All Your Burning Questions About Weed, Answered

Does coughing get you high faster? Can your cat really get stoned? How would an adult find a dealer?

David Bienenstock’s new book, How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High, arrives at a pivotal moment for pot. Even as more states bring marijuana into the open, some parts of our weed knowledge haven’t evolved past the dorm room. At once a richly detailed how-to guide, a moral call to arms, and an encyclopedia of weed culture, the book offers years of hard-earned wisdom on the art of lighting up.

Slate asked Bienenstock, a former High Times editor and current Vice contributor, to share some of that wisdom by answering some of our frequently asked questions. For instance: Does body weight affect how quickly you get high? Is smoking out of a bong healthier? What about a vape? How does a clueless grownup find a dealer? How do you set off someone’s “jaydar” (apparently a thing!)? In the video above, Bienenstock drops knowledge you can use, just in time for a certain holiday this week.