Forgive Us, Father

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S1: I pressed.

S2: Until it was flush against Sydney’s throat. Is it too tight? I asked. His breath stuttered slightly, and when he cast his eyes down, they were glinting. It’s perfect.

S3: He said it’s time to go.

S4: Hi, Ben. How are you today? I’m alive. I’m good. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Marvelous. How are you? I’m in a similar boat. I think I am a float. I’m on the right side of the earth. I think we’re doing A-okay. Yeah. Yeah.

S5: So that redacted mentions the name Sydney. And that name is referring to a mystery. Sydney Chambers. Yes. From the show. Grant. Chester. Yes. Fully fictional. Fully fictional. We’re not talking about the actor who plays him. Not is James Norton.

S6: Yes, we’re talking about Sidney Sidney Chambers, who is from actually originally a book character.

S7: He’s a he’s a literary figure from a series of crime fiction books by the British author James Runcie. So, yeah, so it came to TV a few years ago and they cost.

S6: I mean, honestly, half the battle was in the casting and they went they went right to Rada and they plucked out of vigor looking motherfucker. And yeah, he’s a he’s a very hot vicar who solves crimes like a dream dude.

S5: Yeah. Yeah. But we’re also going to talk about someone that we have been getting a lot of requests for in the last few months, even before we were back on the air, before everybody knew we were coming back.

S8: People were just. Can you please talk about this person? And that is hot high priest.

S6: Yep. From fleabag. Mm hmm. The curious thing is, Nicole, his actual character name is the priest. Right. But I love how the fandom has given him another name. Screw whatever. Phoebe was thinking about the priest. We all know you met hot priest Bebe, right? That’s what we’re gonna call live calling of everything but a child of God. He is a hot free. Oh, bless you. And he’s played by Andrew Scott.

S5: Yes. Of Sherlock Holmes Moriarty fame. Yep. He’s also about to star in an upcoming series based on the talented Mr. Ripley.

S9: So that’s gonna be exciting to watch. I think he’s perfect for that.

S6: Yeah, he’s perfect for a lot of things. He’s very impish looking. Yeah. Which is why hot press was so hot. You know, his face looks like it’s up to no good. And you all know the engaged in that. Yeah. So I get it. I get it. Like I went in and I was like, all right, fine. Let’s see this hot priest. You’re all losing your minds about it. And then I saw I was like, oh, no, that’s a hot priest. Yeah. So that’s some free stuff, huh?

S10: Like, I went in there and I confirmed it with scientific study. It was like, no, no, guys, you’re right. He’s a hope for. Yeah. Good job. As cool as a bag of flaming hot Cheetos. Perhaps even hotter. I really did say he did exactly what he said on the tin. So shout out to underscore. Yes.

S5: Yeah. So we’re gonna be talking about the people of the cloth and why they sometimes get us going under the collar, so to speak, eh?

S11: Yes, that’s right.

S10: It’s a it’s our very first themed episode. Yes. Of our return.

S12: We’re not gonna be talking about one person. We’re talking about a phenomenon. And then the people within that phenomenon, we’re talking, as Nicole said, people of the cloth. It makes us want to take off our own clothes.

S13: That’s a very tortured call. Did it work? Thanks, Nicole. Thanks. So you are the wind beneath my smutty wings.

S12: So all saga begins in a sleepy Cambridge, a town called Grantchester.

S8: Yes. And you know, I love a sleepy village rife with murder. It is my favorite, favorite type of TV show. I love a cozy mystery. I love, you know, an unusual partnership. So in this case, we have a sexy vicar. Yep. And an inspector.

S12: Yes. He was very grizzled. He’s called Judy and he’s played and. This is me speaking to my fellow Brits who grew up with Robson Green back when he had a full head of hair.

S14: Robson was an integral part of me becoming a woman. Oh, he was so beautiful when he was young. I mean, he still is. But when he was younger, he was on a TV show called Soldier Soldier.

S15: And like I said back then, he had hair. And he was he had very twinkly eyes. His eyes remained twinkly. Yeah. Hair is less present, right?

S14: Well, he was on there with Jerome Flynn, which many people now know from Game of Thrones, but they were so successful. They were such housewives favorites, as we call them in the UK. They even went on to become a musical duo. They perform songs you ever had? No. So I’m saying I’m talking to the Brits here.

S10: The O’Jays? No. OK, like Americans like Jody. He’s cute. And he’s like, excuse you. That is Mr. Robson Green Day. He’s beautiful.

S7: He has this really lovely accent because he’s from the north of England. Specifically, he’s a Judy. And it just sounds really, you know, it makes me feel oddly comforted, even though I don’t know anyone who’s Judy. But it’s a nice it’s a nice sound. And so you have his kind of grizzled kind of like, I’ve seen it all cop guy.

