The Weird and Wonderful Lakeith Stanfield

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S1: Look Keith and I make sweaty eye contact just as he reaches between.

S2: Leg and braces himself. He grunts out of command then grabs. Everything explodes into.

S3: Right. As he. You get the fuck out. That’s the most childish redacted you’ve ever done.

S4: I don’t even know if it’s accurate. But you know what. A spoiler is always accurate.

S5: Hello Nicole. Hi Ben. How are you today. I’m pretty good actually. How are you. I am also pretty good. I love the level of surprise because of our voices like shocking shock of shocks.

S6: We’re both doing OK. My eyes. It is nice and it is surprising you know because sometimes when you’re doing a little inventory you’re like oh here’s everything that’s wrong.

S7: And I guess today I’m like Yeah there’s still a lot wrong.

S8: But I also feel just good. You can’t beat yourself up every day. Yeah. You know. Yeah the bruising gets to be too much. Exactly. Some days you just have to come to the studio and have fun with your friend.

S9: Exactly. And today we’re gonna have a fun time.

S10: Listen I already know that because once we selected this week’s the subject’s eyes lit up with what can only be described as unholy Glee.

S9: Yes. Yes. We are going to talk about Luke Keith Stanfield. God bless his wife right. Yes. Yes. I have a lot of thoughts about the physicality of Mr. Keith. Keith has been booked and busy. Okay.

S8: And he’s always listen he’s quite young. But his filmography is of someone with a much longer career. Right.

S7: Look Keith has a very substantial pretty illustrious career right now. But he also has some missteps so we’re going to talk about what he does. Right and want to you know part of that is why we are just now getting to LA Keith because he’s been on our minds for a very long time and you know we like to marinate on these topics and the people we’re going to talk about and even guests because we want to make sure that we’re making a good choice a proper choice that fits in with the mission and the overall mission of what we’re trying to accomplish here. And sometimes that means some people get crossed off the list. Sometimes that means people we reluctantly put them back on the list and have to do a lot of caveats. When we talk about that.

S11: Right. And Keith is such a fast object. There are caveats. But alongside those caveats and those problems and those whatevers that we are slowly getting over there is also like Nicole said a wealth of just career goodness that points to a very interesting first objects. You couple that with like you said his physicality and who he appears to be and it makes for a very interesting slash potent mix right. Of modern masculinity and modern African-American masculinity as well. Right. And we want to kind of think about that. And so I think it’s gonna be a good episode.

S4: I I’m wearing my thirsting belt and so I’m quite ready to kind of take it down a couple of notches. Yeah. We’ve already said some stuff that we are definitely taking out of the final cut of this episode of going into the bloopers Hall of Fame. But I think this is gonna be a really good episode. I think so too should we get into it. Yeah let’s go.

S11: So Nicole. For you this feels like a very kind of obvious answer because he is very much your type to 80. Absolutely.

S12: Like Keith is the kind of man that I was raised around the this wiry slick mouth you know very dry wit no dry witted I guess I should say black man who is you know kind of slight. You know he’s physically physically slight yes. But you can also tell that he is a powerhouse that he has that he is someone that you should not underestimate just because he does not weigh two hundred and fifty pounds or whatever. Right. So I look at him and I see like my teenage years my college years. I see familiarity. I see home even though he’s not sat there and he was raised in California.

S13: But I see I see everything good it feels like you’re taking a nostalgic walk down historical first Lane. Yes. And what you find there is warming your hearts. Yes. Amongst other things. Yes.

S14: He reminds me of Andre 3000. You know like the build the humor the kind of. Yeah that kind of quiet but don’t fuck with me kind of thing and this also he also is a little weird in that I’m not a bad way but just like someone who clearly thinks differently than a lot of people. And you know for some people that’s they don’t want that that’s that’s too much.

S13: Yeah I mean I’ll go a step further and say he’s more than a little weird. I think also he’s quite and very weird. Yeah. I think about a tweet that I saw from our friend Sasha L. Brown who was kind of just trying to describe the very specific allure of LA Keith and I thought it kind of nailed it perfectly. She said Look Keith Stanfield is so many people. And each one is thoroughly convincing. And I found that to just be so simple and yet so eloquent about the many things he’s done you mentioned that he had this formidable career already. And if you go and look at his filmography and you think to yourself what he was in that way he was in that way he was in that.

S8: It’s a constant feeling of My God he has played let’s say she says so many people and each one is thoroughly convincing and as she went on to say I know you’re going to say yeah that’s acting but there’s something more than that.

