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S1: Henry stroked his hand over.

S2: You don’t think it’s too big? He asked.

S1: No, I replied. It fits. Justified.

S2: Good ol Henry, good old Henry with his big B.

S3: Slate Plus members, I’m here to remind you the Slate survey will be open through April 1st.

S4: This is your chance to tell us what you think. Sleepless and sleep will only take a few minutes. And I have read it that Telecom like a caged hen, is forced to lay these first eggs.


S5: I’m fine.

S6: While I’m grateful and glad to be alive and not currently in the grip of a truly horrifying disease, how are you doing?

S7: About the same. I mean, I don’t mind being at home like I can literally go for two weeks without leaving my apartment. Excellent. Just Opiod Tiwa. Yeah.

S6: It was finally your time to shine. Yeah.

S8: And I’m good. And luckily, before everything went belly up, I had already stocked up on groceries and I keep toilet paper.

S7: Like I got I was having like three to four packs of twelve count toilet tissue.

S9: My brother would love you.

S8: So I’m I’m good as far as that is confirmed. I am a little tired already, though, of what I’ve been cooking, but I’m trying to be responsible and not really order a lot of delivery.


S7: And I know it’s I know that’s bad because, you know, people still need the income. But I also just want to make sure that people stay healthy and know the drivers aren’t like, you know, doing extra work rides.


S9: And the other thing as well as like so much of the online shopping is still coming from like shop. So like, I don’t want to ransack needlessly. Like if we all literally bull what we needed, there would be enough for everybody. And I don’t want to be an irresponsible person and have too much while there is somebody out there. It’s not just somebody, it’s several people with too little. So I am like you. I am bored of batch cooking, but also like it is also teaching me to finish the food in my fucking cupboards before I go out to buy something else. Like I dont want to be, you know, like I’m really I don’t want to go at all. The lessons learned from Coronavirus Cauvin 19. But it’s so clear to me that I really have the luxury of choice and so I had I dont like leftovers, so I’m really just kind of having to hunker down and power through.


S8: All right. This stuff and it’s fine. I mean, this is a small price to pay for remaining as healthy as I can. All right.

S9: I’m not being a vector for disease for other people, which is something else to think about. Exactly. Excellent. Okay. The first show must still go on. It must have must. You know what? This is how this is how we planned to while away. I was indoors with our social distancing. We’re just gonna thirsts with even more them, even more vigor. Just gonna allow a try.

S10: You know, I I don’t know how much of em a figure I have, but I’m here and I do as well. Spike is to know that we are here for them. They can you know, we are gonna keep putting out episodes, but we also have our back catalogue, which is thorough and rich.


S7: And, you know, I hope that that’s been helpful for a lot of people.

S9: Right. And I think it has been. And yes, to echo Nicole. Please feel free to dip in. We literally have several episodes. And chances are, if we haven’t covered your exact first object, we have definitely covered your adjacent first object, like Lean In and just, you know, treat it like a pick, a mixed bag of mixed a grab bag of goodies, just pop in your skates, a slight dot com slash podcasts, and there you will find us in our resplendent glory. Nicole and I grinning at the top of the page, inviting you into a world of firsts anyway. To that end, this feeling of the mixed bag. This week’s show is a bit of a special. A special show, Nicole, isn’t it?


S11: Yeah, we’re gonna do a little mailbags special where we finally get to several dry apples that our listeners have sent in and we’re gonna read some of them or at least try to read some of them because, you know, our thirst buckets so enthusiastic and fantastic that they keep sending us very long dry apples that are no longer travels, but actually short stories.

S12: And we can’t read all of them, but we’re going to share enough of them.

S7: So we’re gonna we’re gonna read some listener submitted travels. We’re gonna do third Somalia. Yeah. We’re to give you some new thirst objects to, you know, lust after.


S9: That’s right. I know lots of people have been clamoring very politely, obviously, cause this book. It’s a generally polite for the return of the Somalia. And finally, we are going to do a bumper selection of Somalia options for you. You people, honestly, the fastest never stops people everyday. Just chuck a surprising, sometimes a surprising person and then go, hey, fix this. You like Aurora? Okay, well, let me rack my first brain and try and find something for you. But yes, we have several options today. We’re going to get to all of that. Like I said, it’s going to be a bumper episode and it’s all about the first bucket.


S7: I’m so excited for this. Are we ready? We’re ready. Let’s go.

S13: So, Nicole, do you remember back in the mists of time when we first came up with the concept of the state kids?

S12: I do. I do.

S9: It’s been a while, but it’s been five million years. But one of the things that we decided early on and one of the things that became very quickly apparent that people loved was Thirst Somalia.

S7: Yes, I actually like it, too. You know, it flexes our skills a little bit, doesn’t it?

S14: Thank you.

S9: You sound like a real kind of you know, those bodybuilders who say to you, you know, your body begins indic in your kitchen, not in the gym. That’s basically what we’re doing here. We’re beginning who are beginning the journey in the kitchen, not in the gym. Because Nicole and I, we are not new to this. We all want truth to this. So any chance for us to kind of go through our mental rolodex of first something that really challenges us, makes us want to go out there and find the core of somebodies thirst? That’s where we shine the brightest. I like that.


S7: I like that that we shine the brightest when we are, you know, going into our mental mind castles and finding things and finding the best first object. The new first objects for people.

S9: Exactly. Mental mind. Wow. You know what?

S15: No, my pal. Call them Mike. You know what? I’m proud. I’m proud of you. Every single day. And on days like this, especially so amazing. OK.

S13: So our first, first bucket this week, who left a message for our first Somali service is, of course, Mary.


S16: Hi. Aid Kit. This is Mary Caitlynn in North Carolina. I just finished listening to your incredible episode with Actually See Ford and I really love this conversation about the wonderful Sam Alias and the respect that his incredible mustache got. Totally agree. It inspired me to call in about a source familiar request that I’ve been toying with for a while, which is my fascination with Tom Selleck and especially Magnum P.I. era Tom Selleck with that rich head of curly hair and that incredible mustache. The chest hair. Yeah. I’ve never seen Magnum P.I. I have no desire to or intention to. But I do know Tom Selleck kind of scruffy politics, and that always kills my daydreams. So do you have any recommendations for fresher, younger men who are knocking some kind of deliciously decadent mustache or more generally, like facial hair situation? Thanks a lot. I.


S17: Wow.

S10: So I’m not going to touch on Tom sellings politics because I do, but I do agree with Mary, Mary Caitlynn that, you know, maybe we should avoid that.

S7: But I will say that Magnum P.I. is fascinating television. I love it so much. I have rewatched it. It’s on Amazon Prime right now. So interesting. Give it a chance.

S2: Yes, according to Mary Kate. But also the evidence of our very own eyes. There is something about the solidity of Tom Selleck in that role.

S9: He’s so large. Mm hmm. And he he’s he’s not just tall, he’s broad. And he’s kind of big and burly. And I’m really here for it. And yes, the Hawaiian shirts. Fantastic. The little shorts, even better, surely magnificent thighs. Just really like I just want to say like that out to previous Tom Selleck, who really was hit in a lot of little, little checkmarks of me, like, oh, yeah, I like that, too. Wow. I like that, too. Wow. I think I know what I like. But as Mary Kate says, you know, she has some stuff that she doesn’t want to get into with Tom. Fair enough. And what she’s looking for is, in her words, I have to be very careful, fresher, younger men who are rocking some kind of deliciously decadent mustache or more generally, facial hair situation. Nicole? Yes. I’ve thought about this. I thought about this. I went deep into like my my first minds. And that’s not a euphemism. And I came up with a couple of options. The first one is gonna be kind of obvious. Second one less so. But I’ll get through the first one first.


S1: Henry Cavill.

S7: OK, ok. I respect it. Yeah, he was he wanky rocket our little mustache for a while.

S9: Yes, he was. And it wasn’t a little one. It was quite luxurious. Thank you very, very much. It was it was thick. It was like, you know, like a nice duck brown like chestnut color. The color of the hair in the head. Just really. I remember kind of thinking, I don’t know if that will work. And then I saw him wearing it and I was like, oh, no, it fucking works. It absolutely fucking works. And then added some kind of dimension to his face. It made him less of a pretty boy, because by the time you wanted to do the Tudors, he had his hair very closely. Sure. And he was more often than not clean shaven, slashed like five o’clock shadow. He wasn’t really doing much in terms of like facial hair. Right. Right. Yeah. So I feel like he’s so well known as having this clean shaven, kind of square jawed face, which Tom Selleck also has.

