The Future of Action Movies Might Look Like First-Person Shooter Video Games

Are late-night first-person shooter binges not enough? Do you crave experiencing that action on the big screen, instead of your living room? Do you wish that rather than seeing Tom Cruise’s dreamy (and slightly unhinged) green eyes, you could see through them? Well, you’re in luck. As the video above shows, first-person-perspective action movies might eventually be a very real thing.

The clip comes courtesy of an Indiegogo campaign that’s raising post-production funding for what it calls “the first ever action POV feature film.” Directed by Ilya Naishuller, the film, Hardcore, stars Sharlto Copley of District 9 fame (as the sidekick, not the “first person,” obviously) in what would best be described as a sci-fi revenge flick set in Moscow. The clip is intense, and the thought of sitting through 90-plus minutes of that type of action seems daunting, but it’s admittedly pretty awesome.

As it’s filmed “almost entirely on a GoPro,” with various stuntmen donning camera-mounted head gear, you might recognize Naishuller’s directorial work—and the POV action movie conceit—from the video for Russian indie band Biting Elbows’ single “Bad Motherfucker,” which went uber-viral last year. It was that punching-and-kicking-heavy (not to mention ingenious) take on the music video that caught the attention of director Timur Bekmambetov, who offered to produce a Naishuller-directed feature film.

While the project apparently took some convincing on Bekmambetov’s part (Naishuller himself initially feared the general premise was too gimmicky), the movie is nearly complete, now just a little less than $200,000 shy of hitting the theaters.

To learn more about the production (or to donate some cash), you can visit the Indiegogo page. In the meantime, enjoy envisioning a world in which you get a little bit closer to seeing things through the eyes of your favorite ass-kicking movie star.