Is “Soaking” a Real Mormon Sex Thing?

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S1: Are there other names for smoking? Yes, I’ve heard it called smoking, floating, marinating. Some people refer to it as docking, but I don’t think that’s what that really means.

S2: Hi, I’m Madison Malone Kircher

S3: and I’m Rachel Hampton and you’re listening to I say, Why am I

S2: in case you missed it?

S3: Slate’s podcast by Internet Culture

S2: OK, so Rachel, I was laying in bed the other night as one does what she talks about as one does. Yes, exactly. You know, me and I had a question popped into my head. I was watching a like multi-part saga from a woman who had like, had a hair salon experience gone wrong. I don’t know. She wanted a root smudge. They just could not give her the root smudge she wanted. It was like a really long story time.


S3: I feel for her. I don’t know what her roots smudges, but any kind of hair salon trauma. I feel deeply. But is this about hair?

S2: No, it actually has nothing to do with hair, I also don’t know to read smudges, OK? During this multi-part saga, though, she is using TikTok green screen feature and she’s talking in front of a background that I’m sure you have seen. It’s like an alleyway full of balconies. It looks kind of European. The sky is blue, the buildings are white with like terracotta trim.

S3: Yes, it’s giving me very mamma mia giving me strut like you mean it giving me cheetah girls.


S2: Yeah, I proceeded to send myself a middle of the night email in all caps with a screenshot of it that just said, Where is this? Is this how

S3: you get all the ideas for our shows? This just middle of the night image? Let’s see. Yes, absolutely. OK, OK.

S2: But truly, I have since become obsessed with finding out how this became the green screen background for storytelling on TikTok.

S3: And did you find out why or how or where or who?

S2: OK, so I did a bunch of Google searches for things like Where is TikTok Ali and TikTok green screen background ideas and TikTok green screen help, which turned up nothing.


S3: Now I was hoping that you got a help in there at some point.

S2: Only, frustratingly, a bunch of explainers blogs walking me through how to use the damn picture because it is the thing that pops up first. If you go to make a green screen video on Tik Tok, this alleyway is the thing that it puts behind your head.

S3: But no one was telling you where or who or how.

S2: No, but then a reverse image search leads me to an influencer named Dalia Salsa Mendy, who appeared to have literally lived my dream and gone to this alley. There’s this video of her snapping your fingers and claiming to be in the alley, which she labels as La Palma del Condado in Spain, bringing TikTok


S1: screen screen to real life again.

S2: There you go. Welcome to Spain.

S3: This alley the Adelia is in does look very similar to the OK. But that’s that’s what you think, that’s what that’s what I think. Every time I think anything on this show, you’re just like, Well, actually,


S2: well, actually, oh

S3: god, the

S2: villain she’s in front of only appear to have two flaws, and the one on the TikTok have three. And also the metal balcony frames are different shapes, which, you know, maybe she’s like on the street, but in a different spot. It’s not a perfect match. I still needed more information, so I kept digging through my reverse image searches until I finally finally came to, which is like, Why would you care to explain


S3: I would love to explain Unsplash dot com

S2: slash dot com

S3: is a royalty free image site that I am very familiar with this someone who has to build their own articles in our content management system or CMS. Come back, come back. Here’s how journalism works.

S2: Kibbe The important part of what Rachel just explained is that these photos are free, which is exactly where if I were working at TikTok and needed a generic stock photo, I would go. So I find this photographer named Inma Santiago, who appears to have posted the shot of the street, and she says that it is in Hadad de la Frontera in Spain. So a totally different location than what a dolly was saying by my very unscientific Google mapping. The location appears to be two hours away by train, so


S3: case somewhat closed. I mean, I kind of feel like the only way to find out for sure is to go to Spain ourselves.

S2: Agreed. I’m satisfied, but I could be most satisfied.

S3: Mm hmm. Well, well, we wait for our expense request to get approved. We have got a really fun episode for y’all. Today we’re answering some of the burning questions you all have sent us once again. Again, sappy moment. I am a Pisces. You all send us the best questions. Y’all are amazing. We love every single question that we get from you guys. And so we’re going to answer some of them today questions about devious licks, soaking the chair emoji and more.