S2: But I think with the mustache, there is something that changes fundamentally in his face. It makes him more interesting. It gives him more depth. It makes you really think, huh? Perhaps he has multiple thoughts.

S9: Well, I don’t mean that to sound original to you, Henry, but I feel like if you are looking for like a fresher, younger option, Mary Caitlin, you can’t go that far wrong with a large barrel chested man who also has what looks like a small rodent on his face.

S18: That does not sound appealing, but I hope I know, I know I said it because I listen. She acts on a face. So that’s one way or the spirit of it.


S9: Exactly. Nicole. Who have you got for Mary Caitlin?

S18: Okay. So I am going to do something a little different.

S7: This is a person who has had interesting facial hair in previous movies. He doesn’t necessarily, you know, rock facial hair often, but he’s got that kind of I don’t know, that kind of broad shouldered manliness that maybe will appeal to Mary Caitlin. And that is Liev Schreiber now, who he is an interesting looking man.

S19: Please continue.

S7: But I really like him. Now, most people will probably recognize him as sabertooth from the X-Men Origins movie from Wolverine. He had these sideburns that came down, you know, because he’s supposed to beat this saber tooth cats. All right. Half cat, half man thing. But when you see him galloping in the movies, like on all fours, I don’t know. Like, it’s creepy. But it’s also kind of how I.

S15: Wow. Nicole, what an insight.

S7: But he also starred in. He also starred in this TV show called Ray Donovan recently that was on air for about seven years.

S14: And I don’t know a single person who watched Ray Donovan and yet that shit stayed getting renewed. Yeah.

S7: But my mother loved what she did.

S15: He was you know what your mom’s about, Nicole?

S20: Well, I would recommend him sometimes. He does again have a mustache depending on the movie or whatever.

S7: And again, I just you know, you kind of got to look for it. But he is he just radiates this kind of I guess this is this is the term for this particular season is kind of coiled energy that you don’t know what he’s going to do. But yeah. Liev Schreiber.


S9: Yes. Check him out. That’s such a good choice, Nicole, because I was watching his. Don’t judge me. I was watching his Architectural Digest apartment, too.

S15: We love a man with a level. Let’s say he was taking us through this apartment and I was like, hey, why don’t I move in and we can live a good life here?

S6: It looked like a really nice apartment. And I kept thinking, God, yeah, that thing you said about having this quality of protectiveness. I was like about Mr. Schriver would look after me, you know, like I’d come home and they would be dinner cooking. You’ve got a guy to worry about. Now you’ve had a long day. What do you settle in and have this steak? And I feel like, you know what, babes? I love it.

S15: So I’m just saying, this is really solid. This is such a good choice. My second choice very quickly, but very kind.

S9: And I’m not going to linger on this. But just. This out there, because I have seen it with facial hair. And I do think his face again enjoys the benefit of more interest by having some facial fuzz all over it. And that, of course, is Chris Pyne. Now, he doesn’t have quite the same barrel chested energy of like big man protect now kind of vibe.

S2: However, with facial hair, Chris Pyne’s face transforms from something semi-regular into something really quite interesting. And I’m just going to throw that in there for you as well, because he’s also going like slightly silvery now.

S9: So when the beard comes in and it’s fallen, it’s lush, it just looks like something you want to hold on to. It looks like it’s full of wisdom, like it has a p_h_d_ you might learn. So I respect that. Yeah, that’s my wildcard option to stir it in there. See how see how the mood takes you. And hopefully one or all of those options will satisfy this very specific thing that you were looking for, Mary Caitlin.


S8: All right. So I think we have addressed Mary Kaitlin’s inquiry.

S7: Let’s move on to our next thirst bucket and see what we can help them with.

S21: Hi, girls. Calling for first summer, your service. I need help because my all time greatest is in nineteen ninety. You’re a real science. I know. He didn’t eat in a way that works for me. So can you trust me towards some other impossibly elegance that sort of poetically dexterous snacks like race times. Thank you.

S9: So that was a very fine example of someone’s thirst being so urgent. They didn’t even leave a name.

S6: You know what? I love it. I love it. You understand that we’ve all been there. We are kind of like, you know what I did? We just get the facts out in a terse FBI manner. Just put that information on the fuckin table and get the fuck out. And I appreciate that. That’s efficiency. And that’s the kind of message we like. Less than 45 seconds. They got in. They got out. And I appreciate that.

S22: I do, too. Respect to the list.

S6: And so Nicole Ray finds this has given me.

S9: Just truly hours of thought and I have nothing. I have nothing for this person and I feel like I failed them. But I know that you haven’t. So, Ledo Menocal, what have you got for this person?

S7: Okay. I don’t know how well these options will be received, but the first one is Nicholas Hoult. Okay. Now again, we have another X-Men star. Okay. He was beast in X-Men First Class. That whole series, he was also in warm bodies as one of the zombies. He was, ah, the lead zombie. He was in Jack the Giant Slayer, which didn’t do as well as it probably should have. You know, he’s he’s been around for a minute now. He’s still fairly young because he was in about a boy. So he’s been, you know, and he’s been acting for, you know, since his childhood. Really?


S9: Yes. And he was in he was in the original UK. Obviously, the only version we acknowledge of Skins. Oh, right. So he started he was like a child actor. He became a teen actor. He was in Mad Max Fury Road. He’s been around and he’s he’s been like working for such a long time.

S13: And he’s still only a baby.

S8: Right. And he was in the recent movie The Favorite.

S23: Of course he was. He was really good. He was great in that, actually. Wow. You know what, Nicole? Yeah, this is so.

S13: So what what is what is the core of your feeling that Nicholas Hoult can reach the same giddy heights of 90s very finds?

S7: I think that once he gets out of like this the superhero franchise thing that he’s kind of going back and forth into. I think once he gets out of that and he starts picking up more of those movies like the favorite, that he is going to morph into this, you know, very fine leading man. He’s he has the experience. He’s also pretty captivating. Like once he’s on screen and then you’re able to, like, focus on him away from the ensemble. He is he’s pretty. He’s a solid actor, I think. And also, you know, he’s kind of tall and he’s got some hair that kind of swoops a little bit when he lets it grow out. I think that he could once he gets more into his maturity, he’s gonna be a nice little sexy leading man who also has a bit of drama to him. Wow.

S2: Nicole, that’s actually what’s so. One hundred percent on board unconvinced. Like, you nailed everything that I wanted to.


S23: I. What? What why Nicholas wanted by the end of him again.

S2: That’s absolutely right. That is actually spot on. Thank you so much, Nicole. That’s a solid choice.

S7: Thank you. Thank you. My second choice is Andrew Garfield. Again, stick with me. I am sticking again this kind of dark haired, slim, you know, guy. Well, you know, the our caller talked about pelvic lee dextrous. I think that Andrew Garfield has some moves. You just you know, as a person who really enjoys, you know, a French fry of a man, I just want you to trust me, people.

S15: There’s a reason. There’s a reason. You just threw that in there. Trust me.

S8: But you know, Andrew Garfield, he has been in obviously he kind of launched here in America with the social network, even though he, again, has been around for a long time. I think he was a child actor as well.

S7: Excuse me. Sorry. I got a little dry throat. The social network, obviously, he became Spider-Man for two movies before he decided he was through with all of that.

S15: And, you know, I think I’ve read enough cash. Peace out. Yeah.

S20: Again, solid actor. Interesting face to look at. He chooses interesting films, I think. You know, so I’m going to stick with Andrew Garfield and just let that let that speak for itself and get a hair done. Some really interesting swoopy things. Yes. I like Andrew a lot.

S9: You know what? Another solid choice. He does have a really magnificent head of hair. And yeah, you’ve chosen well, yet again. Shout out to Unical. Thank you. Hopefully that has helped out our unnamed thirst buckets who really had an urgent need. And if it’s not helped them, we’re sorry. We will keep thinking on it. And if it comes to us. Rest assured, we will add more to this list for you.


