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Twitter Without the Nazis

The founder of Mastodon on how he built an alternative social network, and why people are flocking to it.

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On this week’s If Then, Will Oremus and April Glaser discuss reports that big tech companies are lobbying in favor of a national privacy law. They’ll talk about what their motivations are. (Hint: It’s not just altruism or civic duty.)

The hosts are also joined by Eugen Rochko, the founder of Mastodon, a social network that’s becoming an increasingly popular alternative to Twitter. Rochko likes to say that you can join Mastodon if you want social networking without the Nazis and white supremacists. We talk to him about exactly how it works, and the daunting obstacles that every social networking startup faces.


15:00 - Interview with Eugen Rochko

31:00 - Don’t Close My Tabs

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Don’t Close My Tabs:

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