S2: Before we get to those questions, however you know them, you love them and now they are back. That’s right. We’ve got some high speed downloads for you guys featuring sea lions, orcas and Ben Platt. Oh my. For those of you who are new here. Welcome. High speed download is a game Rachel and I play, where we get exactly 60 seconds on the clock to explain a piece of internet ephemera, maybe a meme or a viral video, or some ridiculous tweet in as much detail as possible. If you don’t like listening to people, talk incredibly quickly, consider listening to this one on point five speed because we’re going to talk really, really fast. Rachel, I think you’re up first today. What do you have for us?


S3: I have the sea lion and orca of sea lion orca Ben Platt. Oh my.

S2: Mhm.

S3: Yes, this is a TikTok controversy that made its way over to Twitter. And as we know, our platform debate is our favorite on this show. If y’all are new here, I always make the mistake of having to read a bunch of tweets in a high speed download, and I have made that mistake again today.

S2: So, all right, Eric, quit making excuses. You got one minute on the clock on your mark. Get set,

S3: go. OK, we’re going to username then uploaded a video of a sea lion swimming on her book, and she was freaking the fuck out shit. I was like, You ain’t got to go home, but you got to get the fuck out of here. The sea lion is looking at her like, Ma’am, please save me. She then turns the camera and you see three orcas coming up towards the ship. The definition of come on side, we won’t jump you. In case you don’t know, the orcas are also known as killer whales. They will fuck your shit up. They’ll create waves and sea lions of ice floes capsize just before literally great white sharks are afraid of them. There’s a term for how fucking scared they are called landscape of fear, where people and by people. I mean, animals will avoid going to the places they have been for years, so they’re very scary. So now in other states, I’ll post a second video or this sea lion gets off the boat, presumably to the IPY and Twitter user Castro. Would you mind if he posts video, which is currently a four point one billion views? This video divides the fucking internet. People are calling her cabin of the sea because she just didn’t take the flight to safety. I mean, people are saying, Dude, I’m not letting this fucking thing land. Let me get fucked, though. But orcas are fully protected species, so you’re apparently not supposed to start and engineer them so she can speed out of there. Or at least that’s what she said. However, in the last video, you see this she turns her engine on its feet lying


S2: about, So what is the truth? I guess not caring of the sea

S3: like, fuck chicken of the sea. We have care at sea now.

S2: Rachel is part of the time honored rules of high speed download. You do get one final final. Say what else do we need to know here?

S3: Well, my heart is beating really fast, but that’s not the critical information. The information is there. The user notable which is in u t a b u l l for anyone else who thought it was saying something else. They’ve been harassed so much that their TikTok account no longer exist. We should also probably place some of the video of notable, which while her TikTok account is gone. Nothing is ever gone on the internet. So several people re uploaded this to Twitter.


S1: You need to go. I know your supper, honey. This is how the world works. Boy, oh boy.

S3: She’s talking to the C line in the video, who is looking at her with like the most plaintive face I’ve ever seen on an animal? It is. It’s honestly sacked. As you know, he’s dead. Like, you

S2: know, he’s dead.

S3: It’s the circle of life. Literally like that. Is the half the comments just being like, I am not about to be at the bottom of the food chain, man.

S2: Everybody saw Blackfish once and just get feelings

S3: free, Willy. And we’re just like, clearly, these orcas are going to be fine, but killer whales? I don’t know, man, I would also get out of there like I really feel like notable that she needed to do. All right. Madison, it’s your turn. Are you what do you have for us? And are you ready?


S2: I also have a landscape of fear, but it has nothing to do with orcas. It has everything to do with a high school.

S3: Oh, that is the landscape.

S2: I I told no lies.

S3: So are you ready to take us to this landscape of fear about Dear Evan Hansen?

S2: I have been training for this my whole life.

S3: All right. You have one minute on the clock. Ready.

S2: Set, go. Dear Evan Hansen is a Tony Award winning musical turn movie by and Paul.

S1: Whoa, this is the greatest show.

S2: It’s also part of a fucked up story if you don’t know it. Well, Evan Hansen is a shy, anxious kid who actually ends up pretending to have been secretly obsessed with a kid who dies. And then he dates that had kid, sister, and obviously the lie eventually implodes, but not before Evan goes viral. Evan Hansen was originally on Broadway by Ben Platt, who won the Tony for his performance at age 23. And I’m not going to lie. I cried. He was 23, playing a high school senior orchestra. Why not? We let the guy who played Miley Cyrus’s brother in Hannah Montana on Disney Channel do that, and he was like 40. That’s probably urban legend. I should fact check, but I know he was old. Ben Platt is reprising his role for the film, and it’s been five years, so he’s twenty eight, which is to say he looks like a nearly 30 year old man because he is and a lot of people me are not buying him as high school senior. Also, sorry, but movies are way less fucking forgiving than a Broadway stage in terms of age passing. Perhaps a little salty about people being mean, his dad, for what it’s worth, is producing the movie Ben. It’s fine. If you wanted to star in the movie, just say you didn’t want to be in the outside looking in. That’s fine. This sparked a very funny fake Hollywood Reporter’s Story by Wyatt Duncan on Twitter. McCarthy’s version of the film was going to be released on streaming platforms. It’s a very convincing fake, but this is not true. We are not getting Dear Evan Hansen, The Irishman. Instead, we are getting Dear Evan Hansen, but he’s extremely pure, prepubescent post-pubescent instead of so.


