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What Streams May Come

If Then on how artists are faring in the streaming music economy and what Justice Brett Kavanaugh could mean for the future of the internet.

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On this week’s If Then, Will Oremus and April Glaser are joined once again by their Slate colleague Mark Joseph Stern to make sense of what a Kavanaugh court might mean for the internet going forward.

Then, they are joined by music and technology writer David Turner, who pens the weekly newsletter Penny Fractions, which is all about the economics and culture of music streaming. They talk to him about how streaming works for artists and if there’s anything they can do to push back against the streaming giants like Spotify, Apple, and YouTube. They also talk about some of the surprising ways in which streaming is changing music itself.


13:24 - Interview with David Turner
33:57 - Don’t Close My Tabs

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