S24: Okay. So now we have another voicemail, this time from Chelsea, who has a very specific. Requests.

S25: Price first aid kit. My name is Chelsea and I am in desperate need of a first Somalia. I have listened to your guys episode on Dan Levy so many times. I think I broke my podcast player, but I’m actually calling about the other star search creep. Not Eugene. No read. He plays the economist Patrick, the absolutely adorable love interest that David Rose. And he is kind of the eyes and he is blind and the fingers and broad in the shoulder. If he is a Canadian singer songwriter who has a megawatt smile and there is just something about the strangeness and sincerity with which he looks at the world. I cannot get enough of. So if you’ve got more recommendations to satisfy the thirst, I would be absolutely so thrilled to have them. Thank you guys so much for all the work that you do and the amazing podcast that is First Aid Kit. Bye, guys.

S14: Well, thank you so much. Isn’t it lovely? Like someone just saying, hey, love the work that you do. And, you know, will we hear it a lot? But it never gets tiring. I love hearing people say that. They love what we do. We love what we do.

S22: Absolutely. Thank you.

S2: OK, so Nicole, there was a very specific turn of phrase that I just want to take to bed with me and cuddle like a hot water bottle in Chelsea’s message because she said he is kind on the eyes, a blunt in the fingers and broad in the shoulders.

S6: And I just want to say poetry. That’s my that’s my four-word poetry, Chelsea. What a what a series of images just flashed across my mind like, oh, yeah, great.


S2: Nicole, do you have an option for Chelsea that will help her achieve if not all three, then at least one of those things.

S7: Yes, I do. Kit Harington, huh? Explain yourself. Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. I think no. Reed and Kit Harington both have this cherubic face, shall we say. You know, it’s a little soft, a little sweet, but there’s still like this light in their eyes. So I think Kit Harington and also, you know, he’s got once he gets away from the Jon Snow fur robes and all that kind of stuff, he’s he’s kind of cut.

S9: You know what? There’s no kind of about it. Real cuts.

S7: Yes. So I like I like kids.

S8: Also, I like when he grows his hair out, although I think he’s recently cut it in order to move away from the Jon Snow. It’s a shame reputation that he has.

S7: I have one more recommendation that’s a little different, not exactly on that same path, but Finn Jones, who was also in Game of Thrones briefly before moving to play the lead character in Iron Fist. Again, to seem like a really soft, angelic looking face. But he is quite fits. Curly, beautiful hair. You know, I just think that, you know, we could give him a little shy, you know, Iron Fist wasn’t perhaps the best vehicle for him, but also diplomatic.

S18: But, you know, he’s you know, he’s a nice young man to look at. So Kit Harington and Finn Jones, solid choices.

S9: Solid choices. I’m going to linger on the thing that Chelsea said about being kind on the eyes. And I think I’m also going to kind of slightly extrapolate and make that also kind in the eyes, because the thing that always strikes me whenever I see Nova read as Patrick on Schitt’s Creek is how softly he gazes at Dan Levy’s character. David There is so much like banks passion, but like genuine affection and love. And I feel like again, solid acting. He does this thing where he’s isoften a lot when he’s looking at David and when he’s talking to David and when he’s being vulnerable with David. And so what do I think is quite good at that, even though he doesn’t have a lot of chances to do that? Is Adam Pally now? You may remember him from TV’s Happy Endings, a.k.a. one of the most cruelly cancelled shows of our lifetimes.


S2: But he has like, you know, he’s kind of like Noah Reed in that he doesn’t live inside of a gym. Okay. He he is perfectly respectably, you know, whatever. But like, he’s not like super, super, like hard bodied blablabla. And I really love that look of someone who, you know, makes breakfast and eats it. So Adam Pally is one of my choices. And then very quickly, I want to also throw in David Wenham, who was in Lord of the Rings. And he’s. Kind of again. He has these great eyes that just kind of transmit a fuckload to stuff. And I really feel like he and Nora Reid have similar energies. Also, he wears glasses. And one of my weaknesses is Boyzone glasses. So shall I see you, David? Bring your spectacles over here.

S15: Hopefully, Chelsea, that helps.

S2: And this really was a challenge. So please, I hope that these things throw new options in your past. They present new trails of crumbs for you to follow and seek out new first objects.

S22: And for our last there, Somalia.

S26: We have a caller who is putting in a request that’s a little different for us.

S27: Hi, Ben. Hi, Nicole. I am a longtime listener and I love your show. And I’m calling in with a repair. There’s simply a request. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with some use to people, but I am very much into an effort to grab the oney on their YouTube channel. He is absolutely adorable. He has the most wonderful sparkly eyes. He’s kind of like a kid, but also a dad with the dad. Brad. I don’t know. He’s just someone I’m super into and I don’t think I’m the only one. So maybe if you guys could send some suggestions my way. I really appreciate it. Thank you.


S22: Hi. So Bradley only from the Bone Appetito YouTube series. I’m with it.

S7: I do subscribe to the Bon Appetit YouTube series, Web channel. And he is a nice and nice person to look at. I don’t even like he normally talks about pickling things and like creating the fermenting things and creating like Leive food, which is not my thing at all. But he is so like I think he’s from Pennsylvania. Somewhere like this strange little East Coast place that the Pennsylvania state is. But you’re a Southerner. I get it. So he says instead of saying water, he says water. So stuff like that. But yeah, but he’s interesting. You know, I don’t particularly have anybody to recommend the caller to, you know, give her some Bradly only vibes. But boom, you have some suggestions, right?

S9: Yes, I do. Yes, I do. So unlike Unical, I am a strictly NYT cooking girl. I don’t really venture into the banality waters, however, because I am a first bloodhound. I do know all about Bradley only because wherever my eyes take me is where they need to go. So I am well aware of Brad. I have also observed his form and I have been pleased with what I have seen. So I understand you. Anonymous caller who again so urgent was the first. There were like fucka name just has my request. Do what you need to do. And so here we are doing that. So I have two options.

S13: The very first one is Bobby Carnivale. I like it. Thank you so much, sir.

S9: The thing that I like about Brad is that he looks again like a solid bear of a man. And so one of the things that the caller mentioned that Bradley only has is the dashboard, shadows of the dashboard, but also that he has wonderful sparkly eyes. And I feel like Bobby kind of who just finished a run of Madea at the Brooklyn Academy of Music with his partner, Rose Byrne. He has an abundance of sparkle in his eyes. There’s something really kind of you can almost touch it. It feels tangible, like he looks like a fun guy. I feel like if you went on a date with Bobby, you’d have a good time like you would come home. You’d be right. But you’d be like, you know what? I had a great time. I’m going to do it again tomorrow. Absolutely not. But I’ll be there next week once I have replenished. Like I feel like he has fun energy. To him, I would think Brad has as well. And I’m also thinking about his role in Master of None in season two where he played a chef, unlike I can see him in little I acts even a kitchen. I can see him doing some shit like Bobby. He looks like a capable sort of guy. He looks like he’s like a good kid wrangler and really gets on with your mom and all the answers in your family. Like he’s kind of jokela his jokey. But then when it’s time not to be jokey. Bobby can do that shit to.


S22: Right. Right.

S2: And we just direct your ears to one of our earlier episodes in which we discussed the charms of Bobby. I’m just saying give him a second look in it. And for my second option, I’m going for another obvious, but I stand by it. Option. Seth Rogen. Nicole.

S22: Yes, I like that a lot. And we’ve been trying to get him into the studio and hopefully, you know, we can make that happen. But Seth, if you’re listening, come through.

S6: All the way through, like obviously look after your lungs. This is a very dangerous time for you. But right, once this you know, this outbreak is like settle, we flatten the curve successfully. Sharratt to Alexis Ohanian, then will you please come into the studio so we can have a little chat about how much we andothers buckets at large?