S3: Dear Evan Hansen But The Irishman is all right. Madison, do you have one more thing you would like to say?

S2: Do I ever? So as I said, we are not getting Dear Evan Hansen, The Irishman, but I would like to, in a slower pace, just shout out at Wyatt Duncan, who made the fake Hollywood Reporter’s story, claiming that they were going to age Ben Platt for the streaming release. It was such a good fake.

S3: It was such a good fake that I, in internet culture reporter should be able to spot both misinformation and deepfakes. Thought it was real until I looked into the comments and someone was like, This is fake, you know, it’s just like, Damn b got me very fake.

S2: We are getting but one dear Evan Hansen and he’s extremely post-pubescent alla Kenickie from Greece, and you just got to go with it. A phenomenon we will now be referring to henceforth as Kentucky’s law.

S3: O. Madison, I got to say sometimes your puns. I hate them. But this one, I don’t think it’s a pun, but I like it. I like this bit of wordplay

S2: while we’re discussing the terms of Kentucky’s law. I just want to be very clear that this does not. Has never and will never apply to Stockard Channing.

S3: Oh, never. There are worse things I could do about an absolute banger.

S2: And now that a banger has been declared, we’re going to take a quick break. Catch our breath. Use our inhalers. Worship at the altar of Stockard Channing. And when we come back, we’re going to answer some of your burning questions, primarily one that so many of you asked about a weird sounds judge. Let’s say an interesting Mormon sex trend. Alleged sex trend.


S3: More on that after the break.

S2: More on that after the break.

S4: Hi, I’m Doris Day. Ron, Backblaze won’t come across even if his heart is.

S2: OK, we are back with another edition of Drumroll Read Receipts.

S3: Yes, we are back with another edition of read receipts where we prove that we are reading all the great questions that you send us and try to come up with some answers.

S2: No, no, no. We’re not proving that we’re reading them. We’re proving, Rachel, that we have read them, read receipts. I want to see the receipts. Our first question comes from at Sunny Broccoli on Twitter, who says, what’s the deal with the chair emoji? I feel like I blinked and missed something.

S3: I got to say sunny broccoli. I also blinked and missed this.

S2: I blinked and then I blinked again, and I didn’t miss it. So here’s the deal. The chair emoji kiss. You haven’t used it or you have an android is what it sounds like. It’s a literal, tiny chair made of Brownwood, like a basic desk chair. And you may have seen a popping up all over the place, probably on tech talk in the comment section in a reactionary way that just doesn’t seem right. Like why? Why are people using the chair emoji here? That’s a good reaction. That’s a correct assessment because the chair emoji is no longer being used to mean a literal chair. You with me?

S3: I am. But what is it being used for? What does it mean at blank?

S2: Ant, though on TikTok, posted a video to his like over a million followers earlier in September, saying that they were all going to be part of this big inside joke. They were going to replace the cry laughing emoji. So the one with like the tears in the laughter with the chair emoji.


S5: If you’re seeing this, you’re part of the inside joke. The joke is whenever someone says something funny, instead of using the laughing emoji, just use a chair under every post. Just pretend like it’s the most hilarious thing you’ve ever seen.

S2: And then at Blanked on Anto, whose real name is Anthony my sent his followers often commented on Casey’s TikToks. Casey is a British YouTuber, rapper or guy who one time box Logan Paul fat rings any bells for you? Unfortunately, does. It’s kind of a genius growth hack. This is Anthony Mei’s thing. He asks his followers to, you know, spam comment sections with his own handle, and he designs these inside jokes on Tik Tok as an engagement strategy. Like first, he’ll tease videos being like in three days that you’ll be like the inside joke will begin. Don’t miss it. Like, check back.

S3: Wow, this is really smart.

