S1: The following content contains some explicit language that might not be suitable for children or Mormons.

S2: It’s Monday June 11th 2013 from Slate it’s the gist. MIKE PESCA The Trump Kim Singapore summit is off to a rollicking start. We know this because it has lasted for longer than a minute and Trump is still there.

S3: The question how low tech I think within the first minute I know just my touch here. That’s what 20 does.


S4: Touch and feel. Just last summer Zavos and Jessica Leeds and Cathy Heller and Rachel croaks and Temple Taggart McDowell among others. But as touching and his feeling. But let’s talk about what I think Trump is trying to talk about his skill as a negotiator. Is there a chance that this meeting turns on feel that it bears substantial fruit. The argument would be hey it could happen. No one expected this much progress so far and Trump certainly does know the art of the deal. Look at all the deals he’s made. Yeah well let’s do that let’s look back on the deals he made here he was bragging about some of his greatest deals after winning the Florida primary.


S5: So you have the water you have the stakes you have the airline that I sold. I mean what’s wrong with selling every once in a while you can sell something. You have deadlines and all of that. And Trump University will have to start it up as soon as I win the lawsuit. Does that make sense. I mean that’s it.


S1: All right let’s go in reverse order. He did not win the lawsuit. There is no more Trump U. He settled the lawsuit. I don’t settle lawsuits. He did settle the lawsuit and the airline that collapsed. He defaulted on those loans. He doesn’t he’s never owned the water company. They just put on labels that say Trump water. The stakes were discontinued from being sold in Sharper Image Sharper Image CEO Jerry Levin said quote The net of all that media attention was we literally sold almost no Steaks and Trump Vodka. Well there is a tail and Bloomberg did a great story on the history of Trump Vodka. I will read you the graph that nicely sums up this spectacular failure. Trump may not be the person to blame for Trump Vodka is bad timing overmatched distillery. Topless teenager got to read the story to find out that one melted mini bottles retreat to China or lost credit. But in his office a decade ago after making sure the cameras were rolling he chose to do a deal with people who didn’t have the money or the experience behind them to win. And that’s pretty much where I see this North Korea thing going. This negotiation just may turn out to be the Trump Vodka of diplomacy. But unlike the vodka. I suspect this thing will not be odorless. On the show today I spiel about the communique. The peak peak communique but first our scientific seer Maria Kaneko Eva is here. She is clear eyed she’s not at all groggy because she has been looking at the one part of marijuana that’s legal for anyone to take as a supplement.


S6: CBD cannabidiol some call it cannabidiol that some may be may this part of marijuana that’s been called a miracle cure or is a bullshit the people who enjoy a nice taste or tincture of a cannabidiol or perhaps cannabis Doyle oil.


S7: I don’t know if it is cannabidiol or cannabidiol. I sometimes am suspicious that it’s kind of but Doyle because it’s spelled CIA and and a B I.D. I O else where they going for the oil thing.

S8: These are some of the questions we will not ask as we ask Maria Quantico Va. about the effectiveness and use of cannabidiol slash cannabis oil oil. Maria kind of code here. She is the author of O so many books including the forthcoming The biggest bluff and she is here in a bluff like capacity to play is that bullshit cannabidiol oil or possibly cannabis oil. Let’s just stick with CBD CBD all right. TBD so can a busy oil kind of biodiesel oil Canada.


S4: Cannabis is definitely in there. Cannabis is definitely in there and you put it on your tongue and you get high. Is this the point.

S9: Absolutely. Oh no actually. So marijuana cannabis. What. Where are we gonna be calling it reefer. Mary Jane. Yeah. Yeah lots of tobacco. Do you know. I might. I’m probably one of the only people who’ve the first time I heard last dance with Mary Jane thought it was about a girl named Mary Jane. Yeah yeah yeah yeah for sure.

S7: Just like when I heard of The Beatles song Let It Be I thought they were speaking of just letting it be.

S9: Yeah. And Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. I thought it was a girl whose name was Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds read about a meter maid. I fly a lot lately.


S7: Yeah well we all thought a lot of things but so I thought I had no idea that Norwegian Wood was a Scandinavian influenced direction.


