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S3: Welcome back to the fleet. Money succession recap podcast after last week’s dark and gloomy edition.

S4: We really hit our comedic stride this week. I’m Felix Salmon of. I’m joined by Emily Peck of Huff Post Hello I am joined by Gabe Roth of Slate. Hello. And this is the episode I’ve really been waiting for because this is the episode where we get joined by Sarah Allison of the Washington Post who knows everything about everything but specifically about media Candy. And in fact you wrote an entire book about Rupert Murdoch buying The Washington Post The Wall. I mean Wall Street Journal you basically Rosen an entire book about about epic left Logan boy buying.

S5: Yes I did. Is buying the piece I’m so happy to be here I feel like this is my true call. This is your true calling and I feel like we like this it’s quite sad there are no pieces in this episode.

S6: It’s true that the ghosts are there and Kendall. What happened to Naomi. He’s got this whole new lady.

S7: So let’s start with Oh that’s thinking of missing missing Pierson.

S1: Yeah like he was he was all up in the hole Naomi Pierce. And then and then she went off to Regent’s Park to go feed the ducks and next thing you know he’s he’s getting into some actor who’s got Jennifer from the Sam here and Jennifer on a psychosexual exploration.

S8: But I mean she’s just gonna be a blip.

S7: Bobby No she’s just gone around the next week off on the next plane.

S1: But the the line about Jennifer came from Logan where he goes up to ship and he says seen Kendall’s latest mind like a balloon. So I mean we may as well start there. Emily do you have a theory on like Is this like symptomatic of Kendall just falling apart and totally not having it together.

S6: Oh I think this episode was really interesting for Kendall because he’s quite cheerful and almost like an a manic.

S9: Yeah yeah.

S10: Because last episode he was clearly very depressive and there’s this big swing suddenly he’s like grinning like he’s when he smiles on drugs. It’s obvious when he smiles at Connor and he’s like I’m so happy. That’s a genuine smile. He’s genuinely right.

S11: Hey hey so it hasn’t worn off right. Like that was a century defining fuck Who is this again channel. All right. So what are we going to do here. I feel like we should make the Pine Island. Put in a giant island sized bed and just make it. Into Dundee. You want to come to Dundee. What about my play Hi. I mean it’s like two nights off. It’s not. Arthur Miller right. And. I kind of owned a movie studio. Whereas Dundee. How about you look it up on your phone on the way to the airfield because I’m sending you a driver and I’m getting you a chair right over here tonight.

S12: I mean there’s a line he says near the beginning oh to Connor he says I’m drowning in pussy and everything’s golden. Yeah it makes you think he may not be on the drugs any more he may have. He may be giving sex addiction a try.

S8: Yeah yeah I’m dying nothing for him. Well that could be it I just sort of thought like oh this is why he shouldn’t go off drugs because this is what he feels like when he’s doing drugs and this is probably a really good place for him and then you see this sort of deflated shell of a human he’s become when his father doesn’t like that his new girlfriend has said awesome twice in the course of one conversation and then it’s all over for him yeah.

S13: And it was very funny of how the girlfriend Jennifer calls him out when they’re walking down the hallway and there’s all this like pieces from you know Logan’s history and she’s like you talk about your dad a lot. And it was just like very deflating I think to him it was like a little puncture in his little balloon of unreality basically because that’s what he’s doing is just like hiding from what he’s done which is manslaughter. I’d like to mention it every episode. Yeah I think it’s it’s in the back of his mind all the time.

S4: Yeah. Oh except for maybe like when he’s having sex I mean who knows. I mean this this is not the broken robot of Episode 1 right. He was very broken last episode when his dad forced him to go into the house of the guy that he killed. And then like yeah he’s just massively overcompensating and he doesn’t really understand what he’s doing. But he also which has to be a part of it gets to stick the knife a little bit into corner by snatching away the actress from Connor’s girlfriend’s play just when it when when she made the last stand was that wonderful life was how it will be.

S14: Was really mean to his girlfriend.

S2: Kendall goes up to the tour and it goes. That was your play right.

S1: No one can.

S15: No one can think of a single good thing to say about the play they were even like what is it like little maggots in my veins and that are biting Oh my God rag rag which is maybe my favorite character.

S7: And they hire Oh my gosh so now I get it so when he’s complaining and done Oh yeah the midges biting his hand might buy that came from the play.

S16: That’s like the Connors. You know the sand in Sands. I think there are creatures living in and indeed thriving and I love that and he’s itching. Greg was he would we complained about him last episode but he was really back and in at this time especially with his grandfather threatening to disinherit you. He asks Greg is going to inherit a quarter of a billion dollars or is he or is he or is he.

S1: I have to choose between the husband that is in waste our Royko stock which is apparently going to zero because you and Roy is battling a Peter Thiel right.

S17: Wait you all think that yes he’s backing the weasel situation.

S10: That’s right. OK. So let’s let’s talk a little bit about what Peter Thiel did to Gawker because this is clearly what the subtext of this entire episode is all about. OK.

S8: Sarah No you go ahead you seem to have a good handle on because I hadn’t even thought of that until he walked in here. But the Peter Teal Gawker situation was just that the billionaire Peter Teal was funding Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit.

