Future Tense

Dropbox Recruiting Video Features Puppets and Data Privacy

Usually recruiting videos are pretty boring. They try to make a company look like a good place to work, but they typically try too hard or are just lame. Last week, though, Dropbox posted a much smarter version, and all of the improvement comes from puppets.

The video is confessional-style and features the voices of real employees, but instead of seeing them on screen, you see colorful puppets.

The puppets talk about why they love Dropbox and what makes the office culture so positive. “My very favorite perk at Dropbox is the tea and scones cart,” says engineer Ritu Vincent. “You’re just like sitting there, writing code, and all of a sudden this cart comes by your desk.” Huh, that does sound nice.

Since it’s a promotional piece, the video doesn’t exactly feature deep discussion of Dropbox’s mission or goals, but at one point Will Yoon, the legal counsel for products, says, “The one thing that really attracted me to come to Dropbox was this belief that users really own their data.” It’s nice to hear that coming from a lawyer. Even a puppet one. Okay, especially a puppet one.