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The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. Knows Exactly How Moonlight Won Best Picture: “Peak Blackness”

“What in the living fuck happened at the Oscars?” A shocked Trevor Noah posed this question to Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr., who provided a simple but convincing explanation. “Peak blackness,” Wood explained, a “rare metaphysical anomaly that can only occur when an amalgam of black excellence comes together at the same societal intersection.” Sunday night’s awards ceremony, he said, was the culmination of Black History Month, Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement, and the apparent zombification of Frederick Douglass. Of course Moonlight was headed for victory.

But what was the biggest sign of triumph? It’d have to be Gary, the Windy City tourist unwittingly thrust into the center of Hollywood’s biggest night. “You knew Moonlight was winning,” Wood Jr. said. “Because a brother from Chicago was taking selfies and touching people’s trophies.”