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How Sen. Mark Warner Wants to Crack Down on Tech

The Senate Intel Committee’s top Democrat on how government might regulate tech and what his colleagues need to learn to catch up.

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On this week’s If Then, Will Oremus and April Glaser discuss the continuing saga that is Facebook’s effort to fix itself—ideally, without breaking everything else. On Friday, the company finally released more information about the huge hack that it announced last month, which affected nearly 30 million people. They’ll talk about what was stolen and why it matters.

Then, April and Will are joined by Sen. Mark Warner, from Virginia, the top democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, conducting its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. This summer he released a policy paper proposing possible regulations for U.S. social media and technology companies. Our hosts talk to him about what worries him most about the largely unregulated tech industry that can’t seem to keep our data private and stop muddying our elections. They also ask him what he thinks Congress can do to rein these companies in and why lawmakers haven’t been quick to act.

10:44 - Interview with Sen. Mark Warner

31:40 - Don’t Close My Tabs

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