Right Now, Untitled Goose Game Memes Are the Great Equalizer

Still from Untitled Goose Game: The Goose honks into a well.
House House

People are still playing a lot of Untitled Goose Game. It turns out there’s something inescapably soothing, even cathartic, about being a feathered troublemaker. But even if you aren’t playing the game, you’ve probably seen some of the memes. Like a flock of, well, you know, they’re everywhere. And they’re about everything.

Obviously, as House House’s second game has become one of the best-selling games on the Nintendo Switch since its Sept. 20 release, a vast number of these memes focus on the Goose’s relevance to today’s pop culture. (Untitled Goose Game is also available for PC and Mac.)

Of course, Goose Game is also a stealth title where you steal stuff from completely normal humans going about their days and then ruin their lives. That translates very neatly to other worlds like The Avengers, Persona 5, Dark Souls, and Pokémon.

What makes this Goose so popular? It might be in its simplicity: The Goose can only waddle, honk, and flap, and its story is whatever you make of those capabilities, whether it be a heroic tale of triumph or a villainous tirade. That makes it the perfect self-insert for pretty much anything one can imagine. And people have imagined plenty.

I’m personally very fond of all the Goose memes relating to my current best game, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It’s no #RedrawRiegan, but it’ll do.

Someone even wrote out Dungeons & Dragon stats for “The Nameless Goose” (it’s a chaotic neutral small fiend). And Iluvia on Twitter inadvertently re-created my very favorite Vine.

Other interpretations frame the Goose as an even more insidious antagonist, like this rehash of a 2014 Saturday Night Live animal shelter sketch from roboticoperatingbud on Tumblr.

The Goose may or may not work in this industry. Maybe we’re co-workers.

And it might be all of us.

It’s not even that the Goose is getting the “recent and popular games” or “classic meme” or millennial cartoon nostalgia treatment. The Goose is so timeless that it fits in … basically anywhere. It especially fits as a stand-in for basically any political issue.

Let your goose memes fly—and pray that our new savior doesn’t have a Milkshake Goose moment. Anyway, I’m off to commission this embroidered goose.