How the Olds Are Trying to Find Out Who Wrote the Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed

Photo of a rotary phone in black and white.

That damn op-ed! Two days later and people are still chewing over the New York Times opinion-section column from an anonymous senior Trump administration official who claimed to be part of an effort to thwart Trump’s worst inclinations from within.

It’s such big news that people are even talking about it off of the internet. The old people and parents and late adopters who usually stay either fully offline or confine themselves to the relative safety of Facebook are coming out of the woodwork to try to unmask the op-ed author’s identity. To do so, they’re resorting to some interesting methods. Like contacting their children who are journalists to demand answers, which the journalists are then dutifully tweeting about.

Rather than tweeting, Jon Favreau podcasted about it instead, sharing with his Pod Save America listeners the story of a cyclist who asked him who wrote the op-ed while stopped at a red light.

In instances when inquiring minds don’t have a connection to a reporter or member of the media to exploit, they’ve taken to … calling the New York Times directly. This is after White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders directed a few of them this way, of course.

When all else fails, people have also proved happy to speculate with the closest available strangers.