S9: Love you. But there’s something about Seth that I find really, really attractive. And it’s most on display in the Netflix series Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, which is a series hosted by David Chang. And he spends a day with a person and they take him in the same city for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. They do a lot of talking, blah, blah, blah. And in his episode, Seth talks a lot about growing up in Vancouver and all the food cultures that exist there and so on. And what she also naturally, he makes him smoke a few of his special splits. But like there’s something about Seth Rogen, which again, has grown over time for me is that there is something. So yeah. I like the focus in his eyes, like he’s good at the things he’s good at. And I’m projecting wildly here because I saw a long shot and I loved him in long shot. But I’m like, yes, I would not be averse to a long shot type situation where there was someone who was genuinely out there like, good for me, fun having a good time. But also like really about his craft really knows what the fuck he’s doing. And I get that vibe from from Brad and I really get that vibe from set. And I feel like if you haven’t incorporated Seth into your Rolodex of thirst, now might be a good time to just, you know, see what’s up with Seth.


S7: Speaking of Seth’s focus, he also does pottery. If you look at his Instagram, you will see where he has been, you know, throwing pottery and like making of course, he makes pipes and ashtrays and things like that. But he also makes faces in all these different things again, because, you know, he wanted something to do to help with other, you know, the things going on in the world and just to get his mind focused on a one particular thing at a time. So, you know, he is a man of many different talents, unexpected talents. So. Seth Rogen, I like that choice a lot.

S9: Excellent. Nicole, thank you for validating my first choices. And hopefully our anonymous listener is also nodding sagely right now like, yes, that was a good choice.

S26: All right. Well, that was a good, healthy session or healthy session. Wow. You sound like a sexologists from the 1960s. I mean, we had some some solid recommendations. But I think so.

S6: Not to clap ourselves on the back a little bit too loudly, but like. Well done, us.

S26: Yeah. I mean, you know, of course, we always love it when our listeners send us lovely compliments. But if we don’t compliment ourselves, who else who host it?

S2: So anyway, remember that you can also call and leave a voice. Note yourself if you would like. The number is 5 1 0 9 8 4 4 7 7 8, all to remember it easier 5 1 0 9 first.

S7: Thank you to all of our listeners who have said and their third familiar requests. There are plenty more for us in our inbox and you can always send in some more. But right now we’re gonna move on to our readers travels.


S13: I’m very excited about this.

S22: Yeah, I love the listeners. That minute grapples. They’re so fun.

S9: I mean, for me, so many of the stories that come with the troubles are just as fascinating as the troubles themselves. So people will tell you, oh, I picked up my pen for the first time and I’m writing fanfic in for the first time in 15 years.

S14: Or people will say stuff like, oh, yeah, I’ve never actually done this before, but I feel like I can try.

S13: And it just requires a big deal of trust. And I appreciate people taking the time to kind of take out the words from their brains and send it in an email and like give it to strangers essentially like we are here.

S9: Yes. And a man. But you don’t know and you do.

S13: It is such an act of faith that seems to me to be like the very spirit of fanfic where you make something for the consumption of others. And I love every single email that comes in and just how bashful people get, but they’re doing it anyway. And I appreciate that.

S7: And also, our thirst buckets are really good writers. Yes. And they put out some quality work and I hope that more more of our listeners submit some some of their writing because it’s really good.

S9: Excellent. That’s exactly what Nicole. I would love to be a student in your class are getting some feedback. It’s like, you know what, baby is a punch up the dialogue. You’re right. Professor Perkins, you’re absolutely correct. I will do so. I just I imagine you’ve been a very patient teacher who also kind of demands excellence.


S15: Yeah, yeah. Well done, friend. You don’t know me. OK. Good. I’m glad. That’s so reassuring.

S9: All right. Well, let’s get into some of these amazing doubles as you described them. And let’s just let’s power through these because we have a very broad selection of thirst and people who have done entirely too much, even though we ask you to keep that shit short. I think you’re gonna like cool, cool story. I want to write you a novel, but our very first, uh, trouble comes from Crystal. Hi, Crystal. And this one is kind of like inspired by a real life meet and greets because Crystal met the first objects of her drabble. And as she said in the email, sadly, the rest of this didn’t happen lol. You know, those laws that are not law at all because she’s sad, like you can tell, she’s like, oh, okay. So this is a drabble about Rafael Sidik by Crystal.

S13: I enter the nightclub for the afterparty around midnight, still in my concert haze from the amazing show that Rafael Saadiq had just finished. I was also still in a state of pleasant disbelief that I’d finally met him at the meeting gree earlier that evening. I kept my cool even though my heart was in my throat. But now we were about to share space yet again, and I needed something to take the edge off at the bar. I took a sip of my double jack and Coke nodding at its potency. I paid my tab, then spun around only to bump into someone spilling half my beverage. Oh, excuse me. I know it’s my fault. My apologies. I heard the familiar California accent respond. It was Rafael. Wow, I said, giggling and embarrassed for my clumsiness. Oh, hey, what’s up? He said. Crystal Wright quickened silently, praying that my knees wouldn’t buckle. That’s right, I said, smiling. I didn’t expect you to remember that. And obviously Europhile. Some things are hard to forget. He responded, looking at me intently. You can call me Ray.


S1: Now let’s replace that drink.

S15: Well, Chris said outgoing Bull Imaginarium fantasy shit, the paper. You know, Crystal, I respect the shit that I quickies with that romance novel language like.

S14: I love this so much. So it’s like that again. I love it. Like, her intentions are clearly clear, but she’s like, you know what? I would just love to drive slow. Yeah. She starts by replacing the drink. First of all, chivalrous. One hundred percent do what you need to do. Right. And I also really love the little subtle hint. Call me Ray, bitch. Are you sure?

S5: Ryan again?

S15: Really? Wasn’t it?

S9: Wasn’t it nice? And yes. Bless you, Crystal. Thank you for sending that in. And thank you for allowing yourself to feel some feelings and put them to paper. You know what? Half of the battle of this whole thing is just giving us all permission to feel the thirst, the lost, the desire.

S13: And you did that. A shout out to you. Crystal, thank you very much for sending that in.

S7: All right, our next drabble is from Vanessa C.. She says that she was inspired to write this Drabble because I will kind of went off on a little tangent about Hozier, one of our recent episodes.

S11: Also, she said this in in response to that.

S22: The warmth of his flannel sheets and the scent of freshly brewed coffee aroused me from the deepest sleep I’ve had in a while. Then I saw him. Andrew Hozier Bern, gazing out into the foggy morning, wearing my favorite cashmere sweater and holding a mug of delicious coffee. He chuckled lightly when I got up to join him, surrendering the coffee, only to surround me with his arms. You were so cute. Last night, he said, kissing my forehead. Oh, no. Was I? Wow. About what? We were drinking whiskey. How embarrassing. Funny, though. I hope he laughed that sweet laugh again and reassured me. Very funny. Amusing. Even around 3 a.m. you were demanding fish and chips. And don’t worry. I made sure we found the only place open so you could eat. That must be why I slept so well. You always make sure I’m taking care of. We shifted ever so slightly so I could lay my head on his chest and breathe him in with a quick change of motion. Andrew’s hands gripped my body as we collapsed onto the strategically placed city, pleasantly surprised and in anticipation of what was coming. I let out a sigh and kissed his cheek, letting my fingers get lost in his gorgeous hair as he kissed my neck before replacing his lips with his hand squeezing just tight enough. His other hand pulled my arms above my head, and I felt my body surrender. I knew where he was taking me, and that was the only place I wanted to be.


S28: Vanessa.

S14: But when necessary, first of all, first of all, young Vanessa said, you always make sure I’m taken care of. I you know what? That wasn’t even a double. That was a triple or quadruple on top of was like, you know what? Andrew, hold your bird. Like, full motherfucking name. Full name, Vanessa Silver. She had some thoughts. I feel like she was drinking whiskey when she wrote this shit.

S7: Yeah. I’m not mad at me.

S14: I like this one. I like how can you be? You know, the bit that really made me like do an intake of breath.

S1: Mm hmm.

S9: Well, she says he kissed my neck before replacing his lips with his hand squeezing just tight.

S15: Vanessa, Vanessa once said, let me give you a glimpse into my psyche of the kind of shit I like. Vanessa. Okay then who? Excellent. You, Vanessa, see? Excellent reading. Nicole, you also did that. Can I just say that we are not okay today?

S7: Yes. Thank you, Vanessa. See? And I just want to give a shout out to one of our favorite listeners, Cookie, who also set an 0 0 drabble. We weren’t able to get to that this time around. But we see you, Cookie. Thank you so much. Keep sending those travels in.

S9: Right. So now we’re gonna move on to another first object.

