Instagram Adds a Mute Feature

Your friends won't know whether you've muted them.
Your friends won’t know whether you’ve muted them.
Carl Court/Getty Images

Instagram announced Tuesday that it is adding a mute feature to the platform

Much like Twitter’s mute and Facebook’s snooze features, muting people on Instagram will hide their Stories and posts without them knowing. Users can still visit muted friends’ pages to see their posts and unmute their friends whenever they choose. The mute feature is accessible via the three dots next to an account handle and will be rolling out sometime over the new few weeks.

“This change makes it easier to personalize your feed based on what you want to see,” the company said in a statement. “We’ve also heard it may be a useful tool for managing complex social dynamics.”

Instagram has added a handful of features over the past month. In early May, the platform quietly added a payment tool, and last week it started rolling out a “Usage Insights” tool that lets users check the amount of time they’re spending on the app.

Instagram is also reportedly testing an alert to notify people that they’re “all caught up” once they’ve seen all new posts in the past 48 hours.