S13: He kind of transcends it. It’s not just about his acting. Yeah it’s about how he embodies.

S9: Yeah I find that we see that the way that he takes control of the role and shifts it away from parody in the show Atlanta which he stars in as Derek’s apps and he’s kind of this stoner weird guy right. And instead of it just being you know a complete like a Seth Rogen kind of stole stoner person or something like that or whatever he makes it something you still pay attention to him you don’t dismiss what he’s saying and that I see that particularly in the episode Teddy Perkins which is the I guess you could say the Michael Jackson episode where various goes he’s going to pick up a piano and he ends up in this house with this aging former star who has gone through some stuff some stuff in his life. And so it’s kind of it’s Darya says episode. I think this is the first episode where Dario says the focus and we see that Dario is like We get hints of it throughout the series already but we see that Dario is actually a very caring empathetic compassionate person and when he’s saying these little quick stoner things are he’s saying stuff like I don’t believe in time and whatever whatever. Stuff like weird stuff like that. What he’s trying to get at is just we’re all here together. And how can I help you. Like he’s really trying to help out help people around him. However he can.

S12: And so if you haven’t seen Atlanta which no one you should because it’s a really interesting unusual good show but you also should watch Teddy Perkins because you get to see LA Keith really settle into his character and make Dario as a full fully realized person.

S14: Right. Yeah it’s just watching him is he’s kind of mesmerizing.

S13: He is mesmerizing is a really good way to kind of puts it and there’s a bit that I want to play where he you get like the full force of his charm. And again you were saying about how he kind of has his little stoner isms but then this is this is a full blown conversation between him on paper boy and they are talking it’s a very meandering conversation but the core of it is Dario is is utterly grounded and it’s like he’s asking these questions that make you ask the question to like Huh I guess. And that’s so that’s what he does he’s a very generous performer like he’s he’s at the same time as the audience is Avatar. He’s also kind of forcing us and prodding us to kind of with just with his face just with his voice just you know he’s doing a lot of acting besides the words coming out of his mouth and I reel of the scene. Let’s play.

S15: And then it’s going to click I don’t shoot daddy because you’re gone Daddy.

S16: Yes. That’s where.

S17: Is it where will your girl call you Daddy. It’s completely different. Yes. Yes it is. What about Poppy I know you ain’t got no problem with Pop and Poppy just like. Cultural. Oh OK. Because his band is now all he said and he said that it always creepy metaphor bitch call me daddy made some wrong happen. Real tell. You know go see this but you assume the version of the word. Daddy I think destined for immortality. Would you call your girl naked gun.

S6: So far so good. OK. Well listen.

S18: He’s actually doing a little mini Thursday episode in that clip because he’s saying hey listen. Say something in Spanish Okay. Like that’s a little fantasy too. Paper boy. And I just I just really like the way he he’s so confident and calm like he just like he offers these little witticisms like Listen I’ve been thinking about this a good amount allow me to present my thesis. I find it so a very funny but also I’m so drawn to a confident man who’s just like yeah what he say by most society standards is kind of like Ha. That’s weird. He knows what he’s talking about. Right. He is. He’s cleared it with himself. Yes. And that makes me it makes me kind of go. Maybe what you saying does make sense in one iconic night doesn’t look like Keith is familiar.

S13: Yes. So many black people know him. I wrote a piece a couple of years ago about the widow of black comedy or black culture and you know it was kind of looking at people like Charlie on Black ish. Oh yeah. People who were just a little bit odd. Yeah. I’m part of the reason why I think we love these trope characters is that in fact they’re familiar to us. They’re in our families. They’re in different groups. We all know Addario so Addario is like person right who just kind of has these weird pronouncements but said with absolute authority. Right. And then you kind of go huh.

S4: You feel like huh. But then you’re also like Oh that does kind of make sense right. So it’s not quite like a conspiracy but yes it does see it. JASON Yeah.

S19: It definitely has many a conspiracy going about the time he finishes explain them.

S20: You like that makes a lot of sense.

S14: He just kind of he’s very confident in himself. You know like I hope he knows that he is a little off center from what people are expecting but he’s also like that’s who I am.

S20: The thing he’s not oblivious to the looks he gave. Yes he knows and he’s kind of like I’m saying that regardless. Right. Very hot. Yeah. So we’re gonna play a little clip of him kind of settling into his confidence. So we always met 20 percent of my jokes would be.