S12: And then you have like the soft optimism, but also dealing with his own demons. Big guy together, sexy magic.

S8: But we’re talking about Sidney Chambers. And he is. I like his face here. He does have a square jaw, square head, and I want to punch it.

S16: But like in a sexy way, he I know exactly what you mean.

S7: Like he is you know, he’s the thing that Nicole and I kind of talk a lot about resisting as the epitome of beauty. He is blond. He is kind of light eyed. And he is a white man. You kind of like, oh, I guess. But then annoyingly, God’s sake, he actually is handsome. And it’s not just because he doesn’t he has like he has this amazing mouth. Yeah. His lips in particular are doing a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of the beauty of his face. The bottom lip in particular is very full. And I mean that in terms of. Yes, for a white guy, but civil. Right. Generally quite full.

S17: And when he kind of smiles, it suddenly becomes quite wide. And all you can think is what what fits in there.

S5: Yeah, he is unusual because, you know, he drinks a lot.

S18: Yes, he smokes a lot.

S8: He listens to jazz because the Guinness is in the 1950s. It takes place in the 1950s. Right. And he has casual sex. This is someone that is outside of your normal expectations of what a man of cloth should be or what a clergyman should be.

S7: What I will say also is that I know that lots of people don’t necessarily, in terms of the American audience, are kind of like, so what is a vicar? Because I think in many people’s minds, people who take on who they know answer the call, as it were, tend not to have relations with relief, relations with with, you know, love, vino, Glovers or whatever. Like it’s kind of like a renouncing. But of course, Sydney is a vicar in the Anglican tradition. So, of course, he can get married. And, you know, I love the Church of England. Mine is just so complex and ridiculous. Shout out to you, Henry. The Eighth. So, yeah, he does do all these things where he is sort of in the world in a way that is. Yes, absolutely. He prepares a sermon and he has a flock and so on and so forth. But generally speaking, he gets to occupy a space in this earthly world. And in Sydney’s case, like Nicole is mentioned. That means a good amount of jazz. So there are all these layers to him that suggests he has Britten was what it was at that time. But here here is one single, a guy in Cambridge who, you know, he came back from war. Yes. He was a little bit damaged by what happened out there. But it also made him more amenable to jazz and sexy black women.

S13: So, you know, is everything bad?

S8: So he knows that there there’s a problem and with with his drinking. But when he’s drinking that math. So his mouth is kind of small. It’s not wide. So that’s only when he smiles.

S18: But when he’s also when he’s drinking and he tosses it back, he tosses the scotch back and his mouth opens up. So why?

S19: I am just like, oh, hello, this is this.

S5: And then you see, like his throat working as he swallows that.

S14: And it’s just like that. It’s the throat that gets me. The mouth is fine. It’s good. It’s great. But when you see, like, you know, I’m like, shut out of your esophagus. It’s doing it’s putting in some work to get that booze even faster to numb your feelings. Good job. Good job.

S5: Like all these women fall at his feet. I’m up all ages from the teenage girls that, you know, in the church there. He’s giving Bible study lessons to or whatever. Yeah.

S14: And that’s not it, you know? Yeah, he’s a good reason. Responsible vicar. Right. To the elderly women and to the women who are, you know, past the first blush of youth.

S5: And, you know, they’re trying to figure out, am I still sexy? Can I still use my feminine wiles?

S14: And they they come to Sydney, man, and they I know that if I was a congregant, I would attempt something. I know I would. Because he’s he cuts quite a dashing figure when he puts on the vestments. And he’s out there like about to preach the word of God.

S20: And I every time I think to myself, I’m obviously here for that, but also I’m not here for that at all.

S5: Said, look, Episode 2 opens where he is scything in the cemetery sake and he is wearing, you know, a tank shirt, a shirt and suspenders and, you know, whatever we call them. Braces. Yeah. UK guy. So he is sleeveless. And you can see that this man is cut.

S13: He’s the bounty of the Lord. Yeah. Wow. And he is out there sweaty. His hair is all wet and flabby and. Yep. Yep. I’m like that episode to. So they said we’re gonna.

S14: Keep the audience we got last week, bitches, and they. They held us when I saw that scene, I remember feeling like I was being held at the throat. An apology was kind of a come on.

S6: And another part of me is gonna like come all like, you know, like, I get that. Whoever wrote that script was kind of like, you could just imagine I’m kind of going.

S12: All right. So. Yeah. What’s gonna happen is you’re gonna be clothed, but it’s gonna be like you’re not clothed. All right. Just go with me here. Like. And he bless his heart. He leans into it. He’s, you know, man is doing the work.

