Bad Astronomy

The Fuse Is Lit. Point and Laugh, or Run for Your Lives?

Cone of shame.

Matt Inman, used by permisison

Anyone who has read any of my writing over the past few days/months/years knows that I may be just a tad, just a wee bit, just a scosh frustrated with one of the two political parties running my country.

Or not so much running the country as wildly flailing about trying to prevent anyone else from running the country. And over the past few months, as the presidential candidate selection process made TV wrestling look like the very model of decorum and good taste, my frustration has only grown.


In a moment of utter contempt for what I was seeing, I wrote a quick post on Facebook about it. I thought folks might like it, but what I didn’t expect was that my friend Matt Inman, who draws the web comic the Oatmeal, would want to turn it into a comic.


But he did, and of course it’s fantastic, and I love it.

Matt’s reach is slightly wider than mine, so I hope this means a lot more people will get the idea about how just how maniacally screwed up things are over there on one side of the political spectrum.

November can’t come soon enough.

Matt Inman, used by permission

P.S. Incidentally, I would never try to curry favor so obviously with Matt by linking to his new book that you can preorder for just $15, because that would be tacky. There may be some, um, NSFW things on that page, too.