Report: An iPhone X Glitch Is Preventing Users From Accepting Incoming Calls

Hundreds of iPhone X users have been complaining about incoming call issues on Apple's forums.
Hundreds of iPhone X users have been complaining about incoming call issues on Apple’s forums.

The iPhone X, Apple’s $1,000 top-of-the-line phone that’s meant to usher in a new decade of trailblazing handheld technology, is reportedly fumbling incoming calls.

Hundreds of iPhone X owners have taken to Apple user forums to complain about the supposed bug, according to the Financial Times. Some disgruntled users claim that, when they get a call, the ringtone plays for 10 seconds before the touchscreen lights up and allows them to press the “Accept” button. Others report that the button isn’t showing up at all.

One post reads, “When a call entered in my phone it start ringing but the display of the phone(switch on) response after 8s -10s later . What can I do now ?”

Another user responded, “Have tried everything including the restore ,reset every possible thing which I could but no use . Can apple guys tell me wat to do and why this is happening in a high end premium handset.”

Apple emailed Slate a statement that read: “We’re looking into these reports.”

The glitch is the latest thorn in Apple’s side, as the company has been struggling with flagging demand for its newest phone. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that production goals for the iPhone X had been slashed in half for the first quarter—from 40 million to 20 million.

Then, during the company’s quarterly earnings call a few days later, it announced that 77.3 million iPhones had been sold overall, a one percent drop compared to the same period last year. The number was sure to disappoint analysts who had been anticipating sales between 80 million and 83 million. Apple doesn’t release sales numbers for each model, so we don’t know how exactly the iPhone X plays into that drop, but it’s still notable that overall purchases were down in the phone’s first quarter on the market.

The iPhone’s revenues were still up 13 percent, likely with the help of the iPhone X’s $1,000 price tag. And the company had a record-breaking quarter, with $88.3 billion in total revenue. Apple CEO Tim Cook further pointed to a 96 percent customer satisfaction rating for all iPhone models based on market research.

The company nonetheless revised its plans for iOS software updates in 2018, according to Axios, in order to focus on improving iPhone responsiveness and reducing the number of customer support issues.