The Things That Are Getting Better, Pandemic-Wise, Finally

A list of improvements.

A burst of sun through some trees over some grass.
Just bright spots. Micah Hallahan/Unsplash

There’s a lot of good news about the pandemic right now. It can be hard to see, mostly because we are in a pandemic, which is overwhelmingly bad.

Even good news is hardly ever just … good. There is always the fact that people are still dying, getting hurt, left behind; always the fact that we frequently still have to either seal ourselves off from the virus and everyone, or brush up against some amount of risk, every day. Plus, as we have learned, the path of this pandemic has consistently surprised—there are still plenty of ifs and buts that might come along with a new drug or new variants that could throw things back off track. We might be headed for a dark winter and we just don’t know it yet.

But also, I have started to mentally tick off all the things that are, if you let the positive side soak in for a second, if you shush the relativelys and well actuallys, going really, really well. And as I prepare for another COVID winter, I need to keep those in mind. Maybe you do, too. So here is what I am dwelling on:

Yes, we are still in a pandemic. But we are, in some tangible ways, getting better at something very hard.