S1: So what happened is that yeah yeah. I need to jump in here. I can’t say because it was yeah it was secret like this one is clearly less secret. I think you and is not trying to keep it secret.

S8: DAWN Well we were if we were at a Silicon Valley party with Peter till we would feel like it wasn’t secret that we have the benefit in this situation of being inside the party but you be so sure it’s you and just cause he made that crack about cruises.

S1: Yeah yeah yeah.

S7: Because he made the crack about cruises at the end and really because I was thinking maybe be in the final line.

S8: Well it did seem like Stewie that that was my first thought. Who’s funding this. OK. But then when he comes in at the very end the fun you win the final line.

S1: Yeah yeah. Yes he says it’s hard to know which is more toxic your news outlet or your crew’s division. This is your fault. This empire of shit time to pay up.

S13: Yeah you’re right.

S2: That was I did this to you and what you need to read that in the light of what Jerry had said which is basically we flew 20 million dollars at this weasel and he didn’t blink. There’s no doubt one. Someone is funding him and.

S4: And then said is like we’ll open the phone but there’s any number of people who would want to bring Logan down. But it I think that was just you and basically coming out and telling Logan I’m doing this. I think he thought the Logan knew about it but Logan’s only going to find out about it tomorrow. Right.

S2: But in any case the the story the very quickly the Hulk Hogan story is the Hulk Hogan sued Gawker because they published a tape of him having sex and it wasn’t a particularly likely lawsuit to win it didn’t have a lot of legal standing. And Gawker tried to settle with him and offered him a bunch of relatively generous settlements which given the likelihood of him winning any normal lawyer and any normal plaintiff would automatically take that.

S1: And he kept on saying no and he kept on jurisdiction shopping. He kept on spending more more money on lawyers and everyone on the Gawker side of things was like this doesn’t make any sense. He’s behaving incredibly irrationally especially when he would drop cases that were insured just to make sure that like if they paid that it would have to hurt them. And this is exactly what they’re referencing here in this episode is that the weasel is is not behaving rationally. The rational thing to do would be to take the 20 million dollars and what he’s doing is he’s trying to bring down the company.

S18: This goes back to a piece that I remember you wrote about Peter Thiel at the time where you said Peter Thiel has not just brought down Gawker he’s invented a mechanism by which you can bring down any media operation you could if you have enough money you can now bankroll enough lawsuits and refuse to settle that you can now destroy any media company if you’re a billionaire. And that’s what’s happening in the show.

S19: But Yuan’s money comes from his brother and comes from the company waste our Rico. Am I mistaken but he might.

S1: Well as someone who is Gawker now put it all into Treasury bills. That’s where I was having a little bit.

S17: I’d like to know what your theory is on how Greg how his ultimatum to Greg fits in to this situation he was why is Greg.

S7: I mean it sounds like he’s down the company.

S17: Is that what it is he wants to protect him.

S18: Well it’s have to say you’re either with me or you’re with Logan right. And if you’re what’s more emotion when you’re not you’re not with me anymore.

S13: And what do we make of brother you in crossing the birds out of little Logan’s notebook. Is that just that this is where all this started is because Logan just wanted to bird watch.

S15: She just wanted to find the thrushes whether he was lying. But he was inflating. He was already messing with the reality of how many birds knew what was going on there.

S7: I want to get to the truth.

S1: You’re in this is the purest. It’s like you don’t write down a bird unless you genuinely saw that bird.

S2: And this is all coming to roost now that I have a question though which is how did you even get to Dundee.

S7: Your line is under. Bed he’s your guy Roman is he like. Gretta don’t you remember in season one that he winds up like the great driving gave him big 50 now. Right. Right.

S1: And then Greg tries to talk to him and he’s like Shut up don’t talk to me. And Greg is desperately trying to talk to him because Greg knows that like he needs to get in with his grandfather if he’s going to wind up inheriting any of its money and you’re having none of it. And now you’re and it’s like oh yeah you’re you.

S2: You stand to inherit 250 million as well because Greg I mean the whole the whole story arc of Greg for the first you know one and three quarter seasons is that he doesn’t have any money. And now he’s like Wait I have 250 million dollars coming to me the minute you it you know.

S13: Yet it seems like Greg is reluctant to quit this job.

S8: All I what is the major flooding and that the whole show is like attraction and revulsion at the same time all around Logan Ryan. And so you see this. What I loved about this episode is that we all knew that it was true for all of the children and the executives. But now you see Raya being drawn into it and being humiliated in exactly the same way that anyone who comes into his orbit is humiliated basically after five minutes of being in his presence and getting close to him.

S17: And so I think that the Greg thing did he would even hesitate that he wouldn’t even just be like OK. 250 million dollars to get away. I mean he’s already and he needs crime. He’s already.

S18: Well I’m sorry I wasn’t going to live on like he quits in the bathroom he goes up to Logan in the bathroom he says it’s been a pleasure doing business with you but I know now I have to take my leave. Yes negotiating is great.

S9: Yeah. That was a good line.