S10: Anyway we go to cannabidiol CBD CBD so there are two major components in marijuana THC which everyone knows about which actually is short for tetra hydro cannabidiol OC and CBD.

S7: So THC always referred to as the active ingredient in marijuana and that’s all we’ve ever focused on. Yeah the THC. Yes but now you’re telling us about the CBD PD.

S10: Well now that marijuana has become legal in so many states an increasing number of states with a lot of people are touting the medicinal properties of CBD. Here’s the pitch for it. It has none of the quote unquote high inducing properties so it’s not going to mess with your brain. It’s not going to make you paranoid right. It’s not going to make you euphoric. It’s not going to impact your memory.


S7: Turn to that jam band stations on Sirius Radio.

S9: Exactly. Exactly it’s not going to do any of that stuff but instead it’s going to have all of the positive qualities the munchies.

S10: So you’re just gonna be good with anxiety. Ok I’m gonna be anti anxiety anti seizure anti inflammatory anti psychosis and anti a lot of other things. Basically these days the pitch that I’ve heard most of all when I was doing research on this and by research I mean looking at Web sites was basically it can’t harm you and it can only help you in these wonderful ways. So why not take it.

S9: I mean you’re targeting except when fish gets into like its 13th minute exactly the game ended and nothing nothing can. Nothing can fix that. It comes in two forms actual oil and then some people find the oil kind of yucky so there also there’s also really kind of why Kenneth kind of a toilet. And there’s also a pill form but you’d take it orally as opposed to pot which you smoke right.

S7: So this you know this seems to be the marijuana that even a puritan could get behind if it indeed does all the things or even some of the things it says it does and this is why we brought you here. Absolutely. So the claims on it are broad.

S9: I mean yeah. There’s lot there’s lots of stuff. So let’s let’s take them one by one. Let’s do it. And there’s actually now starting to be research on this for the very first we take the oil and then we say and then we exactly exactly to kind of give you a sense of what we’re dealing with here.

S10: People think that this year it’s over a 200 million dollar industry CBD. The legal CBD that’s in states with legalized marijuana and that’s double what it was about a year ago. And so that’s huge. So people are really kind of thinking that this is a magic cure all. So let’s let’s look at some of the studies. So first I think the one thing that we know what is said this is the only thing that’s actually now gone through multiple clinical trials. OK. I was actually very surprised that this was the one that had gone through clinical trials but in retrospect maybe not epilepsy for children. OK. So there’s actually I think good works. Yeah. Yeah. That’s a really good one. The study was just finished and so it’s not going to be approved to treat epilepsy for children. But it was a little bit difficult to know if it was CBD on its own or interacting with the other epilepsy drug because they couldn’t it would be ethical they couldn’t take them off of the other drugs.


S9: But I guess the but the group but the group that had the CBD did have an effect and had an effect greater than. Exactly so we know that. We know that the CBD worked but we don’t know if it worked by interacting with the other drugs or whether it would have worked just on its own.

S7: But I would say it doesn’t matter as a matter it doesn’t matter and maybe some parents will give their children CBD and you know be inspired to wean them off the other drugs and see what happens I don’t know if I recommend that but we’ll probably get some real world experimentation.

S10: Yeah for sure. So. So the anti seizure properties seem to be real. That’s good news. Now what about anxiety. Is what everyone is kind of talking about. Well there is some data that there is help and anxiety but there’s actually there haven’t been any real controlled double blind studies the ones that we like. There has been one that a lot of people love to point to. Back in 2011 that was pretty well designed. It was public speaking and people who had social anxiety disorder either took CBD or a placebo and the ones who took CBD seemed to be less anxious when giving their speech but their speech was littered with the phrase it’s all good.


S4: More than other people. It does seem to me that something like anxiety especially in trying to test it with public speaking rather than just you know 24 hour throughout the day anxiety it seems very susceptible to a placebo and the placebo effect. So I’m glad they tested it against a placebo.

