Motorized Picnic Tables Are Cruising Around Perth With Australian Police in Hot Pursuit

If driving around on motorized picnic tables isn’t living the dream, I don’t know what is. These friends seem to have a pretty sweet setup going: They retrofitted picnic tables to add wheels and motors. And they drive around on streets in Perth, Australia, alongside regular cars and trucks. Who wouldn’t root for this? Well, local police.

On Tuesday, the Western Australia Police posted on Facebook about its investigation into the joy rides around Scarborough Beach, Perth:

Police are concerned for the safety of those riding on the tables with no protective clothing, especially when on roads alongside motor vehicles. There are overall safety concerns particularly if a traffic incident was to occur, resulting in the persons subjecting themselves to potential injury. The people using these vehicles could face a number of charges including driving an unlicensed vehicle, driving an unroadworthy vehicle and drink driving.

To that last point, Caleb Bloomer (the YouTube user who posted the video above) noted that, “These guys know what to do when you can’t get a seat at the pub on a Sunday.” The Washington Post rightly called the picnic tables “the latest in ride-sharing.”

Commenters on the police Facebook post, which included CCTV photos of the motorized tables, seem split about the investigation. Some argued that the police should be worrying about bigger crimes, while others said that the police were right to try to intervene. One noted a potential municipal issue, “If there were more picnic tables in the city of stirling there wouldn’t be a need for these.”

There are all sorts of portable, motorized transportation options out there, but a picnic table is by far the most exciting way to eat some lunch and get around.