S20: And Logan can’t let him do it not because he loves Greg so much. Greg is such a valuable employee. But because if Greg quits in order to go with Uncle Ewing then Logan’s lost a point in the battle against.

S2: But also but also Greg is genuinely conflicted. And the reason is financial. He has that like swanky office. Now he has a nice six figure salary. He is comfortable in the way that you know when we first meet him in Season 1 He’s like throwing up in the inside of a man in a suit animal suit. And now for the first time in his life he feels like he’s got his foot on a rung of the ladder and he knows on some level that he doesn’t deserve that.

S17: And so he knows that if he quits he’s going to have to find a actual job somewhere else and there’s no actual right but he would be less than it isn’t just financial because he’s also Emily’s like yes he’s also just struck.

S8: He’s also destroyed evidence and he know and he gives himself this whole pep talk in terms you know last season about going to prison and being I mean he’s really deep in this and you would think that I mean I think there’s more working in his mind than just the paycheck.

S4: You know I think at some point at some point he winds up teaming up with you U.N. and the weasel and coming out and and fighting on you know the White House side against the evil Logan boy empire. That’s that’s kind of inevitable. Right. He becomes like Logan’s enemy and and then giving evidence against Logan.

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S19: I feel like in terms of the attraction and repulsion we saw Logan do this in the bathroom where he says he says to Greg like I really like you you know and there’s something really like a lot of doctor. It’s seductive. Exactly and we see Ray are doing it to catch the killer and Roman right.

S18: I you know I certainly handle exactly what the issue is here. It’s always you and it.

S16: But she also says it too. She also says it to to roam around her Roman. And it absolutely works that neutralizes the brothers that shiv can’t get them to do anything in this episode and it works slow getting gags.

S1: She gets Kendall to pull back rows.

S13: All she can achieve is like some low level like hazing but she can’t she can’t. These they’re so toxic and they don’t know how to love each other and they cannot even team up like I do.

S9: I. I don’t know why their efforts right.

S17: What I love about the way that this is all unfolding is that they aren’t beating you over the head with the fact that the kids are so easily played but they are so all easily just like a tiny little bone of affection from pretty much anyone. And they are all in.

S8: So you know obviously the fact that Ray can even just throw these minor they know that she’s a snake and that she’s manipulated ship and she’s already screwed her. So the fact that they both are kind of like well why she’s so bad in the end you know and it’s a little it’s not actually not that subtle but it feels to me like they let it play out in a way that is very satisfying because you realize that these kids are just so desperate for attention. I disagree. And please do it.

S22: I’m going to take the other side of this which is that what we saw here was like it was kind of the Avengers vs. Thanos kind of thing that we that everyone started attacking Raya in a different way. And each of the attacks like didn’t mortally wounded her but in aggregate she was very alone and had no real support.

S7: And you know Marsha comes my dead wrong. Kendall does that. You know I have the character with my toast like Shiv obviously does.

S2: Like really cunning little thing about oh she doesn’t drink and all of this actually works. This is my theory all of this actually works in terms of persuading Logan that he’s he should not trust her or appoint her as CEO and he’s sitting down at dinner with Shiv and he goes it’s you and Chevrolet feels that it’s going to be her.

S22: And then Jerry calls that we’re all fucked. Committee what will she call it.

S7: What the fuck are we going to do committee. What the fuck are we going to do committee.

S22: And Jerry does this thing and it’s a little bit of a MacGuffin. Jerry does this thing where she says whoever the next CEO is is gonna get a huge amount of egg on their face and it’s gonna wind up like basically being set up to fail and shivers like I can take this job I can be the next CEO we have weakened rare to the point at which I watch Logan will appoint me in sort of rare but I don’t want it because I know what’s happening Ray doesn’t know about this.

S1: You know the weasel so I’m going to just whisper in my ear and whisper in my father’s yes oh you know it’s rare. Let him appoint rare let lay a walk into the shitstorm let Ray I take all of the blame and then shift can come in post shitstorm if there’s anything left.

S19: That’s my question. First of all is it so bad. Raya has nothing to do with what has happened at the company in the past. So yes she’ll become CEO and have to face a shitstorm but she is not personally responsible for any of the shitstorm so really is it.

S1: So yeah that will be it. That was why I called it a bit of a McGuffin.

S8: But I mean I think once you enter into the I mean she’s going to compromise herself. She’s always like this. Yeah this is what it is like once you get inside you’ve got. You’ve probably already you know sold your soul in a million different ways. So I don’t think it’s gonna matter that she personally wasn’t there but one of my favorite moments was when Logan is sitting there with Shiv and he sort of is trashing Raya and he says to her you get it you get it you fucking get it.

S15: Yeah. He’s like she’s blue and she’s like but I am too but you fucking get it you fucking get it. And it was like that’s the most real affection that I’ve seen in the entire show.

S23: She’s got my contacts everywhere. Everyone is here. Yeah. She’s blue. She’s liberal. I have. Mine. Yeah but you find Dad. You get it. Too. She told me she drank. I shared a whiskey with that. Prick tease. Oh we don’t use up anymore. Sort of the usual fuckin wives have. Gone that way. I’m worried. Right. Is it.

