these pictures.

S2: He’s like doing the universal camera symbol back at the paparazzi, like, you know, you’re taking a picture of me. So now I’m taking a picture of you. Even though he does not have a camera in his hand, what he does have in his hands is a pack of American spirit cigarettes and a pack of it looks like my chomper infant is definitely incest. Like I listen, I zoomed in because I was like Chris. What are you trying to tell me, because the story that he is telling me is that he wants to be here with me instead of lighting incense.

S8: Oh, my God. Tell me more about this involved fantasy that you’ve clearly gone down this thing.

S2: This is what’s going to happen. OK, ok, OK. I’m going to be we’re going to light some incense. I’m going to let the window open a little bit because I don’t smoke cigarettes in my apartment. So we’ll put like a little fan in the window so that, you know, the smoke goes out the window and there’s no smoke inside. We don’t smell whatever. And then I can keep my my housing deposit.

S8: But we’ve got practical elements of this fantasy. I really my sweet spot. I love this so much.

S2: But he’s just you know, he’s over there at the window smoking his American cigarettes. I’m on the couch with a glass of wine, maybe something a little stronger. I don’t know, depending on the mood, whatever show shows that open. And he says, leaning back to look at me after he’s exhaled and we’re having a really good conversation. And then he picks up his clothes.

S10: Oh, oh. What kind of appointments? Oh, that was delivered in such a rush that I was like, wait, what? I was like a real Scooby Doo. But he looks so good.

S3: And this is the thing is he does actually paparazzi shots.

S2: You know, they’re obviously most of the time, most of the time without the person’s permission. So there’s a lot there’s like a murky area when it comes to us indulging in our enjoyment of paparazzi photos. Right. Chris knows that this is just the life that he has been born into because his father was also a Hollywood actor and he chose it. So he knows that he has to give as good as he’s got. So he’s trying to make the most of the situation. And I right for the whole thing. He just looks good. He looks good.

S19: That is the beginning, the middle and the end. Like, I saw the photos and I was like literally did the creepiest as I looked at them. So you know what? This is a broken society. And I’m a member of said broken society. But I really enjoyed these photos. I want to move on to another I know this person is very much one of our faves, but I saw a gif set on Tumblr and so much so that, of course, I had to save it so that we could reblogging it from our Tumblr, which of course is this day care podcast or Tumblr dot com. But it was of a young actor by the name of money. You. Yes. Yes. OK, listen, yes, we like to call it how you. I like him a lot. You love him a lot. We between us there is a full speed of much affection and thirst. The thing is, as he’s known on his biggest role to date, which is on the good plays, he has like short hair. He has a really cute smile. He’s just like, so beautiful. It kind of hurts to look at him, but it’s very kind of like of a certain kind of mold now in quarantine money said fuck Clipper’s, huh? We are not sharing any of this like I’m keeping his hair is so long.

S3: Yeah. Now he’s kept his baby face. The smell is it seems like no need for a beard, no need for it, like he’s whatever. But the hair on his head. Yes. And I’m not into long hair Nicole, as you well know. I know that’s very much your ministry. Yes. But even I was moved. So let’s talk about this hair. Let’s let’s do that.

S2: So I think one of the reasons that he’s probably still clean shaven is like you can’t cover up that jaw, you cannot cover up the chisel. But the hair is doing this, you know, nineties floppy boy thing a little bit. Right. And it dropped like a lock that comes down right to his cheek, which is again, bringing attention to those killer cheekbones and to the jaw. Like many I see you, I understand what’s happening here.

S3: You are not public, Professor Perkins, with the Semiotic. So let me tell you the connotation.

S19: Let me tell you about what that hair is framing. Are you are spot on correctly, like in the last gif of the set where it’s just kind of like falling over his eye. It looks like very nineties curtains, but like the shit just works and like, you know, it’s it’s framing his lips beautifully. It’s framing his neck, his jaw and that black T-shirt as well. Yeah. Is a bit what he kind of like, leans back when he’s talking and he’s kind of talking with his hands a bit. And you just see the color of his neck and you’re like, praise God.

S2: Yes, yes. That Adam’s apple bobs just a little.

S10: Oh, yes. It’s such a simple thing.

S19: This is what we mean when we say a tiny change that really. Really affects the whole picture because, again, money looks exactly like himself, but slightly different. Yes. And sometimes that’s enough. Yes, it’s a shout out to the quarantine for disallowing miners had to grow in a way that we wouldn’t have seen on Jason Mendoza. Thank you, Bonnie. We appreciate your service and your efforts during this difficult time.

S2: And the last person we want to talk about very quickly is Rick Fox, the former basketball player turned actor, which is, of course, the usual track for most basketball players except Rick and actually so Rick. Right. So he’s let his hair and his beard grow out. And, you know, one of these tabloid kind of gossipy mags tried to say that he was looking wild and unkempt and first of all, oof!

S3: The racial connotations therein. Yes, Wolf.

S2: I mean, really, his hair was just longer and it was, you know, a bit pulled off of his face in a particular kind of way. People were comparing it to the pictures of Frederick Douglass that we’re used to seeing. Right? Right. That’s pretty much what he looked like. He just looked like this is how my hair looks when I’ve got it long and out.

S19: Right, exactly. Emphasis on long and out. Like, it’s just you’re not used to seeing him without closely cropped curls. And this is what he looks like when the curls are not short and they are not slicked down with product. Yes. Yes. The hair was just out. And then in conjunction with that, he had like a beard. He had like and a full beard as well. Like a real Santa’s beard. Yes.

S2: And I was like, you know, I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about because this shit looks hot and suggested like, why you say to be I say Santa beer. But other people were saying that he looked like he was, you know, down on his luck, that he was having a difficult time in his life. And it’s like, no, it’s because when you look at the picture, his beard is actually very well groomed. It’s just gray.

S8: That’s it. That’s it. It’s just ageism right here.

S19: I’m like, now, those of us who fancy dudes with beards understand that a gray beard is very nice. I don’t know what you all are talking about. And this shit is salt and pepper as well. Like, there’s a there’s a there’s a natural gradient that occurs in Rick Fox has been I don’t know what’s not to love about it. Just say you’re uncomfortable with people not looking the way they usually look and go. Right. All of this is this is this a very long way of saying he’s different? I don’t like it because I don’t know what people were looking at when they were seeing some shit because Rick and then, you know, on page six, they had like a photo of him in his usual kind of like, I guess with his usual look where he’s going to clean shaven the white teeth. And, you know, and I’m like of these two, I know who I really want to spend time with. And it’s very embittered over this, to be honest. Yes. So I don’t get it. So shout out to Rick Fox and his main because that shit looks luscious. And I was like, also shout out to your hairline.

S3: Yes, OK. Still thriving amid a pandemic.

S19: The headlines said, listen, I’m not going to let you down, Rick. This is not a time for me to scarper. I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to stay on. And it did. And it looks good. So I don’t know what everyone is on. Bless you, Rick. Bless you for putting it out there, for rapping gray haired men with like for hairlines because we don’t see a lot of that. So thank you so much. Sounds I can’t carry it by himself.

S2: I love all of these quarantine beards. I love the quarantine long hair. I wish that they could keep it forever. I’m actually disappointed when I see someone like, you know, my darling Tom Hiddleston, he’s still clean shaven, probably because, you know, he doesn’t know when he’s going to have to go back on set like it could be here any moment now since he’s filming the local TV series. But I wish that he could bring back his beard because I liked it a lot.

S19: I mean, if we can send a message to his people, just similarly to the fantasy that you just wove about you and Chris and I feel confident that we’d get a response.

S2: Maybe. Maybe.