Future Tense

Bill Nye Can Explain Evolution In Under Two Minutes. With Emojis.

On Friday evening all anyone really wants to do is hang out with Bill Nye. And this video is the perfect way to get a quick fix of learning and fun. And emojis!

In this two-minute Mashable video, Nye explains how everything on Earth evolved from tiny molecules into poison ivy, barnacles, and your old boss. As he moves through 4.54 billion years of history, he uses emojis to animate the explanation, which is a relief, because that’s a lot of time to cover in two minutes.

Between the huge number of Americans who believe in creationism (though maybe only tenuously) and snazzy creationist museums, Nye tries everything he can to make evolution extra catchy. He says, “We used emojis to tell the story of science. Emojically. Scientific … emojonized. We emojonized it!”