S24: I’ve I got it right. Cause. You are smart. You are smart.

S18: And yet in fact what he’s saying what he’s talking about when he says you fucking you’re a liberal. But you fucking get it. Yeah he’s referring to all the time she’s humored him. Yeah. He’s referring to all it’s like being racist. Yes. And she’s been like oh OK Dad.

S15: Right. Because then they have this conversation like you can’t you can’t you can’t. Yeah exactly. Yeah. Ugly right ugly. So we it to her. She fucking gets. She she gets it because she gets him. He’s willing to kind of twist herself into whatever.

S1: And you’re right that that’s genuine affection in like contrast. And we have to go to the ridiculous over the top. Fake you know affection of candles rap to his dad and like hell to you talk about itching what it’s going to be that that candle would do that.

S14: Yes totally.

S8: This is this is see a direct reference of course to James Murdoch’s early career a raucous raucous Records where he was. I mean this is James back when he had was still at Harvard and started a record label with friends of his that was a kind of hip hop label and it was his own little rebellion about how he was going to have an earring and a tattoo and be his own little person. And then of course it lasted for maybe five minutes and his father bought the company. So I mean that was just so satisfying to watch this entire. I could. I almost couldn’t watch it. It was so embarrassing and such a uncomfortable moment. But it was. I mean there was it was even more of a direct reference than the Hulk Hogan thing it was like that that James did that he started his own.

S18: I don’t think he ever actually rap didn’t perform literally every time. What we know about it like. Might he have rapped at some maybe great surprise party. I want to hear when he was.

S4: I’m gonna have to go back to the tapes and see whether whether James Murdoch raps when he was at Harvard.

S13: I wish someone would leak that to us please e-mail us at Slate.

S7: If we haven’t audio tapes audio in the early 90s at Harvard please send them to Slate Money at Slate.

S25: Don’t go my boy squiggle cooked up this beat for me. Check it porn on the door. King of the. 50 years from now he’s rolling in a raw handmade shoes. Breaking into. Four Star General your best selling joke just before.

S26: NWA. I read it. It is burning my eyes. But I cannot look away to the G the play. Playing like a pro C G.

S27: To G. Can he play.

S6: That was just a wonderful scene. I mean speaking of Kendall being like high and manic and just like I don’t want to say back on his game but sort of recovered from his malaise. Right. I mean he was just he was really happy and into it wasn’t his because it was all in service of his father.

S7: It was just like what he can do is exist in that in that sort of shadow.

S8: And he’s obviously got none.

S17: I mean his whole. Just the contrast between the lot he’s back on his game but he’s he it’s a bad gift.

S5: You’ve just done a toy. No know who’s on that game. Marcia Marcia Marcia. You know I’m obsessed with with Marcia. Right. You know that like that.

S22: I mean I am talking about the big the big like breakout star of succession Season Two is clearly Jerry but for me it’s always been Marcia. And for me I’m I’m so wait for next.

S1: I’m so into what Marcia like managed to pull like that wonderful thing where she pulls me aside and you say have you been to safety since you’ve been tested for the safety fence wanted to see this. Yes. Right. Just like she has no idea what just happened and what was the quote she said about I win and I have fought and I have lost and I have fought and won.

S15: But when I lose the other one will generally lose and I lose an eye.

S14: Right. And then right is like how you go get it Oh I’m so excited about Marcia. That she has.

S16: Yeah. So she I mean she still is losing right now. Right. I mean she’s bored. Oh just wait clearest way. I don’t know I feel like so far I’m not impressed by anything.

S18: Well so I feel like next week or in the future episodes if she’s really walked out we get to see what Marcia has actually been doing. Well it I was apart when Marcia is gone.

S2: But also Marcia was 100 percent down with ships assassination attempt on Raya. So there was that wonderful line where they’re talking to each other and ship it’s like you allowed Marcia to organize the party. And Marcia just looks at her and says Raya thought it would be nice. It was like she knows Marcia knows better than anyone that the one thing that Logan hates more than anything else is his party and Marcia just let thread walk straight into that.

S22: You know because she wants to see Rae implode and between the surprise party which Logan hates and you know you want to say one of my favorites and they say surprise and you just turn off I love that so much.

S16: And March is the one who talked him into going back by the way for more. Right. Right.

S1: Can we. Here we go. If she wants to throw him a big surprise party. Who am I to spoil it.

S15: Yeah that’s good. While we’re just talking about favorite characters and Marcia the Jerry and Roman situation.

S8: Oh my God in the declaration like that beautiful the marriage proposal the marriage proposal and the variety of ways that he does explain what they’re going to do what he means by marriage. Right. You eat me and I eat you like they do in Germany.

S28: Is that what happens in Germany. Oh you. I mean in Germany. Yeah I do a little bit of auto cannibalism. Yeah.

S29: Oh and one more thing real quick should we get married.

S30: Well I don’t know about that. Like an equivalent thing like I abduct you and force you to live with me. That’s not equivalent.

S29: Then you kill me you chop my dick off you know something. I’m kidding. But you know I’m saying you eat me I eat you like you do in Germany. Anyway I want to think that I get it.

