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Sad Face: Apple’s Peach-Butt Emoji Is Now Just a Peach

Old versus new.

Apple’s beta version of iOS 10.2 is out and according to 9to5mac, the updates include fairly routine improvements including new wallpapers, a way to preserve camera settings, and a widget for the videos app.

But there’s also a new emoji update that delivers one particularly wrenching change: The beloved peach emoji no longer looks like a voluptuous cartoon booty. It’s just a regular piece of fruit.

Texters looking for butts are going to have to get more creative. May we suggest:

The pig snout–butt:

The (conceptual) cake-butt:

Once you download iOS 10.2, you could even use the salad, if you want to be more risqué:

Of course, it’s possible that people will continue to use the new peach to signify butt, even if the peach emoji completely evolves past its resemblance to the body part. In 10 years’ time could an emoji of a peach slice still mean booty? Or will a more emblematic emoji usurp the butt-symbol throne? Will Kim Kardashian, human peach emoji, abandon peach as butt? These are important questions.

Other emoji updates include some very 2016 additions: a clown, Harambe (OK, it’s a gorilla but everyone knows it’s a tribute to Harambe), a face palm, a disembodied arm taking a selfie, a tumbler of whiskey, and a thumbs down, continuing the trend of emojis becoming increasingly literal.

The new Unicode 9.0 emoji suite also features new career emojis, in male and female iterations, including astronaut, judge, and rock star. Bacon and a shrug emoji also made the roster.

If the loss of the peach-butt emoji is really gutting you, consider taking a trip to South Carolina* to visit the Peachoid, as seen in House of Cards.

*Correction, Nov. 1, 2016: Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this post incorrectly stated the location of the Peachoid. It is in South Carolina, not Georgia.