Those “Dear Ivanka” Posts on Instagram Probably Won’t Do Much. They’re Still the Public Shaming She Deserves.

Ivanka Trump laughs as she pushes her hair back out of her face.
Ivanka Trump speaks during an Axios event on Thursday at the Newseum in Washington.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Considering that she mostly surrounds herself with other Trump lackeys, it’s unclear how much of the outrage over her father’s administration actually reaches Ivanka Trump. But if there’s one place her critics can get through to her, they figure, it’s her Instagram feed.

A group of celebrities and public figures who have the dubious honor of being followed on Instagram by Ivanka have started posting direct appeals to the first daughter to address the family separation crisis. “Dear Ivanka,” the message, composed of black text on a light blue background, starts, “You follow me on social media.” The post specifically calls Ivanka out for referring to the crisis as a “low point” without acknowledging that it’s still going on—an attempt to stop Ivanka from getting away with her spin. It goes on to ask her to “[e]nd these racist, inhumane and unconscionable abuses now” by “call[ing] for the resignation of Secretary [of Homeland Security Kirstjen] Nielsen.” People who have posted the message include former Nasty Gal CEO Sophia Amoruso, who led the effort; model Alexa Chung; and comedian Amy Schumer. The appeal follows a similar campaign last November that urged Ivanka to support the DREAM Act.

The Trump administration instituted an immigration policy earlier this year that led to government officials separating thousands of parents from their children. Trump later reversed the policy, but hundreds of parents and children have not been reunited.

Could these ‘grams make an immediate difference? That seems unlikely. Ivanka may be insulated, but she’s not oblivious. Why would this message be any different from previous ones? What would getting rid of Nielsen solve when Trump himself remains in office? While Ivanka may be adept at softening her father’s image, there’s sparse evidence that she has actually swayed any of his decision-making.

What this campaign can do is keep this issue in the news, where its omnipresence actually has made a difference. As a bonus effect, it could also embarrass Ivanka. And on the same platform where Ivanka loves to burnish her image as the perfect daughter, mother, and career woman, maybe that’s a victory in itself.