Wild Things

You’re Free!

In need of a little pick-me-up to carry you into the weekend? The video above shows Hume, a koala that had been a patient at the Australia National Zoo’s wildlife hospital for two years, being released back into the wild.

Originally diagnosed with chlamydia, a common infection in koalas, Hume developed a bad case of cystitis, which normally carries with it a two-month treatment plan. Complications upped his stay at the zoo’s hospital to two years. While the 24-month stint was undoubtedly rough on the little koala, however, some good came of his struggle: Per the Australia Zoo’s Claude Lacasse, the zoo will now be able to identify and treat similar conditions in koalas much more efficiently.  

Plus, there’s a happy ending here for Hume, folks. Watch as he gleefully scurries up the tree—a happy and healthy life of eucalyptus-gorging ahead of him. Embrace your new freedom, Hume! The future is yours!