S19: The second season opens with him and jocketty jumping into a swimming hole, a wall, a swimming hole.

S5: And he has on these little plaid trunks of the time. Yeah, these swimming shorts.

S21: Beautiful. Oh, my. Well, so pregnant. You are beautiful because it looks so good.

S5: It’s so perfect on his body, you know, regardless of what what time period they’re supposed to be. It looks really good on his frame. Yeah. And sperm. Yeah. Yeah. Like he kills it. I do want to play a clip that shows Sydney with a jazz singer, a young black woman who, you know, maybe some happened between them. I don’t know what I want to give an example of the way women just kind of fall at his feet.

S22: I mean, my friend, the detective. I’m not a detective. I’m a cop. Yeah, I can see that. Can face again. Not a threat to anyone. I don’t know about that. Drinking to forget. Always.

S13: Suburban Noize. Getting to it is a lot. Yeah, I want to forget with Sidney Chambers, too. I need a memory.

S7: What for? He’s someone who I think is so aware of his mortality.

S20: Having seen so much of it, I think he’s seen so much destruction, so much decimate carnage. And he has survived. And I think a big part of, you know, the things that drive him, the demons that drive him, a good deal of that is, you know, survivor’s guilt. He’s someone who has returned with so many others did not. Right. And so he feels. And that explains also like this needs this the pining he does. But he never he never fully steps into the thing that he wants. I think he’s constantly scared of wanting too much. And every so often he allows himself to, for example, when he’s taking in some liquor. And yeah, he does drink too much. And he does, you know, he overindulgence in this thing, but it ties him. It holds him back in so many other places. And I think that’s the thing that he’s constantly battling against. And it’s like I said, it’s this idea of finding as, say, a happy place between, you know, the kingdom of God that he’s allegedly called to. And, you know, the very present earth for he is a part of right now. He’s trying to figure out life on this side of the equation, you know. And I think that’s the thing that is most interesting. He’s he’s an interesting figure doing interesting things. And that’s that’s the most compelling part of him. Beyond his obvious beauty is like a human being struggling to kind of come to terms with various decisions, some of them of his own making, others not. I’m trying to kind of muddle through it. And it just so happens that he also gets to do that while solving murders.

S13: Right.

S9: And I think another reason why, though, women in the village fall for him are so attracted to him beyond his beauty, is the fact that maybe because he is a vicar, he sees all of them in a way that they are not used to. So you have the secretaries who are used to being invisible. You have these sex workers who are used to being invisible until there’s a need for them. And, you know, the men around them are just walking by them or whatever. But he knows their names, he remembers their names. He remembers the little things like, you know, this one sex worker was like, I remember I used to read the Secret Garden when I was a little girl. I can read, you know, whatever. And he brings her a copy of The Secret Garden and yeah, towards the end of that particular episode.

S7: So things like that is the line of care, he says. Yes. And I think, again, if we’re going to kind of figure out, I suppose if you’re going to figure out who to put your two to projects, your your wants, your needs on to. It would be a man who sees you that’s like the very basic requirement. And it’s actually also a very smooth Segway into our next bit of the cloth, because his his trick seems to be that he sees our heroine.

S20: Yes.

S9: And that is hot priest chat to you that out to you who fleabag.

S5: He sees her in the way that no one else does. And when I say that he sees her, he sees us, the viewer that she speaks to all the time, he’s like, what are you doing? Where are you disappearing? Why are you. You know, he they say, why are you talking to someone else? But he’s like, who are you talking to? Where do you go? You disappear.

S20: So that sometimes I think sometimes when when people are talking about desire. A lot of the time, what they’re also referencing is a sort of need or a desire to be unblocked in the gaze of someone. But for someone to see every part of you. And to not flinch from it. Yes. And I think that the genius of hot priest besides we’ll go into it. But one of the biggest things for me was that he, like you said, he saw her. He. He sees her. He sees other people seeing her. He’s so finally attuned to her.

S23: That’s even if he wasn’t called freeze, like I’d be like, Jesus Christ, who the fuck wrote this? Little like it’s a love story.

S12: It is somebody seeing you the way you want to be seen in your totality. You want to be seen front and back sideways. You want you want someone to look at you and recognize you from the butt, you know, recognize you from behind, recognize you from the skin of your arm, someone to look at you and when hot priests because again, we don’t have a name. He’s called the priest. But, you know, we’ve called him hot priest. So we’ll just lean into that. There’s something about the way he’s so totally sees her and that she. You can see her. She’s like a cat in a sunbeam. She’s kind of rolling over to be seen. Yeah, it’s beautiful. But let’s start from the beginning. So fleabag is the Amazon Prime slash BBC production from Phoebe Walbridge. About this woman who is going through life is the only way to describe it. And the hot breeze doesn’t appear until the second season.

