Send Us Your Most Intense Postmortem Social Media Moments

Death in the Steve Jobs era.

VCG/Getty Images

Death was never easy, but the internet has made it even harder to comprehend. These days, when a loved one dies, her social media accounts and web presence can just keep on living. Memorable examples include:

While these stories made it big because they involved one prominent figure or another, we think it’s likely everyone has their own story to share on this topic. So—ahead of a Dec. 6 Future Tense event happy hour event in Washington about planning for your digital afterlife—we’re creating a roundup of Slate readers’ most intense postmortem social media moments. Whether it’s funny or sad, totally insane or sharply bittersweet, if it involves death and a digital format, we want you to share it with us!

Anecdotes from the afterlife can be sent to until midnight Nov. 27. In your note, please include your name, age, and city.