Drunk YouTuber Banned From Disney World After Fake Shooting “Experiment”

The man is no longer welcome at Disney World.
The man is no longer welcome at Disney World. Mark Ashman/Disney Parks via Getty Images

On Monday, Disney World’s Contemporary Resort went into a security lockdown after an intoxicated 22-year-old man named Dillion Burch tried to stage a fake active shooter situation for his YouTube channel. Burch reportedly ran up to guests at the resort and informed them they needed to evacuate because of a shooter in order to film their reactions. Hotel management called the police after he detailed his ruse to the front desk attendant.

Burch tried to flee when he saw the police coming, though hotel security and the officers found him hiding in a row of bushes on the property. Witnesses claimed to the police that Burch had told them he was trying to film an experiment for his YouTube channel.


YouTube “social experiments” are often the most controversial videos on the platform. In the past, people have filmed themselves aggravating black people with racial slurs in a perplexing effort to “raise awareness” of racism. YouTuber Sam Pepper tried to highlight sexual abuse by physically violating women on the street in a much-reviled video. (It later turned out that they were actors.) Another YouTuber named Joey Salads attempted to demonstrate that Black Lives Matter was racist in 2016 by holding an “All Lives Matter” sign in a black neighborhood.

It’s unclear what Burch was trying to prove with his “experiment.” He was sentenced to three days in jail after he pleaded no contest to charges of disorderly intoxication and disturbing the peace. He is also banned from Disney World.