S20: And in the second season, he appears at the dinner scene at the very beginning of season two, where he’s here now. Well, it’s announced that he will be holding the wedding or fleabag. That’s Phoebe’s character, her father and hers soon to be stepmother, the godmother. They getting together and they’re gonna get married and he’s going to. We’re doing the ceremony, yeah.

S8: And you know, the dinner is the first time that fleabag has been with of all the family since the first season, and it’s been over a year at this dinner. Everything’s tense and weird and strange. And the priest is sitting next to fleabag and he just keeps looking her dead in her eyes. Everyone else, this is kind of ignoring her or waiting for her to fuck up or do something terrible. But when he looks at her, he smiles at her. And it’s a smile like, again, that kind of we share a secret together. And it’s so sweet that she you know, she looks at us like, do you see what I’m saying? You know, and it’s just regardless of how you feel about Andrew Scott’s looks, it really doesn’t matter because it is about this feeling of an adult crush. What? That that moment of seeing somebody recognize you and that you’re both trying to figure out the dance together.

S5: How do we you know, are we what kind of dance are we about to do? Steps. Yeah. Yeah. And it is just really. That’s what makes him hot. Yes.

S15: Yes. It’s not so much about his physicality is not so much about his acting is superb. The writing is stunning. I I honestly do think it is. I finished watching season two and I thought, oh, that’s a masterpiece. And. And Phoebe Walbridge is a genius. And I don’t bandy genius. I definitely don’t ever call men geniuses. That’s enough. But even then, I’m very I’m very kind of, you know, stingy with it because I think it’s good. Whatever. This I remember kind of like closing the tab on my laptop. And I was like, Jesus Christ, like, who the fuck? Like you? Why didn’t I write this? This is amazing. And so on. And I think that writing is evident in every single frame because she has given these actors amazing lines and they are doing amazing work.

S12: But fundamentally, what she’s writing is a is it is a thing that we’re all universally craving, I think. And that is, like you said, that moment. She understands human relationships. So when she puts hot praise next to fleabag for the longest time, they don’t interact and then they do. And the magic lies in her timing of the point at which he sees her or the point at which she reveals to us the view as that he sees her. Is that secret smile. And it’s a moment that even fleabag kind of double takes.

S23: Like was that. Yeah. Which doesn’t feel alien in the real world.

S20: There are times when you make eye contact with someone or you you feel a connection and you kind of like, what am I?

S23: Like you said, like what? What are my steps here? What? What is this? A tango? Is it? What’s going on? Yeah. And that moment of like sexy confusion. Allegedly. And Phoebe writes it on the axis does give it to you, and I think that immediately that happened.

S12: I sat up at home and I was like, wait. Yeah, something’s gonna happen. I know he’s a priest. I know he’s marrying her parents in the morning or whatever.

S5: But like something something is gonna has to happen because just the chemistry was incredible. It was just floating from whatever screen. You’re looking at this eye.

S8: It was just it was just fiery, just sparks everywhere. I think part of the reason that he was, you know, he was start to look really rough towards the middle part was him fighting his feelings for sure, fleabag and not, you know, again, that temptation, whatever. And so I think the overall thing, again, with, you know, the attraction to people of the cloth is this idea of forbidden fruit. And then also you’re so powerful, like whoever you are, to tempt a person of God. Right. Whatever your religion may be, that you can have make someone question themselves. And for fleabag, who has felt kind of out of control with the choices that she’s made. And she needs someone with authority in her life because the people who are supposed to be authority figures in her life have not necessarily abandoned her, but she has to carry them like her father and her sister, if she has to, you know, cover for her sister with different things so that her sister can look good. Be the one that comes out on top of whatever, whether it’s a presentation at her job or because of some weird thing that happened between her and her husband. And the sister’s name is Claire. I’m sorry. So Claire, his sister, she covers for her a lot. Her father is this kind of mumbling confused me. I don’t know. Like what? You know, his carry a little broken. Yeah. Yeah. Because, you know, their mother had passed and maybe, you know, he’s just kind of like, I know I meet someone. So here is this. Godmother who was clear about how she was getting, you know, worm her way into his life from the moment of the funeral. So anyway, I think I remember someone on Twitter said that fleabag has become the sin eater of the family as she takes on all of their pain just to make it easier for them to move on. And then, you know, they can put all of their issues onto her and blame her for everything. Blame her for ruining the dinner party, blame her for whatever. You know, all this kind of stuff. And so fleabag needs someone to make decisions for her so that they can take the blame of what she’s doing and whether that is going to be God and his divine plan or the priest that represents God on earth. She is looking for something. And then here’s this man who sees her.

