Future Tense Newsletter: Is the Bitcoin Bubble Going to Pop?

Bitcoin is on fire.


Greetings, Future Tensers,

Even if you’re not quite sure what bitcoin is, you might have noticed that the past week was a crazy time for the booming cryptocurrency. Between the first major exchange offering futures on bitcoin and massive spikes in Asian trading, rates for the currency jumped to more than 45 percent of its value just the week before. Naturally, this left early investors scrambling to remember their long-forgotten passwords to the encrypted currency (yikes).

But it’s not all good news: Josephine Wolff reports that the Securities and Exchange Commission has filed its first complaint regarding the currency. The complaint in question is against the cryptocurrency firm PlexCorps for consumer fraud. It’s worth remembering, though, that just 1,000 individuals own 40 percent of the bitcoin market. Our cryptofuture is shaping up to be just as unequal as our nickel-and-dime present.

Other things we read while trying to figure out how to get along with our roommate’s Alexa:

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  • Pay gap: Microsoft is just the latest tech giant to be accused of discriminating against and underpaying female employees.
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  • No Waze out: Navigation apps are great, but users are finding out that they might become dangerous when natural disaster strikes.
  • Problematic fave: Jacob Brogan explains why the internet now turns so swiftly on feel-good viral stories.
  • Peri-nope: Periscope knows some users are soliciting underage girls on the platform—so why can’t it fix the problem?

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