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Futurography Newsletter: Synthetic Biology and the Space Race

This month, we’re looking at attempts to rebuild the basic components of life on Earth.


Hello, fellow Futurographers,

This month, Futurography is focusing on synthetic biology, an emerging field that draws on engineering and computer science principles to reshape the basic stuff of life itself. It’s our final course for the current academic year, and we’re excited to lead you through it. We’ve already got a cheat sheet that lays out some of the basic terminology, debates, and other readings. And we’re also opening with our usual conversational introduction to get you ready for the other articles that will be coming in the weeks ahead.


In the meantime, here are the articles we published last month in our unit on the new space race:

Once you’ve read all of those, take our quiz to find out how much you’ve learned. And check out what your fellow readers think about the topic in our survey write-up.

Synthetically yours,

Jacob Brogan

for Future Tense