There’s a New Social Media Site That Just Hurtles Your Life Updates Into the Void

Sounds good to us.

An outdoor garbage can with a graphic depicting a person throwing something in it.

Finally, there is a way to ensure that your social media posts go where they belong: directly into the proverbial garbage can.

It’s all thanks to a new (kinda) site called Brizzly, a simulacrum of a social media network that, like Twitter and Facebook, gives you a little box to fill with life updates but, in an improvement on both services, then takes your text and does absolutely nothing with it. The site positions itself as a way to break your social media habit by giving you all the endorphins that come with creating content and pressing “send” but none of the downsides—you won’t say something dumb and lose your job, no one will respond and tell you you’re an idiot, and there will be precisely zero metrics such as likes or retweets that make you question your self-worth. Instead, the post will disappear forever and you will move on with your life. Bliss!

A screenshot of what after you've "sent" a post.

The reason the site is only kinda new is that this actually marks the return of Brizzly after years of hibernation. The braincub of internet entrepreneur Jason Shellen, it originally debuted in 2009 as a Twitter and Facebook interface, and it was acquired by AOL before the creaking juggernaut shut it down in 2012. Its arrival as a way to wean yourself off social media comes not a moment too soon, as Facebook and Twitter are revealing themselves to be not only the time-sucks we always knew them to be but also, it turns out, genuine obstructions to civil society. And yet you’ve been using them so long that you can’t just quit cold turkey. So this is what we have come to: actively trying to uninvent Facebook and Twitter. A decade-plus into the social media revolution, it seems like just about as good a solution as any.