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Join Us for an Event on Data, Power, and Governance

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Data and online connectivity are increasingly crucial drivers of the global economy. But there is tremendous debate and uncertainty over data governance—that is, how governments should interact with the private sector through data policy and law.

Emerging data governance regimes around the world will have sweeping consequences not only for the economy but also for geopolitics, as countries jostle for influence in setting rules for new data-intensive technologies, including artificial intelligence, 5G wireless networks, the internet of things, and cloud technologies. There are open questions about how data governance should balance security, competitiveness, and privacy. A global patchwork of rules for how data is shared across borders will also shape trade and investment, technological development, and access to data around the world.

Data itself is becoming an increasingly important element of national power. Yet there is a need for deeper discussion of how that power manifests, the implications for geopolitics, and the implications for U.S. policy.

Please join New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative and Future Tense at 9:30 a.m. on June 4 in Washington for a panel discussion to mark the launch of our new project, “Data & Great Power Competition.” For more information and to RSVP, visit the New America website, where you’ll also be able to watch a livestream of the event.


Isabelle Buscke
Head of the Brussels Office, Consumer Policy Division, Federation of German Consumer Organisations

Michael Chertoff
Author of Exploding Data: Reclaiming Our Security in the Digital Age
Co-founder & executive chairman, the Chertoff Group
Former U.S. secretary of homeland security

Yang Geng
Founder & CEO, Entropage
Former chief security officer, Amazon China & Xiaomi

Samm Sacks
Cybersecurity policy & China digital economy fellow, New America

Anne-Marie Slaughter
CEO, New America

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