S2: Yeah. So the short answer at Sunny Broccoli is that the chair emoji just means that something is funny or that you are a fan of Anthony Mackie, as is the death of Liam’s TikTok even put the chair emoji in its bio, so the joke is not for now.

S3: The brands, they’re at it again.

S2: Anthony, however, says he has a new inside joke cooking for October 1st, so we’ll see what what’s next?

S3: Well, I feel like I learned a lot.

S2: I cherish these conversations.

S3: The warm, fuzzy feeling I just had immediately left Rachel.

S2: What do you have next for us out of the mailbag?

S3: Next up, we have a question from this is my favorite thing in the world, someone whose screen name is the estate of Hippo King Archibald. A-plus work.


S6: Hey, I see, why am I? I’m wondering if you would do an episode on the TV legs trend? This really feels like one of the first full blown moral panics on TikTok, and I’m really curious about how it evolved. I’m also wondering what some of the real life consequences were, but also what of it may have been overblown. It seems possible that some of this was just kids lying on TikTok, but also a lot of it feels really real.

S3: It sounds like a sex thing. I’m not going to lie.

S2: That’s coming later.

S3: But devious licks is teens being teens. Let’s just preface that. Basically, a devious slick is referring to when someone steals property from a school, so it could be as small as a pair of scissors could be big as a sink. And I’m not. I know I’m not joking. I think that some of these children are training to be plumbers. But basically, according to the website, know your meme. Which shout outs know your meme. Love, y’all! The trend took off in September, which makes sense because that’s when the school year starts on September 1st. A tick talker whose handle is Jug for Alias posted a video of himself taking just like a box of like disposable masks from his backpack, with the caption A month into school. Absolutely devious lick should have brought a mask from home. This continues, OK. On September 6th, someone took a hand sanitizer dispenser from his backpack. On September seven, someone stole a microscope, which those bitches are expensive. Hey. Yeah, no, I’m really

S2: carry from the base. It’s heavy.

S3: No, I’m not encouraging this. I am impressed. These videos gained between like seven point two million views and like 200000 views, and I’m sorry to describe them to you, but they don’t exist anymore because on September 16, TikTok said this kind of content violates community guidelines. So most of the OG devious looks are lost to the internet,


S2: but nothing’s ever really lost to the internet,

S3: right? No, it’s not because as per usual, the kids, they are right and by, all right. I mean, they are just misspelling the word devious to collect their devious licks, which I don’t. Do you know how many ways they’re to misspell the word devious

S2: as a just infamously bad speller myself? I am well aware.

S3: Yeah, there are a lot. There are also some really funny ones that just say things like just hit the most diabolical lick of the century and then just them stealing some toilet paper like like a little bit of the Scott toilet paper and sticking in their pocket.

S2: Do like teachers. Does the administration at these schools know what’s up, Madison?

S3: So much shit is getting stolen that an outgrowth of the devious looks trend is just videos of people recording their principal yelling over the intercom. We do not

S5: have the resources to call each of your parents and tell them what you’re doing. So from now on, we will be working stories from the of the Raptors. Boy, this is completely unacceptable, and this is the only record we have.

S2: Look, I understand how the bathroom might have been a conduit for devious leaks, but I think that really underestimates the ingenuity of you

S3: if you want a hundred percent, I legitimately think because the bathroom is theoretically the only place where administrators are present all the time, that the easiest solution is to just take the doors off the bathrooms. But come on going to stop shit.

S2: OK, Rachel, so devious licks. Walk us through the etymology here.

S3: So I think we are witnessing two things coming together, converging, as one might say, Peter, which is basically means to steal something, gained something of value illegally and then devious. I mean, I feel like I shouldn’t like, you know, yeah, that’s that’s the literal. So I think that we’re just witnessing a new term emerge out of one that already existed. And so devious, like now refers to this very specific phenomena of stealing something from a school.


S2: So like, I’m at a cast party with the cast of Grease from my high school and we’re at a Denny’s and we steal spoons. That’s not a devious lick. That’s just a no misdemeanor. No, I

S3: think that’s yeah, I think that’s just minor theft. Cool. Cool, cool.

S2: Hypothetically, of course, which leaves us with one final burning question from the IOC. Why am I guys?