S21: How so. I’m the guy he was he made it he’s going to give me free drinks. What can I say. I’m the guy. Sorry.

S4: Yes. Amazing. I’m that guy. I’m the guy who’s going to get 20 percent of my drinks free. That’s an arbitrary age.

S22: Not even half. Twenty brief is. A substantial amount.

S19: I thought it was bad enough that you know I’m getting married but also what is 20 percent. I love it. Absolutely. It’s so random.

S10: It’s so random but so good at it. You believe it. That’s. See I think that’s the core of his whole allure whatever he says I think.

S23: Yeah sure makes sense. Yeah that’s power man power.

S9: Keith got his start in the short film version of short term twelve and then was a part of the extended film version and that was in 2013. Right. The short film was in 2008 and then the film came out in 2013.

S14: So that is to six years that he has been quote unquote in Hollywood shall we say. And from there he’s been in Selma.

S11: Yep. He played Jimmy Lee Jackson right.

S9: Then he was in straight out of Compton the following year 2015.

S10: Still haven’t seen that but I love that he played Snoop Dogg. Yes he’s not the person I would have cost. No I would not have either. But it’s fine.

S14: And then in the next year after that he was in Snowden and then 2017 that’s when it really got. That was his Yeah. That was his year. So he was in get out the incredible Jessica James. He was in death. No. And then you know that’s 18 sorry to bother you so he has been doing something every year since 2013.

S13: Right. This is the thing. So there are seven notices of stuff that he did in 2017. Of course they were filmed the different times et cetera et cetera but 2017 felt like the year that everyone was like hey you know what. We’re going to just put this force behind Luke Keith and I think for the most part he acquits himself incredibly well. So we start with get out which obviously is the famous you know it’s it’s that’s his big role because that’s like. That was a that wasn’t culture defining right. You know it’s we believe it’s only two years old. No not at all. I guess.

S6: Was not when I was a child when I was a teenager and I was an adult.

S11: It feels like it has always been present. Yeah but he plays in that it’s actually quite a small but incredibly pivotal role he plays Andre Hayworth who by various whatevers becomes Logan King but he is the thing that kind of spurs a moment of realization. Yes. And this is a role that again on paper is very thin. He’s one of the first people we see in the beginning of the movie. Right. So he’s just crossing the street looking very much like himself. He is kind of like got that confident walk he’s like listen to music bobbing along and then something terrible happens and then he emerges much deeper into the film. And he’s a shell of his former self.

S14: Yes yes. So once we see him with Daniel Collier’s character Chris and Chris is like trying to you know establish a rapport. I’m like Hey you’re the only other black guy here with up and we realize that something is not right with Luke Keith’s character and that’s that pivotal moment where you know Chris goes to DAP him up and he cannot return the day he clasps his back yes it’s there it’s so terrifying.

S22: And I don’t know why. It’s terrifying because it’s like what’s wrong with you. And.

S14: I mean you know at this point if you haven’t seen it I don’t know. We’re trying not to give too much away but you need to go watch it if you haven’t because it’s not as scary as you would think it’s not because I am a scaredy cat I mentioned this before I will probably mention it again.

S11: I do not enjoy a horror movie. I don’t enjoy being like you know jumped on my skin. I do not enjoy it. But it’s not as scary as you think.

S13: The overwhelming feeling for me was one of just like understanding you know ourselves in relation to the other people who want to possess us. Yes. And that to me was so much more terrifying than the idea of kind of blood and gore. Yeah it’s this feeling of kind of like your very essence being taken and Luke Keith in there he his mouth which is usually kind of cooked up in some kind of awry.

S20: It’s kind of downturn. Yeah. His eyes look incredibly haunted and hollow. Yes. How do you do that physically. How do you make your eyes lose their sparkle.

S9: Yes his eyes became empty. But also you could see the real Andre behind him like trying to get out and there is is again another pivotal moment where Andre comes to the foreground and you see I mean like Keith is incredible.

S14: It’s amazing look just raw talent. It is. I mean it’s so good anyway. Get out. Yeah. I think from there. I think he marked his place and he did film history.

S20: I mean that’s you know that could be hyperbolic but it’s not Nicole. It’s not hyperbolic. Yeah. Truth. And you should be proud that you speak. I think it’s incredibly it’s I think it’s actually an incredible performance. Yes.

S9: After get out we have a Netflix original called The Incredible Jessica James. Yes. Which stars Jessica Williams as Jessica James. And she is her character is trying to get over a relationship that just ended and her boyfriend and now ex-boyfriend is Luke Keith’s character named Damon.