S17: That is one of my favorite. I wouldn’t even call it a side plot. It’s like the soul of the whole thing. Was going to. OK.

S16: Another thing we learned we feel like we learned a lot about Logan this episode. Another thing is possibly that Jerry was once his thing. Right. One Shannon’s a new new thing she was the new new thing. And Roman is only slightly troubled by that.

S14: It doesn’t deter him. He’s freak. Yeah I think it ups her appeal his eye. You think he ever boned Jerry. Yeah he’s delighted by it. Yeah. He loves the idea. OK.

S22: Yeah the Roman. Roman is clearly you know the only thing that you actually think sexually attracted to is the worst thing you know the most humiliating. Yeah.

S7: Most disgusting. Yeah it’s kind of his in your day you know. And if I wind up with like my dad it’s like I can.

S2: That’s like even more disgusting and makes it even more sexually appealing to him.

S16: Yes he cherishes the depravity. Yes. That’s it. I also want to know who Sally Ann is and why Logan bought her a harp. What is going on there they keep talking about love. Right. So that come up more than like. And that was a good catch. Didn’t even play the harp. And I guess could we talk about Schiff. Yeah. I feel like this is our comeback episode right.

S20: Yes. This was the first smart successful play that she made in all of season two. I feel like the master arc of Season Two is in season one she was set up as like the competent person who’s gotten out of the family and is now having a proper career as a person who can actually do stuff. And at the beginning of Season 2 by sort of tapping her on the shoulder and saying it’s you. All of that crumbles and Logan just brings her in and all of a sudden she’s incompetent and flailing and fucking up all the time. And that’s what she’s been doing right up until the end when she makes this play by getting Rhea handing Ray the poison chalice and we’ll see if that turns out to be a smart play or not. But it’s the first not flailing thing that she’s done.

S19: And one thing I thought was interesting was how she was dressed in this episode from the time she’s promised the job.

S13: She starts wearing the full turtlenecks and the suits and all this. But in this episode where she’s trying to mount her comeback we see a lot more of shift skin like she wears turtlenecks dresses and two different scenes but they’re back guys. Right.

S1: And we see it like she’s just not as buttoned up anymore she’s it’s like they’ve dressed her to be more free and she has that that great line when she goes I don’t want to put a damper on as celebrations or anything but it’s time we killed her. They smash her skull in with a rock and you’re like OK. Yeah. And like you don’t want to go up against ship wanting to smash your skull in with a rope because she has rocks.

S17: But I do think that the whole I mean what brings all of them down is proximity to Logan.

S8: So this is shifts Fun period because she’s pushing Raya into the sun and then we’ll see what happens when she actually I mean I don’t think I actually feel like it’s sort of nothing personal with Logan right but once you get sucked in you then become tainted and he abuses you and it’s only a matter of time before you’re humiliated for on the floor cast aside for on the floor. I mean that reference was you know it’s good to remind everyone.

S19: What happens. Is there anything to be said about Marsha and like Rupert Murdoch’s various wives and any. I don’t know. He references all Logan references all his wives all his wives.

S17: Yeah. I mean I think that the it does depend on what Marsha ends up eventually doing.

S8: But if Marsha is the sort of Wendy Murdoch of this show which it seems like that’s who she would be she was his third second third third when he was his third. She’ll become abusive and eventually I mean the were being really literal then her sons will establish and create a dossier on all the things that she’s done she’ll have an affair with various world leaders maybe somehow a spy and will eventually be cast out it becomes a movie star.

S1: Who’s James and Lachlan’s mom Anna.

S15: Anna took off as the I mean them first. Yeah. So the Connor character is actually the oldest daughter who is in some ways and prudence thing. Yeah. Prue and then Anna has Lachlan James and Liz right. And then Wendy has Grace and Chloe. Right. And then obviously Gerry is not there’s no children.

S1: Jerry Hall for Jerry and who have kids. They’re just not by right. It’s a little Brady Bunch that them but like.

S2: But there is this interesting subplot of like Connor running out of money where like you know you have Roman buying a football team on a whim.

S14: You have Kendall all right or wrong.

S1: Kendall Kendall you know sending jets in and clearly not having any money worries and Connor who you know we remember his massive pad in New Mexico and the family he bought out like an entire hotel and it suddenly seems to have woken up without any money. I mean like I know that Broadway productions can be expensive but like something.

S18: Well he’s also running a presidential campaign. He says I’m fighting on two fronts. He’s bankrolling a Broadway play that’s going to be a complete failure. And he’s running a presidential campaign.

S15: Those consultants in his living room write those who expect to find another great memoirs when they’re at Logan Roy’s childhood home and Connor says I mean I would totally live here. I mean I wouldn’t but somebody could. Be. They don’t know. I mean they would never be able to actually stomach a kind of regular middle class. Also read Connor the the first pancake the first Hispanic.

S31: That’s a great line. Apparently his mother was sent to an asylum or something. Yeah. Really. Are they real world parallels there too. Yeah. They saw something just like poor Connor’s mom. Yeah.