S20: And that’s the question that she kind of takes with her to therapy. Well, you know, and the therapist asks, you know, singularly profane question, but it’s an important question. Kind of like this thing that you’re pursuing. Is it. Is it as innocent as you claim it is? Or do you have a kind of deeper purpose here? Like is it? Is it the priest you’re trying to get with or are you trying to get back at God in some capacity? And I think it’s a valid question, because I do think when things are spiraling and like Nicole said, I think, you know, she’s she’s a little bit on Maude.

S17: She’s lost her best friend. She’s been cut off from her family in a very big way. She’s feeling a little bit lost. And then income’s someone who has, you know, more than most of us a claim to some sort of divine knowledge. And that’s a very handy way for you to like, even if you don’t want to kind of give over all your kind of, you know, decision making ability, you want someone who claims to have the answers in your corner. So I retract into the breeze on the one hand is completely normal where you’re just seeking someone to kind of, you know, go through life with. But then at the core of it also is this person who’s kind of like, my God, can you just you just tell me what to do? Yes. And that Segways. Very neat.

S24: Yes.

S8: Because out, you know, at one point she’s like, I need someone to tell me what to wear in the morning. You know what to do. And, you know, she lists all the things that she wants. And so he takes her to the confessional so that she can confess her sins to him. And she’s just like, I don’t know what to do. Just tell me what to do.

S2: And he tells her, Neal.

S7: Yeah, I mean, I didn’t find that moment as hot as many people did. I went to Catholic school. You know, in a very unsexy way. We did Stations of the Cross every Friday. I do not have fond memories. I do not. I did not ever look at a prison. And I think, well, yeah, like, no, thanks. Get me out of here as soon as possible. So I dont have I dont have a very strong feeling of forbidden authority figure. But in the moments I watched it, I didn’t find it hot hot. But I understood it slowly. I understood those who did find it hot.

S23: The music kind of swells in the background and I like what the fuck am I watching? Yeah. Is it all in here? I don’t know. Yeah, it’s a very effective movement.

S12: But the overarching thing about him, like, you know, we keep saying the earthiness of him. He is someone who is as tortured as Sidney Chambers’s in terms of cause. And as much as we talk about fleabag and her feeling on mode and whatnot, I think he was feeling similarly on.

S5: Yes, there is. He talks about this fox, the head that foxes keep following him. They’re out to get him and all this kind of stuff.

S8: And I think the fox symbolizes his conflicts with his sexuality, with his earthiness and things like that.

S12: The fox appears when he’s feeling most conflicted. Yes. Right. He’s always seeing that. He’s always kind of it’s always is like the monkey on his back to bar another animal. Sorry, monkey. I like that feeling of someone being constantly watched. Like he he’s aware that he’s on the edge of transgression. He’s so aware of it. So he’s holding himself extra tight as well. And it kind of matches an energy fully Buggs situation, right. Where they’re both looking for something and they crash into one another and kind of have that moment of way. Is it you? Are you the thing that I’ve been waiting for? Could it be the similarly confused? And then heartbreakingly, one of them is no longer confused, but another one still is. And that’s where the grandiose conflicts of all, because I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say, you know what, priest stays a hot priest. Yeah, but it’s a it’s a moment where he has to finally the fox disappears, at least for now, because he comes to a decision. And it’s not without heart wrenching, you know, consequences because it turns out fleabag has stopped questioning. She’d found it. Yeah. And then it didn’t match. And I think again, not that he is pining his heart.

S18: Yes. I love longing. I. I mean, just they do it so well in season 2. A fleabag. The longing between them. This this I want you, but I can’t have you kind of thing. Even when they do go there, there’s still this this this moment of what next? Yeah. And when he says to, you know, she says, I love you. They sit for a second. And he has. And he says it’ll pass. That is my heart just broke for her.

S12: He looks as though it hurts him as much as it’s hurting her to say it. And and he he makes a definitive step to end it. And in so doing, he’s breaking her heart. But you have no doubt that he’s breaking his own hearts. And that’s incredibly powerful. It’s also incredibly hard because also that I was kind of like, well, I guess it’s time to fall in love with a fucking priest, I guess, because you think to yourself, will I ever feel these feelings? Will I ever, you know, will I ever get to the point where I look at someone and say, that’s my person, because that’s exactly what I was doing. She chooses him. And then he chooses elsewhere. Yes. And it’s not through that. But it is in Cruise’s code. And that, again, boils down this feeling of kind of like, you know, I imagine, like you said, the feeling of somebody connecting to some alleged higher power. Yeah. I want to plug into that. And I do think that’s part of the part of the allure of, you know, clergy people is this idea that they’ve got they must have something figured out. Yeah.

