From the International Space Station, Seoul and Pyongyang Look Pretty Different

This is Seoul, South Korea. At night. From space. Cool, right?

This is Pyongyang, North Korea. At night. From space. Yup.

NASA astronaut Terry Virts (who posts a lot of awesome images) took these photos from the International Space Station on Monday. And though it’s not the first time Slate has compared photos of the two places taken from space, these shots are especially captivating. They provide a useful reminder of just how remote North Korea is in so many ways.

It’s a useful perspective (literally) to get with news about the Sony hack and North Korea’s involvement still coming out all the time. The United States has 1.591 billion IP addresses. North Korea has 1,024 IP addresses total. Total. And it doesn’t look like it has a lot of lightbulbs, either.