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Facebook’s Race Problem(s)

A former employee wants reform, and a civil rights group wants Facebook’s policy chief fired.

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On today’s show, hosts April Glaser and Will Oremus discuss the news that Tumblr will soon be banning all adult content on its site in response to some instances of child pornography that got it suspended from Apple’s App Store. Hundreds of thousands of Tumblr users are upset, and the plan appears to be backfiring.


Then, we’re excited to bring you a pair of interviews today, with two people who have emerged as leading critics of Facebook—one from the outside and one from within, right before he left the company. We’ll talk first with former Facebook employee Mark S. Luckie about what he calls Facebook’s “black people problem.” Those words came from a memo that he wrote shortly before leaving the company last month and published to the world after he left. We’ll ask him about his experiences at Facebook and the response to his criticism of the company.


Next, we’ll talk with someone who’s been thinking through problems at Facebook for many years—and recently discovered that his organization was also a target of the company’s controversial “opposition research” PR campaign. Rashad Robinson is the president of Color of Change, a progressive civil rights group that was among several nonprofits Facebook tried to discredit by highlighting its ties to the liberal financier George Soros. In the wake of that story, Robinson met last week with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. We’ll ask him how that meeting went and what fixes he hopes Facebook can make, especially given that Color of Change has been advocating for a civil rights audit of the tech giant.


8:15 - Interview with Mark Luckie
16:00 - Interview with Rashad Robinson
35:20 - Don’t Close My Tabs


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