How Twitter Is Changing to Become More Relevant for News and Sports

Twitter says the new features will come in handy for the upcoming World Cup.
Twitter says the new features will come in handy for the upcoming World Cup. STR/AFP/Getty Images

Twitter on Wednesday announced a host of new features aimed at making it easier for users to find content related to major events in news and entertainment.

In the coming months, the platform will be rolling out alerts at the top of timelines and in push notifications for live events that may interest a particular user. Tapping these alerts will take the user to a list of the best and most relevant tweets on the subject. Twitter had already added the “Happening Now” feature at the top of news feeds for sports last year, which alerts users that their team is playing and leads them to tweets about the game. The platform is now expanding the feature for breaking and personalized news.

Twitter is also redesigning the Explore tab so that it’s organized by topic, rather than by the type of content. There will be topic tabs within Explore that allow users to find content that’s trending, curated for the specific user, or focused on areas like news and sports.

Twitter is adding a similar update to the search function, which will now feature news, events, and stories related to a query at the top of the results. Some of these results will appear as large pictures, which users can tap to view the “Recap” feature that gets you up to speed on what has happened so far regarding a certain event or news story. There is also a “Latest” feature that displays the most recent tweets about the event.

Twitter's preview of the new features.
Twitter’s preview of the new features. Twitter

The blog post announcing the changes indicates that the new features will be particularly helpful for following sports. For example, Twitter will have pages dedicated to every World Cup game that will include the Recap and Latest tools. These pages will be posted at the top of news feeds and in the Explore tab.