S14: Yes. And what’s so great about this because the movie itself is fine. It’s fine. What’s so great about this is seeing and seeing someone who looks like Luke Keith being moved after. Yes. OK. Like being long for a woman is not able to get over him and it’s not you know. And he was not abusive. No. And anyway he was not a terrible person. So there’s no like co-dependency in that on that level. But there is just I loved him and he was there for me. And I don’t you know I don’t want to let him go. Right. And it just turns out that the relationship just kind of run its course and there was like a sadness. Right. There was no like sparks left or whatever. But Jessica was just having a hard time getting over him and you see his character Damon. And you like this do you know like.

S6: Dude is a toothpick in some sacks.

S22: Like what are you going to say. I love I love his too thick legs. Yes. What. Let’s see what he’s wearing shorts. Yes. I. Just kind of making incoherent sounds. He’s so cute unlike he again that loose walk.

S8: Yes he has and you can see why Jessica fell in love with him. Yeah. Like he just seems like he was the easiest boyfriend maybe a little bit too easy wouldn’t have contributed high end of the day right. But like he’s someone who I think just kind of like curves around whoever or whatever. Like I could see how that gets frustrating because he kind of like make a decision do something right. But like I really loved the idea. Like you said this guy being the person that was set up as the one that got away.

S10: Yeah. I’m like. Like you said this guy. And it’s like yes I’m that guy in the words of Daria. I’m that guy that’s like 20 years for sure. Yes. And that’s just like I loved it. I really loved it. I’m sure you did as well. Yeah I did.

S9: Absolutely because it’s so rare to see someone again with his physical presence a slim very slim guy who you know can kind of kind of can skill like he’s he looks too young maybe. But to see someone with his physical presence be lusted after and be and it’s not in a comedic a fully committed context has a lot of times very skinny men just like very fat people very you know overweight people are kind of their bodies are used for comedic purposes. They’re not used to be desired. They’re not used to be lusted after. And when we see them naked we’re supposed to laugh at them. Right. But when we see LA Keith in various stages of undress throughout his career it’s pretty serious there is you know it’s appropriate for whatever the the scene is and we’re not supposed to be making fun of his body. We’re just supposed to be like oh there’s a body and let’s move on.

S11: Right. And I I’m glad you brought up the incredible Jessica James because then we kind of Segway very naturally into a film that he did last year. Another romantic comedy called someone great. Yes. And he stars in that opposite.

S18: Gina Rodriguez which lol. Yeah. What a difference a year. Yeah. I was in love with Gina and now I’m just kind of like you know what let’s not talk about boy.

S11: But in that in that role again he’s playing a love interest to the main character. This is not his movie. Right. But in this movie he’s sort of again another the one that got away time. Yeah. He’s someone for whom a woman has still incredibly strong feelings. Whether that’s nostalgia mixed in with what could have been and what we had and cetera and he is so soft died in this movie. Oh my God. I wanted to climb inside the film and kind of be like Why don’t you love me babes. Yes.

S9: Yes. And he’s so charismatic because we see the relationship through a series of flashbacks throughout the movie. Right. And so we see the beginning the middle or the heat and passion that comes with the new part and the heat and passion that comes with the end.

S14: So we see all of that.

S9: And I believed every bit of it. I was I see it. I want it.

S8: Look Keith what’s up. You know how good it was. I stopped thinking about him as Luke Keith and I began to think of him as Nate. Yes. Like a straight away it was kind of like Oh my God Nate. No wait wait wait. Well that’s what keeps gonna be like. I believed in him. I yes. He’s so even the way he and Gina’s character called Jenny how they get together is like really hot and really loud. Oh my God that would work. Yes. Me. Yes. And I remember looking at that movie and I was like you know overall it’s like a solid seven out of 10. Yeah it’s a fine. Very good. In terms of what it does it hits all the tropes it’s whatever. But the center of it is.

S13: Yes it’s Gina but for me I did a really kind of like I did like a cost analysis and I was like know where I put the bulk of my money is on Nate and he has an ease to him that again we’ve said it naturalistic all that jazz you know it again allowed to be lusted after and you know it also showcases a very fantastic thing which is more often than not when Luke Keith is on TV or movies and he’s playing a love interest.

S24: It is often in fact it’s always a woman of color.

