Future Tense

Send Us Your Most Intense Postmortem Social Media Moments

Death in the Steve Jobs era.

VCG/Getty Images

Death was never easy, but the internet has made it even harder to comprehend. These days, when a loved one dies, her social media accounts and web presence can just keep on living. Memorable examples include:


While these stories made it big because they involved one prominent figure or another, we think it’s likely everyone has their own story to share on this topic. So—ahead of a Dec. 6 Future Tense event happy hour event in Washington about planning for your digital afterlife—we’re creating a roundup of Slate readers’ most intense postmortem social media moments. Whether it’s funny or sad, totally insane or sharply bittersweet, if it involves death and a digital format, we want you to share it with us!

Anecdotes from the afterlife can be sent to slatedigitalafterlife@gmail.com until midnight Nov. 27. In your note, please include your name, age, and city.