Kanye West Just Showed the Whole World His iPhone Passcode

Kanye West in the Oval Office with his phone in his hands.
Rapper Kanye West during his meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House on Thursday. Saul Loeb/Getty Images

Kanye West’s iPhone is an InfoSec disaster. West inadvertently revealed this to the world on Thursday during a visit to the White House when he was filmed entering the passcode 000000 to unlock his iPhone, and then a bunch of people who were watching tweeted it.

Having a hard-to-guess password is pretty much rule No. 1 in consumer technology, and you’d have to try pretty hard to think of a worse passcode than this. (Not being filmed entering your passcode for everyone to see is probably up there on the list of helpful tips too.) But Kanye has always gone his own way—remember, he’s in the White House in the first place to meet with President Donald Trump, whose views he has praised. Thinking face emoji!

Motherboard clocked the model West is using as an iPhone X and asked why the star isn’t making use of the phone’s Face ID feature, a fair question. Maybe having a famous face complicates Face ID? Perhaps West is concerned with the feature’s troubling privacy implications? West has name-checked Steve Jobs as one of his biggest inspirations, and he’s clearly an enthusiastic Apple fan, having recently made the dubious claim that his YZY brand is somehow affiliated with the hardware company. But he has also displayed a tortured relationship with technology, once having tweeted about getting rid of his phone in order to have the “air to create.” So who even knows what’s going on here!

The contrast between Kanye’s simple password and his longtime foil Taylor Swift’s storied privacy paranoia also seems worth noting here. Swift would never be filmed entering her iPhone password, which is probably harder to get than the nuclear codes … which probably aren’t that hard to get these days, tbh. Because of you know who. Again, all roads lead back to Trump. There’s a lot going on with Kanye West, and sad to say his password getting out may be the least of his troubles.