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Update Your iPhone Right Now to Guard Against Malicious JPEGs

Update your iPhone right now. 

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Apple’s new iOS 10.1 update patches a security hole that would allow malicious JPEGs to hack iPhones. The iPhone user would simply have to look at the image—not download it— to potentially spark “arbitrary code execution,” as Apple announced Monday.

Security researcher Marco Grassi, who discovered the problem, told Slate he found it by “fuzzing,” an automated or semi-automated software testing technique. It’s not the first time Apple has had to issue a quick fix to a security issue. In August, the company released an emergency update that protected iPhones from being remotely hacked through links in text messages.

Apple didn’t provide any more details about the JPEG security flaw, but since you could come across the dangerous files online, you should update your iPhone as soon as possible to avoid vulnerability.

The update also includes fixes for other bugs, and—if you have an iPhone 7—unlocks the portrait setting that’s going to turn everyone into professional photographers.