S9: Yes because he has a movie that’s coming out in 2020 starring him and Ray called the photograph. Listen the trailer just came out. It looks beautiful. It looks incredible. And it is just I’m here for. I want it right now.

S10: I want to put it inside my eyeballs. I want to slice it up as garlic and just lay it directly contact lenses. Does that put the movie has garlic contact lenses on my eyes. It look the trailer. He’s doing again that thing just like earnest in love.

S20: Yes he looks like a man who’s ready to lay it all on the line and risk everything. Yeah.

S14: This love and he does this thing when he is playing these love interest where he he drops his voice when he’s talking to the woman. Bitch. Talk about like when he is up close and he’s trying to let them know I’m serious about this I’m serious about him Baby that thing. I learned is.

S22: Oh my gosh. Because you know he’s such he’s a funny dude show.

S4: So his voice tends to be not like he’s he sounds regular like a regular regular dude. Regular do voice regular. But then he drops it. Listen that’s not the only thing dropping Ryan Lizza like he let me find out. Let me respectfully. You know. You know whatever your situation is. Respectfully this is all done in good faith.

S8: But I’m just saying like there is something so potent about because again it’s kind of like what we said when we did the Tom Hiddleston episode about a certain kind of realism and we were talking in that episode specifically about the truck that Tom Hiddleston does and it’s kind of like against the wall situation yes. The thing with Look Keith with the voice dropping is it is a very subtle thing that I don’t think you can script. Yes but he knows that if you pitch your voice a little bit deeper as you would in real life. Yes there is an element of realism to it that just hits correctly you don’t even know what you’re responding to. And so you go through and you essentially itemize your shopping list like what am I getting here. And then you think Oh he’s doing it because that’s what you would do. It’s what men do in fact do. Right. And it’s the reason why you react to it is because you’re you would react to that in real life. Yes. I’m lucky I said don’t worry I’ve got you I’m going to give you a naturalistic ass performance you’re going to eat it up will you that trailer. Yeah. The trailer for the photograph looks really really good. Stella Maggie yes. Who again has quite the streak of black romantic comedy she’s doing so much in terms of just putting us on our stories in a way that feels different because it’s again reflecting a more common reality than what we have been given in the past.

S9: So shout out to you Stella you’re doing amazing sweetie. Yeah. So I kind of wanna go back to how I’m playing the love interest for women of color. Yes. I’m with someone great. Obviously he was playing across Gina Rodriguez like we mentioned and I think that that is also important as we see more romances featuring interracial couples. And I you know Hey Hollywood interracial couples are more than just black and white people or even just white plus.

S8: Right.

S14: Point is kind of like as long as one of them is why then it’s interracial and it’s like right now we got a lot of mixing going on out there.

S3: It’s a lot of ahead about blazin.

S8: You ever heard about Latin X people who are also like come on. This is not a thing it’s not even a difficult thing right.

S13: It’s not difficult at all. Right.

S14: And yet the choices are made over and over and over again where you just kind of think wow if only you allowed yourself to see something other than yes what you have grown up or what you understand to be seeing the world is so full it’s so for and we have seen so many different kinds of couples out there and you know if people catch us when I say people I mean you know the Hollywood executives at the White the white Hollywood yeah it’s like you just said like if you could see outside of yourself. Yes. Because they’re always surprised when these kinds of movies do well.

S8: Meanwhile we already know. Yeah we’ve been new.

S11: And this is the other thing as well that look look the statement that you just said see outside of yourself it’s something that we as black women as consumers we have been doing since day dot. Yes. Because we were waiting for representations of ourselves we would be dead. Still nothing would be on there. So we are very capable of looking outside. And it turns out that the people who are not capable of that right are the ones in charge. Right now you may remember the episode back to basics that we did quite a while ago. We invited our good friend Bolling a.k.a. be Babs on Twitter and she tweeted something that just kind of nailed the very specific appeal of LA Keith. She said he was going to be the black rom com king of our generation. And she said well you all laughed at me. I ain’t forget and I love her Shorty about this. But she said it again she said listen. And I thought this was a really lovely way to kind of put him in the spectrum of black rom com kings.

S24: But she said if Morris Chestnut was the ideal black boyfriend of the 90s and the notes a.k.a. urbane upwardly mobile suave smooth Look Keith is this generation’s black rom com boyfriend emotionally intelligent creative quirky funny.

S8: Yes. This is why we had blue on the show. Yes. Well she knows how pop culture. She just did us like a quick breakdown in 140 characters or less. Sheryl to you boldly.