S10: Yes but this was a tiny study it was 20 people. OK just keep that in mind. So there is a more recent study where they selected for people who had only used pot a few times in their lifetime and hadn’t used it at all in the last month and who’d never experienced any negative psychological effects from using pot. Self reported. And they put them in several different conditions to try to look at anxiety one condition had ten milligrams of THC which is one of them at the active. Yes another condition had 600 milligrams of CBD OK with no THC no THC just the CBD. And then there was a placebo and they did this for three sessions and they measured anxiety. The THC made anxiety go through the roof. So THC bad for anxiety. All right. So that’s that’s a component of pot that can you’re a parent because you think the fuzz is coming down breaking down your door.


S4: Yeah. Yeah.

S10: But there was actually zero difference between the CBD and the placebo conditions. OK. So here we’ve got a normal kind of no history of pot no history of psychological problems. Population. And now we actually have no difference between the placebo and the CBD. And so that study that particular study concludes that quote their clinical utility as an NCO Litvak which means anti anxiety medication has not been demonstrated.

S4: Why do that study even get published because we’ve talked all about studies that show no result that often don’t get published because of the THC part because because I think people are really interested in what CBD can do right now and so anything that actually tries to get at it is good information even even the studies that show no effect are getting out there.

S10: Yes. OK. So now the other kind of thing that the other mood things that people say that it helps with is depression. Unfortunately there have actually been zero human studies on depression and bipolar disorder and there have also been zero studies and that would also seem like one of those things like epilepsy where you can’t take the people you can’t ethically take the people off the regulation they’re on.

S4: Right.

S10: Given this tincture and then the other claim that a lot of people have made a sleep that it helps them sleep a lot of people say the pot helps them sleep and apparently a lot of people say that CBD can help you sleep is related to anxiety or could be maybe. Yeah. And so there actually has been a 2017 study that tried to look at this and it found that the only positive effects on sleep are if you have chronic pain or if you have Parkinson’s disease then you actually tend to get better sleep but it’s probably not because of any sleep qualities because if you’re healthy there’s no improved sleep but it’s because there might be some pain alleviating quality well that that with people who are sick which are just as big a finding as the sleep finding.


S4: So it can potentially potentially.

S10: That’s not what they were looking at so. So we need more work there. And once again no one’s quite sure how it works but it would make sense that if it does have anti inflammatory properties or anything like that it would make sense that it would help with pain. Right. And Parkinson’s we know if it helps in epilepsy if it has anti seizure properties then it might help in Parkinson’s. So that actually makes a lot of sense. But the other thing that this is what I don’t actually get because people claim that it makes you more alert if it makes you more alert. How is it helping you sleep. Yeah. And THC is actually the one that’s the sedative. So if you take away THC which is the sedative part of marijuana you’re left with the non-standard aspired to be D and we know that sleep quality. There’s actually been work on THC and sleep quality and sleep quality deteriorates significantly so it’s a false effect. Yeah. People think that they’re being rested but their sleep is actually much much worse quality. So people who are withdrawing from marijuana actually have huge sleep disturbances and it’s a big problem.

S4: Yeah but without that we’d probably be deprived of several Seth Rogen movies. OK so those are the studies. Those are all the studies that you found. For a specific moment.

S10: Yeah well they’re currently test so there are some clinical studies that are currently going on. So the stuff that’s happening right now is PTSD. Yeah and schizophrenia. Yeah they’re looking at those there are no results. As of now we were talking about anti inflammatory and there was one clinical trial that happened with Crohn’s disease which is a really nasty condition caused by inflammation and unfortunately it showed that it was not helpful at all. Not helpful so this was the first real anti inflammatory study in humans and the results came out. No but who knows. It’s one study. Like I said this is really in its infancy.


S4: Has anyone found any ill effects any side effects.

S10: No so I found the review in from the University of Toronto in 2017 which tried to look at the main claims and its conclusion was promising but insufficiently proven in the epilepsy studies. There were some side effects vomiting diarrhea and those side effects were shown with CBD and some other conditions with some people. But if you have epilepsy I think vomiting and diarrhea is probably preferable to seizure seizure.

S4: But wait it was the epilepsy was the vomiting and diarrhea present without the CBD.

S9: No it was with the CBD. Oh God. Yeah. I was a side effect of the CBT.

