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Are We on the Brink of an “Information World War”?

An interview with the lead author of a new report to the Senate Intelligence Committee on how rival powers are weaponizing social media.

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On Wednesday’s show, hosts April Glaser and Will Oremus will talk about how Taylor Swift used facial recognition to surveil the crowd at a recent concert—and whether that’s smart, scary, or both.

Then they’ll welcome Renée DiResta, an expert on cybersecurity and online misinformation. DiResta is the lead author of a new report to the Senate Intelligence Committee on exactly how Russian operatives weaponized social media in the 2016 election, and why it may be just the beginning of a new era of global information warfare.


6:45 - Interview with Renée DiResta

26:09 - Don’t Close My Tabs


Stories discussed on the show:

• Slate: “Taylor Swift’s Security Used Facial Recognition Technology to Monitor Concert Crowds for Stalkers. Is That Allowed?

• New York Times: “Russian 2016 Influence Operation Targeted African-Americans on Social Media

• New York Times: “What We Now Know About Russian Disinformation

• Ribbon Farm: “The Digital Maginot Line

Don’t Close My Tabs:

Logic: My Stepdad’s Huge Dataset

The Pudding: Population Mountains

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