Future Tense

Introducing “Warm Regards,” My New Podcast About Climate Change

Warm Regards, a podcast about climate change, is available immediately on iTunes and SoundCloud.

For those of us who think about climate change often—like unhealthily often—there’s sometimes a sense that you’re missing the story. Climate change is quite possibly the most important thing humans have ever done—I mean, we’re altering our planet’s atmosphere perhaps at a faster rate than at any point in Earth’s entire history. Yet it can often feel remote, abstract, and lost in a sea of statistics.

To keep sane, you have to learn about the people and personalities involved behind the scenes; those who can help suss out when the latest science is truly freak-out worthy. That’s why I made Warm Regards: a new podcast about climate change.

My goal here is not a little lofty: to help humanize those who are working on the climate problem.

Joining me with co-hosts Andy Revkin, a veteran environment writer for the New York Times who has covered climate change for 30 years, and Jacquelyn Gill, a paleoecologist at the University of Maine who is an actual, real-life climate scientist and flawlessly navigates climate Twitter. (If you spend any time in climate Twitter, you know that’s a rare combination.) We’ll regularly invite newsmakers and scientists and listeners and people on the front lines, too.

In our inaugural episode of Warm Regards, we tackle what it means to talk about climate change at this unique moment in human history. I hope you’ll listen and share our podcast with your friends. We’re on SoundCloudiTunes, and Twitter, and we’ll be working our way up to new episodes each week.