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ICE’s Reckless Use of Facial Recognition Tech

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are partnering with DMVs to scan millions of driver’s license photos without citizens’ consent.

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In this episode, Aaron Mak talks about federal law enforcement’s use of facial-recognition technology with Jake Laperruque. Laperruque is senior counsel at the Constitution Project, which is part of the Project on Government Oversight. According to the Washington Post, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and FBI officials have been partnering with state DMVs to scan through millions of driver’s license photos. Laperruque explains the civil liberties implications of the practice and suggests regulations that might provide some level of oversight.


After the interview, Aaron talks to Slate’s own Shannon Palus for this week’s edition of Don’t Close My Tabs.


Stories discussed on the show: 

• Washington Post: “FBI, ICE Find State Driver’s License Photos Are a Gold Mine for Facial Recognition Searches

Don’t Close My Tabs:

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