S11: But yes that’s basically like Keith in a nutshell. He’s emotionally intelligent. He seems that way. He seemed crazy.

S24: They also put him in creative roles ranks quirky for sure. He’s funny. No doubt. Yes. That’s my king. I love him.

S9: We’re going to talk briefly about sorry to bother you because you haven’t seen it.

S20: I haven’t. No. Yeah I’m notoriously late on all culturally.

S4: No.

S9: I did see it in the theater. It stars obviously LA Keith and then there’s also one of our favorite Steven Young in there. And Tessa Thompson’s very first smack.

S20: Heavy Yeah. Yeah. Snack heavy but not necessarily thirsty at all.

S14: So that was really interesting and I think we have a clip where he’s talking about getting these roles and and not having to use his white voice which is a part of. Sorry to bother you because he is a telemarketer and he’s you know when he’s using his original voice his regular voice he’s not getting you know it’s no he’s not very successful. But Danny Glover comes and is like Nah man you got to use your white voice. And

S9: so then his career skyrockets and we’ll see what happens from there.

S25: But like Keith himself also has a little journey with the white voice really good part of being able to be in projects like this. So we have the opportunity to exploit this and bring it in usher in a new way to see black people because we’ve always felt that we’ve always known that we can be anything and everything but we aren’t always seen as the always portrayed is it not always allowed to be that. So here’s a space where you know I don’t need to put on my white voice that makes sense. I can let out the crazy imagination and just be myself and I think that’s part of what is one of the underlying themes of this movie and amongst many other things.

S4: OK. I mean you say right. His voice a rumble in my chest. A good voice. Yes very good voice.

S9: I think it’s important that we do talk about his stumbles because they have been significant. I mean yes they have been. And we don’t want to downplay them or dismiss them at all. Absolutely not. So back in 2018 there was a video because look Heath has social media. He did. He will post these videos of him just being silly dancing around on his Instagram and you know he will share that also on his twitter. So he would be dancing around he would be singing making out free styles and stuff like that. And he did one particular freestyle that was homophobic. He used some slurs other language that was just juvenile childish and quite frankly yes offensive. Like there’s no two ways about it. Right. And people took him to task for that.

S8: And you know at first he was a little defensive. He was which I think is the default position when you’ve been called out.

S20: Yes. It’s the kind of life be like you know the equivalent is when people kind of say I’m sorry if you were offended he didn’t say this but I’m saying the defensiveness seems like a reaction that kind of comes up as the first reaction. But of course you know there are some things that are red lines for you right. And you don’t see them right.

S13: And then someone has to point them out to you at which point you go Oh my God. Right. And he did do that. He was kind of defensive at first and then I don’t know what happened but there seemed to be a moment where he perhaps took a step back and took stock of what he had done and who he had offended and how he had offended because that’s the other thing as well people often hear the noise and they’re not taking care to read the particulars of what they have done. And that’s what I think results sometimes in some of those half arsed apologies where it is kind of like bro you don’t even know what you did right.

S20: Or rather you’re not you’re refusing to accept that you did something wrong.

S9: Right. So he did issue an apology and you know he explained that when he’s doing these raps It’s not him it’s not LA keep he is adopting a persona which you know kinda sounds a lot like oh I was hacked.

S14: You know that kind of stuff is a cop out feel. Yeah it does. And again you know your mileage may vary about how you feel about this. So we definitely are keeping an eye on him. You know that’s part of the reason why it took us a lot to talk about him because we don’t want to necessarily say what he did was OK because it was not at all. But he has not made any similar violations since then. Right.

S20: And we don’t presume to talk on behalf of the community that he offended. Yeah like when not kind of going we forgive him because technically it’s really none of us. It’s not our place. Right. It’s gonna be like well we’ve forgiven him. All right fine. It’s not it’s not a case of we forgiving him it’s whatever black Nichols says. What we do is we operate and we keep our eye on the sparrow and we try and basically figure out like listen some people express some kind of sincere apology and maybe it’s sincere or maybe it’s not the only thing we can do of course is judge people on their behavior. Yes. And so at this point he fucked up in such a major way. Yes. And then apologized. And since then we have kept our eye on him. We don’t know how he feels internally we don’t know anything. A lot of what we’re doing here is projecting a projection but it appears that he is at least for now understanding that words mean things. Yes. And cannot say shitty homophobic terribly offensive things. Yes. And expect that everybody will just roll over and get with the program just once you say I’ve I’ve apologized it’s fine right. We don’t know that. But we’ve got our eye on you. That’s the good yes. When you fuck out we’re going to call great you’re going on the lesbian.