S8: So there is a book by James Baldwin called Go Tell It on the Mountain. And there is a scene where someone gets the Holy Spirit, as we say. And there they are in this ecstatic moment. And that ecstasy is so similar to sexual ecstasy. I said it, you know, and the description of it is as fantastic. And so I think that that is what we see here between hot priest and fleabag, because there’s a moment and I think we have a clip for this where he’s like, I feel something and I don’t know what it is.

S25: Lipstick. Oh, ha ha. All right.

S26: She’s got her. Don’t. Yeah.

S17: And that scene kind of extends he kind of that thing that you said about him walking away. He kind of as he kind of turns the corner, he stops to look at her and he throws his head back and it’s almost kind of like disbelieving. Yes. He’s looking at her like, what, you don’t?

S5: Yes.

S8: You know, I think that she has a crush goggles on when she’s looking at him, because there’s that there’s one moment where they’re walking. He’s taking her someplace and she’s looking at him. She’s like his arms.

S12: Yes. I think we have a clip of that.

S27: Please. Oh, it’ll be perfect.

S28: It’s always true for weddings or funerals, weddings. It’s all so hungry. It’s good to talk to him and. You really think that the Met client. What do you believe? Worm food.

S29: Why? Why? What? Why? Even something awful. What do you really think? Make me an optimist. You will ruin my life.

S14: I love the way she interjects. That’s how I feel. Yeah. When you are noticing things about people, you start interjecting at the worst possible flaws. You know, talking about funerals and what don’t you like his neck like?

S21: I love the. And when she says that, she looks like plaintively at the camera, like, you guys see what I’m seeing?

S23: Look at his home. And to be fair, he’s wearing in that scene.

S12: This kind of French Terry sweatshirts. That is, of course, the second hottest Gobert A man can win. Only after the hennelly. Thank you. And and he’s wearing he’s wearing you like in this blue and it really works with like his dark hair and his pale skin. It’s all working for him. And again, you believe it. You muchin. He’s just like he looks like a snack. He’s walking alongside it and he’s got his sleeves pushed up, which shot out to forum like he is just doing.

S23: He looks like. Yes, admiring the bounty of God.

S7: You like Jesus? Laughs My Twitter was a wash. I use that word very pointedly.

S23: I walk with feelings about hot breeze. People were just losing that goddamn mind. Yes.

S17: And I think, again, it wasn’t so much like he’s like the epitome of what we’ve been told is male beating. But there was something about the collectivism of that moment, all of us looking at something and understanding fundamentally that it’s less about what he looks like. It’s whatever. It’s the energy is the thing it produces and fleabag. That’s the thing that we are. On some level, I think a lot of us are kind of, you know, either we’ve experience or we want to experience. And there was something about all of us watching it at the same time and kind of thinking, oh, she’s named it. She is named the animal that we have seen in our lives for so long. And we never knew what it was called.

S8: Yes. And it’s also just wherever you are in your relationship status, whether you’re single or you’re married or partnered or whatever. Seeing that seeing it play out on the screen, you just kind of like, oh, I remember that. I remember that feeling.

S7: Yeah. And by extension, we’re in there with her and we’re remembering, well, what we’ll be earning or what we’re doing, whatever. It’s it’s really masterful television and she’s doing amazing anyway.

S8: It’s great. And yeah, it’s a great show. Hot Priest is hot again. You know, it’s more about those the energy and the feel of him. And that’s as equally as important as looks or anything else.

S14: Oh, what a time to be alive. We’re going to we’re going to have a couple of things where we just kind of mentioned some other memorable people of the cloth. Right. We’re going to we’re going to just sit on that. We’re going to think about that. And I take you to the Lord in prayer.

S9: So we’re gonna do some honorable mentions. Obviously, we can’t talk about every every hot clergy person.

S13: I mean, we could be here for seven years. Right.

S11: And so I want to briefly mention The Thorn Birds, which was a mini series back in the 80s, that if you try to watch it now, you’re gonna cringe because it is so terrible.

S8: But it is about a priest who falls in love with someone we’re introduced to as a young girl.

S13: And so already problem. You know, it’s it’s kind of like he’s grooming her. But anyway, we’re not necessarily saying that it’s a beautiful story, but it’s it is kind of this.

S14: I do want to say it’s a start, but it’s a formative experience. And he people and, you know, people who read the book as well. So, yes, the phone buzzes based on a book by Colleen McCullough. And then it was turned into a mini series in the 80s. I was I think I was a newly born child when it was on. So I remember.

S8: I mean, I was very young when it came on, but I remember that it caused such sensation in pop culture right when it was on.

S5: So. Yeah, so the Thorn Birds. I’m sure you can find that someplace. Yes.

S16: Know, it was interesting. Also was kind of like it’s such a clear line of a generational divide.