S13: We’ve had two musicians thus far, but we’re going to move into another creative art. This time we have a drabble from a listener called Vicki C.. And she was inspired to send this in because apparently and this feels weird to me. She doesn’t know a single person in caps, a single person who shares her deep and abiding love for this tall drink of water. And so for her to reinforce her own thirst, since there’s no one else, she said she was gonna write us a wee drabble. And that’s what she did. Except I will say, Vicky, it wasn’t. So we. So we’ve had to cut this down.


S15: I was about to say it was not. We had the direct opposite of we almost as large as the first object. Who is, of course, Adam Driver.

S9: But we’ve we’ve we’ve cut judiciously and we’re gonna post the rest of it on our Tumblr. So you will first buckets can get the chance to revel in the full glory of Vicky’s abundant ink. Anyway, here we go. Here is Vicky Drabble about Adam Driver.

S29: Hey.

S30: My hands curled around my cup of coffee, as if for dear life trembling slightly at the sound of his voice. It’s been over a year since I last spoke to him. I tell myself that I am fine. I am over him. I am just here out of curiosity. Take a deep breath and look up at him. Hi, Adam. I can’t believe how calm I sound, how normal. I’m starting to feel smug about my composure when he slides into the booth opposite me, holding eyecontact with me the whole time I see his main of dark hair as out-of-control as I’ve ever seen it. I see his long nose and wide mouth perfectly off kilter. I see his dark eyes staring at me with a soft intensity. I start to think I might get out with this encounter alive, but when I see his hands enormous but elegant, I blushes. I remember what those hands could do to me. And I’m lost all over again. Just the sight of him affects me like a shot of adrenaline. My heart is thudding, my mouth is dry, and I’ll bet the farm my pupils are blown.

S9: Can I just say I think you wrote that shit like it was a noir from the 1940s. And I’m here for it.


S7: Listed. The repetition. I see his long nose and mouth. I see his dark eyes. I love that. I see his main of dark hair. I love that. I love repetition for empathy. Vicky, see, if you were in my creative writing class, I would give you an A-plus.

S15: Plus, Professor Bug is out. Yes, that’s it.

S9: Shout out to yuvigi. That was very thirsty. The rest of it goes in that kind of steamy body heat direction. We will post it up. You will see all of it. But yeah, dumb guys like sending your troubles be like Vicky in that regard. But don’t send us a whole novel again like Vicky did. But you know what? It’s a great it’s a great drabble, to be fair. Thank you very much, Vicky. We appreciate it.

S13: We are so glad that you decided to commit your first to e mail.

S7: And our next rabo comes from Micka, who is writing about one of my favorite favorite Thirsts objects. Sebastian stands there and she says that while she is a seasoned veteran when it comes to reading fanfic, this is her first time writing some herself.

S23: Congrats to you. Good job.

S24: Well done. Proud of you, buddy.

S7: This is another one that we had to cut down because it was a little too lengthy for us to read all of it in this episode. But again, we’ll put it on the Tumblr so you can read the rest of it. And, you know, we appreciate the attention to detail that you all want to put into your travels and that you want to be thorough. But we can’t always read all of that. So just keep that in mind. Okay.


S22: All right. Let’s get started with this Drabble from Micka about Sebastian Stan.

S31: Do you have your passport? Sebastian asks in that pouty way he does, opening his mouth as little as possible, but still managing to form words. I can tell he’s a bit sad, but that sentiment surely won’t leave his lips. It’s in my bag. Unless someone thought that hiding it would be cute and endearing, which it definitely would not be. I sighs I try to lock eyes with him, but he averse gaze to my mouth. I was genuinely asking. But now I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t think of that because it absolutely would have been cute and endearing. I have had a laugh at his words because having seen Sebastian’s charm in action, he’s probably right. And you really don’t want me to drive you to the airport. He grumbles as he hooks an index finger into the front pocket of my jeans. He barely has to pull. It takes little force for magnets to find each other. I would much rather say goodbye to you at home. Also, my boss is paying for transportation and I’m not passing up a free ride. A joke, as I said, all my arms around his waist. I know he’s trying to hide a laugh because of the wrinkles that make an appearance by his shocking blue eyes. And I stifle a victorious smirk. A warm palm settles against the front of my neck, fingers curling around the thumb, tucking itself under my jaw.

S18: OK. We’ll pick up the rest on top.

S9: First of all, I just want to point out again a single sentence that really got me right in the fields. And it’s the bit where she says he hooks an index finger into the front pocket of my jeans and I listen to this poetry he barely has to pull.


S13: It takes little falls for magnets to find each other.

S20: Is it says yes.

S14: Give us the physics lesson. Tell us what magnets do.

S32: Oh, I love this one.

S20: I just also just love the familiarity between the two people that comes across in the language. Yes. It’s just really smart.

S15: Professor Perkins ran these office hours. I’m loving it. Tell me more. I want to send you via rising. Hey, Nicole, what do you think? Hey, hey. What’s what’s the point of simile here? I love it. I love it.

S6: Everyone paid Nicole. I had to do your remote rhinovirus lectures. Learn how to do that show via video.

S9: OK, another thank you to Maker for sending in that stuff that really had Nicole. Also by the neck. Don’t think we don’t notice how many of you are putting hands on legs. I just want to say that none of you are sleeping and that is my jam.

S15: Go for it. One person is slick. It’s all kind of like in flowery language. But I’m like, yeah, a five. His hand ends up wear on your neck. All right, cool. Good to know. Such are the times we are living in. Everyone’s really into this shit. You know what? Live your life. There was just like, choke me out. Oh, God. All right. Here is another drabble from a first bucket.

S9: This is our final drabble of the bunch. It’s from a listener called Michelle M.. We appreciate you, Michelle. Thanks. Setting this in. Michelle says in her e-mail she’s a full blown longtime listening tack pod, Stan. And we love the stands. We all do. Michelle says that she hopes we enjoy the struggle. Shout out to you for thinking about us in this time. Thank you. Because this is this is the shit that I like to hear.


S13: Michelle says that we are the cause of her thirst for lead pace.

S31: Yes. Yes.

S9: Doesn’t give you doesn’t give you a sense of power like, oh, my God, we have the ability to change lives.

S12: Nicole, I love recommending stuff for people that they enjoy. So I feel like, you know, I have recommended this beautiful hunk of man and people now enjoy him that, you know, who may not have known about him before, just kind of overlooked him because maybe he was in something that they didn’t really pay attention to.

S7: But please, everyone, focus on. LEE-PAYNE Focus.

S9: So this travel is about Lee Pace and I’m going to begin now.

S13: Lee reaches a long arm across the expanse of white sheet between us to brush the back of his hand. Across my cheek, I lay stretched on my side, smugly enjoying the sight of him, wrung out and boundless. Earlier that day, a different kind of physical activity had left him just the shattered. And I’d relish that sight, no less. You’re too far away. He says, his voice still heavy with the breath he can’t quite catch his skin feels rough against my lips as I kiss each knuckle of his large hand, then slide across the bed into his arms. We’d spent the better part of that morning fixing, cleaning and tending to almost every part of the farm. Our final surgeon in the mid-summer heat had taken us to the edge of the farmlands near the property line. My long legs, though not nearly as long as his, matched him stride for stride. As we moved with purpose slightly uphill towards the overrun fields, Lee wore a broken in blue baseball cap, pulled low, so it shielded his eyes from the sun as he cleared the parched, overgrown brush with an ancient looking English slide. When I wasn’t distracted by the monumental vision of him bare to the waist, gleaming with sweat muscles twisting and articulating with the motion of the tool, I made myself useful raking the brush he felled. We went on like that for a while in silence, until he stopped mid swing, a radiant look of triumph on his face, and smiled at me.


S33: Michelle Bit what?

S14: Oh, my guy. You know, articulately we can travel show because Michelle kept going like there was more. Michelle said, you people are going to be on that motherfucking farm land with me while Lee takes an English slide. Can I just also can. Can I just mentioned that she said this is not an American side. It is a what’s an English site? It gave you the detail. She did her research and she showed you the research that Michelle said. I will show you and I will tell you it’s an English. The detail in this particular drabble. Can I just point out, she says an expanse of white sheet.

S13: Huh?

S31: Listen. Oh, my God.