S9: And I think it’s important. Well for me you know they always say the best apology is changed behavior. And again we don’t know what’s happening internally the kind of conversations he’s having with his friends. We can only go by what we’ve seen in public and we hope that he has taken his own apology to heart and changed his behavior and that we won’t have any more trouble out of him because he is young he’s right at 28 right now. So he is still learning how to be a public figure even though like we mentioned he has been booked and busy in his filmography is constantly growing. Hopefully he has learned his lesson.

S20: Fingers crossed. You can’t know can you. Now you never know. That’s that’s exactly it. But like in the meantime like Yeah we’ll be watching. And you know hopefully like you said change behavior. Yes. Quite the aphrodisiac. Right. Sex appeal is nothing if you’re a dick.

S3: Listen across this slap on a pillow put it directly in my house like I want a frame that’s sex appeal means zero.

S11: If you’re a dick. Yeah. Look at that. She really is a poet. So Nicole. Yes. We’ve established that look Keith Stanfield has all sorts of points of entry. Yes. As it were with regards to what makes him so appealing. I am incredibly curious to see what you’ve come up with this week with regards to your adorable boy.

S23: OK.

S4: I don’t even know how to. I mean I hate when you do an intake of breath because I’m just like what the fuck does that mean.

S7: No it’s just it’s a little longer than what I typically do. But I don’t want people to think Oh just because it’s longer it’s going to be steamy or something. You know I mean like I don’t know.

S11: No expectations were going in there we just the understanding that the trouble is about looking stunned. Yes. We’re gonna just manage expectations. Yes. Come in with an open heart and open redacted and let’s get into it.

S2: All right. Here we go. The guy and I watched each other from across the venue throughout the entire opening act of the show. The floor filled with bodies as more people moved closer to the stage ready for the main act. So I thought I’d lost him in the crowd but then I felt his eyes on me and shift at my gaze up a brown unmasked Spider-Man knees and elbows angled in sharp contrast to the smile he curved at me. He sat on top of one of the speakers near the stage. I wonder if he got up there specifically to find me over the gathering crush of bodies. He raised his plastic cup of brown liquor on ice at me and I nodded in return. Then I pushed back into the crowd. Heart pounding. When I reached the hallway leading to the restrooms I wasn’t surprised to hear a voice behind me I’m like Keith. He leaned toward me close enough that I could smell the woodsy sweetness of his cologne without him touching me. I told him my name and let my eyes take in the sharpness of his face the slick smile. The hips that found the rhythm in the so so music around us. We moved to the side to let others go around us. Neither of us really needing to be in line in the first place. With my back against the wall he moved in close and touched my left wrist lightly. He looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to us. Then lowered his mouth just below my ear still not touching me anywhere but my wrist a careful soft hold all fingers all thrill Find me later so I can take my time with you. I thought he would kiss the tender spot on my neck or even my cheek but he held himself close for a beat too long letting his words sink in listening to my breathing change. No touching just his skin whispering A PROMISE TO MINE ONCE. A.

S22: Message said Find me later. I guess because in space right now you can see past buckets. She’s got to have cast as though in prayer and she’s looking with eyes.

S3: And just kind of like it is done just to get the fuck out. What I am so happy. That you wrote that because I feel like I’m gonna go home and complete that fanfic. My damn self. Congrats congrats Nicole thank you. I was like a stunning piece of work.

S9: Thank you. I just feel like he is very smooth.

S3: I mean like a seal. Listen. He’s smoother than I noticed pockets.

S8: Yeah. Huh.

S23: And like he would make you act outside of yourself. Not in a not in a completely like who I am. Yeah but just kind of like you know looking for that little thrill.

S8: So have you ever seen that movie Unfaithful.

S22: Wow what an escalation.

S10: The scene that I am about to talk of violence is unlike the scene when Diane Lane is coming back into the city. Yeah and she’s on the train. Yes. And she just smiles to herself. Yeah. She’s remembering some shit down. Yeah. And I feel like like Keith does a similar thing where an hour. Six hours 12 hours later you find yourself just like smiling. Yes. And people looking like what’s going on with her you know you don’t need to know don’t worry about me like he just makes you want to do that soft reminiscence smile of life man. She is that was a true wasn’t it. Yes that’s it. So yeah shut out to spite him the Keith. I. I love that he was in a crouch when he spotted him. Yeah. The speaker because he’s a goofy that is some atmospheric shit. But you were in there and I’m proud of you buddy. You did it well. I’m ready to hear your Drabble show.