S21: Yes. Like some people remember the Thornburgh’s phrase and others have like a vague inkling as well. David, like Thorne wants. Yeah.

S14: If you if you remember, you remember if you were there, you would say, let’s just say that one of my favorites. There’s also my friend’s favorite is Sunset Beach. I don’t have any. You watch this terrible soap from the 90s is an American soap opera. And there was there was a very, very handsome priest. He was Father Antonio.

S21: Laughing Because it’s so ridiculous. He was kind of like comically beautiful, like ducky. He was Italian or Spanish or something. No one at one of the one of the dusky nowit’s and he he.

S7: And he had like, you know, dark hair and these soulful brown eyes, and he always looked like he was like tortured and was in constant conversation with God and everything was just terrible.

S14: He was trying to kind of fight against the. It was a lot of like a young a young woman, a young girl who was like, you know, trying to figure out what in the world she likes. He was a very important position as a you father on tonier wherever the fuck you are. God bless you. You were very important for a good number of British schoolgirls.

S9: We talked about this in our episode about Gael Garcia Bernal, but the crime of Father Amaro.

S13: Yeah. You. Yeah. If you get a chance to watch it back then. Watch it now. How’d it go? Go find to find you a little sauce.

S9: And there is a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network called Greenleaf that is about a southern black megachurch and all the scandals that come along with that. And there is a prodigal daughter. Her name is Grace. It goes by G-G. She comes back and, you know, she’s fighting the calling and she is very much trying to figure out who she should be with and all this kind of stuff. So this is a lot going on with that. I recommend that if you’re not able to watch it on your own, it’s currently on Netflix. So give that a shot.

S16: Lean in. And speaking of female clergy, I. I wouldn’t be I wouldn’t feel right about not mentioning Geraldine, a.k.a. the Vicar of Dibley, who was incredibly important to me as a comedy fan, as a kid and as a teenager in the UK. It’s played by Dawn French, the amazing iconic comedian Dawn French. And it’s great. I really love that show. And she was like this, you know, Dawn French at the time was a little bit bigger than she is now. But she was like this incredibly sensuous, this very kind of like earthbound. You know, she. She was clearly chic. She spoke a lot about fancying dudes. And she was like almost agressively kind of like you. I’m trying to get me married and like, you know, she she was she was a pleasure loving vicar. And I remember watching that and thinking, this feels important. I’m not even a Christian, but it felt important to me to see that. And she was this incredibly warm, loving. She loved her congregation, loved her community. And she also, by the end of it, would shout out to everybody involved. She ended up falling in love and getting married at the end of it. And her husband was played by Richard Armitage.

S14: So your friends in me kept me fuckin Richard Armitage. We’re gonna make it work. And at the end of it, you’re rooting for them. So how do you like you know what?

S10: I hope they do make it. I hope they have five kids and everything is like the Church of England. Everything’s great.

S9: So, yeah, hot clergy people.

S6: Are you keeping the fires of heaven burn?

S18: All right. Well, we had some delicious, sinful fun.

S30: Look who’s talking about the vicar.

S5: Sexy Vicar. Sydney Chambers from Grantchester and Hot Priest from Fleabag. Yes. Now it’s time for our own contribution to the genre of sexy clergyman. Oh, God. Yeah.

S13: I mean, the canon is bursting.

S14: And you know, in many ways, arguably we don’t need to do this. You already know what a hot priest means.

S12: This is a this is a nod to Geraldine, who, you know, has a very gentle fantasy. Life was rich, but it was also very gentle. And so that’s where I my here now.

S5: And I’m doing well. I am intrigued. I’m not familiar with with this person’s character.

S6: Sweet. Very sweet. It’s that. Yeah. And I’ve gone, of course, for James Naughton, owner of The Squarest Head this side of Timbuktu. Yeah.

S12: Because I you know, like I said, I’m embarrassed a little bit and. But I do fancy him quite a bit. Yeah. So this is a this is Sydney Chambers and me.

S2: The facade of the chapel was glowing orange. A combination of the brilliant setting sun just behind its spire and the projected neon lights shooting up to criss cross across the sky. We were in a crowd of people, all of us heading towards the church. Tickets clutched. I looked up from our joined hands to catch Sydney’s profile. The light was hitting him just right. Setting fire to the fine hairs of his eyebrows, bouncing off of his cheekbones, lovingly shading his full upper lip. He looked relaxed, shoulders loose. His other hand in his pocket. I could tell the moment he felt my gaze. His lips curved upwards into his familiar and dear to me. Smile. What is it? He asked. Voice as soft as cashmere. I let my mind wander before I answered. We are taking the train down from Cambridge earlier that afternoon and I’d watch the vicarage get smaller in the rearview mirror with a real sense of glee. He spent so much time worrying about and tending to his flock. I sometimes resented that little house. It could do without him for a night or two. London was where we had met all those years ago, and pulling into Kings Cross just over an hour later, I felt bone deep pleasures, a feast, my body, a drink in the hotel bar had turned into two, and then a walk through North London had led us here just off the busy thoroughfare of Upper Street. A perfect, lazy day, the opposite of life in Grantchester, topped off with an evening of live jazz, his favourite, and in the years we had known each other. Now also mine. Nothing, I replied eventually leaning into is reassuring bulk just happy to be here with you. He gently bumped me back. Happy to be here with you, too. He said.

