Amateur Earthquake Footage From Japan, Stabilized

A better way to understand the Kumamoto quake.

On opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean, rescue workers are still searching for survivors of the earthquakes that shook Japan and Ecuador just days apart. The most recent death toll estimates have reached 41 in Japan, and 272 in Ecuador, where the force of the quake was significantly more powerful. Both tolls are expected to rise. 

The two earthquakes are both examples of tragic natural disasters that would be unspeakably terrifying to experience, but are difficult to comprehend from afar. Amateur footage has begun to surface on YouTube, but most of it is too shaky to understand exactly what you’re looking at. The video above is footage of a home in Kumamoto, Japan, violently rocked back and forth by the 7.3-magnitude quake. We’ve stabilized the raw video significantly to clearly show just what it’s like when the ground below us begins to shake.