S3: No I mean that I’m not even trying to.

S8: I mean that very very truthfully. Like I’m also I also want slightly too long. It doesn’t mean anything. I just ended up writing a lot because it turns out once you turn on the faucets. Well it’s a blood baby.

S4: So I just carried on rest of that. Right now I am saying you just do tonight. You put your tongue back inside it. OK. All right.

S24: So this is my durable so how did I do. Look Keith sidled into the wraparound booth until his thigh was flush with mine his right hand rested on the table in front of us the other idled on my thigh. Instinctively my legs tensed with pleasure at the Lazy pressure. You did wonderfully. I said we were an hour into what had been a surprise birthday party organized by him with the input of my friends and I was taking some time away from wearing my three inch heels but also from being the center of attention. How did you pull this off without me even guessing. His back curved as he leaned in closer What did I do wonderfully. He asked. I rolled my eyes indulgently at his need for specificity. He had corralled all my favorites. The coconut cake with the frosting from the bakery we’d gone back to on our second date. He’d helped formulate a gin based cocktail the been possible plus a cocktail version. The demotion because he knew I was on antibiotics that week he’d even made a cute video of all my friends and family that weren’t around to help me celebrate starting of course with him wearing a faux fur cardigan dancing in our bathroom and singing along to my favorite Glenn Lewis song. Don’t you forget it. I looked at him now taking my time taking him in his mustard shirt shouldn’t have worked open at the collar to showcase his elegant neck. His oldest tattoo sneaking out to say hi but on him. The garment looked like spun gold radiating upwards to set a shine to his face with its curious mix of childlike an incredibly wise the lips that always quirks into a smile that hinted at mischief and delight everything I slide into his neck linking my fingers with his every damn thing.

S6: OK.

S19: OK. Thanks. Yes. What does that face. You are making right now. It’s all scrunched up.

S6: Okay ma’am I see you. I love of mustard shirt you know. Yeah. Especially when it’s open at the collar level the. Next level. Okay. We. Yeah. It’s um. It feels like a good week for Drabble right. Yes. Okay. But we’ve been on a winning streak together. Yeah I got troubles of really stepped up. Yeah I think so too. Okay good. I’m glad. I thought it was just me being myself. My travels are amazing really. We’ve been knocking it out of the park.

S9: Yeah I think so but we’re also gonna read a Drabble from one of our listeners today.

S10: That’s right. Shout out to cookie who sends us in trouble that we’re going to read this week and cookie is actually a bit of a prolific emailer with regards to her drive.

S13: Well she has many thoughts and we wanted to read this one in particular because I struck quite the chord with us also as well so shout out to you cookie and here is your trouble about money.

S24: Yes into. How do you know the newlyweds money asks while we stand in the drink line. I was the bride’s Ed you. He leans in close and whispers. Honestly I don’t know anyone here. I just wrapped a location shoot in this hotel and I wandered in here. When I saw you a smile a wink I looked down and blush. Want to get out of here. He dares eyebrow cooked. I know a place with better drinks. How could I refuse. Okay. Cookie.

S10: Cookie said you’re gonna get this travel. Yeah. She sends it. Listen money is such a pie.

S24: He is. I haven’t. I don’t.

S14: He leaves me speechless because he is so beautiful. Yeah. Like he is stunning to us.

S10: I think often about the thing that was his face Lin Manuel tweeted the first time he saw. Yeah. Mine is basically like that. That can’t be right. Yeah.

S22: That’s how I feel. A lot of the time. Like wait.

S18: You’re not allowed to have that many angles on your face. Good sir. And yes. And I think you know if you want to hear our thoughts on money you can go back to one of our old episodes in which we spoke with Kathy and Tobin of the Nancy podcast and you can find all of that on our Tumblr.

S24: So please go back. Listen I’m just yeah re indulge in the joy of money in the meantime though. Thank you very much cookie for sending your troubles. You too can send in your shorts. We must stress short troubles to first aid kids at Slate dot com. And if you’re lucky we will read it out there so please include your pronouns. Thank you.

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S8: But his filmography is of someone with a much longer career right already and it’s varied.

S14: It is substantial. Yes sir.

S27: Thinking others see the series a euphemism it’s varied and substantial what else is it Nicole. It’s I.