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This New 65-Inch Television Rolls Up Like a Newspaper

A roll-up TV! So cool.
Nice. LG Display

LAS VEGAS—Professional movers, rejoice.

At CES on Monday, the South Korean electronics giant LG Display showed off a new, giant 65-inch television, but unlike most massive flat-screens, this one won’t be that painful to carry up some stairs and install in a home.

That’s because it rolls up, like a newspaper, so you can store it when you don’t want a television taking up your entire living room. Though the screen is bendable, the quality is very high with a 4K OLED display. OLED stands for organic light emitting display, a kind of screen that which generally has higher picture quality than an LCD television, as well as a substantially higher price tag. They also don’t need the supporting backlights that LCD televisions require, making them much thinner.

LG debuted an earlier iteration of its roll-up television at CES before. But that TV set was only 18 inches and the quality wasn’t great. The one on display this year rolled up in to a box, and the whole TV doesn’t need to be rolled out at once for it to work. Even just a few inches can be unfurled in case you only want to see weather information, sports scores, or headlines.

Not much more is known other than the fact that the TV exists, works, and is really cool. But it’s safe to assume that should one of these things make it to stores, it won’t be cheap.

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