S1: Well I don’t know actually but the first first one but then you have a comment like yeah. Connor’s definitely something’s going to happen. There’s a weird ly weird plot with him when he comes out with that line about sometimes I think he’ll never truly understand that until I shit out. So if you know what.

S13: Yeah that was a running theme throughout the episode. Did Logan actually shoot outsiders just meth.

S15: It has sort of well went in his line. I mean I don’t know how to make his Logan’s discussion what did he say that the future is real but the past is all made up. Yeah I love that. And his Rosebud was you know whatever it whatever the fuck it took to get me out of here. Yeah. His sister that he somehow feels responsible for her deaths. Yeah.

S2: And where you and I actually said that actually that wasn’t your fault right.

S13: What’s wonderful about the show is like I heard the set on someone else’s podcast so ripping someone else off but they don’t really fill in the blanks. You know there’s no flash cheesy flashbacks to tell you exactly what happened to Logan and his child. We just have all these little delectable clues about a dead sister about a mother dying when he’s just four years old about how they left Dundee but we don’t know what the circumstances were. What happened are we we really don’t know anything but it’s so fun to get the little clues it almost makes you want to fill in a backstory.

S12: You know we’ve got a lot of good clues in this one. Yeah of a skull and stuff and the girl who didn’t even play the harp.

S14: Yeah. You think she had a cute little rosebud but it could be.

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S22: Emily what’s your favorite line.

S19: Oh. Mm hmm. There’s so many.

S17: I do. Oh the insults. Who writes the insults. I do want to know that.

S16: Anyway I don’t know who I. I know this is Roman too rare.

S13: He’s admiring her and he said so you’re kind of like a peppy fun guns that’s a MILF was like a lean in womanly branding thing that works well with the Fitbit moron whatever people.

S28: Oh my God. I was brilliant. I’m not gonna say I’m gonna set them off.

S12: All right Gabe got Tacitus. Just all killer no filler would.

S1: They get Greg’s complete inability to make conversation with anyone. It’s like like you said. Yeah. Yeah. I mean even Tom the way I said bizarre like not quite a sexual relationship and you’re like Oh can I just mention too about Tom. Please share this.

S2: This one really jumped out at me for the was this is the first time in succession like seasons 1 and 2 where Tom was a not shit suit.

S1: Oh remember how like that whole dinner party where they were making fun of him it’s like looking like a Midwestern briefcase right. And a night suddenly he was fucking Dundee and it’s like oh well for the uncomfortable like good expensive looking like I don’t like who or he. Tom’s looking good all of a sudden he was like the Tom fashion choices like you’re not shit.

S18: And also he pins shaved down when he sees her with the actor and he makes your wedding ring you had Tom’s coming up just so darn impressed with shiv in that moment because she could have handled the whole.

S19: She made it so obvious. She obviously has it on her arms and low off. Yeah she could have just played that so much better. Like she had an entire affair that she was able to. Yeah she had that hide quite until the end until her wedding. But otherwise. Right. Yeah. But still I thought she could have done a lot better. I agree. And also Tom defending Raya was I thought unusual because usually they’re such a team. The two of them Tom and Shep but he says to her like maybe it’s good for me.

S15: Well he’s always been it’s not going to be kind to him if it’s obvious and I can make of him but he is. He did was taken aback when she was yeah. When Logan said she was going to be the next one was like Oh I thought that I thought we were in it for I thought it was going to be me. So I think he’s always I mean I think like all of them he’s not really concerned about anybody else. It’s not really true love with Chef. I don’t think so.

S1: I can’t quite choose. I really love when Roman refers. Like when Kendall starts his rap and Roman woof woof Ken. Yes. But I think I think the one that really stuck with me was Logan just looking with a look of sheer disdain. His son. Maybe you’re fucking right. How would I know what team I supported. All my fucking life. Maybe I support kill momma.

S14: Right. I get the distaste gripping it. Unlike Edward just so yeah he’s like okay I yeah I guess he’s not going to bail them out.

S31: Who knows when in the candle wrap which I’ve watched several times a record. Oh my God. Yeah. The reaction shots to the blast to him a lot.

S15: Being like what is this. What is that. And the rest of the board the rest of the kind of executives who are just stone mute when they’re supposed to do oh gee they were not playing along at all.

S17: Now that was I mean it’s it’s it was maybe the most humiliating moment of the whole series. I think maybe even more than boar on the floor because it was not as overt and because he was willing we wanted it.

S20: This is how much you’ve broken this man. Yes that he’s willingly getting up and rolling this in front of everyone he knows just horrible.

S13: Yeah I agree I agree. He’s right. I mean he he did shit his bed. Also this season like it’s just been one humiliation after the next.

S15: Yeah maybe that is more.

S22: Not me not to mention the humiliation is like being dragged into that house as the kid who you kill. I mean like yeah. Kendall.

S15: Well that wasn’t humiliating is it. It was me. Is it torture. It was strong psychological punishment and torture but rightly so. I mean it wasn’t like Oh we’re gonna be so mean to you because you’re gonna have to face the fact you killed someone. Well that seems appropriate.