S7: You really have to make some determination. OK let’s go through this. You know what. Let’s do it this way. Let’s go through it symptom by symptom and say CBD can help with anxiety is that bullshit.

S10: We don’t know. There was that one public speaking study with 20 people but there was also the study that showed no effect. That happened last year. So I think it’s a wash.

S7: Ok. CBD can help with sleep. That seems to be bullshit. CBD can help as an anti inflammatory. Is that bullshit. Potentially but the only study that’s been done right now is negative and CBD can help with epilepsy.

S10: Yes it can and depression. I guess that’s the other end. Mood disorders. Yeah and we don’t know. There has been zero work in humans and I will make one more point which is that a lot of the reasons that people are saying that it can help with other stuff is that it’s been proven to help in some capacity in mice but CBD you have to be even more careful than we usually are with my studies because it actually works differently in mice and in humans and the blood concentrations are really really different. And so the mechanism of action seems to be very different in this particular case cause some drugs work similarly. It seems that CBD doses mice in a very different way that it dose doses humans.


S7: And this is something that you personally working dosing mice is something you have done. Yes.

S9: Don’t we all dose mice in our apartment. I mean we live in New York. I mean when you were like a brain researcher. Now I’ve actually never I’ve never worked with mice I’ve only ever worked with people. Oh. Huh. Yeah. Just opportunity. I’ve never worked with animals.

S7: So for the most part I think our conclusion is the effectiveness of CBD TBD. Exactly. But when it comes to epilepsy maybe CBD is not bullshit.

S10: Yeah absolutely definitely not bullshit when it comes to epilepsy and potentially promising. Yeah except I would say that the claims that are being made for it today are bullshit. But that happens so much whenever you have something there. But it’s exciting that we now have a new substance that you can actually research on so I am expecting to see a lot of people starting to do some work on this just like they’re now starting to do work with LSD and a lot of other drugs that haven’t been used in clinical studies since the 60s.

S8: And as always Maria Kaneko ever once those studies are in Maria kind of cover will be here to adjudicate them and determine is that bullshit. Kind of conveys the author of the biggest bluff and she is a gigantic fan of the Disco Biscuits. Thank you so much Maria. Thanks Mike.

S11: And now the spiel actually not quite yet. A note from the producers this spiel was recorded before the news of Larry Kudlow is heart attack. Now here’s the spiel.

S4: Donald Trump flew out of the G7 meeting over the weekend having agreed to the communique expressing the West’s sense that yada yada yada. Best interests for the blah blah blah. The terms of the tariff policy have a real impact. But the communique and sadly they fired the guys who normally scotch tape the Scotch statements.


S1: So now we got a communique in shambles. I think I’ve heard the word communique more often this week than in all of the genre like era novels combined.

S12: But the fit of pique over the communique wasn’t really so important for the substance.

S1: But it was a gigantic embarrassment of style. So what happened was the leaders of the free world get together at the G7 thought they could say a few relatively anodyne platitudes his whole platitudes are and all would be well hey don’t worry people of the world. Still the big economies and we’re still normal. But then according to Trump officials Justin Trudeau got up ball ham on everyone’s ass. Trudeau just goes off. He’s rude he’s unaccountable. He’s blasted from the hips. Let’s listen to Lawrence Kudlow. Let’s listen to this guy’s ire over Trudeau’s lack of decorum. Listen to Lawrence Kudlow talk about Trudeau’s insolence.

S13: He gets up in the aeroplane and leaves. And then Trudeau starts blasting men at a domestic news conference. I’m sorry that it is a betrayal. That is a double cross. Whoa ho ho.

S4: Ho. All right we got to hear from this scorching white hot take from the true north. He was talking about the American claim Trudeau was the American claim that allowing Canada to have such a large share of the aluminum market is a national security threat to the United States. Let’s listen. As Trudeau unloads for Canadians who either themselves or whose parents or community members have stood shoulder to shoulder with American soldiers in far off lands and conflicts from the First World War. Onwards.

S14: That it’s kind of insulting kind of insulting.


S12: It’s kind of insulting. I don’t want to say anything but we are frankly and I hate to use this language peeved.

