Future Tense Newsletter: Cybersafety First!

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We live in insecure times, and nothing demonstrates that more clearly than the Office of Personnel Management hack. In the past week, we learned that it had compromised more than five times as many fingerprint records as previously acknowledged. As Justin Kosslyn argued in Future Tense, fault for that hack doesn’t reside entirely with OPM itself: In the future, the government as a whole should consider a more centralized, interagency approach to cybersecurity.

If you’re thinking about your own security, however, Josephine Wolff is here to assure you that you probably don’t really need cyberinsurance. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful, though. Porn sites are still riddled with malware, and it’s probably a good idea to keep your phone locked down with a password, not least of all because a federal judge ruled that police can’t force you to unlock it.

Here are the other stories that had us redirecting rivers with H-bombs this week:

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