S18: Actually it’s appropriate in that he’s coming face to face with the consequences of his actions. But Logan was doing it in revenge for Kendall challenging him on rape. Also in revenge for Kendall daring to date Naomi.

S32: Yes for all of this based just stay. It’s not doing you like Moreau. He’s not saying I think it’s important for you to understand really the consequences of your action right. Right now he’s doing it he’s like Don’t fucking tell me I can’t sleep with this. Exactly right. Are they are they sleeping with each other. I mean Logan and ran. I saw a prick tears but I guess he just meant that about the drinking but when he asked me to sit there not sleep that’s what I thought yeah that’s what I wasn’t sure why he was saying practice but when he asked her to sleep over and she says oh I wasn’t expecting that.

S8: We assuming that that’s already happened he’s going out to dinner with her four times a week.

S19: I mean this is I mean it’s succession no one has sex so we don’t know it is true.

S5: No it does happen except that handle. Yeah except the Kendall and thank God you have to see that.

S2: Oh right. Yeah. Now no one wants to see Kendall having sex.

S13: Literally no one would rather see him rapping.

S1: Yeah. This is Sara. What’s your what is your favorite line. I had so many I think a two faced snowflake with come under dress.

S15: From Shiv to Raya. I thought that was quite good and the only the other one was look at you fitting right in like a camp counselor in my butt when I was 12. That was good. So I think that he really Roman really has a good somebody is writing good stuff for him.

S5: Yes.

S2: This is an of your name and like no one no one on television writes You know those kind of lines.

S16: If you took the insults out of the show would there be a show.

S15: I don’t think so. No there’s nothing the most redeeming thing that they know how to do is really come up. It’s brilliant.

S16: That’s why I was like bringing her into the family. Right. Yeah. They humiliated her. But I was like Now you’re one of us.

S18: Yeah. You took the comedy insults out. Would it be billions.

S4: I feel like you might be asked but you couldn’t the way that you can tell that rare is not part of the family is that she doesn’t have her insult game on.

S13: Yes.

S17: She doesn’t do insult well and she’s also asking people genuine questions about how she’s trying to.

S1: She’s just trying to flatter her way into the family where the family insults their way and she’s adapted to the Pierces.

S12: She made her whole career working her way into one family that has this kind of WASPy niceness aesthetic. And now she’s in a very different kind of family business and she doesn’t quite know how to handle it.

S13: I can’t wait to see what happens when it all falls apart when the cruise thing comes out and the weasel starts squeal.

S8: I think she’s going to be forced to do something.

S2: So so the lines and Jerry is the new face is going to get ripped to shreds. So is that what happens in the next episode. The the weasel comes out on national TV and Logan where is the new face Logan for. That’s

S5: right. Force you to take a lie or take something terrible.

S8: Yeah I mean she is she can’t she’s not being able to distance herself.

S12: We got going to for two more episodes this season right. Right. I think by the end of the episode ten by two more episodes from now real will be gone. And then we will have reset to like who in the family is going to take the reigns next. Right. That’s where they are going to land at the end of every season. So Raya has two more episodes to go.

S15: That’s my prediction. I don’t think that she can be long for this world. How long can you book Holly Hunter for this is a good that’s another.

S1: That’s probably the key I think for HBO. They can afford it for the season. They want her.

S8: But I think that she I mean if she is the rich then you know character which you have to say that she is the reason you know what I’m not a fan. So the whole Pierce family is based on the Bancroft family who owned Dow Jones which owns the Wall Street Journal which is where I used to work when Rupert Murdoch made his bid to buy that paper. There was a CEO of Dow Jones at the time who had his name was Richard Nino. He was not he was a working class upbringing. He was not a Boston blue blood of the kind of Bancroft variety and he played both sides of the deal and ended up having a lot of conversations with you know bankers on the Murdoch side and giving them a little bit of insight into how to divide the Bancroft family which had cousins upon cousins and lots of historical divisions.

S15: And so you know the finale of the last season which reveals Holly Hunter for having played both sides is very much based on Santino. He couldn’t have survived inside of NewsCorp because he had served his purpose and now he was gone.

S4: And so I think it’s not something he just got paid lots of money and he went away.

S15: He got paid lots of money and he went to go work for a private equity firm. Oh yeah always. Soraya will be OK. Maybe I think she’ll be I mean immediately OK I was wondering though like just logistically like why Logan would want someone like that to run his company.

S19: She’s clearly two face like she was like she wasn’t is that like us. That’s a good. She is strategic.

S17: So that’s like you know I might just it he I mean I actually can kind of I’m I think we can all possibly relate to this a little bit that he is only going in the direction of someone because he is avoiding someone else.

S8: So he’s annoyed with you know a success with his with ship and so he’s got this other person now he’s annoyed with her now he’s annoyed with rage. So you know and obviously Kendall had his moment and he sort of brought Roman in and then he throws Roman out of the office when Kendall comes back and so it’s just who does he hate less in the moment.

S15: And so it’s I mean ideal strategy there. I don’t I mean there’s also I think there’s also sex appeal right.