S1: Trudeau laid into Trump some more in this international diplomacy version of playing the dozens.

S14: Because Canadians were polite were reasonable. But we also will not be pushed around.

S1: You want polite and reasonable. The Trump administration will show you polite and reasonable. It’ll open up a can of harmony on your ass in the form of trade adviser Peter Navarro here from Fox News Sunday Chris.

S15: There’s a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with President Donald J. Trump.

S1: OK I’m not a theologian but a place in hell for engaging in bad faith diplomacy with Donald Trump. Putting aside if they even did that but spurring Donald Trump will put you in poor stead in the afterlife. You engage in any trickery against the truth and light. That is Donald Trump. You sir are going to hell somewhere Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church is saying yeah too far. I don’t think that’s how how works. Navarro continued.

S15: And I’ll tell you this to my friends in Canada that was one of the worst political miscalculations of the Canadian leader in modern Canadian history.

S4: First of all I don’t believe Peter Navarro has any friends in Canada. Second of all when he refers to the worst one of the worst political miscalculations of a Canadian leader in modern Canadian history he knows that Rob Ford was a Canadian leader right. This was a guy who smoked crack on video unless Navarro is doing the same in his office at the National Trade Council. I don’t really get what he’s talking about but he did keep talking.


S15: President Trump did the courtesy to Justin Trudeau to travel up to Quebec for that summit.

S12: Yes courtesy I mean that’s where the meeting was.

S1: That’s where the G7 was meeting. This is not Michael Cohen’s kid’s bat mitzvah. Donald Trump is a representative of the American people. You’ve got to go to the G7 and once you get there you could float your insane ideas about letting Russia join again because you say here’s how it works. Obama did nothing to stop Russia taking over Crimea and to emphasize my strong stance against inaction in the face of Russian aggression. I think we need to totally roll over and reward Russia. Look Russia when it’s Crimea in 2014 who is weak that was Obama lifting the punishment against Russia for that very act who would be strong. They’ll be Donald Trump makes sense to me. Here’s more Navarro.

S15: Get him a favor and he was even willing to sign that socialist communique.

S12: So you’re saying that Donald Trump will endorse a socialist critique as a favor to a friend or at least someone who’s nice to him and socialism a free trade agreement would be socialism. Okay.

S4: The real word for what Donald Trump is doing is well it’s tantrum but the word for what Peter Navarro is endorsing is mercantilism and that is a word you don’t hear much anymore. And the reason you don’t hear mercantilism anymore is it’s a word like phrenology. It has fallen out of use because the practice it describes is useless. I want to end with another American president talking about free trade and Canada. I guess Donald Trump called call this guy weak and a socialist. I bet you know him when you hear him.


S16: We too often talk about trade while using the vocabulary of war in war for one side to win the other must lose. But commerce is not warfare. Trade is an economic alliance that benefits both countries. There are no losers only winners and trade to help strengthen the free world.

S1: That is Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan. Oh but what could Ronald Reagan see in the 1980s. That’s possibly applicable to today.

S16: Our peaceful trading partners are not our enemies. They are our allies. We should beware of the demagogues who are ready to declare a trade war against our friends weakening our economy our national security and the entire free world all while cynically waving the American flag.

S1: It’s like Ronald Reagan said Trust but verify and then make extra sure no one says anything mean about you. And if they do send a discredited flunky to say they’re going to hell USA. You S.A.. The gist was produced by Pier B enemy who won’t use marijuana byproducts but he’s curious about it it’s a state known as Kennett beguiled.

S2: MARY WILSON Just senior producer lot more interested in other things than cannabidiol it’s more like candy. Meanwhile Steve looked high. Second reducer Slate podcast totally against them. He’s cannabidiol hostile a.k.a. his counterpart dial. The gist. True story was in Portland and I had a CBD IPA. I really did this. Now I don’t have epilepsy I don’t have insomnia I don’t have chronic pain but after drinking it I couldn’t stop telling everyone about it and they started ordering it for themselves. My theory is that I’d become a sleep inducing pain in the ass who gave everyone fits. So what’s better for that than a CBD IPA member Deborah to Peru. And thanks for listening.