S9: Him wrong out and wrong is out and boneless like he is like a chicken wing. What?

S7: Oh, my goodness. And I just. This whole set up. I’m doing it again. But the whole like the whole thing where we, you know, present where in the bed with them. Then we have the flashback to them on the farm. The way. Oh, my God.

S14: She said he wore them through.

S9: Michelle wore a broken in blue baseball cap. And instantly, my mind’s eye filled with the image. And then she says this little detail. Could I just say we don’t use this word nearly enough. She called it a monumental vision of him. Bend to the waist.

S14: Monumental, monumental is a great word. Michelle, thank you for bringing that shit back.

S26: Wow. Oh, yes. Well, I love this whole thing. This was such a really good crop of dry apples. Y’all did what? That’s me.

S9: Oh, my gosh. I’m actually yeah, I’m filled with a new lost like I am open to so much based on these travels. Thank you, everyone, for sending me your travel. And if we didn’t radios, we promise we have read it in person. We just haven’t read it on the show. We appreciate all your efforts. We know it takes a lot and we are so appreciative that you take the time to let us know how you’re feeling. We read every single drabble that comes through and we appreciate you doing it.


S7: Thank you. To everyone who sent voice mails, who sent emails, who sent their travels. You all are a ray of sunshine in these dark times. We appreciate you so, so much. You just really make this all worth it every day.

S9: Very, very true. That’s exactly what this is. And this this was a sort of a an unofficial big thank you to all of our listeners who have been with us through thick and thin and just keep on coming back and we keep telling people about us. And we are so, so appreciative of that. You keep subscribing, you’re still listening.

S24: And we hope to be a comfort to you the way you have been, a comfort to us.

S34: First aid kit is a slate production produced by Scherrer Vincent and US Nicole Perkins and BIM +0 on me. Our music is by Tanya Morgan.

S35: You can follow the show on Twitter at first aid kit and we are on Tumblr at first aid kit podcast or Tumblr dot com.

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S35: We’ll be back next week with new and indeed zesty first content. But in the meantime, please remember drinks and cranberry juice. Wash your hands and continue to practice social distancing by bar.

S28: Okay, so that was a clip. Did she say pelvic deck? Dextrous. What did she say? Pelvic Lee dextrous. Okay. Okay.

S3: Welcome, Slate Plus members.

S4: Hi, how are you doing? Hi, guys. How you doing? It like they could talk back to us. I don’t know. Let’s pretend they can. Yes. Yes. Yes.

S7: Thanks for joining us. In this week’s Slate Plus additions, we are going to be talking about a clean plate, good appetites.

S2: Look at you evoking images.

S36: Nicole, I.

S7: I love a man with a good appetite. Show you do. Who knows how to tuck into his meal? You know, I really appreciate that.

S6: I know you do. Now, for those people who’ve been listening to us since the very beginning, I believe one of our very first, if not the actual first episode, you talk about stopping someone up with a biscuit. Yes. And that has remained a motif that you return to time and again. And our listeners have picked up on it and kind of now use that back to us. And I’m like while they’re referencing us. Isn’t that great? But I love that expression because, again, it’s all the connotations that it carries.


S2: Here is someone who likes to eat. Is someone who likes to indulge in a very physical pleasure, because beyond fuel, food is also a pleasure. And I think there is something that is transmitted to you when you understand that somebody enjoys the act of taking in fuel because it suggests, you know, an appetite in many other arenas.

S22: Right. I mean, food and passion are they have been tied together since we were first drawing on cave walls.

S7: Oh, there’s no way to escape the connection between enjoying a good meal and, you know, recognizing that maybe you can enjoy other things with that same sort of passion. Right.

S2: Right. And I’m sorry. Right. Right.

S9: And so we have a number of examples today to help kind of illustrate that connection between food and passion and appetites and desire and all these things that kind of come together in a basket, a cornucopia, if you will, of human sexuality.

S2: Because I do think that food is one of those things that does a lot of heavy lifting. It’s the kind of thing that once you see it, it’s supposed to give you a message without looking as though it’s giving you a message. And I think one of the people that we absolutely have to talk about, I want to people I first thought about when we decided to make this the topic of today’s plus segment is Brad Pitt’s. Now, Mr. Bradley PED’s is one of those actors who’s been on screen seemingly for most, if not all of my life. Like he’s been around, he’s been acting. And one of the things that people have noticed over the years, especially as he’s got bigger, is that his characters always enjoy eating their food.


S7: Right. Right. And he’s always nibbling on something or popping like peanuts or something into his mouth. You know, eating whole rolls.

S37: You know, they are everywhere.

S2: But there’s nothing he will he will not put in his mouth in those scenes. And enough this has happened enough times that the Internet, of course, being a place that you only have to imagine it because someone has already done it. There are so many Supercuts of Brad Pitt, just like shoveling down food in all the movies that he’s been in TV, whatever. That’s like his Ocean’s Eleven movies. That’s in Moneyball. That’s it. I think the Coen Brothers movie, he’s done everyth. He’s basically work with pretty much everyone and he eats in all of his movies. And there is a great piece from The Washington Post that is called This is the name of the piece, by the way, which I love. Brad Pitt is the Laurence Olivier of eating on screen. And then it has this wonderful second little line in the head. Here’s why we like to watch. You know what, Emily? You’re right. We do like to watch. One of the things I really love about the piece is that it kind of lists like names, all the foods that this motherfucker eat, and he eats everything. And one of the reasons, apparently, that Brad Pitt is always eating, which I quite like, was it showed a certain awareness. He said that eating is a way to subtly express something about his character. And he said this to Terry GROSS in an interview in 2011, talking about his Moneyball character, who was always snacking. And he said that was his way of showing that the character was intense and had it like a deep seated need to accomplish something. But yes, you can find so many of these videos. There’s like this one that is way too long is like 15 minutes of Brad Pitt eating in movies. And, um, I can’t calm down, but it exists. But all you have to do is type that into Google because someone someone has already asked the question and they’ve handily provided it. And the best illustration of that for me came from a Twitter user. Now that we’re all socially distancing and I was a user called Kelly Unsay and her tweet was it had like a short clip of Brad eating in all these movies, and the caption that she gave it was me eating all my quarantined groceries on the first night, which is highly relatable, highly relatable. But anyway, Brad Pitt, for me, is one of those people who I love watching him eat. And he’s eating a lot in his movies. And he does this thing where he doesn’t make the sound of lip smacking. GROSS. Which is a real skill. It helps. He’s also Brad Pitt. You know.


S7: Well, you know, I don’t have any thoughts on that, but. But one of my favorite, Jeff’s longtime listeners will know is the Oscar Isaac Jeff. Of him licking his finger. Oh, he’s you know, it’s from this short film called TICKY Tacky. And he’s, you know, in this office and, you know, it looks like a a desk or something in front of, you know, very stately array of books. And he is licking his fingers after eating a donut, I believe. And it is so filthy and it doesn’t come cheap. Because he’s licking his fingers and he’s looking up into the eyes of, you know, the person that he’s about to speak to. And it’s just. You know, it’s just reminiscent of something that I personally enjoy my private time.

S20: And so this is it is it really makes me think that this is how he is. You know, at home. Yes. Not just in those private times, but also just like when he’s eating a meal that he really enjoys it. That’s really good. That’s been seasoned well and properly prepared and all of that. He goes like, oh, this is so good. You know, sometimes you have to eat stuff with your fingers.

S7: And I appreciate that Oscar Isaac knows how to eat with his fingers.

S9: Right. And there is. We did an Oscar Isaac episode back in the Mists of Time. And we spoke at length about this short movie and at length about his motions in that scene, because it really is like Nicole said, it is absolute filth. Like he has like this little smirk around his lips as well. Like, I know what I’m doing. Like, I’m not. I know. What’s that great line that the Idris Elba character has? You know, when he’s on the office and he goes, I’m aware of my effect on women. And I feel like Oscar Isaac was like licking his finger. The news again. Sure. I’m acting. Shout out to Yale. But also, I’m aware of my effect on the people watching this. It’s a really striking scene because, again, it just kind of fills the mind with. Opportunities and possibilities, and I think that that is, of course, not an accident. But I do think it’s kind of a remarkable shorthand that actors that performers have to let you know that something is either off about a character or is very, very on. And Nicole has a really solid example of that from a very old movie, Cool Hand, Luke.