S30: It’s so sweet. Oh, thanks. Oh, that’s like. That’s how you said it.

S31: Sweet. I was responding in kind.

S5: Oh, my God. Okay. I feel bad. No, don’t feel bad. Lean in. Okay.

S18: OK. So my drabble is about. Perhap priest, yeah. I’m just gonna read it. I’m just gonna go get the priest sits opposite me now. His bouncing leg against the couch, his only sign of nerves. He seems to relax the longer we talk. But I don’t want him calm with me. I don’t want his heartbeat to rest near me. So I ask about the Eucharist.

S5: Why are Catholics so squeamish about sex? And yet make Communion’s such a sensual, submissive experience.

S18: He moves to the edge of his seat, a sweating glass of ice tea in his hands, and asks me what I mean. I pull an exaggerated face, eyes rolling back, tongue halfway out of my mouth, my hands hanging limply. You make people stick their whole tongues out. I reply, and he shakes his head at me, the side of his mouth curling up at my teasing. No one does that. He corrects me. Chuckling at my silliness. How do you take communion? Then he asks. I stand for my favorite cozy reading chair and walk to him. He watches me. Any signs of amusement falling from his face? I take the glass from his hands and use a napkin to dry them. His Adam’s apple pushes against his collar as he swallows. I place his right hand on top of his left palms up and cupped them slightly before I press a thumb very gently in the center of the supplicating gesture. This commitment is a choice we make that we ask for. I say looking into eyes that rarely stray from mine, his face is sharper now more alert. We are making an informed decision. This proof of devotion. I slowly raise our hands closer to his face, to the lips he’s parted as he looks up at me. This is my body. I tell him. Take it.

S32: Show.

S33: Why not? Sure. I love it.

S6: Communion. Listen. That’s the hottest part right there. Yeah, I feel spent. Somebody get me a cigarette. You know, that’s been a taxing episode.

S34: Wow. It’s a whole lot. I am not Catholic, but I feel like I should do the sign of the cross. Might as well. It’s not going to, you know. Yeah, that’s that’s how you get to heaven. Extra insurance. Why not?

S24: So if we still have any listeners out there. Thank you for sticking around for your blasphemy.

S10: Listen, I feel like people are going to be confessing on our behalf this week, and that’s fine. We appreciate that. We need all the help. Like, I’m really I’m trying to make heaven.

S6: Help me out. Help! Help! Help out your local first bucket. Yeah.

S5: So, you know, the routine by now, hopefully Friday we will put up a poll and you can decide which Drabble is know gonna push you into the afterlife.

S24: Yeah, I hate you. So I think that’s why. Why do you do this?

S13: Is it this sweet, tender bulk of city chamber? Well. No one has ever said Volks. So fucking density. And I appreciate you. Thanks.

S5: Ah, is it the hot priest learning a new way of how to take communion?

S24: I didn’t know. I didn’t know where to take what now? Comedian. Good. Great. Great. Superb. Listen.

S10: The choice is yours.

S14: Whatever your soul is speaking to, if it’s whispering, it’s kind of, you know, hasting to hell or if it’s kind of more of an angel on your shoulder, you know where to go.

S6: Go to our Twitter, which is at first aid kit and register register. You’ll soon figure out where you’re going to land. And yeah, as we say, every week.

S7: It doesn’t really matter who wins. I mean, we enjoy writing these jobs. We enjoy reading these troubles. And so we hope that you get a modicum of joy and pleasure also out of that.

S21: So there is no winner except, you know, for the person who wins the poll. But anyway, we are all winners. There you go.

S18: In this lovely dance of life, I guess.

S30: I don’t know. All right. All right. Got you. Oh, oh, oh, oh.

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S5: When I see it, I’m just like, this is how he would look when you put a boob in his mouth.

S13: Like, I’m like you. I know that he is a man of the cloth, but the body do you know the body is a gift from God? And I think that he knows how to praise the body. All right. You know what? I’m gonna stop you right there because you are doing a lot.

S16: I you know, I don’t necessarily disagree, but I’m also trying to get to heaven.