S18: There’s also a thing between young and Ray a younger woman that he’s like he’s there’s a certain amount of what he said to Kendall in the previous episode he said I’m not a construct you’re the one who’s construct and yes there is a measure of that going on it’s very trampy and he says the thing about it is the other person that’s really about him.

S1: But the other thing that happens in this episode there’s a bunch of weird foreshadowing when Connor does his desperate attempt to try and join in the sort of Avengers versus Daniel thing when he’s attacked with a tax benefit shout out to Ray ever planning a wonderful funeral.

S17: I mean memorial that’s I’m well busy. Yeah.

S1: That’s all. But but then at the end when Marsha is furious at Logan and she goes God forbid I should miss the plaque. Your shiny little gravestone. Yeah. And these like intimations of mortality are becoming more and more explicit.

S30: Okay. You told me nothing about you stepping aside. Why. I. Find.

S33: Something here. I didn’t like it. When you told me I should sell my company. You hear what you wanna hear. Then you punish me for something I didn’t say. I may have made some misjudgments. This. You speak careless of me. But. Part.

S34: Gives me its time supply. Can I use.

S33: I’m going to wash it. Don’t be fucking stupid to play. God forbid. We miss the black. Right. Shiny. Krzysztof.

S2: So one of the interesting things about season two is that Logan has been in Hale shape.

S7: He’s been like unlike he’s not one where he will be on the Fed. You got to look like he can’t be alone.

S2: He has been in full control of his faculties basically all season. But like suddenly.

S15: Except that he did throw up in a glass at the players and he didn’t get the sun valley chances.

S19: Yeah yeah. He didn’t remember his. She’s she makes that scrapbook for him she makes him a scout.

S7: Oh my God. He doesn’t even recognize his house. Well I couldn’t tell when I did see a rich people’s rich press. Yeah I thought that that was just like once once you have a couple dozen houses. How do you remember them track.

S1: You remember that time when John McCain was asked when he was running for president. How many houses do you own and he couldn’t remember yet. It’s like six seven eight. I got a little tired look at how many houses. Who among us.

S14: No but that’s the whole show isn’t it about.

S13: It’s about an old man who can’t face dying. That’s it. Right. That’s the bottom line.

S8: And I feel like that what is everything is really about them. You probably know it he is. That’s it. That’s the only thing that motivates him is avoiding that fate.

S13: And this was the whole all this was was confronting his own mortality. Going back to his hometown he can’t even go into his childhood house. He doesn’t want to think about the past at all. It’s too painful.

S1: But also he has that kind of businessmen view on life that you know everything that has happened in the past is a sunk cost. And the only thing that is real is that what I’m going to be able to create in the future.

S17: Why does he say everything in the past is made up.

S4: Because I think that’s how he things like you know he he is not one for introspection. You know he’s not one for dwelling on the past. He just moves forwards because pop partly because the past is so painful. Him Look we don’t know what happened to Rose. We don’t know how he got the scars on his back. You know there’s a lot of rain real pain in his past and he deals with it by just calling it fake and calling it.

S8: Yeah just a fun fact. There was a period of time when Rupert Murdoch was going to write a memoir of his own where he was going to sit down and do his own sort of autobiography and he found it. So I don’t want say painful in the sense of he had too many scars that he didn’t want to look back but he just found it impossible to actually engage in that process of going back and retelling his own life story that he scrapped the project and ended up never doing it.

S12: And so it’s very it’s a very recognizable that that you know there is no way it would ever be able to write its slogan driving up to the house he grew up in a dozen people standing outside of it and he can’t get out of the car. He just drives right on. That’s what the past is to him.

S22: So Gabe you see where this where this season is headed right.

S12: I mean I think Ray’s got two more episodes and then she’s toast and we’re back to like which of my kids am I going to hand this to none of them.

S15: Mm hmm. I really don’t know what’s going to happen I don’t I don’t have a solid prediction.

S35: I think episode nine has to be the weasel. Right. Coming out on TV and suddenly like that shit storm hits the fan there’s so much that it just may be resolved resolve just Jasmine can tell us the title of Episode nine because like when we were talking about this one it’s that it’s a done deal.

S15: Mean we knew it was gonna be like oh yeah that is what has to happen because it hits on D.C..

S20: Yeah these same hearings congressional hearings. Oh yeah. The weasel.

S17: Well what’s really interesting is that of course it has to be the weasel because it hits on all the things it’s Raya which touches Marsha.

S5: Then we also have the Gregg’s decision about whether he’s going and Greg’s going to look back and fine you know that’s that’s that’s obviously what amounts to. Yeah. I mean like yeah the minute you say Greg’s congressional testimony you know it has to happen. It’s like can you imagine that saying I just.

S15: Oh and then he’s going to be paid head and then Logan’s going to convince him to lie. I bet he’ll be perfect. Maybe that’s a bridge too far.

S22: All right. So I think that is what we have to look forward to for Episode 9.

S36: I think that’s going to be Lizzie O’Leary joining us next week. I’m gonna go to sleep and it’s exciting.

S5: Sarah you should be thinking about you all I want to live in this room forever. Yeah it’s gonna be a good one.

S21: See you next week on Slate Money succession.