S7: Yes, one of my favorite movies. Cool Hand, Luke. It’s about Luke, who is sent to this Florida chain game, this Florida prison, and ordered, you know, because he has been cut in half parking meters. While he was drunk. And so he’s at this Florida chain gang.

S38: He meets these people and he’s trying to impress everybody with his skills. 8:58. Did you just say you could eat anything, Nobody ever eat 50 eggs. Got to go to bed.

S39: I think you made me 50. Yeah. I the hour.

S40: Well, I believe I take one. I’d wager. Oh, come on now. Let’s talk some money.

S39: Twenty dollars to cover any kind of bets you want to make. Go get some eggs.

S41: Get away. Good. Six pennies. Man’s got. Can’t hold it. They’ll swell up and bustelo gonna kill him.

S39: All right. Get your money. I’m a gambler. Dynamite. Come on, get it.

S40: Take all the money. Come on now. I’ll get it. Oh, wait just a minute. For fifteen minutes.

S7: Okay. We’ve got this situation where Luke has volunteered himself to help Dragline win this bet, where he’s going to eat fifty eggs in an hour.

S30: Just to prove that he can write who hasn’t done that before.

S7: And like, I hate eggs. I am not an egg person at all. And these eggs are hard boiled. Which. Well, let me say I’ll say that I eat hard boiled eggs, but like in tuna fish and in potato salad, that’s it. Like scrambled eggs. Whatever. Oh, breakfast omelet foods. Shit like that. No, I don’t like eggs at all. So the thought of even eating just one egg makes me noches. But they set this thing up where Luke is laying down on the table, show the only way to lay eggs. Right. And they are feeding him. Feeding him the eggs because it starts to get to a point where, you know, he looks like he’s gonna he’s gonna bolt, so.


S22: He does not. And we’ve got this little clip that finishes the shows that the results of the contest.

S42: That’s one.

S43: He’s got. Time’s up.

S44: Oh, he didn’t swallow the last night of geology. Like so, huh? What? Let’s take a look here. Open that mouth.

S9: Festival. Absolutely. No one has ever, ever, ever congratulated me for eating my eggs. I’ve never received applause, no cheers. None of that shit. So shout a cool hand, Luke with his cool hands and his egg eating ability because he did that.

S7: I love the end of that scene. I’ve always I’m always nervous when I’m watching it because I’m like, he’s gonna throw up and I hate I hate to see vomiting, but he’s laid out at the end. He’s laid out on the table with his arms outstretched, looking like, you know, Jesus on the cross because he has sacrificed himself and his stomach home to win the respect and admiration of his peers in this prison.

S11: And so I just.

S7: That was one of the first immediate examples that I thought of when we were thinking more. We’re talking about a man who can tuck away food, who can eat, you know, a ridiculous amount of food, because Paul Newman is a fairly slight man. He was a fairly slight man. Yeah. And later, when we see him, his stomach is super distended. He looks like he swallowed a watermelon. Because, you know, he’s just a 50 hard-boiled eggs. But it’s really, you know, again, a testament to his character and what his character is willing to do, willing to put up with in order to impress the people around him and keep himself safe in this environment. Yeah.


S2: And I think living we were saying before about how a character kind of shows you who they are based on how they eat, I think is absolutely 100 percent accurate. Like he was saying that he’s doing this obviously frivolous, weird, ridiculous challenge. But it’s to put forth a message about his character, about who he is, about what makes up his character. And I think the idea of him winning respect and being kind of looked at as a sort of hero, even in the arena of eating 50 eggs is sort of exactly in keeping with the character. He’s this guy who, you know, even though he’s in prison with a bunch of other people, it’s kind of like, no, I’m I’m different. He knows that it’s that great meme of no disrespect, but I’m different. Like there’s something about him that he has to kind of absolutely let these people know. And again, this is the importance of food and using the appetite as a sort of analogy for, you know, life at large. Someone who will eat fifty eggs. That person is gonna have your back.

S9: Like is gonna be someone who is a stand up guy, has weird integrity, especially in the light of no integrity. Right. Like, I just really enjoy war that food does in terms of just like helping to flesh out the character. And speaking of how to kind of flesh out a character, there’s another interesting role for another actor where eating somehow also gives us a shorthand insight into the character. I’m talking about the movie from 2011 Immortals.

S7: Yes. And this movie also stars Henry Cavill as Theseus. But we’re talking about Mickey Rourke, who plays King Hyperion, who is the bad guy in the movie. And he is constantly eating because he’s doing, you know, a lot of evil stuff, but he’s eating to show that he is completely unbothered by the evil that he’s doing. Like, he’s just, you know, some people, you know, watching somebody be tortured, that’s gonna turn their stomach, but not King Hyperion. He is so unbothered that he’s just gonna keep eating fruits. He’s gonna eat, you know, the nuts and berries that he is that are, you know, reflect his station. You know, obviously, because you have fresh produce, that means you have some money that you are particularly kind of a wealthy person in this in this state. So it’s just really interesting to see. Mickey Rourke eating while people are being, you know, decapitated. Behing, eviscerated. And he’s just like, yeah. But I just gotta do what I gotta do. I don’t care.


S9: Right. And I think also, again, he is like, if the character is a power hungry, like he has this endless appetite for destruction and war and death. And I think the eating, again, is another kind of like, you know, belt embraces approach to like you’re going to get the subtext. We’re gonna make that shit text. It’s a little bit heavy handed. But I think, yeah, that’s what I think is actually the intentions were good. It was the kind of highlight this man with large appetites. And that’s not just for food, it’s for in his quest to kind of conquer the world. He’s trying to kind of own the world. He wants to straddle and potentially eat the world. So what easier thing than to have him always have his mouth full? Like he’s always looking for this weird. He has like a weird oral fixation. He wants to kind of consume everything.

S8: Right. Right. And, you know, whether or not that’s gonna be successful, you’ll have to watch the movie, which isn’t that great.

S9: Right? It’s very stylish, though. It’s very beautiful because it’s directed by a toss of zing who has such an eye and makes really beautiful things. But yeah, they don’t always have how you say texture.

S7: Yeah. We cannot talk about men and appetites without talking about one of the best films that I’ve seen in recent years. Phantom Threat. Yes. I know you love that movie.

S9: Nicole, I left the cinema and I thought to myself, I think I should quit my job and go to film school. Like I really I was so blown away by I had read nothing before I went in. So I went in with a completely empty mind as I go. I just fill it up. And I came out of it and I was delighted with the art of cinema. This is like in twenty seventeen. So I was deep in my feelings.


S13: It is such a powerhouse of a film.

S7: Yeah, and I was the same like I didn’t read anything about it. I just went in because I love Daniel Day Lewis and I know. I think there was also like talk at this point that this was gonna be his last film. So I definitely wanted to be a part of that. What would have made him decide to make this his last film? And I understand because like, if you’re gonna go out, you’re gonna go out on top. This was an incredible film. I loved it.

S37: I was pleasantly surprised at how kinky it ended up being kinky. Which I did not expect at all. I mean, I feel like I went in.

S9: I was told I was about this guy who’s a tailor. And I was like, all right, I’m in. Like your mom says, you don’t have to sell that to me. Like this British guy who is like he’s like in the 50s in London and he makes like high end couture. And I was like, sure. I mean, like, y’know. And then you realize a while the movie is about this, Taylor. It’s about the woman in the movie who is played by Vicky Creep’s and she plays Alma. And we have this wonderful introduction to both of these people as they will be in relation to one another. And I know you love the cynical because it’s so again, it’s transmitting so much information, so much, so much money.

S22: Would you like to take.

S45: A Welsh rabbit. With a poached egg on top is not too runny. And bacon. Scones. Butter. Cream. Cham.

S46: Not strawberry. Asprey. What else? Coffee or tea? To have lapsing. The of please. And some sausages. Consensus is.


S24: Keeping this. It is so erotic.

S9: And what I love about that see, like, first of all, the answer, Ma, is uncanny.

S24: Like Daniel Day-Lewis puts on this soft but very enunciated voice. Yes. And the listing of it. So again, this is what this motherfucker is ordering. Scones. Butter. Cream, jam, not strawberry. A Welsh rabbit.