S3: Y’all really came through on this one? And I would like to say, for the record, that we are not actually a podcast about weird Mormon sex thing. Interesting. Sorry. Don’t be judging. But we will answer this question. We got sent this tweet or one of the tweets I’m about to read. The are by Virginia Hugh Eduardo unfortunate sparkling well, that screen name. So it all started with a tweet from at Matus Bear that reads simply, I’m sorry. What? In caps? Great start. The tweet is, in fact, a screenshot from TikTok of a girl jumping on a bed and on the screen. The caption reads, When your bestie is called to soak in a BYU dorm and you have to jump jump for her, someone then responds, Can you translate this into English, please? At which point at slip ish responds. Some Mormon themes have convinced themselves that putting a penis in a vagina and then not moving is not sex that’s called soaking. Jump humping is when you get someone to jump on the bed next to you soaking. To get some friction going without you technically causing the movement, I refuse to believe that any of

S2: this is real.

S3: Yeah, it it. It boggles the mind.

S2: The funny thing here is we actually had an answer to this question already in the can from a few months back when we did a follow up interview with Danny, a former Mormon and ex Mau who had a lot of thoughts about the BYU virginity club. If you’re new here, we did a really fun I see. Why am I pi investigation into this account that claims to be promoting the the crusade of virginity at BYU?


S3: Yes.

S2: This clip didn’t make it into the episode, but it is the first thing that we thought of when we kept getting all of these DMs and replies. So without further ado, we’re going to let Danny once again answer this question better than we ever could.

S1: The pupil loophole comes up and then also smoking. I don’t know if you guys have heard of smoking anyway.

S2: I am very familiar with this concept. Yeah, because of TikTok.

S3: Well, is so hypothetically, if there was someone on this call who didn’t know what that is. Could you tell me?

S1: Oh yeah, it’s just like you. You have intercourse, but you don’t move. So it’s called so it like there’s no hip thrusting, so it supposedly doesn’t count. But I mean, the reason that the the reason that these things piqued my interest is because like, they’re not a thing, like it’s like, you know, like Mormons don’t actually think that those things are OK. So that’s probably I don’t know. I think it is weird to be like a lot of stuff is wrong and dumb about Mormonism, especially like the concept of virginity and all of that like and purity culture is like, you know, whatever that stuff is done. But it is weird. Growing up Mormon, then you still kind of get your hackles up. You’re like, Yeah, but like, no one thinks this, though this is wild.

S2: There you have it. Thank you, Danny.

S3: But there’s actually discourse about this, isn’t there? Of course there is. We can have nothing with that discourse, Tim. There’s actually a TikTok from another ex Mormon who claims that smoking is very much real.


S1: First and foremost, am I joking? No, I’m not joking. Smoking is 100 percent real. Take it from somebody who lived in Utah County for 20 years, was born and raised a Mormon is a seventh generation. Mormon and in the church for 25 years, smoking is real. Mormons think it doesn’t count as sex. No, not really. They know it’s against the rules. They know it’s bad. They know they shouldn’t do it. Most of them eventually talk to their bishop about it. It’s just something they do when they can’t help it, and they justify it in the moment by saying it’s not sex. I mean, this

S3: doesn’t actually seem to disagree with what Danny is saying, which is that Mormons know it’s really sex like it’s not. No one is actually believe that this is not sex, which I think is the kind of point of tension here.

S2: I’m sorry, I’m with Danny, who I choose to believe as our X-Mode expert that this is not a thing and that jump jumping, jump jumping, which falls under the umbrella of smoking, is also not real. I think that’s all the questions we have time for today. And in case it wasn’t proof that we really like you guys, this episode almost certainly will not help convince TikTok that I am not a former Mormon. My plate continues. Yes. OK. That’s the show. We’ll be back on your feet on Saturday. Please subscribe. It’s free and the best way to make sure you never miss an episode. I promise. Actually, I don’t like to make promises I can’t keep. There might be more weird sex stuff on Saturday. You’ll just have to come back to find out. Consider leaving us a rating and review in Apple Podcasts. Tell your friends about us. Follow us on Twitter at Icy Why am I underscore Pod? In case this episode wasn’t very clear? We we take your DMs very seriously. Or you can also always send us an email. We are at ICI. Why am I at

S3: I think I am I was produced by Daniel Schroeder, a supervising producer at their John Horsewoman, and I like or frank our editors, and Alicia Montgomery is executive producer of Slate Podcast C Online

S2: or in a Landscape of Beer. I I told no lies.

S3: No, you didn’t. You like Abraham Lincoln. Oh, George Washington, whatever.

S2: Speaking of high school,

S3: clearly it didn’t go anyway.