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Bringing Amazon to the Table

Workers at Amazon fulfillment centers in Minneapolis are fighting for better conditions. And Amazon is starting to come to the table.

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On today’s show, hosts April Glaser and Will Oremus discuss the latest round of “Tech CEO Goes to Washington.” On Tuesday morning, that CEO was Google’s Sundar Pichai, who appeared before the House Judiciary Committee and was asked about data privacy, location tracking, Google’s plans in China, and of course, Republicans’ favorite tech topic: conservative bias. We’ll talk about what we learned from this hearing as well as what we wish Congress might’ve asked the Google CEO.


Then April speaks with two people who have been working to organize workers in Amazon fulfilment centers in Minneapolis. One is a founder with the Awood Center, Nimo Omar. She’s been organizing with the primarily East African communities that work in the Amazon warehouses on a campaign to collectively advocate for better working conditions.


We’ll also be joined by a worker at one of those Amazon fulfillment centers in the Minneapolis area, William Stolz. We’ll ask him about his job at the warehouse and why he’s joining his fellow workers in organizing for change at the fulfillment centers.

15:45 - Interview with Nimo Omar & William Stolz
37:13 - Don’t Close My Tabs

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