S2: Do you have lopsided sausages? And he just keeps adding and adding at it. Is there again, there was something about somebody laying bare their, um, their appetites like this is what this is what it takes to satisfy me. It’s basically it’s both like a knowledge like situation, but also as a source of a challenge.

S7: Yes. And I love Armor’s face, like every time he adds something, she looks up at him like, what? You know, and the music swelling to punctuate his order is incredible. And then when she brings back the meal and she. You know, you think that she’s giving him the check. Right. Right. But it’s her number. Her name is she says for the hungry boy. And I was like, OK, I’m in. I left. The rest of this movie is going to be I’m here for it because I was like, this is some top notch flirting that’s happening right now.

S9: And they and yet nothing sexual is being said. Like it is the best kind of let’s see what we’re both aware that there is something going on. I yes, there is obviously the the obvious in it like imbalance of power. But what I love about it. The thing that Vicky Creep’s who plays Alma is so good at it. It occurs so early on. He makes this ridiculous long list of breakfast items and she’s looking at him. And she also she’s she’s writing everything down. And then he takes the paper from her, checks it, and then he makes her repeat the order to him.


S24: And she does it perfectly.

S9: And talk about an indication into Alma’s character. Like she knows that she is being challenged and she’s like, oh, bitch, I’ve got your challenge. I don’t worry about me. And then she gives. And I think that’s the first time I even his eyebrow kind of quirks like. Oh, word. Like what? Doing this. And she’s like, oh, bitch, we have been doing this. And I love it so much. Like, she is proving that, yeah, I meet you and I go above you like there’s nothing you can throw at me.

S2: That is going to be a shock or surprising. Later on in the movie, she says this thing, you know, she becomes not to be a spoiler. Three years later, but she becomes his model slash muse, slash in-house punching bag as it words like emotional issues. And she says this line, I can stand for hours and again, and this is her issuing a challenge like to the world, to him, to herself. Like everything you think that you’re doing that is somehow making you above me. Allow me to tell you that I’m going to disabuse you of that notion and I’m going to prove to you that there is nothing you can give that I will not give back, maybe even tenfold.

S7: Right. And, you know, back to the breakfast ordering scene. You know, when we first see Amah and see, you know, Woolcock looking at her, she kind of stumbles is a little clumsy. And I think that she’s going to be like this, you know, shy, repressed little thing. Right. You know, this little country mouse or whatever. Yes. But once he orders the food, as she comes back and she slips him her name and her numbers, like, oh, she’s bored. And she’s like, we don’t have to do this dance. It’s all right here. I love that so much. As for Woolcock to be, as we later learned, this very exacting man. Right. He’s very. Everything has to be just so we see that, you know, from the way that he orders his food. But I really liked that because I am an I’m a picky eater. Like, I don’t know. I know some people have problems with people being picky eaters. Like everybody should just eat whatever is presented to them. But it’s like, no, I want my food the way I want my food. And that’s I I just love that. He was like, this is how my meal is going to go and I want you to fix it just so. And because you have the ability to make it just so. I have respect and admiration for you.


S9: Exactly. And again, just a clean insight into who he is as a man, as a designer, as an older brother, as a husband, as a lover. Like, it’s all in there and it happens in the first few minutes of the film. So you have a clear understanding of, oh, this is who this motherfucker is. Like I get him. I know who Randalls Woolcock is, like from his ridiculous hair to his glasses, to his suits, to his little smirk.

S2: And that’s the thing about the scene for all of the weird like powerplay beneath the surface. He’s smiling. She’s smiling. They’ve reached an understanding. So early on, like. Oh, I see. Oh, I see.

S9: And I find that just incredibly hot. Like it’s a really because again, like you say, your back’s already up like, oh, my God, this country mouse, this little shrinking violet, he’s going to consume her and he’s going to like, you know, use her whatever. al-Ahmar is like. You know what, viewer? Calm down. Allow me to show you that I have the situation firmly in hand. And I love that. I really love when a character subverts our expectations. But does it in a way, again, that is still surprising. Like even when you know. Oh, I know what you’re doing. The way they do it is different. And it starts with food.

S2: And I think the whole movie really is a sort of celebration of eating and appetites. And the best scene for me, as much as I love the opening scene that introduces us to these characters. Is the final scene where they’ve put each other through the wringer throughout the rest of the film and in this final scene. She’s already done this once. She has poisoned him with mushrooms, not enough to kill, but enough to really fuck him up. Right. But he almost ruins an amazing opportunity to design for the royal family of Spain. And she the whole time never admits to it. But he has the suspicions that she did the shit. But after that event, they get married and they live together. And she again is a woman growing in her power and her assurance in her in her own, I guess, ability to be herself. And in this scene, she very lovingly is making him dinner. And it’s a it’s a mushroom omelette. So the camera very lovingly follows her. She’s chopping the chives, she’s chopping the mushrooms, she’s whisking the eggs. She cooks it, she presents it, and then he takes a bite. I flat back.


S47: 10. Only meet. And then when his truck. It’s going to take. You might wish were going to time, but you’re going to. You need to set the tone of it.

S9: Kiss me, my girl, lip sync. So in the cinnabar, I Full-On threw my head back, I put my arms in the air and I started cackling like I was laughing out loud. I was at my friend and I she kind of looks at me like, Are you okay? And I was like, this is the best movie I have seen in years. I was so overwhelmed by that scene.

S48: It just does so much.

S7: It has so much. And again, they are speaking this language that only the two of them understand because they are smiling while she’s talking about poisoning him, and he is. He’s so receptive to it and it can that audible swallow. It really was like someone kissing my neck.

S14: Yes. Yes. Yes. But the call of my neck tingled. I was like her. Daniel Day Lewis.

S9: First of all, what a dude like is so as such a superior actor. But that whole scene, the way he’s watching her, like he’s he brings the bite to his mouth. He’s to be truthful. It feels like six hours. This one mouthful of mushroom omelet. An omelet. That must have been like pulp. But he is just chewing and chewing. And the whole time she’s delivering her little, you know, her thoughts on why she’s doing this. Like, it’s it’s it’s an act of love. If you listen to Alma, you need to settle down. You’re doing too much, bro. Like, that’s why I’m poisoning you. I want you flooding your back. You’re gonna wish you were dead. You won’t die, though. I’ll be there to nurse you back. And then after she’s kind of delivers that, he swallows and then the smile widens and she’s smiling at him like, yes, bitch, eat it. And then comes the final thing where he gets up and he goes, Kiss me, my girl, before I’m sick. And at that point, I was like, all you people are kinky, kinky.


S7: I see this exchange of eating just becomes this power thing for them. It is incredible. I love this whole fucking movie.

S14: So much shock. So good.

S2: It’s maybe one of the best food movies I’ve seen maybe in my life. Like it’s just so solid in terms of it has a mission. It knows what it’s doing. And it delivers on every single front. Like no one bites is misplaced. Everything is exactly as it should be shut out of the Foley artists. They really give all the sounds that crunch like it’s like you said. I feel as though someone is very gently stroking my neck.

S13: Like the whole time. It’s so good. I love it.

S7: It’s incredible. Yes. So again, food, the way the characters eat, says so much about their personalities, the way that we enjoy our food outside a fictional film and television says so much about us and who we may be. Right. Again, I know that I’m a picky eater. And for some people, that means that, you know, I’m too high maintenance or something. I don’t know. For me, that means that I have standards and I’m not just gonna eat whatever you put in front of me without making sure that it’s, you know, it’s a good way.

S15: A metaphor. Nicole. What a metaphor.

S20: I love it. So I love it. And the thing is, I actually hate the the muck bang thing that’s like risen in popularity over the last few years where people sit in front of a camera and lifestream themselves eating. Yeah, well, they talk to people. I can’t.

S24: Like I say, it doesn’t do it for big same.


S9: But I understand it’s a Lear like I understand it even as I fully recoil from it, because we are interested to see how people consume.

S2: There is something to be said about what you can glean about a person from the way and the things that they eat. And yeah, I’m always interested in human nature in that regard because it’s like, how many other times do you do something without language and you’re sending a message? The answer, of course, is often. But food in particular gives like, I think a really real touchable insights into the kind of person that you might be.